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REID H. C. and CALDWELL M. S. Miss 10-May 1859 Mecklenburg County
REID H. C. and KIRKPATRICK M. C. Miss 9-Apr 1862 Mecklenburg County
REID H. R. and ALEXANDER Eliza 21-Nov 1865 Mecklenburg County
REID Isaac and TENAPOUGH Henrietta 25-Jun 1853 Mecklenburg County
REID James Jr. and KING Polly 13-Apr 1802 Mecklenburg County
REID Jeremiah S. and GRIER Mary I. 6-Nov 1855 Mecklenburg County
REID John and BIGHAM Margaret E. 6-Mar 1844 Mecklenburg County
REID John and BURNS Martha M. 4-Feb 1846 Mecklenburg County
REID Jonathan and MC DOWELL Jane P. 2-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
REID Jonathan and ROBISON Esther M. 8-Nov 1854 Mecklenburg County
REID Margaret A. and BALLARD William H. 2-Apr 1861 Mecklenburg County
REID Margaret L. and ALEXANDER James W. 17-Dec 1850 Mecklenburg County
REID R. W. and FLANAGAN Mary A. 27-Nov 1844 Mecklenburg County
REID Reuben and HAINEY Nancy 11-Aug 1837 Mecklenburg County
REID Rufus and LATTA Nancy A. 6-Dec 1824 Mecklenburg County
REID Samuel C. and BOYCE Caroline 9-Dec 1847 Mecklenburg County
REID Samuel W. and MILLER Eliza 22-Oct 1836 Mecklenburg County
REID Sarah and CALDWELL Franklin 21-Feb 1864 Mecklenburg County
REID Sarah A. and ALEXANDER W. J. 22-Feb 1860 Mecklenburg County
REID William B. W. and ALEXANDER Terza 22-Jan 1839 Mecklenburg County
REID William H. and TODD Sophia 9-Feb 1860 Mecklenburg County
REID William K. and BERRYHILL Margaret 3-Feb 1830 Mecklenburg County
REID William M. and BERRYHILL Sarah 7-Mar 1854 Mecklenburg County
REITCH James S. and PRICE Eliza 24-May 1842 Mecklenburg County
RELFE ~ and KEELE Mary / widow Bef 1684 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
REMINGTON Janney and HARRIS Aaron 22-Apr 1783 Rowan County
RENSHAW N. F. and SLOAN E. Mrs. 1-Aug 1865 Mecklenburg County
RESSAK Sarah and REA Thomas M. 19-Mar 1829 Mecklenburg County
REVELLS Eli B. and BIRD Mary 8-Feb 1837 Mecklenburg County
REYNOLDS Elizabeth and HAGAS Peter 14-Feb 1780 Rowan County
REYNOLDS John and MC KEE Hannah 17-Oct 1803 Mecklenburg County
RHINE A. M. and COLVARD Sallie A. 4-Aug 1865 Mecklenburg County
RHINEHARDT Charles B. and RUDESILL Mary E. 28-Dec 1814 Mecklenburg County
RHODES Delilah M. and HERNDON Thomas S. 4-Oct 1856 Orange County
RHODES Judeth and BLOUNT Edmund 30-Dec 1777 Tyrrell County
RHODES Judeth and HOWETT Abraham 2-Sep 1775 Tyrrell County
RHODES Martha and WALKER Steward 19-May 1778 Chowan County
RHODES Mary and ROGERS William 15-Dec 1806 Mecklenburg County
RHODES Milles and HERDON Zachariah 28-Jun 1789 Orange County
RHODES Milley and HERNDON Zachariah 28-Jun 1789 Orange County
RHODES Milly and ARMISTEAD Anthony 5-Dec 1758 Chowan County
RHODES Nathan and JONES Ann 6-Sep 1786 Tyrrell County
RHODES Rebecca and HERNDON Edmond 14-Feb 1794 Orange County
RHODY Jenny and HARROD Elisha 31-Mar 1785 Chowan County
RHYNE Hugh T. and LAWING N. M. 30-Oct 1859 Mecklenburg County
RHYNE Joseph N. and TODD Mary S. 26-May 1847 Mecklenburg County
RHYNE Moses H. and SPRINGS Mary C. 2-Mar 1864 Mecklenburg County
RICE A. B. and HERRON Esther 2-Feb 1865 Mecklenburg County
RICE Daniel and MC LURE Margaret 19-Feb 1852 Mecklenburg County
RICE Elizabeth and REDDICK John 2-Jan 1764 Tyrrell County
RICE John and COOK Catherine 30-Jan 1818 Mecklenburg County
RICE M. W. and STARNES Ester 7-Nov 1865 Mecklenburg County
RICE Owen and VIERLING Maria R. 18-Mar 1811 Salem Burke Co.
RICE Stewart and HARRISON Jane C. 31-Dec 1847 Mecklenburg County
RICE Stewart and WENTZ Sophia Cornelia 2-Dec 1839 Mecklenburg County
RICE V. W. and YANDELL Elizabeth 24-Mar 1856 Mecklenburg County
RICE Valentine W. and BAKER Matilda 15-Oct 1853 Mecklenburg County
RICE William and BARNETT Elizabeth 14-Jul 1803 Mecklenburg County
RICE William and HARTLEY Clarinda 15-Dec 1859 Mecklenburg County
RICH Dempsey and MORRIS Mary N. 7-Oct 1834 Mecklenburg County
RICH Elijah and MORRIS Elizabeth 15-Aug 1834 Mecklenburg County
RICH Isaac M. and PHILLIPS Eliza 26-Feb 1833 Mecklenburg County
RICH Sally and REA John M. 13-Mar 1821 Mecklenburg County
RICH Sarah and GEORGE Solomon Oct 1784 Orange County
RICH Thomas and HARRIS Parmela 26-May 1840 Mecklenburg County
RICHARDS James L. and PAGETT Elizabeth 3-Nov 1768 NC
RICHARDS Lucy and HATCH Edmund 15-Mar 1742 Chowan County
RICHARDS Nancy and LONGWORTH George 10-Dec 182? Davidson County
RICHARDS Sarah and STEELE John 27-Jun 1744 Chowan County
RICHARDS William and HOOD Mary 13-Jul 1744 Chowan County
RICHARDSON Benjamin and MIZZELL Sarah 30-Sep 1767 Tyrrell County
RICHARDSON Edith and ECHESON Edmond 14-Oct 1779 Rowan County
RICHARDSON James and BURD Sally 11-Dec 1817 Mecklenburg County
RICHARDSON James H. and HUNTER Ester H. 3-Sep 1851 Mecklenburg County
RICHARDSON John K. and HOOSER Adaline 23-Apr 1849 Mecklenburg County
RICHARDSON Mary and BELK Samson D. 3-Dec 1834 Mecklenburg County
RICHARDSON Mason and PHILIPS Sarah 2-Feb 1795 Mecklenburg County
RICHEY Edmund and COCHRAN Rachel 28-Nov 1799 Mecklenburg County
RICHMOND Lavina and BAKER James W. 20-May 1835 Mecklenburg County
RICKETTS Benjamin and SIMPSON Sarah 16-Aug 1746 Chowan County
RICKWELL Harriet S. and CLARK N. Allison 16-May 1857 Mecklenburg County
RIDDICK Cader and GARRETT Elizabeth 18-Dec 1771 Chowan County
RIDDICK Doctor and SUMMER Elizabeth 1-Mar 1776 Chowan County
RIDDICK Seth and HUNTER Leah 6-Jan 1772 Chowan County
RIDDLE Ann and ELLIS William Jr. 27-Mar 1792 Rowan County
RIDDLE Mary and GORDON James 12-Feb 1779 Rowan County
RIDDLE Sarah Ann and ELLROTH John 11-Jan 1786 Surry County
RIDDLE T. S. and MARKS Sarah L. 11-Jun 1856 Mecklenburg County
RIDINGS Isaac and CHINN Susannah 7-Jun 1818 Surry County
RIDINGS Sarah and CHINN Jesse 20-Apr 1819 Surry County
RIDLEY Mary R. and TAYLOR John C. 31-Aug 1842 Granville County
RIGGS James and HANNAH Polly 22-Jan 1788 Orange County
RIGLER Mary E. and ALLISON Moses G. 22-Dec 1853 Mecklenburg County
RIGSBY Tempe and HERDON Chesley 19-Oct 1824 Orange County
RIGSBY Tempe and HERNDON Chesley 19-Oct 1824 Orange County
RILEY Eliza C. and RILEY Lee C. 27-Feb 1831 Mecklenburg County
RILEY Ezekial A. and GIBSON Sarah B. 28-Dec 1835 Mecklenburg County
RILEY Jane and BOWERS David 29-Oct 1800 Mecklenburg County
RILEY Jesse and WAKE Sally 22-Jun 1825 Mecklenburg County
RILEY John and HOLTON Temperance 19-May 1832 Mecklenburg County
RILEY John and RUSS Mary A. 21-Aug 1849 Mecklenburg County
RILEY Lee C. and RILEY Eliza C. 27-Feb 1831 Mecklenburg County
RILEY Sally and ROSS Levi 27-Sep 1821 Mecklenburg County
RILEY William and ROBERTS Amy 2-Dec 1805 Mecklenburg County
RIMER John L. and ~ Mary Jane 27-Dec 1864 Mecklenburg County
RINER Samuel and MC LEAN Martha A. 14-Feb 1835 Mecklenburg County
RISANER Isabel and CROCKER R. M. 15-Apr 1864 Lincoln
RITTERFORD Nancy and BRASWELL David 14-Sep 1762 Edgecombe County
ROACH Allen and MC LEAN Patsy 27-Aug 1824 Mecklenburg County
ROACH Patsy and BENTON John 8-May 1827 Mecklenburg County
ROAN Herbert and MARTIN Elizabeth 20-Jul 1811 Mecklenburg County
ROAN Hugh and CALHOUN Harriet 26-May 1792 Mecklenburg County
ROAN Mabley and PRATHER Mary 20-May 1820 Mecklenburg County
ROAN Solomon and PARRISH Fanny 21-Mar 1818 Mecklenburg County
ROAN Susanna and FRANK Jacob 4-Jun 1768 Rowan County
ROAN William and BINGHAM Elizabeth 25-Apr 1822 Mecklenburg County
ROBARDS Betsy and TAYLOR James 15-Oct 1797 Granville County
ROBARDS Mary D. and HUCKS Solomon A. 5-Dec 1842 Mecklenburg County
ROBARDS Polly and TAYLOR Edmond 10-Sep 1798 Granville County
ROBASON Henry and COLLINS Sarah 25-Jun 1783 Tyrrell County
ROBB Margaret and HARRIS Robert 16-Jan 1793 Mecklenburg County
ROBERTS America and HERNDON Westly Month? 1828 Orange County
ROBERTS Amy and RILEY William 2-Dec 1805 Mecklenburg County
ROBERTS James and DENKINS Margaret 3-Jun 1799 Mecklenburg County
ROBERTS John and DAVIS Jane 10-Mar 1802 Mecklenburg County
ROBERTS Joseph M. and KING Elizabeth 19-May 1841 Mecklenburg County
ROBERTS Robert R. and MONTGOMERY Elizabeth L. 18-May 1840 Mecklenburg County
ROBERTS Thomas and LASSITER Christian 4-May 1785 Chowan County
ROBERTS Wiley and BLANKENSHIP Polly 27-Jan 1808 Mecklenburg County
ROBERTS William and BONNER Elizabeth Mrs. 21-Feb 1767 Chowan County
ROBERTS William and MONTGOMERY Jane 26-Sep 1832 Mecklenburg County
ROBERTS William A. and ORR Nancy V. 30-Mar 1858 Mecklenburg County
ROBERTSON Martha / widow and SIBBALDSON William 13-May 1773 Chowan County
ROBERTSON Sarah / widow and GASKINS William 11-Apr 1774 Chowan County
ROBINETT Margaret and BLACK Samuel 23-Oct 1810 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Alexi and CUNNINGHAM Janette 15-Oct 1791 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Charlotte and ALLEN William 25-Sep 1834 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Christina and HOLLAND John 26-Aug 1783 Rowan County
