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HARRIS Josiah and CRISTENBERRY Harriet 21-Dec 1841 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Josua and ALLEN Ann 10-Sep 1811 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Laird H. and ALEXANDER Hannah 23-Jun 1840 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Margaret and HENDERSON Matthew 6-Mar 1798 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Martha Mrs. and POLK John 22-Oct 1803 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Parmela and RICH Thomas 26-May 1840 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Peggy and JOHNSTON John 10-Jan 1817 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Robert and ROBB Margaret 16-Jan 1793 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Robert N. and STAFFORD Mary 9-Apr 1834 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Salathiel and SUMMERVILLE Harriet 6-Apr 1839 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Sally and HARRIS James 19-Nov 1794 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Sally and HARRIS Charles 8-Apr 1790 Rowan County
HARRIS Samuel and MC CLURE Elizabeth 21-Mar 1796 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Sarah and BRYANT Jesse 26-Jan 1836 Edgecombe County
HARRIS Sarah and FELPS Aventon 21-Apr 1786 Rowan County
HARRIS Sarah F. and MIDDLETON William 22-Mar 1800 Guilford County
HARRIS William and SLOANE Margaret 20-Sep 1784 Rowan County
HARRIS William J. and WOLF Emeline 10-Feb 1843 Mecklenburg County
HARRIS Zephaniah and HIX Tabby 25-Nov 1790 Rowan County
HARRISON Benjamin and HUFF Mary 4-Oct 1774 Rowan County
HARRISON Elam and FLOW Ellen 26-Aug 1847 Mecklenburg County
HARRISON Elizabeth and MC COMBS William 25-May 1798 Mecklenburg County
HARRISON Jane C. and RICE Stewart 31-Dec 1847 Mecklenburg County
HARRISON M. L. and MAXWELL David 4-Jun 1841 Mecklenburg County
HARRISON Margaret N. and ROSS W. J. 18-Dec 1850 Mecklenburg County
HARRISON Reuben and MITCHELL Ann 18-May 1790 Bertie County
HARRISON Robert and WILSON Catherine 16-Mar 1841 Mecklenburg County
HARRISON Thomas and HARDISON Elizabeth Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
HARRISON William and SAVITS Esther 4-Jun 1786 Rowan County
HARROD Elisha and RHODY Jenny 31-Mar 1785 Chowan County
HARROD Joseph and SILL Susannah 23-Feb 1795 Rowan County
HARROD Priscilla and LINART Heine 9-Oct 1784 Chowan County
HARRON Joseph and BOYD Lydia Mrs. 10-Apr 1742 Chowan County
HARROWOOD Zachariah and CROSWELL Rachel 10-Sep 1793 Rowan County
HARRY David and BERRY Ann A. 6-Dec 1828 Mecklenburg County
HARRY Mary A. and BIGHAM Green L. 11-Feb 1846 Mecklenburg County
HART Andrew and CLENDENING Betsy 25-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
HART David and BLACK Peggy 29-May 1789 Rowan County
HART Eleanor and MC KRUM Samuel 2-Jun 1800 Mecklenburg County
HART James and HAMILTON Sarah 27-Dec 1788 Mecklenburg County
HART James and LAWRENCE Ann 19-Jun 1789 Rowan County
HART James and NEALLY Hannah 19-Dec 1791 Mecklenburg County
HART James and PAUL Rachel 13-Apr 1790 Orange County
HART James L. and TAYLOR Margaret C. 9-Jul 1830 Mecklenburg County
HART Jane and NEELY Thomas 28-Mar 1793 Mecklenburg County
HART Martha P. and MILLER David M. 22-Nov 1849 Mecklenburg County
HART Mary J. N. and NEELY James B. 16-Dec 1828 Mecklenburg County
HART Matthew and STEELE Elizabeth 24-Dec 1789 Rowan County
HART William and HAMILTON Esther 2-Jan 1788 Mecklenburg County
HART William H. and WOODS Susanna 9-Aug 1830 Mecklenburg County
HARTGROVE Clementine and ALEXANDER Sinai 14-Apr 1853 Mecklenburg County
