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JONES Margaret and BONNER Thomas 6-May 1767 Chowan County
JONES Martha and GRIFFIN John 27-Apr 1761 Edgecombe County
JONES Mary and HEARN Michael 24-Dec 1768 Tyrrell County
JONES Mary and STUBBS Jesse Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
JONES Nathan and BELL Chordy 1-Jan 1763 Edgecombe County
JONES Nathaniel and BLANCHARD Millerson Mrs. 17-Jun 1772 Chowan County
JONES Penny and LONG Jeremiah 20-Nov 1777 Tyrrell County
JONES Rachel and BANKS Ralph Month? 1788 Wake County
JONES Rachel and LUTEN Frederick 30-Sep 1772 Chowan County
JONES Rachel and READY John 23-Apr 1779 Chowan County
JONES Rebecca and MANLY Alexander 23-Dec 1852 NC?
JONES Reecca and MANLY Alexander 22-Dec 1852 NC?
JONES Richard and SEYMOUR Susan 19-Oct 1835 Mecklenburg County
JONES Robert and POOLE Sarah Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
JONES Sarah and LONG James 27-Apr 1785 Tyrrell County
JONES Sarah and WAFF Thomas 7-Apr 1779 Chowan County
JONES Sarah and WALTON William Dec 1783 Bertie County
JONES Sherrard and KERR Margaret 23-Feb 1830 Mecklenburg County
JONES Stephen and COCKFIELD Ann Month? 1831 Darlington County
JONES Susan and EVATT James 21-Jun 1785 Rowan County
JONES Susan and MILTON Josiah 14-Jun 1834 Guilford County
JONES Thomas and THOMPSON Elizabeth Mrs. 5-May 1749 Chowan County
JONES William and HOLLADAY Asia 23-Jan 1790 Bertie County
JONES William C. and LEFABOY Margaret 22-May 1833 Mecklenburg County
JONES William Jr. and HOWCOTT Sarah 31-Aug 1772 Chowan County
JORDAN Esther and BLOUNT Jacob 24-Mar 1768 Tyrrell County
JORDON Ananias and SPEARS Elizabeth A. 14-Jul 1856 Mecklenburg County
JORDON Eramus and CRUMP Sarah 13-Feb 1845 Mecklenburg County
JORDON Hance and MITCHELL Elizabeth 30-Mar 1859 Chowan County
JORDON Henry and FURR Elizabeth L. 14-Oct 1858 Mecklenburg County
JORDON John and STUBBS Sarah 2-Oct 1780 Tyrrell County
JORDON Jonathan and OUTLAW Mary 20-Sep 1775 Chowan County
JORDON Joseph and CLEMENTS Elizabeth Ann 9-Dec 1845 Chowan County
JORDON Keziah and CHAPPELL Richard 1-May 1779 Chowan County
JORDON Miriam and EVANS James 19-Feb 1785 Chowan County
JORDON Philip and CRETELOW Christina 30-Oct 1792 Rowan County
JORDON Richard and CASHON Martha 3-Feb 1836 Mecklenburg County
JORDON Richard and CHRISTENBERRY Bailey 25-Dec 1843 Mecklenburg County
JORDON Sally and STUBBS Richard 2-Apr 1783 Tyrrell County
JORDON Samson H. and STEELE Jane E. 25-May 1852 Mecklenburg County
JORDON Solomon J. and FERRELL Delilah D. 1-Jan 1849 Mecklenburg County
JORDON Sophia and TURNER Ashbury 9-Feb 1842 Chowan County
JOURDAN Mary and RUSSELL Thomas 27-Apr 1779 Tyrrell County
JOYCE Sarah and MACKAY Joel 24-Mar 1772 Guilford County
JOYNER Alexander and LAURENCE Elizabeth 29-Apr 1768 Edgecombe County
JULIAN George and MC KINNA Rebecca 9-Apr 1791 Mecklenburg County
JULIAN Jacob C. and MOORE Catherine E. 7-Jul 1853 Mecklenburg County
JULIAN Mary and ROGERS Jonas 5-Jan 1798 Mecklenburg County
JULIAN Peggy and ORR Nathan 27-Jan 1802 Mecklenburg County
JULIEN Nancy and ALEXANDER Thomas 28-Jan 1845 Mecklenburg County
KAIL Nancy and AMASON William 31-Aug 1831 Edgecombe County
KAIZER Sarah C. and HELMS Israel 16-Jan 1729 Mecklenburg County
KALE John and PARKER Celia 8-Nov 1785 Chowan County
KALER Elizabeth and GROCEL John H. 17-Jun 1793 Rowan County
KANAUGH Elizabeth and BROOM Abe 13-Aug 1840 Mecklenburg County
KEARNEY Philip and KINCHEN Elizabeth 30-Nov 1763 Halifax County
KEARNEY Samuel and LINDSAY Sarah 10-Nov 1796 Halifax County
KEATER William and WILKINSON Kediah 8-Jul 1789 Bertie County
KEELE Mary / widow and RELFE ~ Bef 1684 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
KEELE Thomas and ~ Mary Bef 1684 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
KEEN Penelope and STANDLEY William 25-May 1790 Bertie County
KELIAH Mary and NEWMAN Jacob Dec 1791 Mecklenburg County
KELLEY Ann and TETTERTON William 12-Aug 1785 Tyrrell County
KELLON Parthena and FEE John 23-Oct 1779 Rowan County
KELLUM Lydia and TOMLINSON Robert Month? 1819 Randolph County
KELLY Drusilla J. and CALDWELL Joshua J. 6-Oct 1857 Mecklenburg County
KELLY Eliza C. and ROGERS James H. 25-Mar 1839 Mecklenburg County
KELLY Margaret and BILBROWE James 19-Feb 1766 Edgecombe County
KELLY Margaret J. and JAMES Charles M. 5-Mar 1849 Mecklenburg County
KEMP William and WARD Melia 13-Nov 1764 Tyrrell County
KENDRICK Margaret and RANDOLPH John D. 8-Mar 1815 Mecklenburg County
KENNEDY Agnes and FLEMING Mitchell 27-Jan 1794 Rowan County
KENNEDY Hannah and MC CORD William 9-Sep 1794 Mecklenburg County
KENNEDY John and HOUGHTON Ann / widow 19-Nov 1774 Chowan County
KENNEDY Margaret and MC CORKLE James 14-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
KENNON Mary and HUX David W. 19-May 1849 Mecklenburg County
KENNON Mildred and TAYLOR Robert 24-Apr 1816 Granville County
KERN Polly and HUTSON Seth 24-Oct 1797 Rowan County
KERNEY Margaret and ADAMS James P. 20-Jan 1852 Mecklenburg County
KERNS Susanna and ELLER John 5-Nov 1792 Rowan County
KERR Agnes and GRAHAM James Jr. 27-Nov 1771 Rowan County
KERR Alexander W. and ROSS Susannah 28-Oct 1814 Guilford County
KERR Ann and BUDD David 11-May 1801 Mecklenburg County
KERR Catherine L. and BYRAM John P. 23-Mar 1838 Mecklenburg County
KERR Eliza and ARNOLD Robert 13-Feb 1832 Mecklenburg County
KERR Elizabeth and REED Silas 10-Dec 1827 Mecklenburg County
KERR Ester and MC CRACKEN Elihu 12-Apr 1849 Mecklenburg County
KERR Helena and MORRISON William 11-Dec 1830 Mecklenburg County
KERR Isabella and BAKER William S. 3-May 1860 Mecklenburg County
KERR Jane and OLIVER Thomas 19-Feb 1821 Mecklenburg County
KERR Jennett and GARDNER Francis 18-May 1778 Rowan County
KERR Margaret and GILLESPIE John 31-Jan 1786 Rowan County
KERR Margaret and JONES Sherrard 23-Feb 1830 Mecklenburg County
KERR Martha and CALDWELL John D. 6-Mar 1855 Mecklenburg County
KERR Martha A. S. and CALDWELL Hugh M. 19-Oct 1857 Mecklenburg County
KERR Mary C. and RUDISILL James C. 26-Nov 1825 Mecklenburg County
KERR Nanica and BROWN John M. 7-Apr 1832 Mecklenburg County
KERR Peggy and MARTIN James 27-Feb 1797 Mecklenburg County
KERR Rachel and MC CAULEY John 12-Sep 1795 Mecklenburg County
KERR Sarah and ROGERS Ambrose N. 9-Feb 1835 Mecklenburg County
KETER Polly and MITCHELL Ellis 26-Jan 1848 Guilford County
KILLEBROW Susannah and HORN Elijah 18-Aug 1799 Edgecombe County
KILPATRICK Ann and FOSTER David 27-Jan 1795 Rowan County
KIMBLE Mary and CRANSHAW L. Berry 6-Dec 1828 Mecklenburg County
KIMBROUGH Grizella and HINTON John Maj. Bef 1784 Wake County
KINCHEN Elizabeth and KEARNEY Philip 30-Nov 1763 Halifax County
KING Ann H. and BOST John M. 17-Mar 1855 Mecklenburg County
KING Anne and DAVIS Thomas 25-Dec 1769 Edgecombe County
KING Anne and SPEIGHT Joseph 3-Mar 1752 Chowan County
KING Elizabeth and BEVANS Thomas 18-Aug 1751 Chowan County
KING Elizabeth and EXUM Thomas 31-Jul 1800 Edgecombe County
KING Elizabeth and ROBERTS Joseph M. 19-May 1841 Mecklenburg County
KING Fanny and ROBISON Joseph M. 31-Jul 1856 Mecklenburg County
KING Henry and WORLEY Sarah 10-Feb 1789 Bertie County
KING Jane and OWEN William A. L. 21-Mar 1848 Mecklenburg County
KING Martha and BRITT Thomas 2-Mar 1793 Bertie County
KING Mary and HOPKINS John 10-Feb 1752 Chowan County
KING Polly and HERNDON Pomphrett 19-Jul 1805 Orange County
KING Polly and REID James Jr. 13-Apr 1802 Mecklenburg County
KING Sarah and MIZELL James 18-Jan 1769 Tyrrell County
KING Theresa Tryphena and HEGE Alexander Christian 11-Apr 1849 Lexington
KING William and COOK Katherine 15-Jun 1774 Chowan County
KINGHAM Sarah and GIBSON Jonathan 9-Sep 1755 Chowan County
KINGMAN Mary and HURST James 7-Aug 1753 Chowan County
KINISEY Mary and MARSH Silas 19-Jun 1764 Chowan County
KINK Mary A. and MASON R. G. 14-May 1849 Mecklenburg County
KINSE Kathren and TURNER William 5-Mar 1793 Berkeley
KINSEY James and TURNER Martha 7-Apr 1787 Bertie County
KIRBY Patsy and MANKINS John 16-Feb 1798 NC?
