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MILLER Catherine and WATERS Jeremiah 25-May 1778 Chowan County
MILLER Cynthia and ROWLAND James 25-Jul 1836 Mecklenburg County
MILLER David and GRAHAM Hannah 14-May 1794 Guilford County
MILLER David and PELL Ann Mrs. 3-Jan 1824 Chowan County
MILLER David and WILSON Jane 22-May 1815 Mecklenburg County
MILLER David M. and HART Martha P. 22-Nov 1849 Mecklenburg County
MILLER David W. and MORRISON Serena 8-Aug 1845 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Eleanor and LEONARD Jacob 16-Jun 1765 Wilmington
MILLER Eliza and HARTMUS James H. 23-Sep 1815 Chowan County
MILLER Eliza and NIXON William 21-Dec 1858 Chowan County
MILLER Eliza and REID Samuel W. 22-Oct 1836 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Elizabeth and LANE Henry 9-Jul 1856 Chowan County
MILLER Elizabeth and PRIVETT Samuel 17-Jul 1827 Chowan County
MILLER Harriet and MYERS Alexander W. 27-Jan 1857 Chowan County
MILLER Harriet C. and ROGERS I. Lafayette 28-Sep 1854 Mecklenburg County
MILLER James and MC KIBBEN Rebecca 2-May 1796 Mecklenburg County
MILLER James and NANDAFORD Annie Oct 1780 Tyrrell County
MILLER James and SMITH May 30-Jul 1791 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Jenny and ROGERS Andrew N. 21-Sep 1811 Mecklenburg County
MILLER John and CHARLETON Rachel 22-Dec 1801 Chowan County
MILLER John and LEATH Penelope 27-Feb 1799 Chowan County
MILLER John and RAY Penny 30-Jan 1821 Bertie County
MILLER John and SMITH Mary Ann 10-Jan 1794 Mecklenburg County
MILLER John and TURNER Nancy 3-Jun 1835 Mecklenburg County
MILLER John and VIPERALL Jane 1-Sep 1843 Mecklenburg County
MILLER John W. and JOHNSTON Jane C. 6-Sep 1843 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Jonathan and MONTGOMERY Elizabeth 23-Sep 1818 Guilford County
MILLER Jonathan and TODD Miley 26-Jan 1850 Chowan County
MILLER Jonathan S. and COPELAND Leah 24-Jan 1850 Chowan County
MILLER Julia A. and MISKELL John B. 16-Jul 1828 Chowan County
MILLER Lucinda S. and BIGGERS Francis A. 22-Feb 1853 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Margaret and MILLER Andrew 28-Jul 1795 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Margaret and ORR James 23-Jan 1793 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Margaret / widow and DARE Henry 26-Mar 1764 Chowan County
MILLER Margaret / widow and HALSEY William 27-Jun 1767 Chowan County
MILLER Margaret A. and HARRELL John 9-Jan 1845 Chowan County
MILLER Martha J. and TODD Bryant 4-Jul 1860 Chowan County
MILLER Martin and MURER Ann D. 23-Jul 1801 Chowan County
MILLER Matthew and SIMMONS Harriet G. 29-Oct 1844 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Nancy and BOND Nathaniel 4-Jul 1831 Chowan County
MILLER Nancy and REED Silas 16-Feb 1812 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Nathaniel and LING Mary 21-Dec 1802 Chowan County
MILLER Nelly and CULLIFER Nathaniel 30-May 1834 Bertie County
MILLER Nelly and JONES Albert G. 27-Apr 1848 Chowan County
MILLER Nicholas and ELLIOTT Mary 19-Sep 1844 Guilford County
MILLER Philip and WILSON Martha J. 23-Jun 1853 Lenoir County
MILLER Priscilla and MASON Winfield 4-May 1808 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Reuben and COFFIELD Lavina 21-Sep 1848 Chowan County
MILLER Riddick and MANSFIELD Martha 15-Nov 1832 Bertie County
MILLER Robert and FLUERY Margaret / widow 27-Jun 1772 Chowan County
MILLER Samuel and CRAWFORD Martha 10-Aug 1792 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Sarah and HULL Joseph 29-Sep 1779 Rowan County
MILLER Smith and WARD Temperance 22-Jan 1839 Chowan County
MILLER Solomon and COPELAND Sarah 16-Jan 1838 Chowan County
MILLER Solomon and MELCH Thusey 17-Jan 1842 Chowan County
MILLER Thomas and DOMINQUE Mary 28-Nov 1801 Chowan County
MILLER Thomas I. and STALLINGS Priscilla 27-Sep 1831 Chowan County
MILLER William and DAIL Mary 31-Dec 1846 Chowan County
MILLER William and LEWIS Isabella 24-Oct 1797 Mecklenburg County
MILLER William and WHITE Mary 11-Mar 1831 Chowan County
MILLER William C. and DULIN Nancy 16-Nov 1849 Mecklenburg County
MILLER William C. and MC KEE Ruth 14-Jan 1837 Mecklenburg County
MILLER Winnie and MIZELL John 9-Nov 1789 Bertie County
MILLERSEY John and GRIFFIN Elizabeth 22-Jul 1793 Guilford County
MILLIS James and JACKSON Mary 6-Dec 1785 Guilford County
MILLIS John and HEGNIT Rachel 26-Nov 1786 Guilford County
MILLIS Nicholson and SNOW Nancy 28-May 1799 Guilford County
MILLS Amy and HANCOCK Josiah Month? 1801 Pitt County
MILLS Ann and HOWELL William 15-Jun 1776 Tyrrell County
MILLS Francis and LONG Penelope 29-Mar 1783 Tyrrell County
MILLS John and UNDERWOOD Levis 13-Oct 1795 Guilford County
MILLS John and UNDERWOOD Lewis 13-Oct 1795 Guilford County
MILLS Jonathan and FARRINGTON Hannah 8-Feb 1817 Guilford County
MILLS Nancy and MANLEY Edward 31-Aug 1830 NC?
MILLS Zebulon and SMITH Elizabeth H. 29-Mar 1794 Chowan County
MILTON Josiah and JONES Susan 14-Jun 1834 Guilford County
MINER Richard and WHELAR Rachel 14-Jul 1793 Guilford County
MING Annarita and COLLINS Thomas 25-Jan 1742 Chowan County
MING Mary and HAUGHTON William 1-Apr 1748 Chowan County
MING Mary / widow and HOWELL John 8-Sep 1753 Chowan County
MING Sarah and WILKINS William 18-Jan 1741 Chowan County
MING Thomas and NIXON Sarah / widow 5-Sep 1753 Chowan County
MINSY ~ and WELLSMAR Dorothy St. M. Bef 1684 NC?
MINTON Benjamin and REED Alice 15-Feb 1790 Bertie County
MISKELL John B. and MILLER Julia A. 16-Jul 1828 Chowan County
MITCHELL Achsa and DAIL Elisha 24-Dec 1841 Chowan County
MITCHELL Alexi and SHOECRAFT Peggy 13-Sep 1834 Guilford County
MITCHELL Alfonso O. and WILLIAMS Perlina 15-Aug 1860 Guilford County
MITCHELL Ann and BACCHUS James 17-Oct 1811 Chowan County
MITCHELL Ann and HARRISON Reuben 18-May 1790 Bertie County
MITCHELL Betsy and EARLY Thomas 25-Sep 1821 Bertie County
MITCHELL Catherine Mrs. and ROMBOUGH John 11-May 1747 Chowan County
MITCHELL Catron and O'NEAL Patrick 23-Aug 1790 Mecklenburg County
MITCHELL Daniel and WIGGINS Patsy 19-Dec 1804 Mecklenburg County
MITCHELL Dickson and TARKINTON Mary 22-Mar 1769 Tyrrell County
MITCHELL Edward and BROWN Milky 30-Jul 1832 Guilford County
MITCHELL Eliza and CHAPPELL Isaac B. 19-Feb 1852 Chowan County
MITCHELL Elizabeth and FLEMING James 24-Jan 1784 Rowan County
MITCHELL Elizabeth and JORDON Hance 30-Mar 1859 Chowan County
MITCHELL Elizabeth and SIMPSON Evan 21-Jan 1812 Chowan County
MITCHELL Ellis and CURRY Mary 12-Feb 1857 Guilford County
MITCHELL Ellis and KETER Polly 26-Jan 1848 Guilford County
MITCHELL Ephriam and MATTHEWS Margaret 31-Aug 1825 Mecklenburg County
MITCHELL George and HOLDER Aggie 20-Dec 1830 Bertie County
MITCHELL Hannah and OWEN Peter 20-Nov 1786 Orange County
MITCHELL Isabella and MC NEELLY James 25-Aug 1746 Guilford County
MITCHELL Jane and ORR John Allen 16-Jan 1811 Mecklenburg County
MITCHELL Jean and BRADLEY John McK. 13-Feb 1796 Mecklenburg County
MITCHELL Lavinia and GRIFFIN Exum 22-Nov 1830 Chowan County
MITCHELL Margaret and PARISH James 8-Nov 1844 Chowan County
MITCHELL Martha and WALKER Solomon Month? 1779 Granville County
MITCHELL Mary and BULLOCK John 12-Nov 1789 Oxford area
MITCHELL Mary and CRANSHAW Henry 26-May 1801 Mecklenburg County
MITCHELL Mary and GOODWIN Isaac 4-Jan 1821 Chowan County
MITCHELL Mary and TODD James 19-Jun 1828 Bertie County
MITCHELL Milly and OVERTON James 26-Nov 1788 Bertie County
MITCHELL Nancy and MATHER William 25-Aug 1787 Guilford County
MITCHELL Nancy and WHITE William P. 18-Oct 1858 Granville County
MITCHELL Penelope and CASTELAW John 30-Nov 1785 Bertie County
MITCHELL Rhoda and MORRIS William 22-Nov 1790 Bertie County
MITCHELL Sarah and BOYCE John 4-Aug 1834 Chowan County
MITCHELL Sarah and CASTELLAW William 31-Mar 1784 Bertie County
MITCHELL Sarah and DAIL Julius 26-Nov 1824 Chowan County
MITCHELL Susan and BOYCE Thomas 12-Jan 1838 Chowan County
MITCHELL Winnifred and WESTON Amos 23-Sep 1780 Bertie County
MITCHELL Winny and COBB Nathan 9-Aug 1779 Bertie County
MITTER Rebecca and CARRIGAN William 27-Dec 1793 Mecklenburg County
MIZELL Charlton and EVERITT Elizabeth 2-Aug 1764 Tyrrell County
MIZELL Hannah and MIZELL John 13-Nov 1768 Tyrrell County
MIZELL Hezekiah and BRITAIN Nancy 8-May 1805 Bertie County
MIZELL James and KING Sarah 18-Jan 1769 Tyrrell County
MIZELL John and MILLER Winnie 9-Nov 1789 Bertie County
MIZELL John and MIZELL Hannah 13-Nov 1768 Tyrrell County
MIZZELL Sarah and RICHARDSON Benjamin 30-Sep 1767 Tyrrell County
MOCK Catherine and HOUK Felix 13-Jun 1793 Rowan County
MOCK Eliza and FISHEL Daniel 14-Nov 1837 Davidson County
MOCK Lucetta and ADER David 15-Mar 1851 Davidson County
MOFFITT Charles and COX Mary 27-Nov 1772 Guilford County