ROBINSON Clarissa and BEATY Andrew 2-Feb 1843 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON D. M. and MC CULLOCH John 5-Jun 1829 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Dovey L. and MC KINLEY Stephen 4-Jan 1824 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Ezekial and HARRIS Eleanor 23-Mar 1812 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Frances and BARNETT Moses 16-Aug 1794 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Harris and KIRK Agnes 11-May 1795 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Henry and CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth 15-Aug 1809 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON James and JONES Lidy 12-Mar 1822 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON James B. and STILL Mary 13-Dec 1836 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Jane and JOHNSTON John 18-Nov 1829 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Jane D. and HOUSTON John M. 18-Mar 1834 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON John and BRINN Lydia 30-Mar 1778 Chowan County
ROBINSON John and ELLIOTT Keziah 31-Dec 1774 Chowan County
ROBINSON John and JONES Elizabeth / widow 8-Jan 1754 Chowan County
ROBINSON John M. and WALTON Peggy 27-Aug 1813 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON John Rev. and BALDRUN Margaret C. 9-Apr 1795 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Martha and MC CAY McKinney 3-Aug 1788 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Martha and MC COY McKinney 3-Aug 1825 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Mary N. and ALLISON Isaac A. 10-Dec 1855 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Michael and BROWN Ester 5-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Michael and RAY Jennet 22-Nov 1788 Orange County
ROBINSON Nancy and ALEXANDER Adley L. 1-Jan 1817 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Rebecca and GIBSON James 10-Mar 1787 Rowan County
ROBINSON Richard and MC LEAR Martha 14-Jun 1790 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Robert and PARKS Mary 1-Feb 1792 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Rosanna and HENRY Hugh 4-Sep 1779 Rowan County
ROBINSON Sarah A. and BRYAN James 16-Nov 1850 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Susannah and GILBERT William 15-Apr 1775 Rowan County
ROBINSON W. W. and COOPER L. C. Miss 18-Jul 1865 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Wallace and BROWN Mary 5-Mar 1831 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON William and HARGRAVE Agnes 9-Oct 1804 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON William and LEWIS Kezia 16-Jan 1812 Mecklenburg County
ROBINSON Winny and BULLOCK Stephen 24-Mar 1800 Edgecombe County
ROBISON Aaron and DEARMOND Jane 6-Jun 1803 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Alexander and ALEXANDER Clarisa 16-Aug 1815 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Alexander and BROWN Elizabeth 3-Dec 1831 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Alexander and ROBISON Martha 23-Jul 1818 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Alexander and ROBISON Elizabeth 3-Dec 1831 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Allen and BOYD Susan 26-Aug 1830 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Andrew and LAWING Sarah N. 27-Sep 1855 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Archibald and BARNETT Abigail 16-Feb 1820 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON C. H. and ALEXANDER Mary A. 11-Mar 1844 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Cynthia and BOATWRIGHT S. Washington 10-Apr 1834 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON David and BOWMAN Elinor 12-Jan 1813 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON David C. and BIGGER Mary C. 27-Jun 1849 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON David H. and SLOAN Jane 16-Dec 1845 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Elizabeth and CLARK Almarine 27-Dec 1848 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Elizabeth and ROBISON Alexander 3-Dec 1831 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Esther M. and REID Jonathan 8-Nov 1854 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Harris and KIRK Agnes 11-May 1795 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Isaac and HARKLEY Sally 6-Feb 1821 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Isabella and ROBISON Robert 10-Mar 1813 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON James and GREY Sopia 11-Dec 1810 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON James and PITMAN Abegail 27-Aug 1816 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON James and POTTS Peggy 14-Mar 1813 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON John and FISHER Amy 9-Dec 1820 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON John and SAMPLE Betsy 18-Apr 1804 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON John and WILEY Ester 2-Jun 1795 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON John K. and HENDERSON Harriet A. 2-Dec 1843 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON John L. and HOWARD Amelia E. 24-Oct 1837 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON John P. and RODDEN Susan E. 27-Feb 1856 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Joseph M. and KING Fanny 31-Jul 1856 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Josiah A. and HENDERSON Jane L. 18-May 1843 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON M. W. and CLARK Virginia Q. 12-Apr 1849 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Martha and ALEXANDER Azni 16-Apr 1806 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Martha and ROBISON Alexander 23-Jul 1818 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Mary and CHRISTENBERY James T. 15-Mar 1828 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Mathew and HICKS Mary 21-Jan 1794 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Mathew A. and RODIN Adalin 13-Apr 1842 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Matthew A. and BYRUM Caroline 19-Jan 1848 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Matthew A. and HIPP Margaret 2-Dec 1847 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Michael and BROWN Ester 5-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Milly L. and CULP John 27-Jan 1852 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Nancy and ALEXANDER Alley 1-Jan 1817 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Nancy H. and MARKS Thomas 27-Jun 1854 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Patsey and ALEXANDER Ezekiel 8-Mar 1806 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON R. C. and JOHNSTON Martha 28-Jul 1847 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Rachel G. and BAIN David 4-Apr 1841 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Rebecca and BIGGER Robert 31-Jul 1826 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Robert and HENDERSON Margaret 30-Mar 1790 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Robert and ROBISON Isabella 10-Mar 1813 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Robert B. and CALDER Margaret 25-Apr 1837 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Robert M. and TAYLOR Eliza Jane 22-Dec 1840 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Sarah A. and BRIAN James 6-Nov 1850 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Sarah J. and CLARK John W. 2-Feb 1858 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Susan S. and MEANS C. T. 8-Dec 1841 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON Watson and EAGLE Margaret 25-Jun 1850 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON William and STUART Sally 23-Feb 1819 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON William A. and MATHEWS Sarah A. 1-Feb 1842 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON William L. and REED Martha 17-Oct 1850 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON William P. and REA Martha A. 2-Feb 1854 Mecklenburg County
ROBISON William R. and WILEY Margaret 11-May 1833 Mecklenburg County
ROCK Abraham and PRESLEY Betty 18-Jul 1799 Mecklenburg County
RODDA Elizabeth and DESHON Lewis 25-Jan 1786 Chowan County
RODDEN Andrew and RODDEN Harriet A. 26-Jan 1835 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Benjamin and BAKER Elizabeth 16-Sep 1829 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Benjamin and WILLIAMS Betsy 30-Dec 1830 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Catherine and MOORE Charles B. 19-Jun 1809 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Dicey and RODDEN John 3-Oct 1827 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Elizabeth and BERRYHILL Samuel 16-Aug 1825 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Gabriel and COOK Caroline 18-Oct 1842 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Hannah R. and RODDEN William 18-Mar 1847 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Harriet A. and RODDEN Andrew 26-Jan 1835 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Jackson and KRUM Polly 17-Feb 1810 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Jacob and GRIFFIN Jane 25-Jan 1795 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN James and BERRYHILL Margaret E. 28-Jan 1847 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN James J. and RODDEN Jane 10-Jun 1847 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Jane and RODDEN James J. 10-Jun 1847 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN John and BEATY Milly 1-Mar 1842 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN John and RODDEN Dicey 3-Oct 1827 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Judy and BAGOT Irwin 11-Jun 1818 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Lewis and WILLIAMS Hannah W. 7-Sep 1802 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Matthew and WARWICK Hannah 26-May 1847 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN N. B. and HEADLY Martha M. 15-Aug 1865 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Susan E. and ROBISON John P. 27-Feb 1856 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Thomas M. and BEATY Salina 8-Apr 1834 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN Upton and PITMAN Rachel 16-May 1806 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN William and RODDEN Hannah R. 18-Mar 1847 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN William and WILLIAMS Polly 6-Nov 1805 Mecklenburg County