KIRK Agnes and ROBINSON Harris 11-May 1795 Mecklenburg County
KIRK Agnes and ROBISON Harris 11-May 1795 Mecklenburg County
KIRK James and HOLDER Anna Margaretha 5-Jan 1825 Stokes County
KIRK John and HOLDER Susannah 18-Oct 1825 Stokes County
KIRK Margaret and OEHLER John 21-Dec 1847 Mecklenburg County
KIRK Mary and HOUSTON Samuel 30-Nov 1795 Mecklenburg County
KIRK Nancy and ALEXANDER Calvin G. 27-Mar 1833 Mecklenburg County
KIRKPATRICK Catherine and MELVIN William 30-Oct 1793 Mecklenburg County
KIRKPATRICK Isabella and BOYCE John 27-Dec 1800 Mecklenburg County
KIRKPATRICK Isabella and REED William 1-Mar 1847 Mecklenburg County
KIRKPATRICK Jane M. and RODGERS Samuel M. 25-Feb 1823 Mecklenburg County
KIRKPATRICK M. C. Miss and REID H. C. 9-Apr 1862 Mecklenburg County
KIRKPATRICK Mary S. and BROWN Charles 4-Sep 1848 Mecklenburg County
KISTLER Mary A. and ABERNATHY C. W. 25-Sep 1856 Mecklenburg County
KITCHEN Lucreasia and HUDNALL Robert 2-Dec 1768 Edgecombe County
KITTRELL Elizabeth and HARRELL Gring 23-Aug 1790 Bertie County
KITTRELL Mansey and HUNT William 24-Jan 1780 Granville County
KITTRELL Mary and LEGGETT Alexander 2-Feb 1788 Bertie County
KITTRELL Rebecca and WHITE Thomas P. 2-Sep 1840 Granville County
KLOUTZ Catherine M. and BROOKS William 21-Nov 1833 Mecklenburg County
KLUTTZ William and CONDER Jane Month? 1862 Mecklenburg County
KNAUSS Anna Maria and BUTNER John 27-Jul 1802 Friedberg
KNIGHT Mary and MEREDITH John 17-Feb 1797 Guilford County
KNIGHT Rachel and MEREDITH James 23-Aug 1797 Guilford County
KNIGHT Teresay and GOODIN Drury 15-Jul 1763 Edgecombe County
KNIGHT William and FOSTER Sarah 31-Mar 1777 Chowan County
KNOTT Patsy and HUNT William 22-Dec 1801 Granville County
KNOX Lydia N. and WALLACE Ezekial 19-Apr 1797 Mecklenburg County
KNOX Mary and BEARD Robert 15-Feb 1838 Mecklenburg County
KNOX Naomi and LEETCH William Month? 1795 Mecklenburg County
KNOX S. E. Miss and RODGERS I. M. S. 20-Nov 1861 Mecklenburg County
KRAUSE Johann Gottlob and MEYER Maria Magdalena 29-Jun 1786 Salem Burke Co.
KRAUSE Samuel and LEINBACH Anna Maria 26-Nov 1816 Bethabara
KRAUSE Thomas and LOESCH Susanna Elisabeth Month? 1821 Bethabara
KREEGER Susanna and HELSABECK Jacob 28-Mar 1819 Bethabara
KRITZ Anna and HOOKS Wiloby 23-Jan 1793 Rowan County
KRUM Polly and RODDEN Jackson 17-Feb 1810 Mecklenburg County
LAFFITTE Sarah and STILLWELL Samuel 24-Mar 1742 Chowan County
LAFITTE Timothy and CLAYTON Sarah 25-Sep 1741 Chowan County
LAFONT Francis and WYATT Mary 16-Jul 1778 Chowan County
LAKER Sarah and HARVEY Thomas Gov Aft 1682 Perquimans District
LAMAR Keziah and SMITH Alexander 17-Mar 1772 Randolph County
LAMB Evelina A. and MARTINDALE Justin 24-Dec 1834 Chowan County
LAMB Georgiana and BLAND Theodoric J. 8-Oct 1829 Chowan County
LAMB Judith and BOYCE William 3-May 1787 Bertie County
LAMB William and LANE Delilah 1-Mar 1815 Chowan County
LAMB William G. H. and REA Evalina 11-Oct 1830 Chowan County
LANCASTER Sarah J. and BRINKLEY Thomas 25-Jun 1861 Mecklenburg County
LANE Delilah and LAMB William 1-Mar 1815 Chowan County
LANE Henry and MILLER Elizabeth 9-Jul 1856 Chowan County
LANE Joseph and MC KINNE Patience Month? 1730 NC?
LANG Maria Catherina and HOLDER Joseph 17-Dec 1792 Stokes County
LANGLEY Mary / widow and JOHNSON Edward 25-May 1761 Edgecombe County
LANGLEY Phebe and MEHAFFEY John 6-Jan 1791 Guilford County
LANGSTON Sarah and BOLTON Richard 1-Jan 1770 Edgecombe County
LANIER Adam and BENNETT Sarah 7-Jun 1766 Tyrrell County
LANIER Elizabeth and SWAIN John 15-Dec 1766 Tyrrell County
LANIER John and HOLLADAY Hannah 6-May 1769 Tyrrell County
LANING Buddy and MOORE William Aug 1833 Mecklenburg County
LANIUS John and ROMINGER Catharina 23-Mar 1773 Friedland
LANSING Betsy and BIRD Charles 15-Dec 1834 Mecklenburg County
LANSING Patsy and NORTON Robert 14-Jul 1819 Mecklenburg County
LAQUER James and JENNETT Nancy 28-Feb 1785 Chowan County
LASSITER Aaron and SMITH Ruth 6-Jan 1785 Chowan County
LASSITER Christian and ROBERTS Thomas 4-May 1785 Chowan County
LASSITER Frances and JERARD Henry 8-Feb 1786 Tyrrell County
LASSITER Frederick and WALTON Sarah / widow 12-Mar 1772 Chowan County
LASSITER John and ELIZABETH Mary 22-Apr 1790 Bertie County
LASSITER Lettice and EVERETT Joseph 26-Nov 1775 Tyrrell County
LASSITER Mary and BASS Jacob 8-Sep 1789 Bertie County
LASSITER Sarah / widow and STANDLEY David 10-Jun 1788 Bertie County
LATHAM Paul and LEARY Widow Bef 1686 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
LATTA James and ALLEN Nancy 24-Aug 1790 Orange County
LATTA James Rev. and WILSON Sally Mar 1775 Johns Island
LATTA Nancy A. and REID Rufus 6-Dec 1824 Mecklenburg County
LAURENCE Elizabeth and JOYNER Alexander 29-Apr 1768 Edgecombe County
LAVINE Mary and THOMSON Thomas 9-Jan 1796 Mecklenburg County
LAVIS Rachel and NICHOLSON John 4-Feb 1796 Mecklenburg County
LAW Hannah and MARES William 18-Oct 1796 Guilford County
LAW William and MARYE Abigail 9-Aug 1799 Guilford County
LAWING N. M. and RHYNE Hugh T. 30-Oct 1859 Mecklenburg County
LAWING Samuel and GIBSON Jane O. 23-Sep 1856 Mecklenburg County
LAWING Sarah N. and ROBISON Andrew 27-Sep 1855 Mecklenburg County
LAWRENCE Amelia and CASEWELL John 26-Dec 1785 Tyrrell County
LAWRENCE Ann and HART James 19-Jun 1789 Rowan County
LAWRENCE Betty and EVANS John 21-Jan 1782 Rowan County
LAWRENCE Jenny and GRACEY John 11-Feb 1784 Rowan County
LAWRENCE Margaret and MC LELLAND Joseph 25-Jan 1792 Mecklenburg County
LAWRENCE Obediah and FOX Elizabeth Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
LAWRENCE Seth and BRITT Betsy 8-Feb 1796 Bertie County
LAWRING Ann and ALLEN Benjamin 14-Jan 1797 Mecklenburg County
LAWRING Nancy and ALEXANDER Cyrus W. 23-Jun 1835 Mecklenburg County
LAWSON Eliza B. and HOUSTON Ambrose 29-Mar 1839 Mecklenburg County
LAWSON Mary and WHITE James Month? 1770 Iredell County
LAWSON Sarah B. and BLACK Nelson L. 6-Dec 1839 Mecklenburg County
LAYDEN Bathsheba and FANNING John 11-Jun 1778 Perquimans County
LEANY Mary A. and ORMOND James 29-May 1832 Mecklenburg County
LEARY Ann and HALL Robert 4-Aug 1742 Chowan County
LEARY Elizabeth and STEELY Thomas 20-Jan 1783 Tyrrell County
LEARY Job and HOSKINS Rachel Jan 1776 Chowan County
LEARY Mary and LUTEN James 31-Jan 1755 Chowan County
LEARY Widow and LATHAM Paul Bef 1686 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
LEARY William and FREEMAN Leah 24-Mar 1778 Chowan County
LEATH Penelope and MILLER John 27-Feb 1799 Chowan County
LEE Jane E. and ALEXANDER John O. 17-Feb 1857 Mecklenburg County
LEE Judith and DEAR Reuben Month? 1863 Guilford County
LEE Mary A. and BARNETT John W. 18-Nov 1752 Mecklenburg County
LEE Sarah and CROOKE Clement 6-Jun 1774 Tyrrell County
LEE Thomas and LONG Ann 13-Aug 1786 Tyrrell County
LEE Thomas Capt. and BRYAN Mary 15-Mar 1761 Johnston County
LEE Thomas Capt. and INGRAM Mary Abt 1772 Johnston County
LEE V. and LONG J. Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
LEEMING Peter and LEWIS Martha 20-May 1758 Chowan County
LEETCH William and KNOX Naomi Month? 1795 Mecklenburg County
LEFABOY Margaret and JONES William C. 22-May 1833 Mecklenburg County
LEGGETT Alexander and KITTRELL Mary 2-Feb 1788 Bertie County
LEGGETT Mary and ROGERS Nathan 12-Oct 1785 Tyrrell County
LEIGHTON Catherine and STOCKER George 31-Jan 1778 Chowan County
LEINBACH Anna Maria and KRAUSE Samuel 26-Nov 1816 Bethabara
LEINBACH Benjamin and VOLCK Christina 17-Jan 1769 Rowan County
LEINBACH Catherine and BUTNER Joseph 1-Nov 1827 Bethabara
LEINBACH Elizabeth and HOLDER John 28-Sep 1805 Stokes County
LEINBACH Malvinia E. and BUTNER Joseph Abt 1865 Bethabara
LEINBACH Mary Ann and HOLDER Martin 23-Jan 1798 Stokes County
LEMLY Conrad H. and BROWN Letitia Chinn 17-Jul 1899 Winston
LEMMON Margaret and RUTHERFORD Thomas 27-Feb 1832 Mecklenburg County
LEMMOND Elizabeth and ALEXANDER John G. 3-Apr 1811 Mecklenburg County
LEMONS Nancy and ALLISON John 28-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
LEN Margaret and HALLER John 16-Oct 1794 Rowan County
LENTILE Ellen and BEATY James 14-Nov 1831 Mecklenburg County
LENTILE Jane and CALHOUN William 8-Oct 1825 Mecklenburg County
LEONARD Jacob and MILLER Eleanor 16-Jun 1765 Wilmington
LEONARD John and FULLLINWIND Henry 20-Aug 1783 Rowan County
LEONORA Mary and FURGUSON Robert 11-Aug 1787 Orange County
LEPNER Caroline and CAPPS Thomas 9-Oct 1809 Mecklenburg County
LESLIE Hannah and HARLAN George 19-Jan 1803 Mecklenburg County
LESTER Frances and EASOR Obed 17-Feb 1800 Edgecombe County
LESTER James and DEAR Sarah 7-Mar 1778 Chowan County
LESTER Lydia and SCOTT John 21-Jun 1785 Chowan County
LEWIS Catherine and CAIN Elisha 6-Feb 1805 Mecklenburg County
LEWIS Isabella and MILLER William 24-Oct 1797 Mecklenburg County
LEWIS John and CHAMPION Mary 11-Mar 1754 Chowan County
LEWIS John Jr. and THOMPSON Mary / widow 19-Nov 1755 Chowan County
LEWIS Kezia and ROBINSON William 16-Jan 1812 Mecklenburg County
LEWIS Martha and LEEMING Peter 20-May 1758 Chowan County
LEWIS Patsey and TAYLOR Edmond 24-Apr 1790 Granville County
LEWIS Rachel and MANKINS Peter 23-Sep 1803 NC?