MONDAY Elizabeth and MOORE Thomas 11-Sep 1797 Guilford County
MONK Linah and JONES Jesse 21-Jul 1788 Bertie County
MONRO Margaret and HUSTON Donald 31-Dec 1779 Rowan County
MONS Ester and BIBBS Mathew 23-Mar 1818 Mecklenburg County
MONTEITH Elizabeth and MAXWELL Joseph 10-Jan 1792 Mecklenburg County
MONTEITH Leah E. and ORR John G. A. 30-Apr 1857 Mecklenburg County
MONTEITH Margaret and JEWELL Stephen 30-Jul 1792 Mecklenburg County
MONTEITH Maria A. and ORR James L. V. 17-Jan 1861 Mecklenburg County
MONTFORT Ann and SPEIGHT Isaac 24-Jul 1764 Chowan County
MONTGOMERY A. F. and BROWN E. A. Miss 15-Jun 1865 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Alexander and CROMARTIE Sarah 18-May 1778 Chowan County
MONTGOMERY Ann and ROSS James 5-Oct 1815 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Deborah and BARNETT James G. 24-Jan 1827 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Elizabeth and MILLER Jonathan 23-Sep 1818 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY Elizabeth and PAGE Joshua 9-Oct 1787 Bertie County
MONTGOMERY Elizabeth L. and ROBERTS Robert R. 18-May 1840 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Hannah and MC KNIGHT James 13-Nov 1792 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY Hannah and ROSS John 12-Jun 1816 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY James and CLARK Rebekah 8-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY James and ERNHARDT Leah 4-Aug 1851 Rowan County
MONTGOMERY James and HERRON Delila 16-Jun 1846 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY James and JESSOP Elizabeth 21-Nov 1775 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY James A. and PHIFER Margaret 7-Dec 1841 Rowan County
MONTGOMERY James C. and HILL Delilah 23-Feb 1825 Rowan County
MONTGOMERY James T. and SHAW Martha 11-Feb 1857 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY Jane and ROBERTS William 26-Sep 1832 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Jesse and MAY Lavina 22-Dec 1865 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY John and BEGETT Margaret 26-Feb 1802 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY John and BRALEY Martha 16-May 1786 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY John and CLARK Mary 1-Aug 1795 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY John and TOWNY Elinor 15-May 1799 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY John and WILEY Mary 14-Jul 1827 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY John H. and MOORE Hannah E. 27-Dec 1831 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Lucinda and CLARK William 27-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Margaret and BRIDGER Robert 2-Nov 1786 Bertie County
MONTGOMERY Margaret N. and MC CONNELL James H. 28-Jul 1857 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Martha and ALEXANDER Stephen 8-Sep 1819 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Martha and HENRY Cyrus 3-Jan 1810 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Martha and MEARS Elijah 23-May 1811 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY Martha A. and ORR Nathan F. 18-Sep 1851 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Mary and MASON Isaac 22-Jun 1831 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Mary Jane and HUNTER Hugh M. 21-Aug 1850 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Mary N. and HILL Walter A. 27-Dec 1830 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Milisa N. and ALEXANDER Rufus L. 22-May 1844 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Nicholas and PHIFER Jane 11-Jan 1845 Rowan County
MONTGOMERY Phebe and MORTON Samuel 18-Aug 1750 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY R. C. and HUTCHISON Mary E. 8-Dec 1859 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY R. C. and WALLACE Margaret B. 13-Feb 1855 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY R. F. and CATHAY Eliza 17-Jan 1849 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Rebekah and BARNETT David E. 7-Feb 1827 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Robert and MC CLEARY Elianor 15-Nov 1804 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Samuel and CLARK Rachel 28-Mar 1812 Mecklenburg County
MONTGOMERY Sarah and AVERIT Henry 9-May 1792 Bertie County
MONTGOMERY Sarah A. and MORTON William 10-Nov 1855 Rowan County
MONTGOMERY William and ALBRIGHT Sarah 13-Nov 1817 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY William and FORBES Margaret 14-Jun 1802 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY William and HEART Sarah 10-Feb 1830 Guilford County
MONTGOMERY Wilson and ALEXANDER Mary A. 15-Apr 1846 Mecklenburg County
MONTIETH Alexi and WALKER Elizabeth 1-Dec 1790 Mecklenburg County
MONTIETH John and ALEXANDER Martha 29-Jan 1833 Mecklenburg County
MONTIETH John and HARGROVE ~ 10-Sep 1814 Mecklenburg County
MONTIETH Margaret C. and BLACKEKY Daniel A. 25-Mar 1837 Mecklenburg County
MONTIETH Martha A. and BROWN William 29-Oct 1839 Mecklenburg County
MONTIETH William and BARRY Violet 4-Sep 1807 Mecklenburg County
MONTIETH William and WILLIAMS Susannah 13-Nov 1804 Mecklenburg County
MOONEY Martha and BADHAM William Abt 1735 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
MOORE Agness and ALEXANDER Evan 2-Nov 1818 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Amanda and MC CALL Horace 16-Feb 1836 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Andrew F. and CHRISTENBURY Arminta B. 20-Aug 1846 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Arminta and MOORE John 22-Oct 1800 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Catherine E. and JULIAN Jacob C. 7-Jul 1853 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Charles and CREECY Elizabeth 15-Nov 1785 Chowan County
MOORE Charles and TAYLOR Rebecca Month? 1777 Granville County
MOORE Charles B. and RODDEN Catherine 19-Jun 1809 Mecklenburg County
MOORE David and HELMS Agnes 9-May 1811 Mecklenburg County
MOORE David and PORTER Jane 9-Sep 1780 Guilford County
MOORE David J. and WILSON Nancy L. 8-Oct 1845 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Dunham and WALKER Susannah Month? 1778 Granville County
MOORE Elam and CAMPBELL Eliza 18-Jan 1826 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Elenor and BOWIE Benjamin 25-Oct 1827 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Ezekiel and HARDISON Elizabeth 19-Dec 1766 Tyrrell County
MOORE Fanny S. and OSBORN Edward A. 15-Mar 1865 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Frances and REA Allan 2-Nov 1797 Mecklenburg County
MOORE G. R. and TODD Christine E. 3-Jan 1849 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Hannah E. and MONTGOMERY John H. 27-Dec 1831 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Herbert C. and PEEPLES Sarah 8-Mar 1842 Guilford County
MOORE Hugh and ALEXANDER Helena 19-Mar 1824 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Isaac and FOARD Nancy 5-Nov 1800 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Isaac H. and PARKS Martha 22-Jul 1854 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Isabelle and GRAY Hugh 31-Mar 1789 Rowan County
MOORE James and JOHNSON Cynthia 13-Feb 1827 Mecklenburg County
MOORE James and MC EWEN Ellen 12-Jun 1793 Mecklenburg County
MOORE James H. and PARKS Elizabeth 6-Apr 1825 Mecklenburg County
MOORE James W. and DAVIDSON Isabella S. G. 19-Jan 1835 Mecklenburg County
MOORE John and MOORE Arminta 22-Oct 1800 Mecklenburg County
MOORE John and ROWAN Comfort 20-Feb 1782 Guilford County
MOORE Joseph and ATKINSON Priscilla 29-Oct 1790 Bertie County
MOORE Joseph S. and EMBERSON Sarah 20-Dec 1826 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Joshua T. and ABERNATHY Locky 6-Jan 1830 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Lemmy and MAGEE Rachel 21-Jan 1818 Guilford County
MOORE Margaret and ALEXANDER C. L. 5-Apr 1845 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Margaret and MC KNIGHT Robert 27-Jan 1803 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Margaret and NELSON Samuel 14-Sep 1790 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Margaret C. and CALDWELL James M. 15-Jan 1851 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Mary and ALEXANDER Oswald 17-Oct 1826 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Mary and DILLIARD John 31-Mar 1762 Edgecombe County
MOORE Mary and GARDNER John 25-Jul 1786 Rowan County
MOORE Mary and GILBREATH Thomas 13-Feb 1797 Rowan County
MOORE Mary and HORAH Hugh 14-Jan 1788 Rowan County
MOORE Mary and MORRISON Cyrus 21-Jan 1824 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Mary Ann and OSBORN James W. 5-Apr 1842 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Melissa and CLARK James 24-Nov 1829 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Miss and BRASWELL Sampson 31-May 1762 Edgecombe County