RODDEN William R. and HOOVER Eliza J. 20-Sep 1860 Mecklenburg County
RODDIN Damson and BAKER Jonathan 16-Sep 1801 Mecklenburg County
RODDIN Mary E. and BERRYHILL William A. 13-Jan 1858 Mecklenburg County
RODDIN Matilda and BERRYHILL Andrew A. 17-Dec 1833 Mecklenburg County
RODDIN Rosanna and BLANCHETTE Thomas 8-Sep 1805 Mecklenburg County
RODECAP Anne and EICHOLTZ Geore 13-Jun 1774 Rowan County
RODES Tyree and HOLLAND Cynthia 25-Apr 1811 Rutherford County
RODGERS E. P. and MC CALL Sarah J. 28-Sep 1865 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS Edward H. and HENDERSON Elizabeth M. 8-Sep 1835 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS I. M. S. and KNOX S. E. Miss 20-Nov 1861 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS James W. and MAXWELL Catherine 7-Feb 1856 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS Jesse and MAXWELL Ellen 24-Feb 1820 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS John and IRWIN Martha 7-Apr 1827 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS John and NEELY Jenny 27-Apr 1829 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS John R. and ALEXANDER Elizabeth 17-Feb 1859 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS Louisa and MAXWELL Washington 26-Sep 1828 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS Lucretia and HALL Samuel 21-Aug 1826 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS Martha and ALEXANDER James 14-Nov 1806 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS Matilda P. and MC REEM Stephen 8-Apr 1826 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS Samuel M. and KIRKPATRICK Jane M. 25-Feb 1823 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS Sarah and ORR William W. 19-Dec 1854 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS Sarah H. and MC REEM Samuel J. 2-Mar 1835 Mecklenburg County
RODGERS Thomas P. and ALEXANDER Emily 26-Sep 1848 Mecklenburg County
RODIN Adalin and ROBISON Mathew A. 13-Apr 1842 Mecklenburg County
RODIN Judy and HANKS Abraham 12-Oct 1825 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Ambrose N. and KERR Sarah 9-Feb 1835 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Andrew N. and MILLER Jenny 21-Sep 1811 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Ann and MAXWELL Robert H. 31-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Ann and OSBORN William 4-Sep 1798 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Barnard and VAIL Mary / widow 5-Mar 1767 Chowan County
ROGERS Benjamin and AMASON Charity 17-Jan 1831 Edgecombe County
ROGERS Dolly and MORRISON John 31-Jul 1804 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Esther and ADAMS Thomas 12-Oct 1785 Tyrrell County
ROGERS Hannah and ROGERS James 4-Dec 1817 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Hugh M. and PARKS Jane 1-May 1824 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS I. Lafayette and MILLER Harriet C. 28-Sep 1854 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS James and ROGERS Hannah 4-Dec 1817 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS James H. and KELLY Eliza C. 25-Mar 1839 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS John and MC REIM Rachel M. 17-Sep 1825 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS John and RUSSELL Margaret 12-May 1789 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Jonas and JULIAN Mary 5-Jan 1798 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Joseph and MC EWEN Margaret 9-Aug 1822 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Joseph and SADLER Jane 6-Apr 1825 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Julius D. and FLANIGAN Mary Jane 1-Jun 1854 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Miss and ROSS James C. 16-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Nathan and LEGGETT Mary 12-Oct 1785 Tyrrell County
ROGERS Polly and HIPP John 12-Oct 1799 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Robert and PARKS Sarah 23-Sep 1822 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS Thomas P. and SEEREST Tabitha M. 31-Jan 1834 Mecklenburg County
ROGERS William and RHODES Mary 15-Dec 1806 Mecklenburg County
ROLAND Franey and HENDRIX Jacob 21-Jun 1792 Rowan County
ROMBOUGH John and MITCHELL Catherine Mrs. 11-May 1747 Chowan County
ROMINGER Catharina and LANIUS John 23-Mar 1773 Friedland
ROOME Catherine and HAZZARD Cornelius 31-Mar 1815 Mecklenburg County
ROPE Augustus S. and HANCOCK Fanny 12-Jan 1833 Mecklenburg County
ROPE Peter and POLK Elizabeth 8-Sep 1818 Mecklenburg County
ROPE William H. and POLK Susan 22-Oct 1832 Mecklenburg County
ROPER Betty and ROPER James W. 10-Aug 1821 Mecklenburg County
ROPER James W. and ROPER Betty 10-Aug 1821 Mecklenburg County
ROPER John and FINCHER Sarah 16-Nov 1797 Mecklenburg County
ROPER Polly and NEELY William 28-Nov 1820 Mecklenburg County
RORKE Joseph M. and CURLEY Mary Ann 24-Jan 1856 Mecklenburg County
ROSCOE Peter and SMITHWICK Ann 24-Jun 1788 Bertie County
ROSE Susanna and BUCHANAN Hugh 20-Dec 1803 Mecklenburg County
ROSENBUM Mary and HINKLE John 26-Feb 1790 Rowan County
ROSS Agnes and BIGHAM John 4-Sep 1799 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Deborah and ROSS James 15-Dec 1809 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Esther A. and ALEXANDER Abijah F. 10-Sep 1851 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Francis M. and GILMORE Dorcas N. 29-Dec 1839 Mecklenburg County
ROSS James and MONTGOMERY Ann 5-Oct 1815 Mecklenburg County
ROSS James and ROSS Deborah 15-Dec 1809 Mecklenburg County
ROSS James C. and ROGERS Miss 16-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
ROSS James N. and WILSON Mary L. 19-Nov 1845 Mecklenburg County
ROSS John and HARRIS Hannah 16-Jun 1798 Mecklenburg County
ROSS John and MONTGOMERY Hannah 12-Jun 1816 Mecklenburg County
ROSS John and PORTER Susanna 16-May 1799 Mecklenburg County
ROSS John P. and MATTHEWS Sarah A. 19-Nov 1839 Mecklenburg County
ROSS John P. and OLIVER Sarah 11-Jan 1859 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Joseph C. and OLIVER Jane 15-Dec 1842 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Joseph W. and PRICE Elizabeth T. A. 10-Jul 1850 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Joseph W. and SPRINGS Sophia C. 19-Feb 1822 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Levi and RILEY Sally 27-Sep 1821 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Louisa and NEEL Samuel J. 29-Apr 1830 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Margaret and HUNTER Humphrey 20-Jul 1795 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Mary and HOLLAND Thomas 17-May 1761 Edgecombe County
ROSS Peter E. and MC INTYRE Sarah C. 11-Mar 1830 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Reuben E. and HIPP Mary 3-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Robert A. and GRIER Mary J. 31-Oct 1848 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Sarah and BEAN Daniel 29-Dec 1789 Mecklenburg County
ROSS Susannah and KERR Alexander W. 28-Oct 1814 Guilford County
ROSS W. J. and HARRISON Margaret N. 18-Dec 1850 Mecklenburg County
ROSS William and PATTON Nancy H. 27-May 1841 Mecklenburg County
ROSS William M. and POOL Margaret J. 24-Jul 1855 Mecklenburg County
ROSSICH George W. and JOHNSON Nancy P. 3-Sep 1857 Mecklenburg County
ROTHROCK Philip and HAUSER Christina 20-Mar 1800 Friedberg
ROUGHTON Richard and MANN Martha 1-Aug 1778 Tyrrell County
ROWAN Comfort and MOORE John 20-Feb 1782 Guilford County
ROWAN William and FRANKLIN Margaret 6-Apr 1809 Mecklenburg County
ROWDEN Isaac and DURANT Sarah Bef 1686 NC?
ROWDON Minton H. and BERRYHILL David W. 26-Sep 1839 Mecklenburg County
ROWE Levi and DAVENPORT Rachel 6-Apr 1785 Tyrrell County
ROWE Peter and FETTERMAN Betsy 17-Jun 1852 Mecklenburg County
ROWLAND James and MILLER Cynthia 25-Jul 1836 Mecklenburg County
ROYSTER David and DANIEL Mary Month? 1775 Granville County
ROYSTER William and PURYEAR Sarah Month? 1775 Granville County
RUDD Catherine S. and BERRYHILL John 30-Mar 1836 Mecklenburg County
RUDD Samuel and WALKER Jane 5-Apr 1821 Mecklenburg County
RUDDOCK Susanna J. and JOHNSTON James S. 14-Mar 1861 Mecklenburg County
RUDDUCK John and TOMLINSON Sarah 9-Dec 1774 New Garden mtg.