LEWIS Sarah and CATHCART William 7-Jan 1824 Mecklenburg County
LEWIS Sarah and HENDRICKS John 27-Dec 1780 Rowan County
LEWIS Sarah and MANLY David 22-Mar 1809 NC?
LILES William and PERRY Martha 11-Sep 1756 Chowan County
LILIEN Nancy and ALEXANDER Thomas 24-Jan 1845 Mecklenburg County
LILSE Sarah and BEASLEY John 30-Sep 1752 Chowan County
LINART Heine and HARROD Priscilla 9-Oct 1784 Chowan County
LINDSAY Sarah and KEARNEY Samuel 10-Nov 1796 Halifax County
LING Mary and MILLER Nathaniel 21-Dec 1802 Chowan County
LINSTER Elizabeth and HAYDEN William 3-May 1796 Rowan County
LINSTER Jean and HALL Andrew 12-Mar 1793 Rowan County
LINSTER Margaret and HALL Joseph 9-Aug 1793 Rowan County
LINVILLE Lucretia and BRINEGAR John Month? 1779 Rowan County
LIPPINCOTT Abigail and CLEMENS William 25-Nov 1774 Perquimans County
LITTLE Agnes and DANCY William 20-Aug 1765 Edgecombe County
LITTLE Anne M. and ECKLE Jacob 5-Jan 1779 Rowan County
LITTLE Jane E. and NEWBOLD Charles H. 19-Jan 1865 Mecklenburg County
LITTLEDALE Elizabeth S. and CUSTIS John 11-Oct 1777 Chowan County
LIVELY Catherine and FURR John 4-Aug 1783 Rowan County
LIVERMAN Mary and BANKS William 3-Jan 1786 Tyrrell County
LIVERMAN Phebe and LOVERMAN Thomas 5-Feb 1777 Tyrrell County
LIVINGSTON Mary and COOPER Joseph 30-Mar 1791 Mecklenburg County
LOCKE Elizabeth and GIBSON John 13-Jan 1775 Rowan County
LOCKHART Elizabeth and HASSELL Joshua 3-Jul 1786 Tyrrell County
LOCKHART Jennison and DAVIS Elisha Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
LOCKHART Jennison and DAVIS Elisha Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
LOCUST Ferebee and GEORGE Jonathan 27-Jan 1802 Orange County
LOESCH Johann Christian and SEITZ Anna Maria 15-Jul 1806 Bethania area
LOESCH Susanna Elisabeth and KRAUSE Thomas Month? 1821 Bethabara
LOFTEN Rebecca and ELLIS John 11-Jun 1796 Rowan County
LONDON John and MAUGER Miss Jul 1796 Wilmington
LONG Ann and JONES John 20-Sep 1779 Tyrrell County
LONG Ann and LEE Thomas 13-Aug 1786 Tyrrell County
LONG Elizabeth and ELSTON Benjamin Sr. 18-Nov 1786 Burke County
LONG Hannah and SPRUILL Ebenezer 27-Oct 1770 Tyrrell County
LONG Isaac and WILEY Rodia 10-Sep 1767 Tyrrell County
LONG J. and LEE V. Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
LONG James and BROWN Mary 20-Jun 1768 Chowan County
LONG James and BUTCHER Mary 15-Jul 1775 Tyrrell County
LONG James and DUNNING Elizabeth 12-Apr 1762 Tyrrell County
LONG James and JONES Sarah 27-Apr 1785 Tyrrell County
LONG Jeremiah and JONES Penny 20-Nov 1777 Tyrrell County
LONG Jerima and HAUGHTON Richard 3-Aug 1774 Tyrrell County
LONG John and BLOUNT Joana Mrs. 23-Dec 1766 Tyrrell County
LONG John R. and HOPE Susan Ann 20-Dec 1856 Mecklenburg County
LONG Kesiah and YOUNG Jesse 1-Jun 1767 Tyrrell County
LONG Lemuel and COPELAND Celia 23-Sep 1773 Chowan County
LONG Mary and HAYMAN Jonas 1-Dec 1778 Tyrrell County
LONG Mary and STITH Bassett 8-Jul 1790 Halifax
LONG Melinda and JAMESON James 28-Jun 1849 Mecklenburg County
LONG Penelope and MILLS Francis 29-Mar 1783 Tyrrell County
LONG Simeon and EASLEY Mary 4-Jun 1773 Chowan County
LONG Walter and HUTSON Mary 10-Dec 1744 Chowan County
LONGMIRE Sally and HUNT John Penn 19-Dec 1811 Granville County
LONGWORTH George and RICHARDS Nancy 10-Dec 182? Davidson County
LOONEY E. J. and WHITE Frances L. J. 28-Jan 1847 Granville County
LOPP Barbra and HARMAN George 27-Dec 1795 Rowan County
LOPP Elizabeth and GARNER Henry 10-Aug 1792 Rowan County
LOVE Elizabeth and HUNT Malcolm 12-Jun 1791 Mecklenburg County
LOVE Polly and HAGLEY John 21-Apr 1795 Rowan County
LOVELL Edward and MACKEY Mary Mrs. Month? 1742 Chowan County
LOVENES Elizabeth and CAROTHERS James 17-May 1791 Mecklenburg County
LOVERMAN Thomas and LIVERMAN Phebe 5-Feb 1777 Tyrrell County
LOWRIE Lydia M. and OATS Bailey 24-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
LOWRIE Peggy and COOK Thomas 21-Dec 1807 Mecklenburg County
LOWRY Mary and IRVIN David 29-Oct 1843 Mecklenburg County
LOWTHER William and GREGORY Barbara 22-Apr 1756 Chowan County
LOYD John and HARTSON Abigail Mrs. 18-Aug 1743 Chowan County
LUCAS Elizabeth and CULLIFER Isaac Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
LUCAS Martha and HUSTON Joseph 5-Mar 1783 Rowan County
LUCKEY Isabel and HENDRICKS Henry 29-Mar 1795 Rowan County
LUCKEY Margaret and BROWN Murrell 24-Jul 1840 Mecklenburg County
LUCKEY Mary and GLASCOCK Charnal 25-Oct 1794 Rowan County
LUCKY Dorcus E. and JOHNSTON Thomas L. 25-May 1852 Mecklenburg County
LUCKY Mary and GILLESPEY David 5-Apr 1783 Rowan County
LUMPKIN Mary and BARNARD Nelson 2-Feb 1851 Surry County
LUTEN Elizabeth and MATHIAS Nathaniel 28-Mar 1758 Chowan County
LUTEN Frederick and JONES Rachel 30-Sep 1772 Chowan County
LUTEN James and HOPKINS Mary / widow 4-Mar 1754 Chowan County
LUTEN James and LEARY Mary 31-Jan 1755 Chowan County
LUTEN James and PUGH Mary 31-May 1750 Chowan County
LUTEN John and WORLEY Sarah 13-May 1749 Chowan County
LUTEN Mary / widow and BADHAM William 13-Nov 1758 Chowan County
LUTEN Sarah and BONNER William 21-Aug 1744 Chowan County
LUTEN Sarah and COTTON James 5-Jul 1786 Chowan County
LUTEN Thomas Jr. and JONES Catherine 14-Feb 1748 Chowan County
LUTEN William and BENBURY Sarah 23-Dec 1756 Chowan County
LUTON Samuel and FORD Elizabeth 19-Nov 1757 Chowan County
LUTON Sarah and WESSON Wiliam 7-May 1744 Chowan County
LYALL Elizabeth and ERWIN George 8-Feb 1796 Rowan County
LYALL Mary and ERVIN Christopher 26-Feb 1782 Rowan County
LYNCH John and ALLEN Elizabeth / widow Bef 1756 Chowan Pct.
LYNCH Mary and MANKER Lewis 22-Jan 1852 NC?