MOORE Nancy and DICKSON James Month? 1786 Rowan County
MOORE Penelope and GRANSBERRY James 18-May 1790 Bertie County
MOORE Phillip and SIMPSON Peggy 12-Mar 1801 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Polly Scot and CANNON John 23-Dec 1791 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Prudy and JOHNSTON Sam 17-Jul 1811 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Risdon and DENT Ann 5-Dec 1790 Guilford County
MOORE Samuel and WALLACE Evaline C. 9-Mar 1830 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Sarah and ABINGTON Littlebury 4-May 1790 Bertie County
MOORE Stephen and GARRETT Sarah 14-Aug 1845 Laurens County
MOORE Teenan and BOWEN Margaret 15-Jun 1797 Guilford County
MOORE Thomas and DUNN Isabella 26-Feb 1793 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Thomas and GOLDSBURY Ann C. 1-Oct 1799 Guilford County
MOORE Thomas and MONDAY Elizabeth 11-Sep 1797 Guilford County
MOORE Thomas J. and IRWIN Mary Ann 20-Sep 1838 Mecklenburg County
MOORE William and FELTON Polly 19-Feb 1805 Mecklenburg County
MOORE William and LANING Buddy Aug 1833 Mecklenburg County
MOORE William and NICHOLS Susannah Month? 1763 Granville County
MOORE William and STANFORD Hannah 11-Nov 1800 Mecklenburg County
MOORE William and TODD Ann 7-Apr 1821 Mecklenburg County
MOORE Willis and JASEY Martha 3-Mar 1798 Guilford County
MOOREFIELD Milly and HILTON Lifas 5-Nov 1792 Rowan County
MOORMAN Francis and COVINGTON Benjamin H. 6-Mar 1780 Anson County
MOPLEY Josephine N. and CUTHRELL Joseph F. 30-Dec 1857 Davie County
MORGAN George and VALENTINE Sarah 20-Nov 1785 Chowan County
MORGAN James and HUBBARD Sarah 18-Jul 1800 Guilford County
MORGAN John and SWAIN Naomi 5-Feb 1800 Guilford County
MORGAN Mary and FLOWERS Jacob 28-Jan 1788 Orange County
MORGAN Nancy and BRANCH Burwell 15-Oct 1788 Bertie County
MORGAN Nicholson Ross and ALEXANDER Mary W. 29-Nov 1820 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Allen and BOND Sally 30-Oct 1805 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Amy and MC COMB James 21-Mar 1828 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Annie and BIGGS Davis Month? 1781 Camden County
MORRIS Eliza and JOHNSTON Ezekial 10-Sep 1833 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Elizabeth and HOLDER George Ludwig 23-Apr 1802 Stokes County
MORRIS Elizabeth and MC LEAN Hugh 24-Apr 1810 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Elizabeth and RICH Elijah 15-Aug 1834 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS James and BRITT Loving 7-Nov 1791 Bertie County
MORRIS James and WILSON Elizabeth 16-Apr 1804 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS James J. and MATTHEWS Anne 6-Jun 1822 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS James S. and HENDERSON Isabella 26-Jan 1847 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS John and MAHON Mary 9-Jun 1796 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS John and MAXWELL Margaret 30-Jul 1792 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS John F. and MC LARTY Polly C. 22-Jul 1830 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS John J. and YOUNG Eliza 12-Aug 1822 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Josiah and CANNON Eveline 11-Aug 1842 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Mary N. and RICH Dempsey 7-Oct 1834 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Mickey and BEST Henry 17-Jan 1789 Bertie County
MORRIS Nancy and ORR Joseph L. 7-Jan 1823 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Nancy A. and MAXWELL William R. 12-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Philemon and SHAVER Mary 8-Apr 1794 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Reuben and HOUSTON Mary 1-Feb 1816 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Robert and CONNER Catherine 21-Dec 1811 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Robert J. and MC COMBS Minty 20-Jan 1825 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS William and MITCHELL Rhoda 22-Nov 1790 Bertie County
MORRIS William and WEAVER Rhoda 18-Sep 1803 Chowan County
MORRIS William C. and MC JOHNSTON Miss 4-Mar 1843 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS William H. and COCHRAN Lucinda 25-Jan 1844 Mecklenburg County
MORRIS Winifred and TODD Samuel 28-Nov 1789 Bertie County
MORRIS Zebulon L. and PARKS Mary A. 20-Jul 1847 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Caroline and ALEXANDER Isaac 8-Aug 1845 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Cynthia and ALEXANDER Joel B. 16-Aug 1815 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Cyrus and MOORE Mary 21-Jan 1824 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Henry and PORTER Jane 29-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON James and JOHNSTON Margaret 10-Sep 1799 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON James and SIMONS Mary 23-Feb 1819 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON James M. and JOHNSTON Mary 4-Dec 1830 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Jane and JOHNSON John M. 7-Jan 1861 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Jennie and MC LARTY Alexander 18-Sep 1776 NC?
MORRISON John and BRADSHAW Jane 5-Apr 1791 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON John and ROGERS Dolly 31-Jul 1804 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Martha and FOSTER John 20-Mar 1768 Rowan County
MORRISON Mary and RUSSELL Robert Month? 1779 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Nathaniel and ALEXANDER Ruth 20-Jan 1827 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Robert and MC COMB Margaret 4-Mar 1797 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Samuel F. and GINGLER Rachel 18-Apr 1818 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Serena and MILLER David W. 8-Aug 1845 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON Washington and DENKINS Mary Ann 15-Oct 1825 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON William and GINGLER Rosanna 9-Mar 1819 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON William and HOUSTON Margaret 17-Dec 1821 Mecklenburg County
MORRISON William and KERR Helena 11-Dec 1830 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Benjamin and HAWKINS Mary J. 20-Apr 1847 Mecklenburg County
MORROW David and MC CULLOCH Jeane 25-Nov 1802 Mecklenburg County
MORROW David and PARKS Margaret 20-Aug 1839 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Drury and MC CULLOUGH Esther 17-Jan 1820 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Eli and COOK Mary 19-Dec 1838 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Elizabeth and MORROW Isaac 14-Nov 1820 Mecklenburg County
MORROW H. Z. and MANING T. W. 4-Apr 1866 NC?
MORROW Hezekiah and JONES Elizabeth 5-Jan 1815 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Hezekiah and RAY Elizabeth 25-Apr 1820 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Isaac and MORROW Elizabeth 14-Nov 1820 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Isaac and POWERS Sally 18-Jul 1811 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Jenny and BROWN Adams 28-Apr 1801 Mecklenburg County
MORROW John and CLARK Mary 18-Mar 1792 Guilford County
MORROW John White and NORLEY Patsy 10-Dec 1807 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Martha and MORROW Stephen W. 27-Sep 1841 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Martha and MORROW Robert 5-Mar 1812 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Martha L. and BLACK Joseph 17-Aug 1737 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Martha M. and RUSSELL Lewis H. 23-Dec 1847 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Mary and BUSBY William 5-Mar 1812 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Mary H. and BLACKLEY Thomas H. 20-Sep 1836 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Peggy and BONDS James 27-Apr 1802 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Robert and MORROW Martha 5-Mar 1812 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Robert W. and WILLIAMS Sarah 4-Feb 1840 Mecklenburg County
MORROW Stephen W. and MORROW Martha 27-Sep 1841 Mecklenburg County
MORROW William and CROCKETT Margaret 17-Mar 1794 Mecklenburg County
MORSE John G. and ~ Mary H. 8-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
MORTON Charles S. and OSBORN Obedience 18-Jan 1803 Mecklenburg County
MORTON Samuel and MONTGOMERY Phebe 18-Aug 1750 Guilford County
MORTON William and MONTGOMERY Sarah A. 10-Nov 1855 Rowan County
MOSELEY Edward and BATEMAN Ann 16-Jan 1795 Chowan County