RUDE William and MC GINN Christian 26-Sep 1806 Mecklenburg County
RUDESILL Mary E. and RHINEHARDT Charles B. 28-Dec 1814 Mecklenburg County
RUDISELL Ann R. and NEAGLE Matthew 18-Jan 1834 Mecklenburg County
RUDISILL James C. and KERR Mary C. 26-Nov 1825 Mecklenburg County
RUDISILL John and MC LEARY Malissa 27-Jul 1821 Mecklenburg County
RUDISILL Jonas and CLARKE Susannah 19-Sep 1793 Mecklenburg County
RUFFIN Penelope and DELORCH Jesse 8-Mar 1768 Edgecombe County
RUMLEY Alida and ENOCHS Enoch 30-Sep 1789 Rowan County
RUNELL George and COLLINS Elizabeth 20-Jul 1768 Chowan County
RUNYAN Charity and PARKS Samuel 6-Nov 1792 Yadkin
RUSELY Mary and HOLDEN James 21-May 1800 Mecklenburg County
RUSS Mary A. and RILEY John 21-Aug 1849 Mecklenburg County
RUSS William and BENFIELD Amanda 2-Oct 1856 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Andrew and PERRY Linda 30-Nov 1865 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Betsy and MC CORD John 16-May 1803 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL David M. and HUNTER Nancy Jane 2-Mar 1854 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Harry T. and BAKER J. E. Miss 19-Jul 1860 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL James and WOLF Catherine 10-Dec 1824 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL James S. and GINGLES Peggy 8-Feb 1809 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Lewis H. and MORROW Martha M. 23-Dec 1847 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Margaret and ROGERS John 12-May 1789 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Mary and CAMPBELL George 24-Jan 1791 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Matthew and NEELY Margaret 29-Jan 1795 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Mazy and HOOD John H. 10-Dec 1833 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Rachel L. and CULERTSON Moses W. 25-Aug 1828 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Robert and MORRISON Mary Month? 1779 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Robert W. and FLOW Sarah 27-Jan 1853 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Thomas and IRWIN Sarah 29-May 1792 Mecklenburg County
RUSSELL Thomas and JOURDAN Mary 27-Apr 1779 Tyrrell County
RUTHERFORD Thomas and LEMMON Margaret 27-Feb 1832 Mecklenburg County
RUTLEDGE Elijah and URIE Frances 6-Aug 1801 Mecklenburg County
RUTLEDGE George and MC COMB Rachel 18-May 1799 Mecklenburg County
RYAN James and GREER Elinor Month? 1782 Guilford County
RYAN Sarah and SANDERSON Richard 19-Jan 1790 Bertie County
SADLER Elizabeth and MC DONALD Will 16-Sep 1789 Mecklenburg County
SADLER Elizabeth Mrs. and THOMPSON William 30-Aug 1743 Chowan County
SADLER Esther and BEATY John 24-Jan 1817 Mecklenburg County
SADLER Jane and ROGERS Joseph 6-Apr 1825 Mecklenburg County
SAFFORD George and BARNETT Ann 22-Apr 1785 Tyrrell County
SAMPLE Ann and HENDERSON John 4-Apr 1804 Mecklenburg County
SAMPLE Aramenta S. and BERRY William P. 28-Dec 1831 Mecklenburg County
SAMPLE Betsy and ROBISON John 18-Apr 1804 Mecklenburg County
SAMPLE Jane and CARRIGAN James 18-Apr 1786 Orange County
SAMPLE Jemima and BARRY Andrew 15-Mar 1796 Mecklenburg County
SAMPLE Mary and HOUSTON Thomas 6-Jun 1798 Mecklenburg County
SAMPLE Mary T. and BARNETT Robert F. 9-Dec 1828 Mecklenburg County
SANDERLIN Robert and WAFF Mary 3-May 1764 Chowan County
SANDERS Benjamin and HUNTER Mary 10-Mar 1775 Chowan County
SANDERS Elizabeth and ADAMS Lewis 25-May 1834 Mecklenburg County
SANDERS Simon T. and MEREDITH Jenobia Aurelian 15-Jun 1830 Oxford area
SANDERS William S. and MEREDITH Carolina M. 5-Jun 1834 Oxford area
SANDERSON Richard and RYAN Sarah 19-Jan 1790 Bertie County
SANDFORD Polly and BODKIN John 25-Sep 1828 Mecklenburg County
SANDIFER Catherine E. and MC LEAN Robert G. 3-Dec 1846 Mecklenburg County
SANSBURY Mary and CLEMENTS William 11-Nov 1856 Chowan County
SAPP Sarah G. and MARLAN James C. 16-Nov 1854 Guilford County
SATTERWHITE Ann and HUNT James 21-Jul 1785 Granville County
SAUNDERS Delila and BLACK Ezekial 30-Dec 1839 Mecklenburg County
SAUNDERS Joseph H. and BAKER Laura L. 28-Apr 1833 Warrenton
SAUNDERS Keziah and DONOHOE Thomas Month? 1774 Orange County
SAUNDERS Romulus M. and CARTER Rebecca P. Month? 1812 Caswell County
SAUNDERS William and ADAMS Miss Month? 1725 Orange County
SAUNDERS William and SITTERZEN Hannah 7-Jan 1798 Edenton
SAVAGE Rachel and SMITH William 23-May 1789 Bertie County
SAVAGE Susannah and HOLEBAUGH George 13-Jun 1787 Rowan County
SAVITS Esther and HARRISON William 4-Jun 1786 Rowan County
SAWING Jane and MC CLURE James 28-Jul 1834 Mecklenburg County
SAWYER Ezilla and WEATHERLY Thomas 10-Apr 1786 Tyrrell County
SCHAUS Sarah and HOLDER Henry 31-Aug 1818 Stokes County
SCHIMPSHIRE Elizabeth and WYATT John 17-Feb 1768 Chowan County
SCHNEIDER Elizabeth and HAUSER Jacob 27-Jul 1800 Rowan County
SCHOR Anna Maria and HOEHNS John 19-Mar 1776 Bethabara area
SCOTT Elizabeth and ELDER James 23-Aug 1764 Chowan County
SCOTT John and LESTER Lydia 21-Jun 1785 Chowan County
SCOTT Joseph and COPELAND Penina 12-Apr 1768 Chowan County
SCOTT Lavina and MC NEELLY James 13-Nov 1828 Guilford County
SCOTT Mariah and MANLEY Winbourn 16-Apr 1863 NC?
SCOTT Mary and JOHNSTON John T. 29-Sep 1859 Mecklenburg County
SCOTT Mary and MC MURRAY Robert 28-Dec 1791 Guilford County
SCOTT Melinda and IVY Thomas R. 24-Aug 1812 Mecklenburg County
SCOTT Nancy and BOYERS William 4-Oct 1833 Mecklenburg County
SCOTT Rachel and HILL Abraham 1-May 1761 Chowan County
SCOTT Sarah and COOPER Fleet Rev. Month? 1783 Chowan County
SCOTT Widow and BLOUNT Thomas Bef 1686 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
SCRATT Honour and FRASER James 6-Jun 1785 Rowan County
SEAFORD Lizze and FISHER John 13-Jun 1798 Rowan County
SEAY James and CRANK Elizabeth 26-Jul 1788 Bertie County
SEDLEY Mary and DINKS Peter 17-Aug 1790 Orange County
SEEREST Tabitha M. and ROGERS Thomas P. 31-Jan 1834 Mecklenburg County
SEERS Franky and ELSTON William 15-May 1794 Rowan County
SEGEL Mary and BOYD Josiah 4-Jul 1839 Mecklenburg County
SEITZ Anna Maria and LOESCH Johann Christian 15-Jul 1806 Bethania area
SEITZ Salome and PHILLIPS John Samuel 4-May 1794 Friedland
SELLARS Sarah and DIXON Thomas 15-Jun 1763 Edgecombe County
SENSEMAN Edwin Timothy and VOGLER Louisa Lauretta 13-Aug 1844 Salem Burke Co.
SETTLE Fanny and COVINGTON John W. 16-Nov 1854 Richmond County
SEWARD Celia and WAFF William 17-Dec 1777 Chowan County
SEWARD William and GUSTON Mary Mrs. 20-Feb 1743 Chowan County
SEYMOUR Susan and JONES Richard 19-Oct 1835 Mecklenburg County
SHAFFER Frances and HINKLE George 17-Sep 1795 Rowan County
SHAMEL Abraham and FIDLER Elizabeth 8-May 1814 Stokes County
SHAMEL Jacob and HAUSER Gertraut 29-Oct 1814 Stokes County
SHAMEL Jacob and SNYDER Ann 7-Jul 1827 Stokes County
SHAMEL Peter and PFAFF Susannah Elizabeth 21-Sep 1816 Stokes County
SHANKS Elizabeth and BLACK James 24-Mar 1801 Mecklenburg County
SHANKS Mary and MC CULLOCH John 7-Dec 1797 Mecklenburg County
SHARP Caroline and BYRAM Robert J. 3-Sep 1829 Mecklenburg County
SHARP Jane and OBERLY Owen 11-Nov 1822 Mecklenburg County
SHARP Jemina and OSBORN John 10-Dec 1785 Mecklenburg County
SHARP Mary and HILL Whit M. 21-Mar 1814 Mecklenburg County
SHARP Mary and MC CLURE James 4-May 1803 Mecklenburg County
SHARP Matilda and ERWIN William May 1788 Rowan County
SHARPE Betsy and BROWN John 22-Feb 1802 Mecklenburg County
SHARPE Elizabeth and GRIFFITH Edward 1-Apr 1783 Rowan County
SHARPE Elizabeth P. and REA William W. 28-Aug 1854 Mecklenburg County
SHARPE Mary and FREEMSTER William 29-May 1783 Rowan County
SHARPE Sarah M. and OSBORNE Jonathan M. 15-Sep 1848 Mecklenburg County
SHARPLEY Susanna and SPRUILL Samuel 21-Aug 1779 Tyrrell County
SHAVER Mary and MORRIS Philemon 8-Apr 1794 Mecklenburg County
SHAW Ann and MAGEE John 22-Jul 1788 Guilford County
SHAW Elizabeth and SHAW Robert 20-May 1779 Guilford County
SHAW Martha and MONTGOMERY James T. 11-Feb 1857 Guilford County
SHAW Robert and SHAW Elizabeth 20-May 1779 Guilford County
SHELBY Isabella and ALEXANDER Stephen 22-Nov 1797 Mecklenburg County
SHELBY Susannah and ALEXANDER Dan 11-Jun 1800 Mecklenburg County
SHELLY Harriet C. and ALEXANDER Allison 17-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
SHEPARD Charlotte and REA David H. 14-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
SHEPARD Louisa and BLALOCK William 6-Jul 1840 Mecklenburg County
SHERRILL Hiram and SHERRILL Sarah Month? 1820 Sherrills Ford
SHERRILL Sarah and SHERRILL Hiram Month? 1820 Sherrills Ford
SHIELDS Isabella and CALDWELL Daniel 18-Jan 1826 Mecklenburg County
SHIELDS Jane and OEHLER John G. 26-Aug 1837 Mecklenburg County
SHIELDS Mary and CALDWELL Robert 20-Mar 1819 Mecklenburg County
SHIELDS Mary and HUTCHINSON William 8-Jan 1829 Mecklenburg County
SHILES Jane and GRAHAM Joseph 24-Feb 1796 Rowan County
SHILLY Sarah and ALEXANDER John 15-Aug 1798 Mecklenburg County
SHIP Mary and HOLLOWAY John 21-Oct 1761 Edgecombe County
SHIPP Mary and GILES John 3-Oct 1788 Rowan County
SHIRMER Elizabeth and GROSS Simon 13-Feb 1770 Rowan County
SHOECRAFT Peggy and MITCHELL Alexi 13-Sep 1834 Guilford County
SHOLAR Easter and WHITACRE Whitwell 26-Apr 1790 Bertie County
SHOLAR Nancy and SHOLAR Thomas 4-Jan 1790 Bertie County
SHOLAR Thomas and SHOLAR Nancy 4-Jan 1790 Bertie County
SHORT Dinah and FOSTER Samuel 28-Aug 1795 Rowan County
SHOULTS Leah and HELM Peter 5-Oct 1792 Rowan County
SHREYBURG Sarah and MC ELROY James 13-Aug 1801 Mecklenburg County
SHROCK Catherine and HILLARD George 29-Jan 1793 Rowan County
SHUMAN Ann and CAMPBELL William 7-Jul 1841 Mecklenburg County
SHUMAN Nelly and OVERINE Green 2-Oct 1851 Mecklenburg County
SHURLEY Geraldus and AMASON Temperance 14-Feb 1844 NC?