HARTGROVE Dorcas and ALEXANDER Sinai 6-Jan 1843 Mecklenburg County
HARTGROVE Mary P. and ALEXANDER Elam E. 2-Jan 1844 Mecklenburg County
HARTGROVE William and MC KINNEY Mary 19-Jun 1811 Mecklenburg County
HARTH Dovey and BLACK Robert 4-Apr 1808 Mecklenburg County
HARTIS Charity and ORR John 3-Feb 1849 Mecklenburg County
HARTIS John and ADAMS Sarah 14-Oct 1812 Mecklenburg County
HARTLEY Anne and GREEN Jeremiah Jr. 2-Apr 1790 Rowan County
HARTLEY Clarinda and RICE William 15-Dec 1859 Mecklenburg County
HARTLEY Thomas and BURGESS Milly 9-Oct 1787 Rowan County
HARTLINE George and ARNHART Mary 9-Aug 1793 Rowan County
HARTMAN Elizabeth and GRUBB Conrad 26-Mar 1795 Rowan County
HARTMAN Jacob and OWEN Judah 4-Jun 1796 Rowan County
HARTMUS James H. and MILLER Eliza 23-Sep 1815 Chowan County
HARTSILE Jonathan and BEAVER Mary 5-Mar 1792 Rowan County
HARTSON Abigail Mrs. and LOYD John 18-Aug 1743 Chowan County
HARTT David and MC REE Diana 16-Aug 1797 Mecklenburg County
HARTWICK Charity and MASON Richard C. 23-Jan 1821 Mecklenburg County
HARTWICK Conrad and STEPHENS Patsy 6-Nov 1816 Mecklenburg County
HARTWICK John and PITMAN Susanna 20-Oct 1806 Mecklenburg County
HARTWICK Lucy and COSEY John Casey 17-Feb 1816 Mecklenburg County
HARVEY Edward and NICHOLS Rebecca 8-Jul 1785 Chowan County
HARVEY John and HALL Elizabeth 11-Mar 1778 Chowan County
HARVEY Lewis and IRWIN Elizabeth 26-Oct 1825 Mecklenburg County
HARVEY Mary and FARABEE Joseph 9-May 1813 Rowan County
HARVEY Thomas Gov. and JENKINS Joannah 13-Apr 1682 Perquimans
HARVEY Thomas Gov. and LAKER Sarah Aft 1682 Perquimans District
HARWELL Sylvia and HIPP John 7-Oct 1817 Mecklenburg County
HARWOOD Henry and BRYAN Martha Mar 1792 Rowan County
HASSELL Ann and WYNNE George 7-Apr 1783 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Anne and GILLIRD Nicholas Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Benjamin and SNELL Ann 29-Oct 1765 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Edward and MASSEY Ann Month? 1782 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Joseph and MANN Mary Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Joseph and TARKINTON Elizabeth Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Joshua and LOCKHART Elizabeth 3-Jul 1786 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Margaret and JONES Friley 23-Sep 1763 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Martha and TARKINTON John Jr. 4-Apr 1786 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Mary and SWAIN William Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Nancy and SWAIN Abram Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Priscilla and NICHOLLS James 19-Jan 1767 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Rachel and DAVENPORT Elkanah 8-Feb 1778 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Rachel and EDWARDS James Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Rachel Mrs. and WILKINS John Jr. 10-Jul 1767 Chowan County
HASSELL Stephen and POWERS Elizabeth 6-Oct 1783 Tyrrell County
HASSELL William and BIRTCH Elizabeth Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
HASSELL Zebedee and DAVENPORT Mary 15-Feb 1770 Tyrrell County
HASSETT Isaac and TEPNEY Rachel S. 6-Aug 1765 Chowan County
HATCH Edmund and RICHARDS Lucy 15-Mar 1742 Chowan County
HATCHER Hancock and WILKINS Margaret 16-Aug 1763 Edgecombe County
HATCHER William and VICKERS Martha 21-Feb 1768 Edgecombe County
HATH German and MC KNIGHT Betsy 4-Nov 1796 Rowan County
HATHAWAY Maria L. and CLARK William P. 24-Jul 1816 Mecklenburg County
HATHCOCK Mary and MANLEY Willey 13-Feb 1832 NC?