MOSIER Pheby and GIVENS James 19-Dec 1792 Rowan County
MOSS C. E. and ALEXANDER J. S. Miss 21-Apr 1845 Mecklenburg County
MOSS Jordan D. and WHITE Ann Mann 5-Mar 1827 Granville County
MOSS Richardson and TURNER Sarah 27-Sep 1783 Perquimans County
MOSS Ruben J. and WHITE Frances Asbury 4-Oct 1839 Granville County
MOTZ Catherine and ELLENBERGER John F. 28-Jan 1794 Rowan County
MOUSEY Thomas J. and COVINGTON Frances J. 1-Mar 1849 Richmond County
MOW Alexander and CLELAND Elizabeth 6-Jan 1763 Chowan County
MOWELL Peter and WAFF Lydia 8-Sep 1779 Chowan County
MUCKLIN Hugh and ANDERSON Agnes 22-Nov 1785 Guilford County
MULIVA Miles and ALLEN Sarah 20-Jul 1836 Mecklenburg County
MULLEN Sarah and TURNER Benjamin 10-Apr 1790 Perquimans County
MULLER Christina and FRY John 23-Nov 1779 Rowan County
MULLER Sarah and TURNER Dempsy 9-Apr 1781 Perquimans County
MULLICAR Sally and GRIFFIN Youkley 19-Jan 1796 Rowan County
MULLINS Clem and PARKER Betsy 4-Aug 1807 Mecklenburg County
MULLINS Peter and GRIER Mary 19-Oct 1790 Mecklenburg County
MURDOCK David and BOHANNON Mary 12-Aug 1788 Orange County
MURDOCK James and GRAY Elizabeth 10-Jun 1790 Orange County
MURDOCK Polly and HALL William 9-Feb 1786 Orange County
MURER Ann D. and MILLER Martin 23-Jul 1801 Chowan County
MURPHY Alice and JAMESON Isaac 5-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
MURPHY Archibald and MC KENNEY Mary 30-Mar 1798 Mecklenburg County
MURPHY John and CARR Margaret 5-Nov 1786 Guilford County
MURPHY Joseph and CHADWICK Betty 16-Nov 1774 Guilford County
MURPHY Solo and GUION Betsy 29-Oct 1781 Orange County
MURPHY Timothy and BALLARD Milley 4-Jan 1774 Guilford County
MURRAY Domonick and SULLIVAN Millie 7-Jan 1778 Chowan County
MYERS Alexander W. and MILLER Harriet 27-Jan 1857 Chowan County
MYERS Barbara and HEDRICK Peter 18-Feb 1797 Rowan County
MYERS Michael and MC CRARY Elizabeth 17-Oct 1778 Guilford County
NANCE Isabella and BLYTHE Samuel 8-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
NANCE William and ALCORN Sarah 18-Dec 1814 Mecklenburg County
NANDAFORD Annie and MILLER James Oct 1780 Tyrrell County
NAPIER Richard and WILLS Mary Month? 1772 Wilmington
NARMENT Louise A. and BLOUNT James 17-May 1826 Mecklenburg County
NAYLOR Samuel and CHINN Elizabeth Virginia 28-Jan 1861 Davie County
NEAGLE Matthew and RUDISELL Ann R. 18-Jan 1834 Mecklenburg County
NEAL Alexander G. and PRICE Mary A. 9-Oct 1839 Mecklenburg County
NEAL Mary and HOOD Reuben 15-Dec 1825 Mecklenburg County
NEAL Thomas G. and SPRATT Ann L. 24-May 1838 Mecklenburg County
NEAL William and POOLE Mary Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
NEALLY Hannah and HART James 19-Dec 1791 Mecklenburg County
NEATHERY Hannah and MC GEE John 2-May 1791 Guilford County
NEEL Henry and PRICE Esther 8-Apr 1805 Mecklenburg County
NEEL James H. and HIPP Margaret 5-Jul 1838 Mecklenburg County
NEEL Jenny and NEEL Thomas 19-Aug 1793 Mecklenburg County
NEEL Jesse C. and STINSON Sarah 30-Jun 1824 Mecklenburg County
NEEL John and TODD Sarah 16-May 1803 Mecklenburg County
NEEL Samuel J. and ROSS Louisa 29-Apr 1830 Mecklenburg County
NEEL Therza and MC CRORY William 21-Jul 1828 Mecklenburg County
NEEL Thomas and NEEL Jenny 19-Aug 1793 Mecklenburg County
NEEL William and ALEXANDER Hannah 23-Nov 1819 Mecklenburg County
NEEL William and CALHOUN Sarah 13-Sep 1800 Mecklenburg County
NEEL William and HUNTER Martha E. 24-Jan 1843 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Alexander N. and PRICE Martha M. 11-Dec 1839 Mecklenburg County
NEELY E. S. Miss and CALDWELL D. S. 14-May 1862 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Hannah C. and CALDWELL J. A. 28-Jun 1841 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Isabella E. and BIGHAM James 4-May 1837 Mecklenburg County
NEELY James and SPRATT Elizabeth C. 12-Nov 1812 Mecklenburg County
NEELY James B. and HART Mary J. N. 16-Dec 1828 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Jenny and RODGERS John 27-Apr 1829 Mecklenburg County
NEELY John and CAROTHERS Betsy 3-Jan 1811 Mecklenburg County
NEELY John and MC LARTY Elizabeth 24-Feb 1806 Mecklenburg County
NEELY John and SIMMONDS Anne 29 Feb 1822 Mecklenburg County
NEELY John and SWAINE Margaret 11-Dec 1843 Mecklenburg County
NEELY John and TODD Betsy 25-Mar 1804 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Margaret and RUSSELL Matthew 29-Jan 1795 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Margaret Swann and CAROTHERS James 10-Oct 1809 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Moses and MC DOWELL Alice J. 22-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Robert C. and REED Margaret P. 15-Sep 1830 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Samuel L. and WHITESIDE Rachel L. 1-Mar 1839 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Thomas and HART Jane 28-Mar 1793 Mecklenburg County
NEELY Thomas B. and REED Ann 2-Oct 1832 Mecklenburg County
NEELY William and ROPER Polly 28-Nov 1820 Mecklenburg County
NEELY William M. and HAYES Cynthia 25-May 1813 Mecklenburg County
NEIL Elizabeth Mrs. and MC GRATH Cervas 15-Sep 1746 Chowan County
NEIL Margaret and BLACK William 22-Sep 1801 Mecklenburg County
NEIL Martha Ann and BRIGMAN George M. 15-Mar 1866 Mecklenburg County
NEIL Peggy and MC KINLEY Robert 23-Aug 1802 Mecklenburg County
NEIL Polly and CROSS Stephen 17-Apr 1799 Edgecombe County
NELSON Elizabeth and MC FARLIN Benjamin 9-Dec 1774 Guilford County
NELSON Hugh and BIGMAN Jane 28-Aug 1794 Mecklenburg County
NELSON Joshia and WILEY Nancy 8-Oct 1825 Mecklenburg County
NELSON Martha J. and MC CAMPBELL Marcus 19-Feb 1852 Mecklenburg County
NELSON Samuel and MOORE Margaret 14-Sep 1790 Mecklenburg County
NESBIT Hugh C. and STARNER Elizabeth 16-Mar 1836 Mecklenburg County
NESSLER S. I. and ALEXANDER Maggie C. 28-Apr 1864 Mecklenburg County
NEVIL Richard and REDING Sarah 4-Dec 1746 Chowan County
NEWABARY Charles and RAY Maines Month? 1782 Tyrrell County
NEWBERRY John and SWAIN Joana 4-Jul 1786 Tyrrell County
NEWBOLD Charles H. and LITTLE Jane E. 19-Jan 1865 Mecklenburg County
NEWBORN Thomas and SPARKMAN Elizabeth 7-Oct 1788 Bertie County
NEWBY John and NICHOLSON Pamela 13-Feb 1823 Mecklenburg County
NEWELL Boswell and BARKER Mary 11-Dec 1845 Mecklenburg County
NEWELL David and HARGETT Helena 10-Oct 1843 Mecklenburg County
NEWELL Peter and SIMPSON Polly 11-Sep 1801 Mecklenburg County
NEWELL Reuben N. and OWENS Martha N. 22-Jun 1848 Mecklenburg County
NEWELL Samuel W. and DOBSON Jane 5-Dec 1843 Mecklenburg County
NEWMAN Ann and MARSHALL John 21-May 1813 Mecklenburg County
NEWMAN Jacob and KELIAH Mary Dec 1791 Mecklenburg County
NICHOL Johnathan and HULL May 8-May 1787 Orange County
NICHOLLS James and HASSELL Priscilla 19-Jan 1767 Tyrrell County
NICHOLS Frances and PIERCE John 24-Nov 1779 Chowan County
NICHOLS Margaret and HARDEN William 15-Apr 1797 Rowan County
NICHOLS Mary and CRICKELL John 6-Jun 1744 Chowan County
NICHOLS Rebecca and HARVEY Edward 8-Jul 1785 Chowan County
NICHOLS Susannah and MOORE William Month? 1763 Granville County
NICHOLSON Jean and MC CUISTION James 11-Sep 1792 Guilford County
NICHOLSON John and LAVIS Rachel 4-Feb 1796 Mecklenburg County
NICHOLSON Joseph C. and BROWN Margaret I. 4-Oct 1837 Mecklenburg County
NICHOLSON Mary and MC CUISTION Thomas 19-Sep 1786 Guilford County
NICHOLSON Pamela and NEWBY John 13-Feb 1823 Mecklenburg County
NICHOLSON William and HUDDLESTON Mary 26-Aug 1822 Mecklenburg County
NICOLLS Sarah and DAVENPORT Daniel 12-Mar 1786 Tyrrell County
NISBET A. S. and WALKER M. A. Miss 26-Feb 1852 Mecklenburg County
NIVEN Willis and GLOVER Elizabeth 27-Mar 1834 Mecklenburg County
NIXON Sarah / widow and MING Thomas 5-Sep 1753 Chowan County
NIXON William and MILLER Eliza 21-Dec 1858 Chowan County
NOALES Abraham and ANDERSON Milly 30-Aug 1822 Mecklenburg County
NOLAND Henny and HOLDERFIELD Valentine 13-Apr 1789 Rowan County
NOLAND Mary and GRAHAM Edward 24-Feb 1794 Rowan County
NOLES James and PHILLIPS Nancy 14-Mar 1837 Mecklenburg County
NORCOM John and BENTLY Ann 2-Jun 1741 Chowan County
NORCOM Martha Mrs. and HALL Edward 10-Jul 1750 Chowan County
NORCOM Thomas and HARLOE Martha 24-Aug 1744 Chowan County
NORFLEET James and GORDON Sarah 1-Dec 1774 Chowan County
NORFLEET Nancy and JOHNSTON Alexander S. 29-Mar 1812 Edgecombe County
NORFLEET Ruth and HOGAN General 3-Oct 1751 South Hampton
NORHAM Sarah A. and BROWN James T. 30-Jul 1861 Mecklenburg County
NORLEY Patsy and MORROW John White 10-Dec 1807 Mecklenburg County
NORMAN Henry and BONNER Sarah Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
NORMAN Hezekiah and ALEXANDER Sarah 3-Jan 1786 Tyrrell County
NORMAN Isaac and PHELPS Joana 11-Mar 1779 Tyrrell County
NORMAN James and DAVENPORT Esther Oct 1783 Tyrrell County