SHUSON Ann and JAMISON Robert 8-Nov 1817 Mecklenburg County
SIBBALDSON William and ROBERTSON Martha / widow 13-May 1773 Chowan County
SIDES Philipina Elisabeth and BUTNER Heinrich Herman 23-Aug 1860 Forsyth County
SILL Susannah and HARROD Joseph 23-Feb 1795 Rowan County
SILVERS Joana and EGGERS Landrine 16-Apr 1779 Rowan County
SIMERAL Mary and JAMISON Arthur 6-Jan 1801 Mecklenburg County
SIMMONDS Anne and NEELY John 29 Feb 1822 Mecklenburg County
SIMMONS Betsy and BUCHANAN Charles 8-May 1821 Mecklenburg County
SIMMONS Harriet G. and MILLER Matthew 29-Oct 1844 Mecklenburg County
SIMMONS Josiah and COBURN Jemima Month? 1782 Tyrrell County
SIMMONS Rachel and BIBB William 3-Dec 1818 Mecklenburg County
SIMMS Albert Gallatin and MEREDITH Solome Baptisle 26-Jan 1830 Oxford area area
SIMMS Patsy and BARNES Reddick 20-Dec 1799 Edgecombe County
SIMONDS Elizabeth and BOYD David 1-Jun 1822 Mecklenburg County
SIMONS John and BUTLER Ann 5-Jun 1742 Chowan County
SIMONS Mary and MORRISON James 23-Feb 1819 Mecklenburg County
SIMONTON Mary and FALLS William 13-Mar 1786 Rowan County
SIMPSON Emily and MARTIN Henry 13-Jul 1837 Mecklenburg County
SIMPSON Evan and MITCHELL Elizabeth 21-Jan 1812 Chowan County
SIMPSON John and BRINN Mary Bef 1732 NC?
SIMPSON Mary and BIGGLER John W. H. 13-Oct 1732 Mecklenburg County
SIMPSON Mary and WARD Solomon 27-Sep 1784 Chowan County
SIMPSON Mary and WILLIAMSON John 19-Nov 1785 Chowan County
SIMPSON Nancy and MAXWELL William 14-Jul 1804 Mecklenburg County
SIMPSON Peggy and MOORE Phillip 12-Mar 1801 Mecklenburg County
SIMPSON Polly and NEWELL Peter 11-Sep 1801 Mecklenburg County
SIMPSON Reddin and PEARCE Kessenhappuck 18-May 1786 Tyrrell County
SIMPSON Reddin and PEARCE Kessenhappuck 18-May 1786 Tyrrell County
SIMPSON Samuel and SWAIN Mary 21-Sep 1764 Tyrrell County
SIMPSON Sarah and MANLY Matthias E. 27-Jun 1844 NC?
SIMPSON Sarah and PEARCE Timothy 16-Apr 1786 Tyrrell County
SIMPSON Sarah and RICKETTS Benjamin 16-Aug 1746 Chowan County
SIMS Nancy and HOWES James 11-Dec 1786 Rowan County
SING Nancy and CLARK Thomas B. 21-Dec 1836 Mecklenburg County
SINGER Nancy and GILES Absolom 21-Aug 1778 Rowan County
SINGLETON Adaith and MC CORMICK Robert 8-Jun 1799 Mecklenburg County
SINGLETON Hezekiah and ASH Margaret Mrs. 6-Mar 1745 Chowan County
SITTERZEN Hannah and SAUNDERS William 7-Jan 1798 Edenton
SIVELS Ann and BASNIGHT William Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
SKEAL Ruth and HEARN William 29-Nov 1799 Rowan County
SKEEN Jane and HANCOCK John Month? 1796 Rowan County
SKELLINGTON Mary and HAMILTON John 22-Feb 1791 Mecklenburg County
SKINNER Evan and SWAIN Sarah 5-Apr 1779 Tyrrell County
SKINNER Ferebee and ACREE William 12-Mar 1791 Bertie County
SKITLETHROPE John and THOMAS Bethany 10-Dec 1786 Tyrrell County
SLADE Joshua and WARDLE Elizabeth 9-Dec 1769 Tyrrell County
SLANN Jane Mrs. and BOYLE Daniel 10-Nov 1797 Mecklenburg County
SLAUGHTER Abigail and CHARLTON Jasper 14-Jan 1757 Chowan County
SLAUGHTER Elizabeth and WALLACE John 4-Sep 1741 Chowan County
SLAUGHTER Hannah and PAYNE Peter 8-Jan 1742 Chowan County
SLOAN E. Mrs. and RENSHAW N. F. 1-Aug 1865 Mecklenburg County
SLOAN Elizabeth E. and ALEXANDER Cyrus J. 17-Sep 1814 Mecklenburg County
SLOAN Jane and ROBISON David H. 16-Dec 1845 Mecklenburg County
SLOAN Jenny and IRVIN Silas 14-Oct 1812 Mecklenburg County
SLOAN Martha J. and ALEXANDER Abdon 27-Aug 1860 Mecklenburg County
SLOAN Rosana and HARDIN Jesse 29-Aug 1797 Rowan County
SLOAN Sarah and CASHON Thomas 18-Nov 1820 Mecklenburg County
SLOANE Anne and HUNTER Thomas 27-Mar 1787 Rowan County
SLOANE Elizabeth and ESPEY Samuel 5-Apr 1785 Rowan County
SLOANE Jane and FISHER Jacob 25-Feb 1793 Rowan County
SLOANE Margaret and HARRIS William 20-Sep 1784 Rowan County
SLOCUMB Ezekial and HOOKS Mary Month? 1778 Wayne County
SMALL Absallah and FALLON William 12-May 1785 Chowan County
SMALL Nancy and MANLEY James 3-Jun 1860 NC
SMALL Nancy and MC KELL Michael 13-Jul 1785 Chowan County
SMITH ~ and MC KINNEY Nathaniel 12-Nov 1792 Guilford County
SMITH Agnes and BLAIR John 8-Oct 1799 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Alexander and LAMAR Keziah 17-Mar 1772 Randolph County
SMITH Altona L. and BOYD Joshua D. 28-Dec 1826 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Anne and JONES John 16-Jun 1788 Edgecombe County
SMITH Barbara and ALSTON Jonathan 18-Apr 1791 Rowan County
SMITH Barbara and FORRER Tobias 12-Aug 1790 Rowan County
SMITH Catherine and BLACK Abner L. 7-Aug 1807 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Catherine M. and BIGGERS Allison H. 24-May 1860 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Christina and FEASER George 18-Aug 1787 Rowan County
SMITH Eliza and ORR James H. 26-Apr 1832 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Elizabeth and BOWDEN Arthur 31-Mar 1832 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Elizabeth and BRYAN William Month? 1744 Snowfield
SMITH Elizabeth and FOLTS Henry 17-Aug 1790 Rowan County
SMITH Elizabeth and MAYER Sherwood 25-Nov 1773 Guilford County
SMITH Elizabeth and MC MURRAY James 21-Nov 1795 Guilford County
SMITH Elizabeth A. and CAMERON John W. 5-Oct 1841 Chowan County
SMITH Elizabeth H. and MILLS Zebulon 29-Mar 1794 Chowan County
SMITH Elizabeth H. and TAYLOR William 8-Dec 1804 Granville County
SMITH Elizabeth J. and BOYD James 10-Oct 1831 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Elsy and FOSTER James 28-Dec 1785 Rowan County
SMITH Esther and HERNDON Benjamin 15-May 1829 Orange County
SMITH Hannah and REEVES William 14-Dec 1820 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Hosea H. and HOKE Mary B. Month? 1853 Lincolnton
SMITH Jacob and SPRUILL Fanny Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
SMITH Jean and REA John 25-Apr 1801 Mecklenburg County
SMITH John and JENNETT Mary Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
SMITH Joseph and HARDY Elizabeth 21-Jul 1779 Chowan County
SMITH Lucy and JENNINGS John 26-Dec 1818 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Lydia and BROWN Alfred 14-Nov 1865 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Margaret E. and BEATEY Henry L. 6-Oct 1857 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Mary and CALDWELL David 29-Jun 1791 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Mary and TAYLOR John 28-Jun 1800 Granville County
SMITH Mary Ann and MILLER John 10-Jan 1794 Mecklenburg County
SMITH May and MILLER James 30-Jul 1791 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Miriam and WOOD Benjamin 8-Nov 1785 Chowan County
SMITH Nancy and ALDERSON Robert 20-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Nancy and BROWN James 28-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Rachel and HILL Thomas 6-Oct 1779 Rowan County
SMITH Ruth and LASSITER Aaron 6-Jan 1785 Chowan County
SMITH Sarah and PETER Coffee Month? 1773 Granville County
SMITH Sarah and REA John L. 29-Aug 1846 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Sarah A. and BROWN Josiah 4-Oct 1825 Mecklenburg County
SMITH Sarah Mrs. and ADAMS Peter 3-Jun 1745 Chowan County
SMITH Thomas and OLIVER Ann 18-Dec 1786 Tyrrell County
SMITH William and SAVAGE Rachel 23-May 1789 Bertie County
SMITH William and WILKINSON Elizabeth 27-Jan 1779 Tyrrell County
SMITH William and WOOD Wally 10-Feb 1790 Bertie County
SMITH William and WOOD Willy 10-Feb 1790 Bertie County
SMITHWICK Ann and ROSCOE Peter 24-Jun 1788 Bertie County
SMITHWICK Edmondson and BOWEN Eleanor 1-Sep 1768 Tyrrell County
SMOTHERS Elizabeth and GRINKIN William 9-Jan 1789 Rowan County
SNEED Elizabeth and HUNT Soloman Month? 1817 Granville County
SNELL Ann and HASSELL Benjamin 29-Oct 1765 Tyrrell County
SNELL Elizabeth and BLAIR John 26-Mar 1800 Mecklenburg County
SNELL James and SPRUILL Mary 12-Sep 1783 Tyrrell County
SNELL Mary A. and BIGGER William B. 10-Sep 1827 Mecklenburg County
SNELL Sarah and BIGGERS Joseph 23-Feb 1811 Mecklenburg County
SNELL Sarah and CARLISLE Robert 10-Feb 1764 Chowan County
SNIPES Thomas and HUNT Mary 28-Dec 1793 Granville County
SNOW Nancy and MILLIS Nicholson 28-May 1799 Guilford County
SNOWDEN Sarah and TURNER Miles 30-Jan 1785 Perquimans County
SNOWDON Zebulon and TAYLOR Sarah 3-Aug 1765 Chowan County
SNYDER Ann and SHAMEL Jacob 7-Jul 1827 Stokes County
SOLOMON E. J. Miss and BLAKLEY I. A. 26-Mar 1863 Mecklenburg County
SOMERVILLE John and GOODLOE Mary 10-Aug 1779 Granville County
SOPHIA Mary and EVERHART John 24-Aug 1788 Rowan County
SOWARD Margaret and BOSWELL Charles 7-Oct 1790 Bertie County
SPACH Elisabeth and BUTNER John 20-Aug 1839 Salem Burke Co.