HATTON Charles and CHAMBERS Jane 31-Dec 1779 Rowan County
HAUGHTON Edward and GREGORY Deborah 20-Feb 1785 Chowan County
HAUGHTON Elizabeth and GREGORY Luke 29-Nov 1779 Chowan County
HAUGHTON Esther and GARRETT Daniel 19-Feb 1756 Chowan County
HAUGHTON Jeremiah and SYLVIA Mary 27-Jan 1756 Chowan County
HAUGHTON Leah and CARTER James 3-Jun 1773 Chowan County
HAUGHTON Margaret and FLURY William 6-May 1752 Chowan County
HAUGHTON Mary Mrs. and CREECY Levi 1-Oct 1750 Chowan County
HAUGHTON Rachel and HALL Edward 30-Jul 1753 Chowan County
HAUGHTON Richard and LONG Jerima 3-Aug 1774 Tyrrell County
HAUGHTON William and MING Mary 1-Apr 1748 Chowan County
HAUSER Christina and ROTHROCK Philip 20-Mar 1800 Friedberg
HAUSER Elizabeth and BUTNER Jacob 28-Oct 1829 Stokes County
HAUSER Gertraut and SHAMEL Jacob 29-Oct 1814 Stokes County
HAUSER Heinrich and HOEHNS Catharina 15-Aug 1775 NC?
HAUSER Jacob and SCHNEIDER Elizabeth 27-Jul 1800 Rowan County
HAUSER Jacob and WEST Sarah 24-Mar 1815 Rowan County
HAUSER Maria Louisa and BUTNER Joshua 31-Mar 1833 Stokes County
HAUSER Susanna and DEAVER Samuel 4-Feb 1814 Rowan County
HAWKINS Abraham and DOWELL Sarah 27-Oct 1798 Rowan County
HAWKINS Betsy and DENNIS William 15-Sep 1800 Guilford County
HAWKINS John and GOODMAN Polly 27-Dec 1796 Rowan County
HAWKINS Joshua and BEAM Dorothy 8-Apr 1780 Rowan County
HAWKINS Mary and BULLOCK Nathaniel Month? 1760 Granville County
HAWKINS Mary and TURNER Joseph 23-Oct 1762 Perquimans County
HAWKINS Mary J. and MORROW Benjamin 20-Apr 1847 Mecklenburg County
HAWLET Peter A. and MARTIN Frank 9-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
HAYDEN Judith and HUGHES Sergent 3-Nov 1788 Rowan County
HAYDEN William and LINSTER Elizabeth 3-May 1796 Rowan County
HAYES Cynthia and NEELY William M. 25-May 1813 Mecklenburg County
HAYES Jane and ALGEA Robert 5-Jan 1811 Mecklenburg County
HAYES Margaret E. and ALEXANDER William A. 15-Oct 1835 Mecklenburg County
HAYES Martha and JOHNSON Benjamin 21-Jan 1824 Mecklenburg County
HAYGOOD Mary and WHITE Edmund 19-Dec 1821 Warren County
HAYLER Evan and DAVIS Eliza 24-May 1837 Mecklenburg County
HAYMAN Jonas and LONG Mary 1-Dec 1778 Tyrrell County
HAYNES Barth and CARRUTH Sarah 30-Aug 1793 Mecklenburg County
HAYNES David C. and CATHCART Harriet 10-Nov 1835 Mecklenburg County
HAYNES Eaton and HAYNES Mary 22-Jan 1804 Edgecombe County
HAYNES Herbert and THOMSON Anne 6-Mar 1771 Edgecombe County
HAYNES John and ANDREW Margaret 29-Apr 1783 Rowan County
HAYNES Joseph and BEATY Levina 25-Apr 1800 Mecklenburg County
HAYNES Mary and HAYNES Eaton 22-Jan 1804 Edgecombe County
HAYNES Peggy and BLACKWOOD Joseph 17-Apr 1824 Mecklenburg County
HAYS David and BLUE Margaret 10-Oct 1788 Rowan County
HAYS Joseph and VAN PELT Mary 15-Aug 1811 Mecklenburg County
HAYS William and BLACK Jensey 2-Apr 1805 Mecklenburg County
HAYSE Sarah and PAGE Solomon 16-May 1786 Bertie County
HAYWOOD Charity and MANLY Charles 7-Oct 1817 NC?