NORMAN Martha B. and TAYLOR Richard P. 2-May 1838 Granville County
NORMAN Sarah and SPRUILL William 31-Jan 1786 Tyrrell County
NORMENT William S. and DOW Margaret 12-Sep 1812 Mecklenburg County
NORTON Robert and LANSING Patsy 14-Jul 1819 Mecklenburg County
NORWARD L. M. and WILLIAMSON Martha S. F. 31-Jul 1834 Mecklenburg County
NULL Elizabeth and HOLDER Heinrich b. 1754 Abt 1780 Surry County
NUNN Elizabeth and CURRY Hugh 22-Nov 1790 Orange County
NUTY Isabella and JOHNSTON Samuel 17-Jan 1810 Mecklenburg County
OAKES Jane G. and MC COMB James 22-Aug 1823 Mecklenburg County
OATS Bailey and LOWRIE Lydia M. 24-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
OBERLY Owen and SHARP Jane 11-Nov 1822 Mecklenburg County
OBRIEN John C. and HOOD Celia A. 8-Feb 1846 Mecklenburg County
O'BRYAN Mary and FULLER Benjamin 7-Nov 1785 Tyrrell County
ODOM John and VINSEN Agnes 4-Sep 1798 Mecklenburg County
OEHLER George B. and THOMSON Elizabeth P. 5-Jan 1841 Mecklenburg County
OEHLER John and KIRK Margaret 21-Dec 1847 Mecklenburg County
OEHLER John G. and SHIELDS Jane 26-Aug 1837 Mecklenburg County
OEKLER Harriet E. and BREWER Thomas F. 24-Feb 1856 Mecklenburg County
OLDHAM Elizabeth and MC KEEN Adam 30-Apr 1756 Chowan County
OLIVER Alexander and PHELPS Frances Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
OLIVER Andrew and PHELPS Jemimah Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
OLIVER Ann and SMITH Thomas 18-Dec 1786 Tyrrell County
OLIVER Jane and ROSS Joseph C. 15-Dec 1842 Mecklenburg County
OLIVER John and DAVIS Rebecca 26-Mar 1783 Tyrrell County
OLIVER John and WATFORD Molly 27-Feb 1788 Bertie County
OLIVER John and WOODLAND Harrahan 6-Apr 1785 Tyrrell County
OLIVER Mary and BATEMAN Jere Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
OLIVER Sarah and ROSS John P. 11-Jan 1859 Mecklenburg County
OLIVER Thomas and KERR Jane 19-Feb 1821 Mecklenburg County
O'NEAL John and BATTIN Dorcas 25-Sep 1778 Tyrrell County
O'NEAL Patrick and MITCHELL Catron 23-Aug 1790 Mecklenburg County
OPIPHANT Jane and JETTON Abraham 29-May 1787 Mecklenburg County
ORDE Elizabeth and ERWIN William 3-Mar 1766 Rowan County
ORENDALL Job and TURNER Rachel 6-Jul 1761 Perquimans County
ORMOND Frances / widow and CHAPMAN Joseph 17-Jun 1773 Chowan County
ORMOND Hugh and PRATT Eliza 10-Feb 1813 Mecklenburg County
ORMOND James and LEANY Mary A. 29-May 1832 Mecklenburg County
ORMOND Jean and BROWN Silas 19-Mar 1816 Mecklenburg County
ORMOND John M. and HOWARD Nancy 22-Dec 1840 Mecklenburg County
ORMOND Matthew and EMERSON Daisy 4-Jun 1818 Mecklenburg County
ORMOND Matthew and MC CORKLE Mary D. 12-Feb 1841 Mecklenburg County
ORMOND Robert and HELTON Ann 15-Sep 1864 Mecklenburg County
ORMOND Robert and REA Mary Jane 12-Feb 1840 Mecklenburg County
ORR A. J. and HOWELL H. W. Miss 8-Sep 1863 Mecklenburg County
ORR A. L. and HARKEY William F. 10-Nov 1865 Mecklenburg County
ORR Abigail and BOALS Thomas 27-Feb 1799 Mecklenburg County
ORR Allen and TOWNSEND Martha 22-Nov 1814 Mecklenburg County
ORR Bunyan and VIZIE Mary 5-Jan 1797 Mecklenburg County
ORR David and MC CRACKEN Jane 14-Apr 1857 Mecklenburg County
ORR Dorris and JOHNSTON Joseph C. 11-Oct 1815 Mecklenburg County
ORR Eliza and BARR John C. 13-Feb 1819 Mecklenburg County
ORR Elizabeth and ALEXANDER Moses 28-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
ORR Elizabeth and CONGHORN James 19-Jan 1798 Mecklenburg County
ORR Elizabeth and HALL James 14-Aug 1740 Mecklenburg County
ORR Elizabeth and VOSS William 4-Apr 1799 Mecklenburg County
ORR Ira A. and GRAY Mary Ann 24-Jan 1831 Mecklenburg County
ORR James and MILLER Margaret 23-Jan 1793 Mecklenburg County
ORR James H. and SMITH Eliza 26-Apr 1832 Mecklenburg County
ORR James I. J. and ALEXANDER Amelia S. 26-Mar 1831 Mecklenburg County
ORR James J. and ALEXANDER Sophia 2-Apr 1832 Mecklenburg County
ORR James J. and MC CALL Jane L. 1-Mar 1852 Mecklenburg County
ORR James L. V. and MONTEITH Maria A. 17-Jan 1861 Mecklenburg County
ORR James R. and COCHRAN Nancy B. 19-Nov 1841 Mecklenburg County
ORR Joaba L. and COOK Eliza 9-Jul 1839 Mecklenburg County
ORR John and HARTIS Charity 3-Feb 1849 Mecklenburg County
ORR John and HOUSTON Martha 28-Mar 1842 Mecklenburg County
ORR John Allen and MITCHELL Jane 16-Jan 1811 Mecklenburg County
ORR John F. and BYRAM Elizabeth 8-Oct 1835 Mecklenburg County
ORR John G. A. and MONTEITH Leah E. 30-Apr 1857 Mecklenburg County
ORR John W. and STARNER Dorcas C. 3-Dec 1857 Mecklenburg County
ORR Jonathan and ALEXANDER Cynthia 18-Apr 1835 Mecklenburg County
ORR Joseph L. and MORRIS Nancy 7-Jan 1823 Mecklenburg County
ORR Louisa and ORR Thomas 14-Sep 1865 Mecklenburg County
ORR Margaret and ALEXANDER Eli 1-Apr 1806 Mecklenburg County
ORR Margaret C. and BLAIR Laird 24-Jul 1833 Mecklenburg County
ORR Mary J. and MC CORKLE James 14-Jan 1840 Mecklenburg County
ORR Mildred and ALEXANDER Amos 23-Dec 1797 Mecklenburg County
ORR Milly and MC GINNESS Joseph 14-Apr 1823 Mecklenburg County
ORR Nancy and REA William A. 12-Jul 1854 Mecklenburg County
ORR Nancy V. and ROBERTS William A. 30-Mar 1858 Mecklenburg County
ORR Nathan and JULIAN Peggy 27-Jan 1802 Mecklenburg County
ORR Nathan F. and MONTGOMERY Martha A. 18-Sep 1851 Mecklenburg County
ORR Nathan H. and YOUNG Sarah 21-Jan 1833 Mecklenburg County
ORR Samuel W. and MATTHEWS Margaret H. 7-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
ORR Sarah and MC REE David 4-Nov 1823 Mecklenburg County
ORR Sarah A. and BRONSON Edward M. 6-Mar 1813 Mecklenburg County
ORR Thomas and ORR Louisa 14-Sep 1865 Mecklenburg County
ORR Tirza and COOK Robert 4-Aug 1814 Mecklenburg County
ORR William W. and RODGERS Sarah 19-Dec 1854 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN Edward A. and MOORE Fanny S. 15-Mar 1865 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN Elizabeth and BECKET James 30-Jan 1794 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN Hiram and MC COMBS Margaret E. 30-Dec 1859 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN James and ALEXANDER Susan 28-Oct 1816 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN James and HOUSTON Margaret 15-Oct 1821 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN James W. and MOORE Mary Ann 5-Apr 1842 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN John and SHARP Jemina 10-Dec 1785 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN L. W. and TODD Darcus 27-Jul 1864 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN Obedience and MORTON Charles S. 18-Jan 1803 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN Susanna and BECKET Samuel 27-Jul 1801 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN Thomas and FLANIGAN Elizabeth 17-Jan 1805 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN William and ROGERS Ann 4-Sep 1798 Mecklenburg County
OSBORN William B. and BEARD Leora 7-Oct 1858 Mecklenburg County
OSBORNE Agnes and BLACK George 25-Mar 1800 Mecklenburg County
OSBORNE Jonathan M. and SHARPE Sarah M. 15-Sep 1848 Mecklenburg County
OSGOOD James and DUDLEY M. A. 16-Oct 1865 Mecklenburg County
OSMENT M. S. and WARREN Mary 12-Jul 1860 Mecklenburg County
OTTERS Cooney and STAUFFER Mary 6-Jun 1860 Mecklenburg County
OUTLAW Jacob and GARRETT Rachel 25-Nov 1775 Chowan County
OUTLAW Joshua and ALEXANDER Rachel 26-Mar 1805 Bertie County
OUTLAW Mary and JORDON Jonathan 20-Sep 1775 Chowan County
OUTLAW Sarah and BRITAIN Daniel 3-May 1803 Bertie County
OVERBY Sarah and JOHNSTON David 14-May 1849 Mecklenburg County
OVERINE Green and SHUMAN Nelly 2-Oct 1851 Mecklenburg County
OVERMAN Charles and ALLISON Ann L. 6-Apr 1837 Mecklenburg County
OVERTON Asa and TART Patsy 26-Dec 1789 Bertie County
OVERTON Edward and PARSON Mary 17-Apr 1783 Tyrrell County
OVERTON James and MITCHELL Milly 26-Nov 1788 Bertie County
OWEN Esther and BEATY James 25-Aug 1803 Mecklenburg County
OWEN Judah and HARTMAN Jacob 4-Jun 1796 Rowan County
OWEN Nancy and MALEY Hugh 1-Nov 1808 NC?
OWEN Nancy and MANLEY Hugh 1-Nov 1808 NC?
OWEN Peter and MITCHELL Hannah 20-Nov 1786 Orange County
OWEN William A. L. and KING Jane 21-Mar 1848 Mecklenburg County
OWENS Beline and PAGE Nathan 28-Jul 1798 Bertie County
OWENS Henry C. and ALLISON Jane E. 18-Dec 1832 Mecklenburg County
OWENS James and GRAY Sarah H. 14-Nov 1831 Mecklenburg County
OWENS Martha N. and NEWELL Reuben N. 22-Jun 1848 Mecklenburg County
OWENS William and BEATY Esther 25-Feb 1799 Mecklenburg County
OWENS William A. and CALDWELL Alice B. 24-Nov 1857 Mecklenburg County
OZMENT John A. and COLLIER Mary L. 11-Dec 1855 Mecklenburg County
PAGE Jean and BRYAN William 11-Dec 1809 Mecklenburg County
PAGE Joshua and MONTGOMERY Elizabeth 9-Oct 1787 Bertie County
PAGE Lucy and MANLEY John 14-Nov 1815 NC?