LYNN Mary / widow and HILL John 4-Jan 1780 Rowan County
MABLEY Hannah and HARRIS Coleman 25-Apr 1839 Mecklenburg County
MACAY Elizabeth and ELLIS Radford 6-May 1788 Rowan County
MACKAY Joel and JOYCE Sarah 24-Mar 1772 Guilford County
MACKEY Mary and DAVIDSON Robert 25-Feb 1776 Tyrrell County
MACKEY Mary Mrs. and LOVELL Edward Month? 1742 Chowan County
MACKEY William and WALKER Susanna 23-Jan 1779 Tyrrell County
MACY Ann and MACY Enoch Oct 1763 Guilford County
MACY Elizabeth and BARNARD Uriah 21-Feb 1782 Center
MACY Enoch and MACY Ann Oct 1763 Guilford County
MACY Joseph and WAY Mary 17-Sep 1798 Guilford County
MACY Robert and GARDNER Elizabeth 11-Dec 1799 Guilford County
MAGAHA Thomas A. and POTTS Eloisa 14-Mar 1824 Mecklenburg County
MAGANKEY Joseph and MC BRIDE Margaret 6-Dec 1793 Guilford County
MAGEE David and DANIEL Elizabeth 22-Nov 1796 Guilford County
MAGEE John and SHAW Ann 22-Jul 1788 Guilford County
MAGEE Rachel and MOORE Lemmy 21-Jan 1818 Guilford County
MAHAFFEY Joseph and PHARR Sarah 9-Mar 1826 Mecklenburg County
MAHON Curtis and ~ Martha 30-Dec 1826 Mecklenburg County
MAHON Mary and MORRIS John 9-Jun 1796 Mecklenburg County
MAHON Nancy and ALLEN John N. 1-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
MAIN Byram and COOPER Patsey 24-Sep 1810 Mecklenburg County
MAJOR Giles and DEHART Mary 2-Nov 1779 Rowan County
MALEY Hugh and OWEN Nancy 1-Nov 1808 NC?
MALONE Drury and BENTLEY Francis 19-Jul 1788 Bertie County
MANDRING Andrew and BOLTENHAMER Ann 22-Mar 1789 Guilford County
MANING T. W. and MORROW H. Z. 4-Apr 1866 NC?
MANIR William and BLEDSOE Mary Ann 8-Jan 1860 NC?
MANKER Lewis and LYNCH Mary 22-Jan 1852 NC?
MANKIN Simeon and CALOWAY Elizabeth S. 21-Aug 1859 NC?
MANKINS Jackson D. and COPELEN Mary Adaline 12-Feb 1852 NC?
MANKINS James and WALKER Elizabeth 29-Aug 1826 NC?
MANKINS John and KIRBY Patsy 16-Feb 1798 NC?
MANKINS Peter and LEWIS Rachel 23-Sep 1803 NC?
MANLEFF Reuben and CURRY Nancy 25-Dec 1827 NC?
MANLEY Andrew Jackson and RAYLE Jane 25-Aug 1838 NC?
MANLEY Edward and MILLS Nancy 31-Aug 1830 NC?
MANLEY Hugh and OWEN Nancy 1-Nov 1808 NC?
MANLEY James and SMALL Nancy 3-Jun 1860 NC?
MANLEY James M. and WEBB Cornelia 12-Oct 1858 NC?
MANLEY Jesse and HALL Lavina 30-Aug 1860 NC?
MANLEY Jesse and POPE Martha 7-Mar 1844 NC?
MANLEY John and PAGE Lucy 14-Nov 1815 NC?
MANLEY Joseph and FOGG Louisa 2-Apr 1851 NC?
MANLEY Joshua S. and DURHAM Frances 27-Feb 1851 NC?
MANLEY Roanza and REDD Susan 24-Jan 1832 NC?
MANLEY Samuel and COBB Henrietta 1-Feb 1821 NC?
MANLEY Willey and HATHCOCK Mary 13-Feb 1832 NC?
MANLEY William and ANDERSON Mary 23-Dec 1852 NC?
MANLEY Winbourn and SCOTT Mariah 16-Apr 1863 NC?
MANLIN Wiley and PRYOR Sally 8-Sep 1865 NC?
MANLOVE David and PIGGOTT Isabella 18-Oct 1822 NC?
MANLOVE George and CRANER Hannah 17-Jan 1791 Guilford County
MANLOVE George and CRANER Hannah 17-Jan 1799 NC?
MANLOW William P. and HUFF Lavina 25-Jun 1827 NC?
MANLY Alexander and JONES Rebecca 23-Dec 1852 NC?
MANLY B. C. Maj. and BRYAN Lucy H. 7-Nov 1866 NC?
MANLY Billy and POWELL Olive 4-Jan 1825 NC?
MANLY Bryant and CAUDY Charlotte 31-Dec 1866 NC?
MANLY Charles and HAYWOOD Charity 7-Oct 1817 NC?
MANLY David and BROWN Mary 17-Mar 1808 NC?
MANLY David and LEWIS Sarah 22-Mar 1809 NC?
MANLY Matthias E. and GASTON Hannah 15-Feb 1832 NC?
MANLY Matthias E. and SIMPSON Sarah 27-Jun 1844 NC?
MANN Ann and WHITE Phillip 7-Feb 1797 Granville County
MANN Dorothy and MIDGET Samuel 6-Nov 1778 Tyrrell County
MANN Esther and GRAVES Matthew D. 15-Oct 1768 Tyrrell County
MANN Martha and ROUGHTON Richard 1-Aug 1778 Tyrrell County
MANN Mary and DRAKE Edmund 3-Dec 1763 Edgecombe County
MANN Mary and HASSELL Joseph Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
MANN Mary / widow and WESCOTT Stephen 27-Feb 1771 Tyrrell County
MANN Nancy and WHITE Joseph 24-Oct 1799 Granville County
MANNING James and BAKER Elizabeth 7-Jan 1757 Chowan County
MANSFIELD David and WALLIS Elizabeth 25-Mar 1772 Chowan County
MANSFIELD Martha and MILLER Riddick 15-Nov 1832 Bertie County
MANSON William and WALKER Adaline W. 22-Feb 1825 Mecklenburg County
MARA William and THERRILL Mary Bef 1686 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
MARCH Susanna and HINKLE Charles 13-May 1797 Rowan County
MARES William and LAW Hannah 18-Oct 1796 Guilford County
MARIEGU John and BLACK Mary 25-May 1795 Guilford County
MARINER Ann and DAVENPORT James 4-Apr 1778 Tyrrell County
MARIS Thomas and HOLIDAY Jane 17-Nov 1802 Orange County
MARKERT Jacob and GRAY Jane 25-Nov 1827 Mecklenburg County
MARKS Henry and CHEEK Rebecca A. 24-Jul 1823 Mecklenburg County
MARKS Mary and COOMBS Samuel 21-Aug 1811 Mecklenburg County
MARKS Sarah L. and RIDDLE T. S. 11-Jun 1856 Mecklenburg County
MARKS Thomas and BUTTON Margaret E. 28-Apr 1832 Mecklenburg County
MARKS Thomas and ROBISON Nancy H. 27-Jun 1854 Mecklenburg County
MARLAN James C. and SAPP Sarah G. 16-Nov 1854 Guilford County
MARR John and BAKER Susannah 16-Jul 1833 Mecklenburg County
MARSDEN Mary and HERON Bejamin 10-Jun 1765 Wilmington
MARSH Silas and KINISEY Mary 19-Jun 1764 Chowan County
MARSH William and PIERCE Lydia 10-Jan 1793 Guilford County
MARSHALL Daniel and HINTON Christian 11-Jun 1783 Rowan County
MARSHALL Jane Mrs. and HOLLAND John 1-Sep 1786 Wilmington
MARSHALL John and NEWMAN Ann 21-May 1813 Mecklenburg County
MARSHALL Phoebe and HOWARD Allan Month? 1787 Granville County
MARSHALL William and MC CORD Margaret A. 5-Aug 1841 Mecklenburg County
MARSHALL William and TODD Cynthia P. 9-Oct 1845 Mecklenburg County
MARTER Franks and HAMLETT Peter A. 9-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
MARTERI James and WALTER Elizabeth 20-Dec 1785 Chowan County
MARTIN Ann and HULL John 12-Sep 1744 Chowan County
MARTIN Charles Oden and GARRETT Africa 10-Mar 1786 Tyrrell County
MARTIN Edwin and WESTMORELAND Mary 8-Jan 1829 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN Eli and CAPPS Polly 13-May 1823 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN Elizabeth and GALLAHER Hugh 26-Aug 1775 Rowan County
MARTIN Elizabeth and ROAN Herbert 20-Jul 1811 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN Ephriam R. and DEWESE Caroline 25-Dec 1839 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN Frank and HAWLET Peter A. 9-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN Henry and BOOTH Mary 29-Aug 1795 Guilford County
MARTIN Henry and CLARK Eliza 17-Feb 1841 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN Henry and SIMPSON Emily 13-Jul 1837 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN James and KERR Peggy 27-Feb 1797 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN James W. and REA Harriet D. 21-Nov 1837 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN Jenny and ALEXANDER Matthew 27-Sep 1810 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN Joshua and WITTY Mary 22-Feb 1796 Guilford County
MARTIN Lovey and HOPPER John 16-Jun 1756 Chowan County
MARTIN Robert A. and BOZZLE Sarah S. 4-Dec 1838 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN Thomas and BLYTHE Ann 17-Oct 1786 Mecklenburg County
MARTIN William and BOOKER Eleanor 2-Nov 1808 Mecklenburg County
MARTINDALE Justin and LAMB Evelina A. 24-Dec 1834 Chowan County
MARYE Abigail and LAW William 9-Aug 1799 Guilford County
MASON Charles and CLARK Hannah 4-Nov 1814 Mecklenburg County
MASON Charles C. and CAROTHERS Margaret 2-Oct 1835 Mecklenburg County
MASON Frances and PERISHO Rufus 1-Jul 1783 Tyrrell County
MASON Isaac and MONTGOMERY Mary 22-Jun 1831 Mecklenburg County
MASON R. G. and KINK Mary A. 14-May 1849 Mecklenburg County
MASON Richard C. and HARTWICK Charity 23-Jan 1821 Mecklenburg County
MASON Richardson and PHILLIPS Sarah 2-Feb 1797 Mecklenburg County
MASON Winfield and MILLER Priscilla 4-May 1808 Mecklenburg County
MASSEY Adkins and WYNN Mary 18-Feb 1765 Tyrrell County
MASSEY Ann and HASSELL Edward Month? 1782 Tyrrell County
MASSEY James and MC CALL Eliza 25-Nov 1837 Mecklenburg County
MASSEY Louise and HERNDON Harmon 2-Nov 1858 Orange County
MASSEY Pinckney and ARCHER Frances 8-Oct 1839 Guilford County
MASSEY Thomas P. and WARSHAM Elizabeth 24-Oct 1843 Mecklenburg County
MATHER James and STILL Jane 25-Feb 1844 Mecklenburg County
MATHER William and MITCHELL Nancy 25-Aug 1787 Guilford County
MATHEWS Polly and ALLEN Samuel 30-Jan 1821 Mecklenburg County
MATHEWS Sarah A. and ROBISON William A. 1-Feb 1842 Mecklenburg County
MATHIAS Mary and BOND John 27-Apr 1776 Chowan County
MATHIAS Nathaniel and LUTEN Elizabeth 28-Mar 1758 Chowan County
MATSHALL Jesebel and GILLEY James 5-Jul 1783 Rowan County
MATTHEWES James and COWAN Charity Mrs. 25-Jan 1767 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS Andrew and HAZZARD Esther 16-Feb 1849 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS Anne and MORRIS James J. 6-Jun 1822 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS George and WILLIAMS Elizabeth Bef 1693 NC?