SPACH Louisa and FISCHEL Jonathan 28-Mar 1848 Davidson County
SPACH Maria and HILL Landy 10-Aug 1865 Davidson County
SPACH Thomas and BUTNER Maria Louisa 30-Apr 1843 Stokes County
SPAINHOUR Johann Jacob and VOLCK Anna Catharina Month? 1773 Surry County
SPARKMAN Elizabeth and NEWBORN Thomas 7-Oct 1788 Bertie County
SPEAK Rosanna and GOODMAN Michael 9-Nov 1785 Rowan County
SPEARS Catherine and WHITE Eaton Jones 4-Jan 1826 Granville County
SPEARS Elizabeth A. and JORDON Ananias 14-Jul 1856 Mecklenburg County
SPEARS Elsy and REA David N. 29-Nov 1802 Mecklenburg County
SPEED Rosalie and TAYLOR Thomas J. 2-Oct 1843 Granville County
SPEIGHT Isaac and MONTFORT Ann 24-Jul 1764 Chowan County
SPEIGHT Joseph and BOND Eleanor / widow 11-Jan 1775 Chowan County
SPEIGHT Joseph and KING Anne 3-Mar 1752 Chowan County
SPEIGHT Leah and GARRETT Everard 30-Jan 1758 Chowan County
SPEIGHT Lydia and COFFIELD Josiah 28-Aug 1790 Bertie County
SPEIGHT William and PHELPS Ann 8-Aug 1772 Chowan County
SPEIR John Jr. and CONNER Penelope 13-Mar 1764 Tyrrell County
SPELL Ann and JONES John 6-Nov 1762 Edgecombe County
SPELL Dolly and JONES James 4-Oct 1809 Edgecombe County
SPELL Selveah and BOOTH John 24-Dec 1799 Edgecombe County
SPENCER Nancy and CAMPBELL John 28-Jul 1823 Mecklenburg County
SPIRES Mary and CARSON Samuel 4-Mar 1793 Orange County
SPIVEY Margaret E. and BRITTON Richard O. 10-Nov 1830 Bertie County
SPRATT Ann L. and NEAL Thomas G. 24-May 1838 Mecklenburg County
SPRATT Elizabeth C. and NEELY James 12-Nov 1812 Mecklenburg County
SPRATT Margaret E. and BURROUGHS J. C. 13-Aug 1860 Mecklenburg County
SPRINGS Mary and CALDWELL John H. 3-Oct 1832 Mecklenburg County
SPRINGS Mary C. and RHYNE Moses H. 2-Mar 1864 Mecklenburg County
SPRINGS Sophia C. and ROSS Joseph W. 19-Feb 1822 Mecklenburg County
SPRUELL Jesse and ARNOLD Mary 23-Dec 1785 Tyrrell County
SPRUELL John and CASSWELL Sarah 15-Apr 1766 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL Benjamin and HOOKER Rosannah 26-Sep 1767 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL Betsey and WILLIAMS Joseph Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL Ebenezer and LONG Hannah 27-Oct 1770 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL Fanny and SMITH Jacob Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL Godfrey and ALCOCK Mary Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL Mary and SNELL James 12-Sep 1783 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL Mary / widow and ALEXANDER John 23-Feb 1763 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL Miriam and ANDERSON John 4-Dec 1778 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL Samuel and SHARPLEY Susanna 21-Aug 1779 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL Sarah and JACKSON James 7-Apr 1766 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL William and NORMAN Sarah 31-Jan 1786 Tyrrell County
SPRUILL William H. and TILLETT Margaret 21-Aug 1779 Tyrrell County
SPURGEON Elizabeth and BODENHAMER Jacob 1-Jan 1792 Rowan County
STACEY Elizabeth and DEALE Malachi 4-Dec 1786 Chowan County
STACY Penelope and MC SHEEHEY Miles 20-Apr 1776 Chowan County
STAFFORD John and TURNER Mary 31-Jan 1797 Perquimans County
STAFFORD Mary and HARRIS Robert N. 9-Apr 1834 Mecklenburg County
STAFFORD Sally and MEBANE Robert 18-Oct 1815 Guilford County
STAFFORD Thomas and TURNER Mary 6-Jan 1786 Perquimans County
STAFFORD William and TURNER Miriam 30-Sep 1786 Perquimans County
STALLINGS John and DUNNING Delitha 19-Sep 1789 Bertie County
STALLINGS Priscilla and MILLER Thomas I. 27-Sep 1831 Chowan County
STALLINGS Simeon and WALTON Monica / widow 24-Jun 1772 Chowan County
STAMP Elizabeth and CHARLTON Job 20-Sep 1741 Chowan County
STAMPS Joannah / widow and WELLS Edward Aft 1684 NC
STAMPS John and ~ Joannah Bef 1864 NC
STANCIL Sally and HOPKINS William 22-Oct 1799 Edgecombe County
STANDING Edmund and WARD Amarita 9-Oct 1753 Chowan County
STANDING Mary and BONNER Thomas Feb 1752 Chowan County
STANDING Sarah and THEACH John 27-Apr 1748 Chowan County
STANDLEY David and LASSITER Sarah / widow 10-Jun 1788 Bertie County
STANDLEY Mary and THOMAS James 6-Sep 1790 Bertie County
STANDLEY William and KEEN Penelope 25-May 1790 Bertie County
STANFORD Hannah and MOORE William 11-Nov 1800 Mecklenburg County
STANFORD Margaret and JENNINGS J. H. 4-Jan 1859 Mecklenburg County
STANFORD Sarah C. and JENNINGS George W. 28-Oct 1858 Mecklenburg County
STANTON Mary and TURNER Thomas Jul 1786 Perquimans County
STAR Parmela and AUSTIN Jonathan 14-Dec 1809 Mecklenburg County
STARNER Dorcas C. and ORR John W. 3-Dec 1857 Mecklenburg County
STARNER Elizabeth and NESBIT Hugh C. 16-Mar 1836 Mecklenburg County
STARNES Elizabeth and HARKEY Mathias 17-Jan 1837 Mecklenburg County
STARNES Ester and RICE M. W. 7-Nov 1865 Mecklenburg County
STARRETT Catherine and CHRISTENBERY Moses 15-Mar 1828 Mecklenburg County
STAUFFER Mary and OTTERS Cooney 6-Jun 1860 Mecklenburg County
STEALY Michael and HINDS Deliah Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
STEELE Alice L. and COVINGTON William C. 31-Jul 1864 Richmond County
STEELE Elizabeth and HART Matthew 24-Dec 1789 Rowan County
STEELE Jane E. and JORDON Samson H. 25-May 1852 Mecklenburg County
STEELE John and RICHARDS Sarah 27-Jun 1744 Chowan County
STEELY Thomas and LEARY Elizabeth 20-Jan 1783 Tyrrell County
STEINER Barbara and HOLDER George 18-Jul 1762 Rowan County
STELLAY Miss and HANCOCK Dunham Month? 1742 Pitt County
STEPHENS Casia and HANNAN Jesse 26-Mar 1844 Mecklenburg County
STEPHENS Hannah and DAVENPORT James Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
STEPHENS Martha and HANNON Thomas A. 15-Jan 1842 Mecklenburg County
STEPHENS Martha A. and BAKER William H. 2-Feb 1842 Mecklenburg County
STEPHENS Patsy and HARTWICK Conrad 6-Nov 1816 Mecklenburg County
STEPHENS Sally and MC QUESTON Thomas 11-Dec 1815 Mecklenburg County
STEPHENSON Susannah and COLEMAN Kader 5-Apr 1764 Edgecombe County
STERON Elizabeth and DAVIS William 14-Nov 1778 Chowan County
STEVENS Hannah and CARLOCK Thomas 26-Apr 1831 Mecklenburg County
STEVENSON Sarah and ELDER James 3-Mar 1767 Rowan County
STEWARD Elizabeth and ARKILL William 15-Feb 1748 Chowan County
STEWART George and WILSON Catherine 2-Nov 1778 Chowan County
STEWART Isabella and BAXTER Daniel 10-Feb 1807 Mecklenburg County
STEWART Janet and HOPKINS John 25-Apr 1774 Bertie County
STEWART John and DALY Penelope 21-Mar 1770 Tyrrell County
STEWART Judith and MC ADOO John 27-Sep 1783 Guilford County
STEWART Martha and HENDRICKS William 22-Oct 1785 Rowan County
STEWART Nancy and HOPPER Thomas 16-Feb 1791 Rowan County
STILL Elizabeth T. and HARRIS Hugh 26-Feb 1825 Mecklenburg County
STILL Jane and MATHER James 25-Feb 1844 Mecklenburg County
STILL Mary and ROBINSON James B. 13-Dec 1836 Mecklenburg County
STILLWELL Clark and CONDER Harriet Month? 1860 Mecklenburg County
STILLWELL Samuel and LAFFITTE Sarah 24-Mar 1742 Chowan County
STILWELL Rachel and MC CALL Horace 27-Nov 1732 Mecklenburg County
STINSON Elizabeth and COOPER Alexander 4-Mar 1824 Mecklenburg County
STINSON Nancy and MC DOUGAL John 9-Dec 1794 Mecklenburg County
STINSON Sarah and NEEL Jesse C. 30-Jun 1824 Mecklenburg County
STITH Bassett and LONG Mary 8-Jul 1790 Halifax
STITT Martha and HOWEY Aaron H. 1-Jun 1835 Mecklenburg County
STOCKER George and LEIGHTON Catherine 31-Jan 1778 Chowan County
STONE Anne and HOGSTAN Archibald 16-Oct 1779 Rowan County