HAYWOOD William and HARE Charity 11-Mar 1754 Chowan County
HAZARD John and WATKINS Martha / widow 13-Jan 1742 Chowan County
HAZZARD Cornelius and ROOME Catherine 31-Mar 1815 Mecklenburg County
HAZZARD Esther and MATTHEWS Andrew 16-Feb 1849 Mecklenburg County
HEADLY Martha M. and RODDEN N. B. 15-Aug 1865 Mecklenburg County
HEADON Jenny and HEADON Joseph 8-Jan 1783 Rowan County
HEADON Joseph and HEADON Jenny 8-Jan 1783 Rowan County
HEARN Michael and JONES Mary 24-Dec 1768 Tyrrell County
HEARN William and SKEAL Ruth 29-Nov 1799 Rowan County
HEART Sarah and MONTGOMERY William 10-Feb 1830 Guilford County
HECKLEFIELD John and GODFREY Elizabeth / widow Bef 1697 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
HEDGECOCK Thomas and WOOD Elizabeth 10-Jul 1783 Rowan County
HEDRICK Peter and MYERS Barbara 18-Feb 1797 Rowan County
HEEKMAN John and PATTEN Nancy 31-Oct 1785 Rowan County
HEGE Alexander Christian and KING Theresa Tryphena 11-Apr 1849 Lexington
HEGE Johanna Gertraud and WERNER Jacob Month? 1822 Stokes County
HEGNIT Rachel and MILLIS John 26-Nov 1786 Guilford County
HEIN Maria and HOLDER Heinrich 4-Nov 1805 Stokes County
HELLINGER Barbara and PHYTE Peter 11-Jul 1791 Rowan County
HELM Peter and SHOULTS Leah 5-Oct 1792 Rowan County
HELMS Agnes and MOORE David 9-May 1811 Mecklenburg County
HELMS Gaabriel and WILLIAMS Rhoda 23-Feb 1813 Mecklenburg County
HELMS Israel and KAIZER Sarah C. 16-Jan 1729 Mecklenburg County
HELMS Margaret E. and BOYD H. B. 4-Oct 1865 Mecklenburg County
HELMS Wiley and CROWELL Martha 3-Dec 1820 Mecklenburg County
HELSABECK Jacob and KREEGER Susanna 28-Mar 1819 Bethabara
HELTON Ann and ORMOND Robert 15-Sep 1864 Mecklenburg County
HEMPHILL John and HERRILL Agnes 16-Jul 1783 Rowan County
HENBY Clarkia and HORN Wilson Dec 1819 Wayne County
HENDERSON Agnes and MATTHEWS Robert 2-Mar 1797 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Carnes and PARKS Lilly 24-Jan 1792 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Cornelia and HAMPTON George 29 Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Elizabeth and BALDWIN Allen 3-Jun 1818 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Elizabeth M. and RODGERS Edward H. 8-Sep 1835 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Harriet and ALEXANDER John R. 14-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Harriet A. and ROBISON John K. 2-Dec 1843 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Isabella and MORRIS James S. 26-Jan 1847 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Jane and MILLER Adam 13-Apr 1804 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Jane L. and ROBISON Josiah A. 18-May 1843 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON John and HENDERSON Rebecca 30-Jan 1798 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON John and PORTER Priscilla 9-Jul 1828 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON John and SAMPLE Ann 4-Apr 1804 