MATTHEWS Jane and BIGHAM Robert 31-Dec 1813 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS Jane H. and HARRIS Hugh 1-Sep 1835 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS John and MC KIBBEN Margaret 10-Nov 1794 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS Margaret and MITCHELL Ephriam 31-Aug 1825 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS Margaret H. and ORR Samuel W. 7-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS Nathaniel and TAYLOR Hester 10-Nov 1744 Chowan County
MATTHEWS Robert and HENDERSON Agnes 2-Mar 1797 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS Robert and MC GIBBINS Nancy 11-Feb 1802 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS Samuel and REA Mary 13-Nov 1809 Mecklenburg County
MATTHEWS Sarah A. and ROSS John P. 19-Nov 1839 Mecklenburg County
MAUGER Miss and LONDON John Jul 1796 Wilmington
MAVIARY Liddy and HUFF Jacob 22-Jan 1791 Rowan County
MAXWELL Catherine and RODGERS James W. 7-Feb 1856 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL David and HARRISON M. L. 4-Jun 1841 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Edwin and MC LARTY Margaret 16-Jun 1832 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Ellen and RODGERS Jesse 24-Feb 1820 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Isabella and ALEXANDER James 14-Jan 1831 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL James and MC CHUNG Jean 28-Mar 1788 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL James J. and WALLIS Margaret 8-Feb 1823 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Jeremiah M. and HOUSTON Elizabeth 28-Aug 1827 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL John and BLACK Elizabeth 19-Feb 1831 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL John G. and BAKER Sarah H. 18-Nov 1856 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Joseph and MONTEITH Elizabeth 10-Jan 1792 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Lydia C. and BLACK Eli O. 8-Mar 1830 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Margaret and MORRIS John 30-Jul 1792 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Margaret / widow and HUDSON Samuel Jul 1746 Orange County
MAXWELL Martha and BROWN John 17-Dec 1792 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Moses and BROWN Elizabeth 1-Dec 1802 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Robert and HOOD Elizabeth 7-May 1795 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Robert H. and ROGERS Ann 31-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL Samuel and GARRETT Mary 1-Feb 1802 Guilford County
MAXWELL Washington and RODGERS Louisa 26-Sep 1828 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL William and ANDREWS Deborah 10-Oct 1790 Guilford County
MAXWELL William and HUX Martha 22-Nov 1832 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL William and SIMPSON Nancy 14-Jul 1804 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL William M. and WILSON Adeline 14-May 1835 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL William M. and WILSON Sarah H. 8-Jun 1824 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL William R. and JOHNSTON Mary E. 21-Jul 1832 Mecklenburg County
MAXWELL William R. and MORRIS Nancy A. 12-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
MAY Lavina and MONTGOMERY Jesse 22-Dec 1865 Guilford County
MAYER Sherwood and SMITH Elizabeth 25-Nov 1773 Guilford County
MAYFIELD Stephen and COOK Margaret 20-May 1797 Mecklenburg County
MC ADOO David and MC CLAIN Margaret 6-Mar 1786 Guilford County
MC ADOO John and DENNETT Mary 14-Aug 1782 Guilford County
MC ADOO John and STEWART Judith 27-Sep 1783 Guilford County
MC ALLISTER Cornelius and MC GINNIS Sarah 4-Oct 1803 Mecklenburg County
MC ALLISTER Eliza and REED William 18-Feb 1829 Mecklenburg County
MC ALLISTER James and MC CLAIN Catherine 7-Dec 1779 Guilford County
MC ALPIN James and PRATT Abigail 5-May 1783 Tyrrell County
MC ARCRON Peter R. and JINGLES Elizabeth 20-Apr 1824 Mecklenburg County
MC AULEY Daniel and ALEXANDER Prudence 7-Feb 1802 Mecklenburg County
MC AULEY Elizabeth and BLACK Samuel 26-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
MC AULEY Patrick and BLACK Margaret 22-Mar 1803 Mecklenburg County
MC BRIDE Elizabeth and MC CLAIN Thomas 22-Feb 1786 Guilford County
MC BRIDE Genetia and CUTHRELL James E. 2-May 1862 Davie County
MC BRIDE Henry and BYRAM Clarissa 26-Nov 1818 Mecklenburg County
MC BRIDE Jean and GLOVER William 4-Jun 1796 Rowan County
MC BRIDE Margaret and MAGANKEY Joseph 6-Dec 1793 Guilford County
MC BRIDE Mary and GHEEN Thomas 17-May 1788 Rowan County
MC CAHRON Hector and HUEY Elizabeth 26-Jul 1791 Mecklenburg County
MC CAIN Elizabeth and HUFF Benjamin 10-Jul 1764 Chowan County
MC CALL Eli and HOOKS Mary 22-Mar 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC CALL Eliza and MASSEY James 25-Nov 1837 Mecklenburg County
MC CALL Horace and MOORE Amanda 16-Feb 1836 Mecklenburg County
MC CALL Horace and STILWELL Rachel 27-Nov 1732 Mecklenburg County
MC CALL Jane L. and ORR James J. 1-Mar 1852 Mecklenburg County
MC CALL Josiah and BLAIR Isabel 12-Mar 1833 Mecklenburg County
MC CALL Sarah J. and RODGERS E. P. 28-Sep 1865 Mecklenburg County
MC CALL Sylvester and YANDLE Charlotte 8-Jan 1840 Mecklenburg County
MC CALL Thomas and BLACK Elizabeth 8-Apr 1812 Mecklenburg County
MC CALLESTER James and FREEMAN Eliza 8-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC CALLUM Edward and MC LEAN Effie 17-Jan 1837 Robeson County
MC CAMPBELL Marcus and NELSON Martha J. 19-Feb 1852 Mecklenburg County
MC CANDLY James and BLAIR Sarah 19-Mar 1793 Guilford County
MC CANN James and BOYD Elender 15-Oct 1799 Mecklenburg County
MC CARTNEY Jean and ELSTON Elias 12-Nov 1796 Rowan County
MC CARTY Erexly and BROWN Benjamin 7-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
MC CAULEY Amanda E. and BLACK Thomas M. 11-Mar 1858 Mecklenburg County
MC CAULEY E. A. and ALEXANDER M. S. Miss 19-Dec 1849 Mecklenburg County
MC CAULEY Fredrick and HOOD Margaret A. 20-Nov 1827 Mecklenburg County
MC CAULEY Hugh and ALEXANDER Nancy D. 13-May 1822 Mecklenburg County
MC CAULEY John and KERR Rachel 12-Sep 1795 Mecklenburg County
MC CAULEY Roderick and BLACK Margaret 22-Mar 1803 Mecklenburg County
MC CAY McKinney and ROBINSON Martha 3-Aug 1788 Mecklenburg County
MC CHUNG Jean and MAXWELL James 28-Mar 1788 Mecklenburg County
MC CLAIN Catherine and GATES Josiah 10-Jan 1764 Rowan County
MC CLAIN Catherine and MC ALLISTER James 7-Dec 1779 Guilford County
MC CLAIN John and MC GINN Mary 19-Nov 1790 Guilford County
MC CLAIN Margaret and MC ADOO David 6-Mar 1786 Guilford County
MC CLAIN Mary and GALEY James 6-Aug 1766 Rowan County
MC CLAIN Moses and DICK Susanna 11-Apr 1796 Guilford County
MC CLAIN Robert and EAKIN Nancy 6-May 1791 Guilford County
MC CLAIN Thomas and MC BRIDE Elizabeth 22-Feb 1786 Guilford County
MC CLAIN William and AIKEN Isabel 4-Jan 1800 Guilford County
MC CLAIN William and FOSTER Betsy 11-May 1796 Guilford County
MC CLANE Michael and TOM Mary 16-Jul 1792 Guilford County
MC CLANE Thomas and EAKIN Jane 22-Dec 1800 Guilford County
MC CLEARY Abigail and CALHOUN John 19-Sep 1803 Mecklenburg County
MC CLEARY Elianor and MONTGOMERY Robert 15-Nov 1804 Mecklenburg County
MC CLEARY William and CAMPBELL Susan 6-Jul 1795 Mecklenburg County
MC CLEESE John and ALEXANDER Zilpha 28-Mar 1778 Tyrrell County
MC CLINTOCK William and WEATHERBY Lela 16-Jul 1793 Guilford County