STORY Sarah / widow and COLEMAN Robert 13-Aug 1762 Edgecombe County
STOW Susan and BUFORD William 20-Dec 1803 Mecklenburg County
STRAIN Sarah and BARTON Richard 2-Jun 1801 Mecklenburg County
STRAITS J. and BRAINER Ann Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
STREATOR Sarah and BATEMAN Nehemiah 22-Mar 1779 Chowan County
STREETER John and HARE Mary 2-Jul 1750 Chowan County
STRICKLAND James and HENNINGTON Betsy 7-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
STRICKLAND Ozy and ALEXANDER Jennet 7-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
STRICKLIN Lucretia and HICKMAN William 19-Dec 1762 Edgecombe County
STRINGFELLOW Elizabeth and ALEXANDER James 26-May 1834 Mecklenburg County
STUART Clarissa and BRINKLEY William 15-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
STUART Elizabeth and HARLLEE Thomas 16-Jun 1789 Richmond County
STUART Mary and GRAY George 1-Jul 1769 Rowan County
STUART Sally and ROBISON William 23-Feb 1819 Mecklenburg County
STUBBS Elizabeth and CARRELL Thomas 17-Nov 1769 Tyrrell County
STUBBS James and CANNADAY Sally Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
STUBBS Jesse and JONES Mary Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
STUBBS Levi and HARDISON Mary Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
STUBBS Mary and FAGAN William 29-Dec 1777 Tyrrell County
STUBBS Richard and JORDON Sally 2-Apr 1783 Tyrrell County
STUBBS Sarah and JORDON John 2-Oct 1780 Tyrrell County
STUBBS Thomas Jr. and SWINSON Hannah 8-Dec 1774 Tyrrell County
STUMS Mary and HIMBY Eli 20-Aug 1835 Mecklenburg County
STURHL Lucy and CROWWELL Colson 15-Feb 1849 Mecklenburg County
SULLIVAN Ann and BISHOP Thomas 26-Feb 1763 Chowan County
SULLIVAN Elizabeth and HAMILTON Alexander 9-Jun 1774 Chowan County
SULLIVAN Mary and JAMIESON Thomas 16-Sep 1789 Mecklenburg County
SULLIVAN Millie and MURRAY Domonick 7-Jan 1778 Chowan County
SUMMER Christian and BARKSDALE William 7-Apr 1788 Bertie County
SUMMER Elizabeth and BALLARD Jethro 30-Dec 1774 Chowan County
SUMMER Elizabeth and RIDDICK Doctor 1-Mar 1776 Chowan County
SUMMERVILLE Harriet and HARRIS Salathiel 6-Apr 1839 Mecklenburg County
SUMMERVILLE Mary I. and CAMPBELL George L. 1-Jan 1845 Mecklenburg County
SUMNER Elizabeth and SUMNER Joseph 9-Mar 1800 Hurtford County
SUMNER Joseph and SUMNER Elizabeth 9-Mar 1800 Hurtford County
SUMNER Mary and HUNTER Timothy 22-Oct 1774 Chowan County
SUN Sarah J. and BROWN Samuel C. 29-Aug 1859 Mecklenburg County
SUTHERLAND Margaret and HOLEMAN Thomas 16-May 1778 Rowan County
SUTTON Elizabeth and RASOR Josiah 27-Mar 1788 Bertie County
SUTTON Henrietta and COLLINS Caleb 12-Mar 1786 Tyrrell County
SUTTON Luranna and WILEY James 5-Sep 1785 Tyrrell County
SUTTON Samuel and BUNCOMBE Mary Bef 1746 NC?
SWAIN Abram and HASSELL Nancy Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
SWAIN Eliakim and JANNETT Ann Oct 1783 Tyrrell County
SWAIN Joana and NEWBERRY John 4-Jul 1786 Tyrrell County
SWAIN John and BLOUNT Lydia 19-Feb 1780 Tyrrell County
SWAIN John and LANIER Elizabeth 15-Dec 1766 Tyrrell County
SWAIN Joshua and BLOUNT Elizabeth 1-Mar 1753 Chowan County
SWAIN Mary and AINESLEY Joseph Jr. 15-Mar 1786 Tyrrell County
SWAIN Mary and SIMPSON Samuel 21-Sep 1764 Tyrrell County
SWAIN Naomi and MORGAN John 5-Feb 1800 Guilford County
SWAIN Sarah and SKINNER Evan 5-Apr 1779 Tyrrell County
SWAIN Susanna and DUGAN Aaron 28-Mar 1767 Tyrrell County
SWAIN Susanna and HOWELL James 10-Sep 1788 Bertie County
SWAIN William and HASSELL Mary Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
SWAINE Margaret and NEELY John 11-Dec 1843 Mecklenburg County
SWAN Margaret and WILLS Thomas 26-Aug 1779 Chowan County
SWAN Miriam and PATE Emanuel 12-Aug 1802 Craven
SWANN Elizabeth and VAIL John 20-Sep 1748 Chowan County
SWANN Thomas and CHISNELL Margaret 1-Jul 1771 Chowan County
SWEENEY James and PARKER Sarah 5-Sep 1778 Chowan County
SWEETMAN Hester of MD and POLLOCK Thomas Bef 1716 NC?
SWEETMAN Hester of MD and WILKINSON Colonel William Bef 1716 NC?
SWINSON Hannah and STUBBS Thomas Jr. 8-Dec 1774 Tyrrell County
SWINTON Richard and BEVANHAM Chloe Month? 1782 Tyrrell County
SYLVIA Mary and HAUGHTON Jeremiah 27-Jan 1756 Chowan County
TACKER Hannah and ENGLISH William Month? 1797 Rowan County
TADLOCK Absalom and TURNER Sarah 19-Aug 1780 Bertie County
TADLOCK Martha and WALLER Byron 27-May 1834 Bertie County
TARKINTON Elizabeth and HASSELL Joseph Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
TARKINTON Elizabeth and PHELPS Enoch 6-Oct 1779 Tyrrell County
TARKINTON John and TARKINTON Priscilla 3-Oct 1786 Tyrrell County
TARKINTON John Jr. and HASSELL Martha 4-Apr 1786 Tyrrell County
TARKINTON Joseph and TARTE Cenia 5-Jan 1780 Tyrrell County
TARKINTON Mary and MITCHELL Dickson 22-Mar 1769 Tyrrell County
TARKINTON Priscilla and TARKINTON John 3-Oct 1786 Tyrrell County
TARKINTON Sarah and DAVIS Richard 26-Mar 1783 Tyrrell County
TARKINTON Sarah and PATRICK Isaac 20-Dec 1779 Tyrrell County
TARKINTON William and AINESLEY Elizabeth 6-Apr 1785 Tyrrell County
TARR Barbara and FISHER Frederick 30-Jan 1793 Rowan County
TART Patsy and OVERTON Asa 26-Dec 1789 Bertie County
TARTE Cenia and TARKINTON Joseph 5-Jan 1780 Tyrrell County
TATUM Mary and MERRIFIELD George 6-Dec 1788 Guilford County
TAYLOR Alice and HUNTER Henry 10-Oct 1810 Mecklenburg County
TAYLOR Anderson and YOUNG Jane 20-Dec 1790 Granville County
TAYLOR Barwell and PASCHALL Sarah Jane 23-Sep 1844 Granville County
TAYLOR Betsy and HUNT John 17-Sep 1804 Granville County
TAYLOR Edmond and LEWIS Patsey 24-Apr 1790 Granville County
TAYLOR Edmond and ROBARDS Polly 10-Sep 1798 Granville County
TAYLOR Elenor and WALKER Edward 16-Apr 1763 Tyrrell County
TAYLOR Eliza Jane and ROBISON Robert M. 22-Dec 1840 Mecklenburg County
TAYLOR Elizabeth and HUNT William 25-Oct 1792 Granville County
TAYLOR Elizabeth and MC KOIN Thomas 13-May 1779 Chowan County
TAYLOR Hester and MATTHEWS Nathaniel 10-Nov 1744 Chowan County
TAYLOR James and EATON Sallie 19-Dec 1786 Granville County
TAYLOR James and ROBARDS Betsy 15-Oct 1797 Granville County
TAYLOR Jane and THORP Benjamin 5-Jan 1800 Granville County
TAYLOR John and BOYD Lucy A. 27-Sep 1815 Granville County
TAYLOR John and BULLOCK Susannah 16-Mar 1784 Granville County
TAYLOR John and SMITH Mary 28-Jun 1800 Granville County
TAYLOR John C. and RIDLEY Mary R. 31-Aug 1842 Granville County
TAYLOR Lucretia and CLARK William 30-Aug 1845 Mecklenburg County
TAYLOR Margaret C. and HART James L. 9-Jul 1830 Mecklenburg County
TAYLOR Mary and JOHNSON George 3-Jan 1850 Mecklenburg County
TAYLOR Nancy C. and REED Andrew J. 20-Sep 1836 Mecklenburg County
TAYLOR Nina and HOLLAND Richard 30-Nov 1775 Rowan County
TAYLOR Rebecca and MOORE Charles Month? 1777 Granville County
TAYLOR Richard and BYNE Lucy 15-Feb 1775 Granville County
TAYLOR Richard P. and NORMAN Martha B. 2-May 1838 Granville County
TAYLOR Robert and KENNON Mildred 24-Apr 1816 Granville County
TAYLOR Robert and PARHAM Sarah 11-Jul 1809 Granville County
TAYLOR Sarah and CURRY Robert 6-Mar 1791 Mecklenburg County
TAYLOR Sarah and GWINN Peter 21-Nov 1769 Rowan County
TAYLOR Sarah and SNOWDON Zebulon 3-Aug 1765 Chowan County
TAYLOR Sarah Cornelia and CAROTHERS William Neely 1-May 1849 Mecklenburg County
TAYLOR Stephen and GURRIN Frances 6-Jun 1845 Granville County
TAYLOR Thomas J. and SPEED Rosalie 2-Oct 1843 Granville County