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON L.A. Miss and AHRENS F. W. 10-Dec 1857 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Lila A. and CALDWELL J. C. 1-Jul 1856 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Louisa and JOHNSON Samuel 1-Mar 1813 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Margaret and ROBISON Robert 30-Mar 1790 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Martha and BRADLEY Francis A. 12-Aug 1836 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Martha H. and BURNEY E. L. 1-Oct 1851 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Matthew and HARRIS Margaret 6-Mar 1798 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Pamela and JOHNSTON Robert 11-Sep 1820 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Rebecca and HENDERSON John 30-Jan 1798 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Rebecca R. and BAKER Jeptha 18-Dec 1860 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Richard and JAMISON Isabel 8-Feb 1798 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON Samuel and BURNETT Sarah 8-Jan 1782 Rowan County
HENDERSON Susannah and RAMSEY Thomas 4-Oct 1804 Mecklenburg County
HENDERSON William Steele and BALDRIDGE Elizabeth 18-Sep 1804 Mecklenburg County
HENDREN Oliver and IJAMS Arania 16-Aug 1788 Rowan County
HENDRICKS Elizabeth and HENDRIX Amos 14-Jan 1779 Rowan County
HENDRICKS Henry and LUCKEY Isabel 29-Mar 1795 Rowan County
HENDRICKS John and LEWIS Sarah 27-Dec 1780 Rowan County
HENDRICKS Joshua and WOLFSKILL Margaret 8-Apr 1779 Rowan County
HENDRICKS Milly and FORMAN John 17-Jan 1794 Rowan County
HENDRICKS Thomas and TURNER Elizabeth 2-May 1758 Perquimans County
HENDRICKS William and STEWART Martha 22-Oct 1785 Rowan County
HENDRICKS William and WILKINSON Margaret 7-Jan 1794 Rowan County
HENDRICKSON John and BERRY Elizabeth 20-Dec 1784 Rowan County
HENDRIX Amos and HENDRICKS Elizabeth 14-Jan 1779 Rowan County
HENDRIX Jacob and ROLAND Franey 21-Jun 1792 Rowan County
HENDRIX John and WELCH Elizabeth 15-Sep 1788 Rowan County
HENLEY Darby and YOUNG Mary 21-Sep 1787 Rowan County
HENLEY William and PARKS Jenny 3-May 1791 Rowan County
HENNEGAN Eleanor and REA Andrew 16-Jun 1797 Mecklenburg County
HENNINGTON Betsy and STRICKLAND James 7-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
HENRY Cyrus and MONTGOMERY Martha 3-Jan 1810 Mecklenburg County
HENRY George R. and PRICE Martha 21-Dec 1809 Mecklenburg County
HENRY Hugh and ROBINSON Rosanna 4-Sep 1779 Rowan County
HENRY Isaac and BARNETT Catherine 30-May 1800 Mecklenburg County
HENRY Jenneatte and HILL Walter 20-Oct 1798 Mecklenburg County
HENRY Joseph and PORTER Elizabeth 2-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
HEPWORTH Harriet T. and REED John G. 6-Mar 1839 Mecklenburg County
HEPWORTH John and FREEMAN Sally 9-Jun 1818 Mecklenburg County
HEPWORTH Sarah A. and JAMISON Thomas 15-Mar 1848 Mecklenburg County
HERDON Chesley and RIGSBY Tempe 19-Oct 1824 Orange County