MC CLURE Alexander and MC GILL Esther 10-Oct 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE Charles and BILL Sarah 15-Jan 1793 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE Elizabeth and HARRIS Samuel 21-Mar 1796 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE James and HARLIN Jane 15-Dec 1800 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE James and SAWING Jane 28-Jul 1834 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE James and SHARP Mary 4-May 1803 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE James L. and JAMISON E. C. 9-Jun 1847 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE Jane and JAMIESON Thomas 18-Apr 1844 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE John and ALLEN Sarah 18-Dec 1792 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE John and HODGE Mary 10-Feb 1795 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE John and RALSTON Eleanor 5-Jan 1799 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE John and TODD Mary 11-Dec 1799 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE Malinda and ALEXANDER Marcus 21-Aug 1811 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE Mary and HUNTER James 7-Jul 1800 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE Mary E. and BEATY Samson 20-Nov 1833 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE Robert and WALLACE Margaret 20-Feb 1793 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE Thomas and MC COMBS Jane 17-Jul 1799 Mecklenburg County
MC CLURE William and CROCKETT Sarah 13-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
MC COMB Alvia and BLACK H. W. 8-Oct 1841 Mecklenburg County
MC COMB Alvira and BLACK H. W. 8-Oct 1841 Mecklenburg County
MC COMB James and MORRIS Amy 21-Mar 1828 Mecklenburg County
MC COMB James and OAKES Jane G. 22-Aug 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC COMB Jane and CALDWELL Green W. 6-Dec 1832 Mecklenburg County
MC COMB Margaret and MORRISON Robert 4-Mar 1797 Mecklenburg County
MC COMB Rachel and RUTLEDGE George 18-May 1799 Mecklenburg County
MC COMB Robert and HUSON Sarah 19-Aug 1817 Mecklenburg County
MC COMB Sally and BLACK James 12-Mar 1817 Mecklenburg County
MC COMBS Jane and MC CLURE Thomas 17-Jul 1799 Mecklenburg County
MC COMBS Margaret E. and OSBORN Hiram 30-Dec 1859 Mecklenburg County
MC COMBS Minty and MORRIS Robert J. 20-Jan 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC COMBS Sarah and JOHNSTON Andrew 17-May 1791 Mecklenburg County
MC COMBS William and HARRISON Elizabeth 25-May 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC COMBS William and PHILLIPS Mary 7-May 1794 Mecklenburg County
MC CONNELL Andrew and ALEXANDER Jane F. 26-Feb 1822 Mecklenburg County
MC CONNELL Benjamin and WILSON Sarah 1-Oct 1789 Mecklenburg County
MC CONNELL James H. and MONTGOMERY Margaret N. 28-Jul 1857 Mecklenburg County
MC CONNELL John and GALLOWAY Martha 15-Dec 1835 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD Jane C. and MC GINN James 6-Aug 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD John and MEANS Mary 10-Jan 1827 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD John and RUSSELL Betsy 16-May 1803 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD Margaret A. and MARSHALL William 5-Aug 1841 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD Martha K. and MC DONALD Joseph B. 24-Oct 1827 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD Robert C. and VAN PELT Martha 7-Mar 1827 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD Rosanna B. and JAMIESON Thomas 9-Dec 1851 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD Thomas and THOMPSON Rebecca 26-Jan 1819 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD William and CAMPBELL Rachel 19-Mar 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD William and KENNEDY Hannah 9-Sep 1794 Mecklenburg County
MC CORD William and YANDELL Mary W. 24-Mar 1801 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Hannah and MC NEELLY John 26-Feb 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Hannah and REA Leroy 8-Jan 1839 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Hugh P. and BEATY Cynthia C. 20-Feb 1843 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Isabella and BEATY William 21-Apr 1791 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE James and KENNEDY Margaret 14-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE James and ORR Mary J. 14-Jan 1840 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Jane and ALEXANDER Francis 5-Nov 1815 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Margaret and ALEXANDER Matthew 5-Oct 1824 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Mary D. and ORMOND Matthew 12-Feb 1841 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Nelson and BLOUNT Matilda 28-Oct 1839 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Patrick and BEVINS Union 15-Sep 1815 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Sarah M. and CLARK James 15-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Thomas and EVITTS Katherine 15-Oct 1807 Mecklenburg County
MC CORKLE Thomas and WESTMORELAND Eliza 21-Jun 1827 Mecklenburg County
MC CORMICK Charles and EDWARDS Elizabeth 13-Oct 1779 Guilford County
MC CORMICK Daniel C. and MC LEAN Mary 10-Feb 1830 Robeson County
MC CORMICK Dougal and DRAKE Elizabeth Margaret 29-Nov 1859 Robeson County
MC CORMICK Rebecca and MC GILL John 12-May 1796 Mecklenburg County
MC CORMICK Robert and SINGLETON Adaith 8-Jun 1799 Mecklenburg County
MC COY Esther and BOGGS Asahel 25-Jan 1792 Mecklenburg County
MC COY Frances and HERNDON Ruben 9-Aug 1784 Orange County
MC COY Hugh A. and BEATY Frances 5-Sep 1838 Mecklenburg County
MC COY Jennet S. and MC MURRAY John 1-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
MC COY John and FRASER Esther 16-Mar 1799 Mecklenburg County
MC COY John H. and BEATY Clarissa C. 8-Feb 1826 Mecklenburg County
MC COY Lawson H. and BERRYHILL Dorris 3-Jan 1820 Mecklenburg County
MC COY Margaret L. and HUSTON George 12-Jan 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC COY McKinney and ROBINSON Martha 3-Aug 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC COY William and COCHRAN Sally 16-Oct 1816 Mecklenburg County
MC CRACKEN Barbara M. and CALDWELL James F. 29-Dec 1852 Mecklenburg County
MC CRACKEN Betsy and ALEXANDER Sample 21-Mar 1809 Mecklenburg County
MC CRACKEN Elihu and KERR Ester 12-Apr 1849 Mecklenburg County
MC CRACKEN Jane and ORR David 14-Apr 1857 Mecklenburg County
MC CRACKEN John and JOLLY Nancy 27-Sep 1824 Mecklenburg County
MC CRACKEN Margaret and BEAN William 12-Sep 1791 Mecklenburg County
MC CRACKEN Robert C. and MC KELVEY Jane D. 31-Jul 1845 Mecklenburg County
MC CRARY Elizabeth and MYERS Michael 17-Oct 1778 Guilford County
MC CRARY Robert and HALTER Nelly 13-Sep 1800 Guilford County
MC CREA David H. and HIPP Violet A. 15-Dec 1830 Mecklenburg County
MC CREADY John and YANDELL Elizabeth 27-Aug 1799 Mecklenburg County
MC CREE Mary and GIBSON Joseph 16-Dec 1789 Rowan County
MC CRORY William and NEEL Therza 21-Jul 1828 Mecklenburg County
MC CROSKEY Mary and HOOD Jeremiah 16-Jan 1816 Mecklenburg County
MC CUBBINS James S. and BELL Margaret 18-Oct 1860 Statesville
MC CUISTION James and NICHOLSON Jean 11-Sep 1792 Guilford County
MC CUISTION Robert and CUNNINGHAM Isabel 23-Nov 1792 Guilford County
MC CUISTION Thomas and NICHOLSON Mary 19-Sep 1786 Guilford County
MC CULLOCH Elijah and WAKE Jenny 10-Nov 1801 Mecklenburg County
MC CULLOCH James and POTTS Jenny 13-Jan 1807 Mecklenburg County
MC CULLOCH Jeane and MORROW David 25-Nov 1802 Mecklenburg County
MC CULLOCH John and ROBINSON D. M. 5-Jun 1829 Mecklenburg County
MC CULLOCH John and SHANKS Mary 7-Dec 1797 Mecklenburg County
MC CULLOCH Peggy and BONDS James 27-Apr 1802 Mecklenburg County
MC CULLOUGH Esther and MORROW Drury 17-Jan 1820 Mecklenburg County
MC CULLOUGH Polly and BIRD Nelson 21-May 1816 Mecklenburg County
MC CUNE Mary and FINNEY James 25-Mar 1776 Rowan County
MC DANIEL Donnell and HAPSEY Mary 23-Oct 1786 Orange County
MC DARREL Betsy and HOWARD John 21-Oct 1791 Rowan County
MC DONALD Ann and ANDERSON William 2-Nov 1762 Edgecombe County
MC DONALD Elizabeth and JOHNSTON Thomas T. 21-Jul 1814 Mecklenburg County
MC DONALD George W. and CAMPBELL Anne E. 6-Aug 1834 Mecklenburg County
MC DONALD Joseph B. and MC CORD Martha K. 24-Oct 1827 Mecklenburg County
MC DONALD Peggy and MC LEOD Daniel 8-Jun 1809 Mecklenburg County
MC DONALD Thomas and ALEXANDER Susan M. 20-Jul 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC DONALD Will and SADLER Elizabeth 16-Sep 1789 Mecklenburg County
MC DORMAN John and BUNCK Judy 12-Oct 1799 Guilford County
MC DOUGAL John and STINSON Nancy 9-Dec 1794 Mecklenburg County