TAYLOR Warner and JOHNSON Polly 9-Sep 1829 Granville County
TAYLOR William and SMITH Elizabeth H. 8-Dec 1804 Granville County
TAYLOR William and WILSON Frances 9-Mar 1836 Granville County
TAYLOR William L. and GREGORY Sally M. 11-Jan 1845 Granville County
TEAGUE Michael and HOLDER Catherine 2-Aug 1813 Stokes County
TENAPOUGH Henrietta and REID Isaac 25-Jun 1853 Mecklenburg County
TEPNEY Rachel S. and HASSETT Isaac 6-Aug 1765 Chowan County
TERRANCE Ann E. and CALDWELL Edward 11-Aug 1826 Mecklenburg County
TETTERTON William and KELLEY Ann 12-Aug 1785 Tyrrell County
TEW Malinda and CATHEY George 10-Mar 1842 Mecklenburg County
THEACH John and STANDING Sarah 27-Apr 1748 Chowan County
THERRILL Mary and MARA William Bef 1686 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
THEWRATT Ann M. and GRIFFITH John X. 4-Oct 1764 Rowan County
THOMAS Amelia and RANKHORN Joseph Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
THOMAS Bethany and SKITLETHROPE John 10-Dec 1786 Tyrrell County
THOMAS Catherine and GRIFFIN Ezekial 27-Sep 1786 Rowan County
THOMAS James and STANDLEY Mary 6-Sep 1790 Bertie County
THOMAS John and BRITT Sarah 26-Nov 1800 Bertie County
THOMAS Mary and HORN William 20-Jul 1761 Edgecombe County
THOMAS Mouring and DICKENSON James 19-Nov 1770 Edgecombe County
THOMAS Priscilla and CRUDUP George Month? 1761 Edgecombe County
THOMAS Tresa and HILL Theophilus 3-Sep 1762 Edgecombe County
THOMASON Catherine and ALEXANDER James C. 24-Feb 1831 Mecklenburg County
THOMASON Mary E. and BARNETT D. W. 22-Sep 1859 Mecklenburg County
THOMASSON Wiley M. and CUTHRELL Virginia Caroline 28-Oct 1858 Davie County
THOMPSON Agnes and JONES Francis 9-Jan 1789 Orange County
THOMPSON Ann and CLARK William 2-Nov 1796 Mecklenburg County
THOMPSON Ann and COFFIELD John 20-Mar 1778 Chowan County
THOMPSON Ann and HUNT James Month? 1814 Granville County
THOMPSON Anthony and HOLT Mary 29-Jan 1788 Orange County
THOMPSON Betty and MC INTIRE Isaac 16-Nov 1811 Mecklenburg County
THOMPSON Caroline and CONDER Peter 26-Nov 1833 Mecklenburg County
THOMPSON Catherine and BIGGER Robert 1-Jan 1788 Mecklenburg County
THOMPSON David and TURNER Mary 12-Nov 1774 Bertie County
THOMPSON Elizabeth Mrs. and JONES Thomas 5-May 1749 Chowan County
THOMPSON James and PRICE Elizabeth 29-Jul 1773 Chowan County
THOMPSON John and FULLERTON Mary 4-Aug 1744 Chowan County
THOMPSON Mary / widow and LEWIS John Jr. 19-Nov 1755 Chowan County
THOMPSON Rebecca and MC CORD Thomas 26-Jan 1819 Mecklenburg County
THOMPSON Selena and BROWN Troy 6-Dec 1840 Mecklenburg County
THOMPSON Susane and MC KENSEY James 5-Jun 1779 Guilford County
THOMPSON William and SADLER Elizabeth Mrs. 30-Aug 1743 Chowan County
THOMSON Anne and HAYNES Herbert 6-Mar 1771 Edgecombe County
THOMSON Elizabeth P. and OEHLER George B. 5-Jan 1841 Mecklenburg County
THOMSON Thomas and LAVINE Mary 9-Jan 1796 Mecklenburg County
THORNTON Francis and JONES Elizabeth Month? 1762 Oxford area
THORP Benjamin and TAYLOR Jane 5-Jan 1800 Granville County
THORP Margaret and JOHNS Zeph 22-Dec 1824 Mecklenburg County
TILLER Lucy and HALSEY John 11-Apr 1811 Edenton
TILLETT Margaret and SPRUILL William H. 21-Aug 1779 Tyrrell County
TISDALE Ony and BARNES Malachi 22-Feb 1800 Edgecombe County
TODD Ann and GHEEN Joseph 4-Apr 1797 Rowan County
TODD Ann and MOORE William 7-Apr 1821 Mecklenburg County
TODD Ann A. and CLARK William H. 14-Oct 1852 Mecklenburg County
TODD Betsy and NEELY John 25-Mar 1804 Mecklenburg County
TODD Bryant and MILLER Martha J. 4-Jul 1860 Chowan County
TODD Christina and CLARK Robert H. 23-Dec 1841 Mecklenburg County
TODD Christina and MC GINN James 13-Oct 1794 Mecklenburg County
TODD Christine E. and MOORE G. R. 3-Jan 1849 Mecklenburg County
TODD Cynthia M. and ALEXANDER John M. 27-Dec 1854 Mecklenburg County
TODD Cynthia M. and BERRYHILL Thomas P. 3-Mar 1821 Mecklenburg County
TODD Cynthia P. and MARSHALL William 9-Oct 1845 Mecklenburg County
TODD Darcus and OSBORN L. W. 27-Jul 1864 Mecklenburg County
TODD Hannah F. and JAMIESON R. M. 25-Jan 1843 Mecklenburg County
TODD Hannah I. and JAMIESON John R. 21-Dec 1858 Mecklenburg County
TODD Harriet and BERRYHILL Joseph J. 15-Jun 1825 Mecklenburg County
TODD James and MITCHELL Mary 19-Jun 1828 Bertie County
TODD Jane and BAILEY Hugh 11-Apr 1807 Mecklenburg County
TODD Jean and ELLISON Andrew 4-Sep 1786 Rowan County
TODD Jennett and BARNETT Robert 7-May 1789 Mecklenburg County
TODD Margaret and JAMIESON William 6-May 1835 Mecklenburg County
TODD Mary and MC CLURE John 11-Dec 1799 Mecklenburg County
TODD Mary and MC GINN Thomas 16-Dec 1800 Mecklenburg County
TODD Mary and REED Samuel 4-Apr 1836 Mecklenburg County
TODD Mary S. and RHYNE Joseph N. 26-May 1847 Mecklenburg County
TODD Miley and MILLER Jonathan 26-Jan 1850 Chowan County
TODD R. A. Miss and CLARK A. W. 17-Jan 1866 Mecklenburg County
TODD Samuel and MORRIS Winifred 28-Nov 1789 Bertie County
TODD Sarah and NEEL John 16-May 1803 Mecklenburg County
TODD Sarah L. and JAMISON Robert M. 30-Sep 1862 Mecklenburg County
TODD Sophia and REID William H. 9-Feb 1860 Mecklenburg County
TODD Susanna and BAKER Griffith 22-May 1819 Mecklenburg County
TOM Mary and MC CLANE Michael 16-Jul 1792 Guilford County
TOMLINSON Josiah and MENDENHALL Charity 13-Oct 1784 Deep River meeting
TOMLINSON Robert and KELLUM Lydia Month? 1819 Randolph County
TOMLINSON Sarah and RUDDUCK John 9-Dec 1774 New Garden mtg.
TONEVA Delia R. and JOHNSTON John R. 17-Jun 1856 Mecklenburg County
TORRENCE Letitia A. and BRATTON S. E. 7-Sep 1847 Mecklenburg County
TOWE Anne and GRIGGS Henry 26-Feb 1791 Rowan County
TOWNSEND Martha and ORR Allen 22-Nov 1814 Mecklenburg County
TOWNY Elinor and MONTGOMERY John 15-May 1799 Guilford County
TRADENICK Sarah A. and JOHNSON James A. 23-Mar 1858 Mecklenburg County
TRANSOU Abraham and PFAFF Anna Maria 15-Dec 1782 Bethania area
TRANSOU Johannes and FREY Rebecca 5-Apr 1791 Bethania area
TRANSOU Susannah and GRABS Christian Heinrich 11-Jul 1820 Bethania area
TRICE Betsy and GEORGE David 18-Dec 1792 Orange County
TROTMAN Thomas and CULLEN Winnifred 3-Mar 1788 Bertie County
TROTMAN Thomas and HARRELL Christian 27-Feb 1770 Chowan County
TROTTER James and POTTER Martha Mrs. 2-Dec 1743 Chowan County
TROTTER James and WARD Mary Mrs. 27-Feb 1745 Chowan County
TRUSE Nancy and JONES Isaac 13-Dec 1832 Mecklenburg County
TUCKER Bethiah and CHARLTON John 25-Jun 1778 Chowan County
TUCKER Dolly and CASHIN John 1-Jul 1801 Mecklenburg County
TURNER Agnes / widow and CAMPBELL George 21-Jan 1769 Chowan County
TURNER Ann and HINTON William 7-Mar 1770 Bertie County
TURNER Anne and DIXON Thomas 28-May 1793 Orange County
TURNER Arthur and YOUNG Keziah 22-Dec 1779 Tyrrell County
TURNER Ashbury and JORDON Sophia 9-Feb 1842 Chowan County
TURNER Benjamin and MULLEN Sarah 10-Apr 1790 Perquimans County
TURNER Dempsey and PEARCE Hartwell 23-Oct 1762 Perquimans County
TURNER Dempsy and MULLER Sarah 9-Apr 1781 Perquimans County
TURNER Dempsy and PEARCE Hartwell 23-Oct 1762 Perquimans County
TURNER Elizabeth and HENDRICKS Thomas 2-May 1758 Perquimans County
TURNER Fanny and JACKSON William 7-Feb 1785 Perquimans County
TURNER Hannah and CLARK Christopher 17-Jan 1773 Bertie County
TURNER Jane and CAMPBELL Robert 30-Mar 1791 Mecklenburg County
TURNER Jane and FIREASH John 12-Sep 1786 Perquimans County
TURNER John B. and BARNES Amelia 29-Dec 1789 Bertie County
TURNER Joseph and HAWKINS Mary 23-Oct 1762 Perquimans County