HERDON Zachariah and RHODES Milles 28-Jun 1789 Orange County
HERNDON Bartlett and BOOTH Termehia 27-Apr 1853 Orange County
HERNDON Bartlett and BOOTH Termenia 27-Apr 1853 Orange County
HERNDON Bartlett H. and COOK Martha 23-Dec 1858 Orange County
HERNDON Benjamin and SMITH Esther 15-May 1829 Orange County
HERNDON Chesley and GEORGE Mary E. 3-Feb 1866 Orange County
HERNDON Chesley and RIGSBY Tempe 19-Oct 1824 Orange County
HERNDON Chesley and WARREN Frances 13-Sep 1849 Orange County
HERNDON Cynthia and GEORGE Thomas 24-Mar 1842 Orange County
HERNDON Edmond and RHODES Rebecca 14-Feb 1794 Orange County
HERNDON Elias and HOPSON Polly Month? 1795 Orange County
HERNDON Eliza and BURNETT Alexander 5-Jan 1793 Orange County
HERNDON Elizabeth and HUNT David Alexander 19-May 1852 Granville County
HERNDON Esther and BARBER John 20-Mar 1790 Orange County
HERNDON Green E. and BARBER Mary Ann 20-Dec 1842 Orange County
HERNDON Harmon and GEORGE Elizabeth 5-Apr 1837 Orange County
HERNDON Harmon and MASSEY Louise 2-Nov 1858 Orange County
HERNDON James and COLLIER Catherine 14-Jun 1802 Orange County
HERNDON James and DIXON Polly 3-May 1814 Orange County
HERNDON Martha and GEORGE Ezekiel 8-Jun 1831 Orange County
HERNDON Matilda and GEORGE William 10-Jun 1826 Orange County
HERNDON Pomphrett and BARFIELD Anne 28-Oct 1812 Orange County
HERNDON Pomphrett and KING Polly 19-Jul 1805 Orange County
HERNDON Ruben and MC COY Frances 9-Aug 1784 Orange County
HERNDON Sylvinia and GEORGE David 11-Dec 1837 Orange County
HERNDON Tapley and HUTCHINS Nelly 13-Nov 1798 Orange County
HERNDON Thomas S. and RHODES Delilah M. 4-Oct 1856 Orange County
HERNDON Waller and PARTIN Eliza 21-May 1795 Orange County
HERNDON Westly and ROBERTS America Month? 1828 Orange County
HERNDON William and HUTCHINS Hannah 1-Jan 1795 Orange County
HERNDON William H. and GEORGE Elizabeth 23-Jan 1866 Orange County
HERNDON Zachariah and CLIFTON Lydia 18-Mar 1824 Orange County
HERNDON Zachariah and RHODES Milley 28-Jun 1789 Orange County
HERON Bejamin and MARSDEN Mary 10-Jun 1765 Wilmington
HERON Sarah and COOK William 31-Jul 1850 Mecklenburg County
HERRILL Agnes and HEMPHILL John 16-Jul 1783 Rowan County
HERRON Delila and MONTGOMERY James 16-Jun 1846 Mecklenburg County
HERRON Esther and RICE A. B. 2-Feb 1865 Mecklenburg County
HERRON Isaac and MC KEE Martha 25-Jun 1802 Mecklenburg County
HERRON Jane and BROWN Benjamin 9-Jun 1809 Mecklenburg County
HESS George and BULLONG Peggy 19-May 1798 Rowan County
HESS John and CRYTE Susanna 19-Apr 1790 Rowan County
HESTER Maranda B. and WHITE William G. V. 6-Sep 1836 Granville County
HESTER Nancy and ALLEN Samuel 27-Aug 1782 Orange County
HESTER Nancy and HUNT Joseph Month? 1820 Granville County
HESTER Sarah and HUNT Samuel Month? 1834 Granville County
HEVIN Harriet C. and BROWN William P. 28-Apr 1846 Mecklenburg County
HIATT Amer and WILLIS Achsah 12-Jun 1816 New Garden