MC DOWELL Alice J. and NEELY Moses 22-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC DOWELL Dolly and BYRAM Upton 13-Dec 1793 Mecklenburg County
MC DOWELL Hugh and IRWIN Peggy 31-Mar 1802 Mecklenburg County
MC DOWELL Jane P. and REID Jonathan 2-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
MC DOWELL John and DAVIS Rebecca 2-Sep 1799 Mecklenburg County
MC DOWELL Sarah and FERGUSON Thomas 30-Mar 1776 Rowan County
MC DOWELL Sarah and HILLIS Robert 1-Apr 1776 Rowan County
MC DUFFIE John and DOUGLAS Mary 20-May 1807 Robeson County
MC EACHIN Mary and MC LEAN James 21-Mar 1823 Robeson County
MC ELROY James and SHREYBURG Sarah 13-Aug 1801 Mecklenburg County
MC ELROY William and BROWN Martha 28-Jan 1801 Mecklenburg County
MC EWEN Duncan and GRIER Elizabeth 5-Apr 1820 Mecklenburg County
MC EWEN Ellen and MOORE James 12-Jun 1793 Mecklenburg County
MC EWEN Frances and COCHRAN John 3-Aug 1791 Mecklenburg County
MC EWEN Leanah J. and REA James 30-Jul 1857 Mecklenburg County
MC EWEN Margaret and ROGERS Joseph 9-Aug 1822 Mecklenburg County
MC EWEN Samuel and PARKS Sarah 1-Dec 1795 Mecklenburg County
MC EWEN Sarah and BLACK Ezekial 26-Oct 1807 Mecklenburg County
MC EWEN Selina and MC GINTY Abner 5-Aug 1816 Mecklenburg County
MC FARLAND Elizabeth and FERGUSON Andrew 11-May 1791 Rowan County
MC FARLAND Jacob and VARNER Jane 14-Apr 1792 Mecklenburg County
MC FARLIN Abigail and ALEXANDER Abisba 23-Aug 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC FARLIN Benjamin and NELSON Elizabeth 9-Dec 1774 Guilford County
MC FATERIDGE William and DIXON Ann 1-Jan 1799 Guilford County
MC GAHEE Jane and GRAY Thomas 1-Feb 1786 Rowan County
MC GARRAR Mary and CHRISTENBERY William P. 24-May 1837 Mecklenburg County
MC GAUGHEY Elizabeth and HOLMES Richard 1-Jan 1781 Rowan County
MC GEE Andrew and MC MINN Easter 20-Jan 1792 Guilford County
MC GEE Catherine E. and ALEXANDER James L. 14-Dec 1854 Mecklenburg County
MC GEE Emily and READY William 6-Feb 1860 Mecklenburg County
MC GEE John and NEATHERY Hannah 2-May 1791 Guilford County
MC GEE John and WALKER Agnes 27-Dec 1788 Mecklenburg County
MC GEE Lemuel and WHITE Sussannah 20-Sep 1822 Granville County
MC GEE Mira E. and BEATY William 22-Nov 1852 Mecklenburg County
MC GEE Robert and CAPPS Sarah 7-Apr 1831 Mecklenburg County
MC GIBBINS Nancy and MATTHEWS Robert 11-Feb 1802 Mecklenburg County
MC GIBNEY Jane P. and CLARK Jesse M. 14-Apr 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC GIBNEY Patrick and ~ Margaret 16-Sep 1783 Guilford County
MC GILL Esther and MC CLURE Alexander 10-Oct 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC GILL John and MC CORMICK Rebecca 12-May 1796 Mecklenburg County
MC GINN Christian and RUDE William 26-Sep 1806 Mecklenburg County
MC GINN Elizabeth and JAMIESON Thomas 7-Jul 1819 Mecklenburg County
MC GINN James and MC CORD Jane C. 6-Aug 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC GINN James and TODD Christina 13-Oct 1794 Mecklenburg County
MC GINN John and BOAL Margaret 3-Nov 1796 Mecklenburg County
MC GINN Mary and MC CLAIN John 19-Nov 1790 Guilford County
MC GINN Thomas and MC KINLEY Ann 22-Jul 1795 Mecklenburg County
MC GINN Thomas and TODD Mary 16-Dec 1800 Mecklenburg County
MC GINN William A. and DUNN Isabella 28-Aug 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC GINNES Margaret J. and COOK Anzi W. 11-Oct 1845 Mecklenburg County
MC GINNESS James P. and CALDWELL Jane L. 2-Mar 1840 Mecklenburg County
MC GINNESS John and PARK Parmelia 6-Sep 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC GINNESS Joseph and ORR Milly 14-Apr 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC GINNESS Martha and ALEXANDER James F. 16-May 1859 Mecklenburg County
MC GINNIS Sarah and MC ALLISTER Cornelius 4-Oct 1803 Mecklenburg County
MC GINTY Abner and MC EWEN Selina 5-Aug 1816 Mecklenburg County
MC GRATH Cervas and NEIL Elizabeth Mrs. 15-Sep 1746 Chowan County
MC GUIRE John and BUNCH Sarah 10-Dec 1778 Chowan County
MC GUIRE Mary Ann and GILLESPIE Isaac 12-Apr 1791 Rowan County
MC HENRY George and BUTLER Ferebee 9-Mar 1764 Tyrrell County
MC HENRY Sarah and BROGDON Timothy 18-Aug 1791 Bertie County
MC INTIRE Isaac and THOMPSON Betty 16-Nov 1811 Mecklenburg County
MC INTYRE Sarah C. and ROSS Peter E. 11-Mar 1830 Mecklenburg County
MC JOHNSTON Miss and MORRIS William C. 4-Mar 1843 Mecklenburg County
MC KAVEN Adam and DOHERTY Minty 9-Feb 1811 Mecklenburg County
MC KEE Hannah and REYNOLDS John 17-Oct 1803 Mecklenburg County
MC KEE John and HODGE Elizabeth 23-Apr 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC KEE John and RAMSEY Agnes 18-Nov 1797 Mecklenburg County
MC KEE Martha and HERRON Isaac 25-Jun 1802 Mecklenburg County
MC KEE Mary and MC MEKIN Andrew 13-Apr 1792 Mecklenburg County
MC KEE Ruth and MILLER William C. 14-Jan 1837 Mecklenburg County
MC KEEN Adam and OLDHAM Elizabeth 30-Apr 1756 Chowan County
MC KEEN Alexander Jr. and DOAK Mary 22-Dec 1795 Guilford County
MC KEEN Hance and FORBUSH Jenny 3-Oct 1787 Guilford County
MC KELL Michael and SMALL Nancy 13-Jul 1785 Chowan County
MC KELLTON William and HAMILTON Mary 24-Jun 1787 Guilford County
MC KELVEY Caroline and MC LURE James 16-Jan 1843 Mecklenburg County
MC KELVEY James T. and PATTERSON Nancy 8-Feb 1837 Mecklenburg County
MC KELVEY Jane D. and MC CRACKEN Robert C. 31-Jul 1845 Mecklenburg County
MC KELVEY John M. and JAMESON Jane 31-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC KELVEY William and PLUMMER Betsy 3-Jan 1831 Mecklenburg County
MC KENNEY Mary and MURPHY Archibald 30-Mar 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC KENNEY Sarah and HORN Richard 28-May 1801 Mecklenburg County
MC KENSEY James and THOMPSON Susane 5-Jun 1779 Guilford County
MC KENZIE Isabella and ADAMS Joel F. 9-Jan 1861 Mecklenburg County
MC KIBBEN Alexander and WILEY Agnes 1-Jun 1796 Mecklenburg County
MC KIBBEN John and DUEST Mary 31-Jan 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC KIBBEN Margaret and MATTHEWS John 10-Nov 1794 Mecklenburg County
MC KIBBEN Rebecca and MILLER James 2-May 1796 Mecklenburg County
MC KIBBEN Robert L. and BLOUNT Jane 13-Jul 1840 Mecklenburg County
MC KIBBEN Thomas and DUFFEY Elizabeth 1-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC KIBBENS John and HANNIGAN Sarah 17-Sep 1827 Mecklenburg County
MC KINLEY Ann and MC GINN Thomas 22-Jul 1795 Mecklenburg County
MC KINLEY Elizabeth and CAIN James 21-Dec 1781 Orange County
MC KINLEY Robert and NEIL Peggy 23-Aug 1802 Mecklenburg County
MC KINLEY Stephen and ROBINSON Dovey L. 4-Jan 1824 Mecklenburg County
MC KINNA Rebecca and JULIAN George 9-Apr 1791 Mecklenburg County
MC KINNE Patience and LANE Joseph Month? 1730 NC?
MC KINNEY Mary and HARTGROVE William 19-Jun 1811 Mecklenburg County
MC KINNEY Nathaniel and SMITH ~ 12-Nov 1792 Guilford County
MC KINNEY Seth and MERCHANT Jane 14-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
MC KINNEY William and JAMES Elinor 13-Feb 1790 Guilford County
MC KNIGHT Betsy and HATH German 4-Nov 1796 Rowan County
MC KNIGHT Catherine C. and COCHRAN Joseph 8-Apr 1840 Mecklenburg County
MC KNIGHT Catherine L. and MC WHORTER James H. 28-Sep 1826 Mecklenburg County
MC KNIGHT Elizabeth and ELLIS Etheldred 14-Jul 1795 Rowan County
MC KNIGHT James and MONTGOMERY Hannah 13-Nov 1792 Guilford County
MC KNIGHT James and REED Ann 6-Jun 1796 Mecklenburg County
MC KNIGHT Nancy and BIGHAM Samuel 29-Apr 1818 Mecklenburg County
MC KNIGHT Robert and MOORE Margaret 27-Jan 1803 Mecklenburg County
MC KNIGHT Roger and ELLROTH Lydia 26-Aug 1790 Rowan County
MC KNIGHT Thomas and FALLS Margaret 30-Dec 1795 Mecklenburg County
MC KNIGHT William and CUMINGS Mary 16-Jan 1802 Guilford County
MC KOIN Thomas and TAYLOR Elizabeth 13-May 1779 Chowan County
MC KONEY Nathan and BOWEN Sarah 10-Nov 1790 Guilford County
MC KRUM Samuel and HART Eleanor 2-Jun 1800 Mecklenburg County
MC LAIN George and MC LAIN Margaret 28-Feb 1820 Mecklenburg County
MC LAIN Margaret and MC LAIN George 28-Feb 1820 Mecklenburg County
MC LAIN Pruda and CRANE Peyton 10-Mar 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC LARTY Alexander and MORRISON Jennie 18-Sep 1776 NC?