PAGE Nathan and OWENS Beline 28-Jul 1798 Bertie County
PAGE Solomon and HAYSE Sarah 16-May 1786 Bertie County
PAGETT Elizabeth and RICHARDS James L. 3-Nov 1768 NC
PAGETT Sarah and EELBECK Joseph 2-Sep 1750 Chowan County
PARHAM Sarah and TAYLOR Robert 11-Jul 1809 Granville County
PARISH Catherine and HIPP David 22-Aug 1808 Mecklenburg County
PARISH James and MITCHELL Margaret 8-Nov 1844 Chowan County
PARISH Patsy and BOYD Daniel 15-Sep 1812 Mecklenburg County
PARK Hannah and ALEXANDER Oswald 20-Mar 1809 Mecklenburg County
PARK Parmelia and MC GINNESS John 6-Sep 1825 Mecklenburg County
PARKER Betsy and MULLINS Clem 4-Aug 1807 Mecklenburg County
PARKER Celia and KALE John 8-Nov 1785 Chowan County
PARKER Elinor and JENKINS William 26-Oct 1809 Mecklenburg County
PARKER Sarah and SWEENEY James 5-Sep 1778 Chowan County
PARKER Thomas and CUNNINGHAM Teresa 3-Oct 1779 Chowan County
PARKER William and COWARD Catherine 4-Jun 1785 Chowan County
PARKS Abby E. and JONES Andrew 3-Nov 1829 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Elizabeth and MOORE James H. 6-Apr 1825 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Jane and ROGERS Hugh M. 1-May 1824 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Jenny and HENLEY William 3-May 1791 Rowan County
PARKS Lilly and HENDERSON Carnes 24-Jan 1792 Mecklenburg County
PARKS M. A. Mrs. and REA Silas Sr. 28-Feb 1856 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Margaret and ALEXANDER Leander D. 31-Jul 1843 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Margaret and GRAHAM David 3-Nov 1799 Rowan County
PARKS Margaret and MORROW David 20-Aug 1839 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Martha and IRVIN Samuel 7-May 1825 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Martha and MOORE Isaac H. 22-Jul 1854 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Mary and REA James M. 21-Apr 1842 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Mary and ROBINSON Robert 1-Feb 1792 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Mary A. and MORRIS Zebulon L. 20-Jul 1847 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Minty and CALDWELL James 12-Aug 1816 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Rachel and HUFFMAN Daniel 17-Jan 1781 Rowan County
PARKS Rachel and REEVES William 12-Feb 1811 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Samuel and RUNYAN Charity 6-Nov 1792 Yadkin
PARKS Sarah and MC EWEN Samuel 1-Dec 1795 Mecklenburg County
PARKS Sarah and ROGERS Robert 23-Sep 1822 Mecklenburg County
PARRISH Fanny and ROAN Solomon 21-Mar 1818 Mecklenburg County
PARSON Mary and OVERTON Edward 17-Apr 1783 Tyrrell County
PARTIN Eliza and HERNDON Waller 21-May 1795 Orange County
PARTLIN Nancy C. and BAILEY James R. 2-Jan 1842 Mecklenburg County
PARTLOW Elizabeth and BLACK Richard 1-Jan 1805 Mecklenburg County
PASCHALL Sarah Jane and TAYLOR Barwell 23-Sep 1844 Granville County
PATE Emanuel and SWAN Miriam 12-Aug 1802 Craven
PATRICK Elizabeth and MC SPAREN John 9-Jan 1794 Guilford County
PATRICK Isaac and TARKINTON Sarah 20-Dec 1779 Tyrrell County
PATTEN Nancy and HEEKMAN John 31-Oct 1785 Rowan County
PATTERSON Anne and HOUSTON David 2-Sep 1774 Rowan County
PATTERSON Frances and EDWARDS John Aug 1796 Rowan County
PATTERSON Nancy and MC KELVEY James T. 8-Feb 1837 Mecklenburg County
PATTERSON Peggy and MC REE Winslow J. 27-Jun 1808 Mecklenburg County
PATTERSON Robert and WELLWOOD Elizabeth 19-Sep 1771 Chowan County
PATTERSON Sarah A. and BROWN John C. 14-Dec 1854 Mecklenburg County
PATTON Harriet and BULLINGER Abel 12-Jul 1732 Mecklenburg County
PATTON Isabella and BLACK David L. 24-Aug 1836 Mecklenburg County
PATTON Margaret / widow and ERWIN Alexi 21-Jan 1786 Rowan County
PATTON Nancy H. and ROSS William 27-May 1841 Mecklenburg County
PAUL Rachel and HART James 13-Apr 1790 Orange County
PAYNE Mary and BUNCH Micajah 8-May 1758 Chowan County
PAYNE Peter and BENSLEY Mary 18-Oct 1751 Chowan County
PAYNE Peter and SLAUGHTER Hannah 8-Jan 1742 Chowan County
PEACOCK George and EVERITT Elizabeth 17-Oct 1786 Tyrrell County
PEARCE Hartwell and TURNER Dempsey 23-Oct 1762 Perquimans County
PEARCE Hartwell and TURNER Dempsy 23-Oct 1762 Perquimans County
PEARCE Kessenhappuck and SIMPSON Reddin 18-May 1786 Tyrrell County
PEARCE Kessenhappuck and SIMPSON Reddin 18-May 1786 Tyrrell County
PEARCE Timothy and SIMPSON Sarah 16-Apr 1786 Tyrrell County
PEARSON William and PENRICE Elizabeth 23-Mar 1772 Chowan County
PEATT Abigail and WHITEMAN Matthew 5-Oct 1777 Chowan County
PEEPLES Sarah and MOORE Herbert C. 8-Mar 1842 Guilford County
PELL Ann Mrs. and MILLER David 3-Jan 1824 Chowan County
PELT Hannah C. and BAKER Jacob 21-Dec 1825 Mecklenburg County
PELT Mary and BERRYHILL Michael W. 6-Oct 1824 Mecklenburg County
PENIX Susannah and ELSMORE Athenatious 5-Jul 1788 Orange County
PENN Elizabeth and EDWARDS West Month? 1749 Greene County
PENN Frances and HUNT John 5-Aug 1771 Granville County
PENNY Mary and JENKINS Samuel 15-Dec 1788 Bertie County
PENRICE Elizabeth and BUTLER Jacob 18-Dec 1755 Chowan County
PENRICE Elizabeth and PEARSON William 23-Mar 1772 Chowan County
PENRICE Francis and HARLOE Sarah 12-Apr 1744 Chowan County
PEOPLES Jemima P. and AUTEN Isaac 2-Jan 1841 Mecklenburg County
PEOPLES Nancy and MEREDITH John 8-Jul 1842 Guilford County
PEOPLES Rebecca and BLAKELEY Hugh 21-Dec 1843 Mecklenburg County
PERISHO James and CRANK Christian 16-Oct 1778 Tyrrell County
PERISHO Mary and JOHNSTON Randolph Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
PERISHO Mille and COMBS Robert Month? 1782 Tyrrell County
PERISHO Rufus and MASON Frances 1-Jul 1783 Tyrrell County
PERKINS Ann and CLEMENTS John 8-Jul 1788 Chowan County
PERKINS Joshua and PETTYJOHN Frances 24-Jan 1785 Chowan County
PERRES Nancy and BUFORD Benjamin 1-Mar 1797 Mecklenburg County
PERRY Linda and RUSSELL Andrew 30-Nov 1865 Mecklenburg County
PERRY Mabel and HIPP Andrew 24-Sep 1810 Mecklenburg County
PERRY Martha and LILES William 11-Sep 1756 Chowan County
PERSON Betsy and FORD Wyatt 2-Jun 1783 Rowan County
PETER Coffee and SMITH Sarah Month? 1773 Granville County
PETERS Hannah M. and BOSWELL Thomas 23-Sep 1835 Mecklenburg County
PETERSON Ann / widow and VANN John 25-Feb 1752 Chowan County
PETTIGREW Charles and BLOUNT Mary 28-Oct 1778 Chowan County
PETTIT Naisby and HANCOCK Sarah Month? 1800 Pitt County
PETTYJOHN Frances and PERKINS Joshua 24-Jan 1785 Chowan County
PEYTON John L. and WASHINGTON Henrietta C. 17-Dec 1855 Vernon
PFAFF Anna Barbara and GRABS Wilhelm 20-Apr 1780 Friedberg
PFAFF Anna Maria and TRANSOU Abraham 15-Dec 1782 Bethania area
PFAFF Isaac and VOLCK Maria Margaretha 31-Jul 1781 Surry County
PFAFF Susannah Elizabeth and SHAMEL Peter 21-Sep 1816 Stokes County
PHARR Sarah and MAHAFFEY Joseph 9-Mar 1826 Mecklenburg County
PHELPHS Deliah and POWERS Joshua 4-Apr 1786 Tyrrell County
PHELPS Ann and SPEIGHT William 8-Aug 1772 Chowan County
PHELPS Catherine and DUNTON Martin 5-May 1779 Tyrrell County
PHELPS Enoch and TARKINTON Elizabeth 6-Oct 1779 Tyrrell County
PHELPS Frances and OLIVER Alexander Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
PHELPS James and CHAPMAN Ann 17-Feb 1779 Tyrrell County
PHELPS Jemimah and OLIVER Andrew Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
PHELPS Jesse and DAWS Rosehannah Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
PHELPS Joana and NORMAN Isaac 11-Mar 1779 Tyrrell County
PHELPS John and WILLIAMS May 12-Feb 1766 Rowan County
PHELPS Josiah and DONELSON Mary 6-Feb 1780 Tyrrell County
PHELPS Mary and GODWIN Joseph Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
PHELPS Sarah and BATEMAN Jeremiah 28-Jan 1762 Tyrrell County
PHIFER Charity and BARKER Bailey 7-Sep 1839 Mecklenburg County
PHIFER Jane and MONTGOMERY Nicholas 11-Jan 1845 Rowan County
PHIFER Margaret and MONTGOMERY James A. 7-Dec 1841 Rowan County
PHIFER Mary and HOWARD Robert G. 15-Apr 1838 Mecklenburg County
PHILIPS Elizabeth and CLARK Thomas M. 13-Aug 1863 Mecklenburg County
PHILIPS Sarah and RICHARDSON Mason 2-Feb 1795 Mecklenburg County
PHILLIPS Edmon and CHINN Mary 1-Dec 1806 Surry County
PHILLIPS Eliza and RICH Isaac M. 26-Feb 1833 Mecklenburg County
PHILLIPS John Samuel and SEITZ Salome 4-May 1794 Friedland
PHILLIPS Mary and BARNHILL Thomas 18-Dec 1849 Mecklenburg County
PHILLIPS Mary and MC COMBS William 7-May 1794 Mecklenburg County
PHILLIPS Nancy and NOLES James 14-Mar 1837 Mecklenburg County
PHILLIPS Sarah and MASON Richardson 2-Feb 1797 Mecklenburg County
PHILLIPS Sarah Ann and DANIELS Nelson died 1843 Aft 1845 Davidson County
PHYTE Peter and HELLINGER Barbara 11-Jul 1791 Rowan County
PIERCE John and NICHOLS Frances 24-Nov 1779 Chowan County
PIERCE Lydia and MARSH William 10-Jan 1793 Guilford County
PIGGOTT Isabella and MANLOVE David 18-Oct 1822 NC?