HIBBETS James and CRAWFORD Nancy 28-Dec 1792 Mecklenburg County
HIBBETTS James and JOHNSON Agnes 1-Dec 1790 Rowan County
HICKMAN Elizabeth and DEW Abraham 2-Dec 1763 Edgecombe County
HICKMAN William and STRICKLIN Lucretia 19-Dec 1762 Edgecombe County
HICKS Joshua and ADAMS Diana 19-Sep 1794 Rowan County
HICKS Judah and HIPP John 5-Apr 1783 Mecklenburg County
HICKS Mary and ROBISON Mathew 21-Jan 1794 Mecklenburg County
HICKS Thomas and DEADMAN Elizabeth 29-Oct 1787 Rowan County
HICKS William and HUNT Mouring widow 27-May 1778 Granville County
HIDE Benjamin and ENSLEY Mary 9-Jan 1775 Rowan County
HIDE Benjamin and HUGHEY Margaret 25-Jul 1796 Rowan County
HIGDEN Joseph and HOLBROOK Margaret 5-Apr 1786 Rowan County
HIGGINS John and CLEMMONS Deborah 29-Apr 1823 Chowan County
HIGGS Sally and VANN Edward 7-Feb 1788 Bertie County
HILL A. M. Miss and BECKLER H. N. 14-Feb 1866 Mecklenburg County
HILL Abraham and SCOTT Rachel 1-May 1761 Chowan County
HILL Abraham and WALTON Katherine 7-Jan 1756 Chowan County
HILL Asa and ALEXANDER Mary Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
HILL Christina and GOODNALL Federick 1-Aug 1775 Rowan County
HILL Delilah and MONTGOMERY James C. 23-Feb 1825 Rowan County
HILL Isaac and BARNES Mary 12-Jan 1788 Rowan County
HILL Jane and CUTHRELL Thomas 26-Oct 1845 Davie County
HILL John and BUTNER Rachel Month? 1783 Salisbury
HILL John and LYNN Mary / widow 4-Jan 1780 Rowan County
HILL John S. and DEMEESE Henrietta 5-Aug 1835 Mecklenburg County
HILL Joseph F. and DEARMOND Martha A. 12-Nov 1825 Mecklenburg County
HILL Juda and BUNCH Nehemiah 14-Feb 1765 Chowan County
HILL Landy and SPACH Maria 10-Aug 1865 Davidson County
HILL Martha and BEATTY John 21-Aug 1798 Mecklenburg County
HILL Mary and GOODLOE David S. Month? 1801 Granville County
HILL Robert and WHITE Istal 28-Dec 1815 Mecklenburg County
HILL Theophilus and THOMAS Tresa 3-Sep 1762 Edgecombe County
HILL Thomas and SMITH Rachel 6-Oct 1779 Rowan County
HILL Walter and HENRY Jenneatte 20-Oct 1798 Mecklenburg County
HILL Walter A. and MONTGOMERY Mary N. 27-Dec 1830 Mecklenburg County
HILL Whit M. and SHARP Mary 21-Mar 1814 Mecklenburg County
HILLARD Daniel and WILLIAMS Jane 7-Feb 1786 Rowan County
HILLARD George and SHROCK Catherine 29-Jan 1793 Rowan County
HILLIARD Lucy and WALKER William E. 8-May 1856 Nash County
HILLIARD Mary Williamson and WHITE Edmund 7-Sep 1833 Warren County
HILLIS Robert and MC DOWELL Sarah 1-Apr 1776 Rowan County
HILTON Lifas and MOOREFIELD Milly 5-Nov 1792 Rowan County
HILTON Robert and WASSON Elizabeth 17-Apr 1787 Rowan County
HIMBY Eli and STUMS Mary 20-Aug 1835 Mecklenburg County
HINDESLEY Joseph and GOODEN Perthia 7-Nov 1785 Chowan County
HINDS Deliah and STEALY Michael Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
HINKLE Charles and MARCH Susanna 13-May 1797 Rowan County
HINKLE George and SHAFFER Frances 17-Sep 1795 Rowan County
HINKLE John and ROSENBUM Mary 26-Feb 1790 Rowan County