MC LARTY Catherine and JEROME Thomas Jefferson Abt 1825 Monroe, Union County
MC LARTY Elizabeth and NEELY John 24-Feb 1806 Mecklenburg County
MC LARTY Margaret and MAXWELL Edwin 16-Jun 1832 Mecklenburg County
MC LARTY Polly C. and MORRIS John F. 22-Jul 1830 Mecklenburg County
MC LARTY Samuel W. and POLK Mary 16-May 1826 Mecklenburg County
MC LEAN Catherine and MC LEAN Neil Oct 1819 Robeson County
MC LEAN Christiana and MC LEAN John 14-Oct 1813 Robeson County
MC LEAN Daniel H. and MC LEAN Margaret 17-Jan 1837 Robeson County
MC LEAN David and BIRNEY Catherine 5-Jun 1790 Guilford County
MC LEAN Effie and MC CALLUM Edward 17-Jan 1837 Robeson County
MC LEAN Hugh and MORRIS Elizabeth 24-Apr 1810 Mecklenburg County
MC LEAN Isabelle and AUTON John W. 18-May 1847 Mecklenburg County
MC LEAN James and MC EACHIN Mary 21-Mar 1823 Robeson County
MC LEAN John and MC LEAN Christiana 14-Oct 1813 Robeson County
MC LEAN John M. and DICKSON Elizabeth 23-Mar 1831 Mecklenburg County
MC LEAN Margaret and MC LEAN Daniel H. 17-Jan 1837 Robeson County
MC LEAN Martha A. and RINER Samuel 14-Feb 1835 Mecklenburg County
MC LEAN Mary and MC CORMICK Daniel C. 10-Feb 1830 Robeson County
MC LEAN Matilda and ALEXANDER James Scott 14-Dec 1814 Mecklenburg County
MC LEAN Murdoch Dr. and PUGH Mary W. 14-Feb 1826 Robeson County
MC LEAN Nancy and MC RAE Alexander 13-Nov 1823 Robeson County
MC LEAN Neil and MC LEAN Catherine Oct 1819 Robeson County
MC LEAN Patsy and ROACH Allen 27-Aug 1824 Mecklenburg County
MC LEAN Robert G. and SANDIFER Catherine E. 3-Dec 1846 Mecklenburg County
MC LEAN Sarah and WATSON Alexander 12-Jan 1826 Robeson County
MC LEAN William and DAVIDSON Mary Month? 1792 Gaston County
MC LEAR Martha and ROBINSON Richard 14-Jun 1790 Mecklenburg County
MC LEARY James and BOYD Elizabeth 27-Feb 1822 Mecklenburg County
MC LEARY John and DUNN Isabella 5-Feb 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC LEARY Malissa and RUDISILL John 27-Jul 1821 Mecklenburg County
MC LEARY William H. and DAVIS Eliza 23-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
MC LELLAND Joseph and LAWRENCE Margaret 25-Jan 1792 Mecklenburg County
MC LEOD Alexander and BROWN Mary 9-Dec 1826 Mecklenburg County
MC LEOD Daniel and MC DONALD Peggy 8-Jun 1809 Mecklenburg County
MC LIN Robert L. and BLAIR Ann 20-Jun 1816 Guilford County
MC LURE David and JACKSON Nancy 24-Jan 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC LURE James and MC KELVEY Caroline 16-Jan 1843 Mecklenburg County
MC LURE Margaret and RICE Daniel 19-Feb 1852 Mecklenburg County
MC LURE Robert and DAVIS Eliza 24-Nov 1826 Mecklenburg County
MC MATH Margery and BOSWELL William 5-Nov 1761 Chowan County
MC MEKIN Andrew and MC KEE Mary 13-Apr 1792 Mecklenburg County
MC MILLAN Ruth Ann and FISHER William Harrison 11-Apr 1861 Sampson County
MC MINN Easter and MC GEE Andrew 20-Jan 1792 Guilford County
MC MIRL Elihu and DONNELL Jean 11-Mar 1800 Guilford County
MC MURRAY James and BROWN Elizabeth 14-Apr 1774 Guilford County
MC MURRAY James and SMITH Elizabeth 21-Nov 1795 Guilford County
MC MURRAY John and MC COY Jennet S. 1-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
MC MURRAY Robert and SCOTT Mary 28-Dec 1791 Guilford County
MC NARY Boyd and JONES Elizabeth 3-Mar 1842 Guilford County
MC NEAL Thomas and POLK Clarissa 29-Sep 1803 Mecklenburg County
MC NEEL William R. and PORTER Margaret 24-Feb 1831 Mecklenburg County
MC NEELLY David and FINCHER Hezra 15-May 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC NEELLY James and MITCHELL Isabella 25-Aug 1746 Guilford County
MC NEELLY James and SCOTT Lavina 13-Nov 1828 Guilford County
MC NEELLY John and MC CORKLE Hannah 26-Feb 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC NEVIN Elizabeth and HOOD Robert 15-May 1797 Mecklenburg County
MC PHEARSON Matthew and WILSON Elizabeth 28-Sep 1797 Iredell County
MC PHEETERS Margaret Ann and WILSON John 29-Jan 1841 Milton Caswell Co.
MC QUESTON Thomas and STEPHENS Sally 11-Dec 1815 Mecklenburg County
MC QUINN John and ATCHISON Peggy 17-Nov 1827 Mecklenburg County
MC RACHIN Esther and CLANCY John 5-Nov 1822 Mecklenburg County
MC RAE Alexander and MC LEAN Nancy 13-Nov 1823 Robeson County
MC RAE Margaret M. and JOHNSTON William C. 1-Nov 1828 Mecklenburg County
MC RARY David and REED Charlotte 4-Sep 1839 Mecklenburg County
MC REA Susanna and BEATY Joseph 14-Aug 1798 Mecklenburg County
MC REAM Stephen and FERGUSON Mary 3-Jan 1819 Mecklenburg County
MC REE Andrew and ELLIOT Martha 28-May 1791 Mecklenburg County
MC REE David and ORR Sarah 4-Nov 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC REE Diana and HARTT David 16-Aug 1797 Mecklenburg County
MC REE James and CAROTHERS Jamina 28-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC REE Margaret and AUTEN Isaac W. 1-Sep 1857 Mecklenburg County
MC REE Polly and HUTCHINSON David 22-May 1805 Mecklenburg County
MC REE William and GRAHAM Jane 23-Dec 1814 Mecklenburg County
MC REE Winslow J. and PATTERSON Peggy 27-Jun 1808 Mecklenburg County
MC REEM Samuel J. and RODGERS Sarah H. 2-Mar 1835 Mecklenburg County
MC REEM Stephen and RODGERS Matilda P. 8-Apr 1826 Mecklenburg County
MC REIM Rachel M. and ROGERS John 17-Sep 1825 Mecklenburg County
MC RONEY Isaac and AYDLETT Rhody 15-Feb 1797 Guilford County
MC SHEEHEY Miles and STACY Penelope 20-Apr 1776 Chowan County
MC SPAREN John and PATRICK Elizabeth 9-Jan 1794 Guilford County
MC SPARRON Margaret and REA Avery S. 5-Mar 1823 Mecklenburg County
MC WHORTER James H. and MC KNIGHT Catherine L. 28-Sep 1826 Mecklenburg County
MC WHORTER Moses and JENNESS Agnes 26-Aug 1793 Mecklenburg County
MC WILLIAMS Isabel and CROWWELL John 2-Feb 1797 Mecklenburg County
MEACHAM Martha D. and HAMMOND Samuel G. 17-Aug 1841 Mecklenburg County
MEACHAND Elizabeth and BLACK William 22-Jul 1801 Mecklenburg County
MEANS C. T. and ROBISON Susan S. 8-Dec 1841 Mecklenburg County
MEANS Catherine and BACKUS Thomas 24-Oct 1786 Chowan County
MEANS Mary and MC CORD John 10-Jan 1827 Mecklenburg County
MEANS William and HIPP Caroline 18-Dec 1838 Mecklenburg County
MEARS Elijah and MONTGOMERY Martha 23-May 1811 Guilford County
MEBANE Robert and STAFFORD Sally 18-Oct 1815 Guilford County
MEBANE William Jr. and BURNEY Rebecca 13-Dec 1794 Guilford County
MEDEARIS Moses and BELL Selah 12-Aug 1800 Guilford County
MEEK Peggy and BLACK John 9-Mar 1803 Mecklenburg County
MEEK Rebecca and CONGER John A. 14-Dec 1822 Mecklenburg County
MEGUIRT David and WINCHESTER Rebecca 12-Nov 1833 Mecklenburg County
MEHAFFEY John and LANGLEY Phebe 6-Jan 1791 Guilford County
MELCH Thusey and MILLER Solomon 17-Jan 1842 Chowan County
MELTON Eli and BARNETT Sarah Abt 1785 Rutherford County
MELTON Elizabeth and MELTON John 14-May 1800 Rutherford County
MELTON James and FESTERMAN Elizabeth 26-Feb 1833 Mecklenburg County
MELTON Jesse and MELTON Mary Elinor 8-Dec 1814 Rutherford County
MELTON John and MELTON Elizabeth 14-May 1800 Rutherford County
MELTON Mary Elinor and MELTON Jesse 8-Dec 1814 Rutherford County
MELTON Nancy and ALLEN Charles 5-Nov 1805 Rutherford County
MELVIN William and KIRKPATRICK Catherine 30-Oct 1793 Mecklenburg County
MENDENHALL Charity and TOMLINSON Josiah 13-Oct 1784 Deep River meeting
MENDENHALL Richard and CLEMMONS Polly 25-Jul 1799 Guilford County
MENDENHALL Zadoc and HORNY Esther 14-Nov 1817 Guilford County
MERCHANT Eliza and BROWN John G. 2-Apr 1833 Mecklenburg County
MERCHANT Jane and MC KINNEY Seth 14-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
MEREDITH Carolina M. and SANDERS William S. 5-Jun 1834 Oxford area
MEREDITH David and BROWNING Sarah / widow 2-Jun 1773 Chowan County
MEREDITH Isabella and WALKER James H. 20-Apr 1831 Oxford area
MEREDITH James and KNIGHT Rachel 23-Aug 1797 Guilford County
MEREDITH Jenobia Aurelian and SANDERS Simon T. 15-Jun 1830 Oxford area
MEREDITH John and GIBSON Frances 25-Dec 1771 Guilford County
MEREDITH John and KNIGHT Mary 17-Feb 1797 Guilford County
MEREDITH John and PEOPLES Nancy 8-Jul 1842 Guilford County
MEREDITH Joseph Norfleet and BASTISLE Mary 15-May 1800 Oxford area
MEREDITH Mary Ann R. and BROWN Armistead Capt. 30-Dec 1824 Oxford area
MEREDITH Solome Baptisle and SIMMS Albert Gallatin 26-Jan 1830 Oxford area
MERIEGU John and COATS Hannah 4-Mar 1795 Guilford County
MERLIVA James and COOK Rachel 27-Feb 1838 Mecklenburg County
MERRIFIELD George and TATUM Mary 6-Dec 1788 Guilford County
MERRIT Tabitha and GOODWIN William 8-Mar 1768 Edgecombe County
MERRITT Thomas F. and WEAVER Jane 22-Sep 1841 Guilford County
MESSENGE Benjamin and WALLER Anne Bef 1694 NC?
MESSENGER John and PREDY Mary Mrs. 20-Jan 1752 Chowan County
MESSENGER Mary / widow and WALLACE Robert 1-Aug 1754 Chowan County
MEYER Maria Magdalena and KRAUSE Johann Gottlob 29-Jun 1786 Salem Burke Co.
MIDDLETON Esther and FAGAN Shadrach Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
MIDDLETON John and DWIGHT Mary Month? 1782 Tyrrell County
MIDDLETON Sarah and HOWARD Benjamin 25-Jan 1775 Tyrrell County
MIDDLETON William and HARRIS Sarah F. 22-Mar 1800 Guilford County
MIDGET Samuel and MANN Dorothy 6-Nov 1778 Tyrrell County
MILBURN Elizabeth and BLOUNT John 13-Jan 1790 Bertie County
MILCHAM Jacob and BURTON Mary 15-Sep 1795 Guilford County
MILES Archibald and WARSHAM Patsy 25-Jun 1804 Mecklenburg County
MILES William and FARRELL Sally 15-Sep 1817 Mecklenburg County
MILLEN Mary and TURNER William 11-Oct 1780 Bertie County
MILLER Abigail and HOBDAY Joseph 13-Jun 1764 Chowan County
MILLER Adam and HENDERSON Jane 13-Apr 1804 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Andrew and BLOUNT Elizabeth Feb 1763 Perquimans County
MILLER Andrew and MILLER Margaret 28-Jul 1795 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Ann and DEMSEY William 25-Jul 1781 Bertie County