PINCHBACK Liddy and HOLEMAN Jacob 23-Nov 1795 Rowan County
PINCHBACK Martha and HOLEMAN William 28-Dec 1799 Rowan County
PINKSTON Dinah and HOWARD John 17-Aug 1799 Rowan County
PINXTON Mary and GHEEN James 7-Mar 1788 Rowan County
PIPER Margaret and BURROWS John 3-May 1788 Orange County
PIPPEN Lucretia and BUNTING John 17-May 1806 Edgecombe County
PITMAN Abegail and ROBISON James 27-Aug 1816 Mecklenburg County
PITMAN Abey and BARRON John 5-Nov 1799 Edgecombe County
PITMAN Betsy and FINCHER Jonathan 4-Jan 1797 Rowan County
PITMAN Elizabeth and BAKER Jeptha 11-Mar 1797 Mecklenburg County
PITMAN Levina and BRYAN Matthew 25-Jul 1810 Mecklenburg County
PITMAN Rachel and RODDEN Upton 16-May 1806 Mecklenburg County
PITMAN Sarah and BROWN Peter 29-Apr 1800 Mecklenburg County
PITMAN Susanna and HARTWICK John 20-Oct 1806 Mecklenburg County
PITTMAN Katherine and ALLEN Thomas 31-Mar 1831 Mecklenburg County
PLEDGER Joseph and ALEXANDER Christian 8-May 1783 Tyrrell County
PLUMMER Betsy and MC KELVEY William 3-Jan 1831 Mecklenburg County
POLK Clarissa and MC NEAL Thomas 29-Sep 1803 Mecklenburg County
POLK Elizabeth and ROPE Peter 8-Sep 1818 Mecklenburg County
POLK John and HARRIS Martha Mrs. 22-Oct 1803 Mecklenburg County
POLK Mary and BROWN Daniel 24-Dec 1794 Mecklenburg County
POLK Mary and MC LARTY Samuel W. 16-May 1826 Mecklenburg County
POLK Matilda and CAMPBELL John 2-May 1792 Mecklenburg County
POLK Susan and ROPE William H. 22-Oct 1832 Mecklenburg County
POLLARD William Booker and BROWN Margaret Maud 11-Feb 1890 Winston
POLLOCK Elizabeth and WILLIAMS Thomas 18-Jun 1785 Chowan County
POLLOCK Thomas and SWEETMAN Hester of MD Bef 1716 NC?
POOL Margaret J. and ROSS William M. 24-Jul 1855 Mecklenburg County
POOL Polly and HOLSHOUSE Andrew 21-Dec 1798 Rowan County
POOLE Mary and NEAL William Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
POOLE Sarah and JONES Robert Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
POPE Martha and MANLEY Jesse 7-Mar 1844 NC?
PORTER Catherine and BARNETT Amos 25-Dec 1819 Mecklenburg County
PORTER Elizabeth and HENRY Joseph 2-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
PORTER Jane and MOORE David 9-Sep 1780 Guilford County
PORTER Jane and MORRISON Henry 29-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
PORTER John M. and PRATHER Sarah V. V. 16-Nov 1847 Mecklenburg County
PORTER Margaret and GRAHAM James 6-May 1786 Rowan County
PORTER Margaret and MC NEEL William R. 24-Feb 1831 Mecklenburg County
PORTER Margaret A. and BOATWRIGHT John 26-May 1832 Mecklenburg County
PORTER Mary and BOATWRIGHT Samuel W. 8-Jan 1846 Mecklenburg County
PORTER Milly and CRISPO Antonio 7-Aug 1828 Mecklenburg County
PORTER Peggy and BYRAM Upton 15-Jun 1807 Mecklenburg County
PORTER Priscilla and HENDERSON John 9-Jul 1828 Mecklenburg County
PORTER Susanna and ROSS John 16-May 1799 Mecklenburg County
PORTER Susannah and ECTOR Samuel 30-Aug 1774 Rowan County
POTTER Martha Mrs. and TROTTER James 2-Dec 1743 Chowan County
POTTER Mary and BUCHANAN James 27-Dec 1794 Mecklenburg County
POTTER Mary and WILLIAMS Tulle 8-Oct 1753 Chowan County
POTTS Elizabeth and HUDGINS William 23-Jan 1792 Rowan County
POTTS Eloisa and MAGAHA Thomas A. 14-Mar 1824 Mecklenburg County
POTTS Jane Levicia and CAROTHERS Thomas Milton 10-Jun 1856 Mecklenburg County
POTTS Jenny and MC CULLOCH James 13-Jan 1807 Mecklenburg County
POTTS Lucinda and BARNETT Vincent 6-Feb 1828 Mecklenburg County
POTTS Peggy and ROBISON James 14-Mar 1813 Mecklenburg County
POTTS Rebecca and GILPIN James 29-Apr 1789 Rowan County
POWELL Olive and MANLY Billy 4-Jan 1825 NC?
POWER Sarah and CARNEY Josiah 19-Aug 1789 Bertie County
POWERS Elizabeth and HASSELL Stephen 6-Oct 1783 Tyrrell County
POWERS Joshua and PHELPHS Deliah 4-Apr 1786 Tyrrell County
POWERS Josiah and CHESTON Mary Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
POWERS Mary and BURK Miles 10-May 1775 Chowan County
POWERS Peter and BURK Mary 23-Jun 1778 Chowan County
POWERS Sally and MORROW Isaac 18-Jul 1811 Mecklenburg County
PRATHER Mary and ROAN Mabley 20-May 1820 Mecklenburg County
PRATHER Sarah V. V. and PORTER John M. 16-Nov 1847 Mecklenburg County
PRATT Abigail and MC ALPIN James 5-May 1783 Tyrrell County
PRATT Eliza and ORMOND Hugh 10-Feb 1813 Mecklenburg County
PRATT Jeremiah and GILBERT Penelope 10-Mar 1772 Chowan County
PREDY Lawson and COLETRANE Mary 27-Jun 1745 Chowan County
PREDY Mary Mrs. and MESSENGER John 20-Jan 1752 Chowan County
PRESLEY Betty and ROCK Abraham 18-Jul 1799 Mecklenburg County
PRICE Eliza and REITCH James S. 24-May 1842 Mecklenburg County
PRICE Elizabeth and ANDERSON Enos 16-Apr 1804 Chowan County
PRICE Elizabeth and HORN James 18-May 1799 Edgecombe County
PRICE Elizabeth and THOMPSON James 29-Jul 1773 Chowan County
PRICE Elizabeth T. A. and ROSS Joseph W. 10-Jul 1850 Mecklenburg County
PRICE Esther and NEEL Henry 8-Apr 1805 Mecklenburg County
PRICE Felicia C. and DAVISON John 24-Mar 1757 Chowan County
PRICE Keziah and COLEMAN Jonathan 4-Jan 1763 Edgecombe County
PRICE Margaret and DAVIS Henry Month? 1795 Rutherford County
PRICE Martha and HENRY George R. 21-Dec 1809 Mecklenburg County
PRICE Martha M. and NEELY Alexander N. 11-Dec 1839 Mecklenburg County
PRICE Mary A. and NEAL Alexander G. 9-Oct 1839 Mecklenburg County
PRICE Mourning and ANDERSON William 21-Jul 1763 Edgecombe County
PRICE Nannie R. and ALEXANDER Samuel C. 25-Mar 1863 Mecklenburg County
PRICE Rachel and ALEXANDER Ezekiel 25-Mar 1811 Mecklenburg County
PRICE Rachel and BELL John 18-Dec 1792 Mecklenburg County
PRIVETT Jacob and JONES Elizabeth 4-Jul 1751 Chowan County
PRIVETT Samuel and MILLER Elizabeth 17-Jul 1827 Chowan County
PRIVOTE Noah and EVANS Penny 6-Sep 1790 Bertie County
PROCK Mary and BRINEGAR Jacob 5-Dec 1768 Rowan County
PRYOR Sally and MANLIN Wiley 8-Sep 1865 NC?
PUCKETT Mary and BENTON John 15-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
PUGH Mary and LUTEN James 31-May 1750 Chowan County
PUGH Mary W. and MC LEAN Murdoch Dr. 14-Feb 1826 Robeson County
PURDY Keziah and DARBY Jonathan 14-Jul 1772 Chowan County
PURRELL Sarah Mrs. and WOODARD Samuel 2-Aug 1750 Chowan County
PURVIANCE Martha and CROWWELL William D. 24-May 1831 Mecklenburg County
PURYEAR Sarah and ROYSTER William Month? 1775 Granville County
QUAY Jane A. and BLACK Joseph B. 16-Dec 1842 Mecklenburg County
QUERY James H. and REED Isabella C. 27-Mar 1850 Mecklenburg County
QUERY Jane C. and CALDWELL John H. 5-Jan 1860 Mecklenburg County
QUINCY Elizabeth and BERRYHILL James McRea 2-Aug 1802 Mecklenburg County
QUIRY Jane and BLACK Abraham 29-Jun 1818 Mecklenburg County
RABEY Catherine and CROWLIES Owen 18-Jan 1763 Chowan County
RABORN M. B. and HOOVER Amanda 14-Jun 1865 Mecklenburg County
RABY Adam and BENTON Judith 30-Sep 1748 Chowan County
RAILSBACK Elizabeth and ELLIS Isaac 26-Apr 1791 Rowan County
RALSTON Eleanor and MC CLURE John 5-Jan 1799 Mecklenburg County
RAMSEY Agnes and MC KEE John 18-Nov 1797 Mecklenburg County
RAMSEY James and HALL Isabella 8-Feb 1792 Mecklenburg County
RAMSEY Thomas and HENDERSON Susannah 4-Oct 1804 Mecklenburg County
RANDALL C. T. and COLE M. Miss 23-Jun 1765 Mecklenburg County
RANDALL Mary and BORY John H. 22-Jul 1778 Chowan County
RANDALL William and JOHNSON Jane 27-Mar 1818 Mecklenburg County
RANDOLPH John D. and KENDRICK Margaret 8-Mar 1815 Mecklenburg County
RANDOLPH Margaret and BOWDON John 6-Nov 1817 Mecklenburg County
RANKHORN Joseph and THOMAS Amelia Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
RANKIN John and FARRAR Sarah 21-Sep 1814 Mecklenburg County
RANKIN John S. and ALEXANDER Elinor 28-Aug 1835 Mecklenburg County
RANKIN Richard and DOHERTY Elizabeth 3-Jun 1793 Mecklenburg County
RANKIN Richard and HARGROVE ~ 18-May 1825 Mecklenburg County
RANKIN Samuel and DOHERTY Mary 16-Nov 1791 Mecklenburg County
RANKIN Sarah E. and RANKIN Watson W. 22-May 1847 Mecklenburg County
RANKIN Watson W. and RANKIN Sarah E. 22-May 1847 Mecklenburg County
RASOR Josiah and SUTTON Elizabeth 27-Mar 1788 Bertie County
RATCHFORD James and CAROTHERS Esther 14-Feb 1825 Mecklenburg County
RATCHFORD William and GLOVER Mary B. 19-Sep 1832 Mecklenburg County
RAY Britain and CASHON Hannah 4-Oct 1802 Mecklenburg County
RAY Catharine and BATEMAN Jonathan 20-Jan 1766 Tyrrell County
RAY Cropley and EVANS Mary 29-Apr 1765 Tyrrell County
RAY Elizabeth and MORROW Hezekiah 25-Apr 1820 Mecklenburg County
RAY Jennet and ROBINSON Michael 22-Nov 1788 Orange County
RAY John and GRAY Mary 22-Feb 1763 Tyrrell County
RAY Mahala Elisabeth and BUTNER John Christian 22-Nov 1831 Bethabara area
RAY Maines and NEWABARY Charles Month? 1782 Tyrrell County
RAY Margaret and FLEMING Henry 1-Aug 1784 Rowan County
RAY Martha A. and ABERNATHY John W. 11-Jun 1861 Mecklenburg County
RAY Mary A. and IRVIN Joseph H. 21-Feb 1850 Mecklenburg County
RAY Miranda E. and BROWN James W. 19-Oct 1848 Mecklenburg County
RAY Penny and MILLER John 30-Jan 1821 Bertie County
RAY Sarah and GORDON Robert 12-Aug 1769 Tyrrell County
RAYLE Jane and MANLEY Andrew Jackson 25-Aug 1838 NC?
REA Allan and MOORE Frances 2-Nov 1797 Mecklenburg County
REA Andrew and HENNEGAN Eleanor 16-Jun 1797 Mecklenburg County
REA Avery S. and MC SPARRON Margaret 5-Mar 1823 Mecklenburg County
REA Carolina and BEATY William 1-Apr 1841 Mecklenburg County
REA D. L. and CLARK Helen M. 12-Dec 1848 Mecklenburg County
REA David H. and SHEPARD Charlotte 14-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
REA David N. and SPEARS Elsy 29-Nov 1802 Mecklenburg County
REA Elizabeth and IRVIN Robert 29-Apr 1817 Mecklenburg County
REA Evalina and LAMB William G. H. 11-Oct 1830 Chowan County
REA Harriet D. and MARTIN James W. 21-Nov 1837 Mecklenburg County
REA James and BOZZELL Polly 13-Mar 1809 Mecklenburg County
REA James and MC EWEN Leanah J. 30-Jul 1857 Mecklenburg County
REA James and WALKER Mary 10-Mar 1814 Mecklenburg County
REA James M. and PARKS Mary 21-Apr 1842 Mecklenburg County
REA Jane and BIGGART James 8-Jun 1836 Mecklenburg County
REA John and ACOCK Elizabeth H. 1-Mar 1823 Mecklenburg County
REA John and SMITH Jean 25-Apr 1801 Mecklenburg County
REA John K. and ALEXANDER Margaret S. 15-Mar 1860 Mecklenburg County
REA John K. and BROWN Martha 18-Jan 1848 Mecklenburg County
REA John L. and SMITH Sarah 29-Aug 1846 Mecklenburg County
REA John M. and RICH Sally 13-Mar 1821 Mecklenburg County
REA Joseph and HARKNESS Jemima 15-Jul 1809 Mecklenburg County
REA Joseph and REED Sarah 1-Feb 1816 Mecklenburg County
REA Leroy and MC CORKLE Hannah 8-Jan 1839 Mecklenburg County
REA Margaret E. and BERRYHILL Taylor H. 15-May 1832 Mecklenburg County
REA Martha and REA Samuel 5-Apr 1798 Mecklenburg County
REA Martha A. and ROBISON William P. 2-Feb 1854 Mecklenburg County
REA Mary and MATTHEWS Samuel 13-Nov 1809 Mecklenburg County
REA Mary A. and JAMISON Andrew 30-Jul 1841 Mecklenburg County
REA Mary Jane and ORMOND Robert 12-Feb 1840 Mecklenburg County
REA R. R. and FLANIGAN Jane R. 18-Aug 1851 Mecklenburg County
REA Robert and TURNER Mary A. 23-Jun 1864 Mecklenburg County
REA Samuel and REA Martha 5-Apr 1798 Mecklenburg County
REA Sarah L. and BIGHAM William M. 6-Jun 1844 Mecklenburg County
REA Silas Sr. and PARKS M. A. Mrs. 28-Feb 1856 Mecklenburg County
REA Terza and BOYD Benjamin P. 11-Nov 1839 Mecklenburg County
REA Thomas M. and RESSAK Sarah 19-Mar 1829 Mecklenburg County
REA William and BERRYHILL Hannah 23-Mar 1814 Mecklenburg County
REA William A. and ORR Nancy 12-Jul 1854 Mecklenburg County
REA William W. and SHARPE Elizabeth P. 28-Aug 1854 Mecklenburg County
READ Jonathan and GLASS Sally 4-Jun 1816 Mecklenburg County
READ William K. and ALEXANDER A. H. 15-Jan 1841 Mecklenburg County
READY John and BROWN Euphemi 5-Apr 1774 Chowan County
READY John and JONES Rachel 23-Apr 1779 Chowan County
READY William and MC GEE Emily 6-Feb 1860 Mecklenburg County
REAL Margaret A. and ANDERSON J. M. 11-Aug 1841 Mecklenburg County
REAP Peggy and FILE Henry 6-Dec 1797 Rowan County
REDD Susan and MANLEY Roanza 24-Jan 1832 NC?
REDDICK John and RICE Elizabeth 2-Jan 1764 Tyrrell County
REDDIN Margaret and BARKER Thomas 22-Nov 1846 Mecklenburg County
REDDING Robert and HOWARD Sarah 19-Jun 1816 Mecklenburg County
REDING Sarah and NEVIL Richard 4-Dec 1746 Chowan County
REED Alice and MINTON Benjamin 15-Feb 1790 Bertie County
REED Andrew J. and TAYLOR Nancy C. 20-Sep 1836 Mecklenburg County
REED Ann and MC KNIGHT James 6-Jun 1796 Mecklenburg County
REED Ann and NEELY Thomas B. 2-Oct 1832 Mecklenburg County
REED Catherine S. and BERRYHILL John 30-Mar 1836 Mecklenburg County
REED Charlotte and MC RARY David 4-Sep 1839 Mecklenburg County
REED David and ALEXANDER Jane 7-Apr 1795 Mecklenburg County
REED Eleanor A. and COOK W. A. 5-Sep 1848 Mecklenburg County
REED Elizabeth and HOLLIS William 15-Feb 1790 Rowan County
REED George and DAVIS Jemima 18-Aug 1743 Chowan County
REED Hugh and WALKER Ann Mar 1809 Mecklenburg County
REED Isabella C. and QUERY James H. 27-Mar 1850 Mecklenburg County
REED James and DEWEESE Margaret 7-Jan 1841 Mecklenburg County
REED James B. and GRIER Mary B. 14-Mar 1837 Mecklenburg County
REED Jane A. and REED R. J. 22-Mar 1847 Mecklenburg County
REED Jemina / widow and ALLEN Arthur 20-Oct 1750 Chowan County
REED John G. and HEPWORTH Harriet T. 6-Mar 1839 Mecklenburg County
REED John H. and WILLIAMS Elizabeth 9-Mar 1835 Mecklenburg County
REED Jonathan and COOPER Nancy C. 19-Jan 1850 Mecklenburg County
REED Joseph and FRANKLIN Margaret 12-Mar 1811 Mecklenburg County
REED Margaret and BROWN William A. 12-Oct 1847 Mecklenburg County
REED Margaret P. and NEELY Robert C. 15-Sep 1830 Mecklenburg County
REED Martha and ROBISON William L. 17-Oct 1850 Mecklenburg County
REED Martha Young and BIGHAM Robert 31-Dec 1799 Mecklenburg County
REED Mary L. and BERRYHILL William R. 11-Dec 1837 Mecklenburg County
REED R. J. and REED Jane A. 22-Mar 1847 Mecklenburg County
REED Rufus and DAVIDSON Elizabeth S. 24-Jan 1835 Mecklenburg County
REED Samuel and TODD Mary 4-Apr 1836 Mecklenburg County
REED Sarah and REA Joseph 1-Feb 1816 Mecklenburg County
REED Silas and KERR Elizabeth 10-Dec 1827 Mecklenburg County
REED Silas and MILLER Nancy 16-Feb 1812 Mecklenburg County
REED Thomas and BLACKBURN Louisa 5-Feb 1830 Mecklenburg County
REED William and KIRKPATRICK Isabella 1-Mar 1847 Mecklenburg County
REED William and MC ALLISTER Eliza 18-Feb 1829 Mecklenburg County
REEVES William and CUNNINGHAM Jane H. 20-Jul 1824 Mecklenburg County
REEVES William and PARKS Rachel 12-Feb 1811 Mecklenburg County
REEVES William and SMITH Hannah 14-Dec 1820 Mecklenburg County
REICH Rebecca and BUTNER Lewis Herman 10-Jul 1828 Bethabara
REID George F. and AUTEN Margaret N. 17-Jul 1856 Mecklenburg County