HINKLE Michael and BEECHAM Sarah 26-Nov 1787 Rowan County
HINKLE William and HUNTER Elender 11-Dec 1793 Rowan County
HINSON Elenor and DAVIDSON David 25-Mar 1788 Bertie County
HINSON Margaret and HAGLER John 14-Feb 1828 Mecklenburg County
HINTON Amos and WALTON Susannah 6-Sep 1753 Chowan County
HINTON Christian and FREEMAN Richard 29-Sep 1778 Chowan County
HINTON Christian and MARSHALL Daniel 11-Jun 1783 Rowan County
HINTON John Maj. and KIMBROUGH Grizella Bef 1784 Wake County
HINTON Malachi and WIMBERLEY Sarah 6-Jun 1764 Edgecombe County
HINTON Sarah and COLLINS John 6-Feb 1779 Chowan County
HINTON William and TURNER Ann 7-Mar 1770 Bertie County
HIPP Amelia R. and BRYANT Sydney 16-Aug 1860 Mecklenburg County
HIPP Andrew and PERRY Mabel 24-Sep 1810 Mecklenburg County
HIPP Caroline and MEANS William 18-Dec 1838 Mecklenburg County
HIPP David and PARISH Catherine 22-Aug 1808 Mecklenburg County
HIPP Elizabeth and JOHNSTON William 25-Oct 1808 Mecklenburg County
HIPP Harriet C. and JOHNSTON David 23-Jul 1838 Mecklenburg County
HIPP John and HARWELL Sylvia 7-Oct 1817 Mecklenburg County
HIPP John and HICKS Judah 5-Apr 1783 Mecklenburg County
HIPP John and ROGERS Polly 12-Oct 1799 Mecklenburg County
HIPP Lilly and BEATY Ezekial 9-Jun 1847 Mecklenburg County
HIPP Margaret and JOHNSON Jesse 8-Nov 1830 Mecklenburg County
HIPP Margaret and NEEL James H. 5-Jul 1838 Mecklenburg County
HIPP Margaret and ROBISON Matthew A. 2-Dec 1847 Mecklenburg County
HIPP Mary and ROSS Reuben E. 3-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
HIPP Violet A. and MC CREA David H. 15-Dec 1830 Mecklenburg County
HIX Tabby and HARRIS Zephaniah 25-Nov 1790 Rowan County
HIX Tabby and HARRIS Zeplaniah 25-Nov 1790 Rowan County
HOBBIS Hannah and FRAZEY Aaron 24-Jul 1775 Rowan County
HOBBY Rodah and BRYANT Arthur 4-Jan 1766 Edgecombe County
HOBBY Sarah and BRYAN John 1-Jul 1766 Edgecombe County
HOBBY Sarah and FLEWELLEN John 24-Dec 1761 Edgecombe County
HOBDAY Joseph and MILLER Abigail 13-Jun 1764 Chowan County
HODGE Elizabeth and MC KEE John 23-Apr 1798 Mecklenburg County
HODGE Jane and JOHNSON James 16-Nov 1835 Mecklenburg County
HODGE Mary and MC CLURE John 10-Feb 1795 Mecklenburg County
HODGY P. B. and COCHRAN Sarah E. 23-Sep 1857 Mecklenburg County
HOEHNS Anna Eva and BEROTH John Jacob 5-Feb 1771 NC?
HOEHNS Catharina and HAUSER Heinrich 15-Aug 1775 NC?
HOEHNS John and SCHOR Anna Maria 19-Mar 1776 Bethabara area
HOFF Richard and EVERETT Zilpha 15-Jul 1769 Tyrrell County
HOGAN General and NORFLEET Ruth 3-Oct 1751 South Hampton
HOGAN Sally and DUGGAR Shadwick 16-Oct 1793 Orange County
HOGSTAN Archibald and STONE Anne 16-Oct 1779 Rowan County
HOKE Mary B. and SMITH Hosea H. Month? 1853 Lincolnton
HOLBROOK Margaret and HIGDEN Joseph 5-Apr 1786 Rowan County
HOLBROOK William and BAKER Sarah 14-May 1785 Rowan County
HOLBROOKE Caleb and BAKER Priscilla 1-Apr 1780 Rowan County
HOLDBROOK Theopolis and HORWELL Margaret A. 7-Feb 1848 Mecklenburg County
HOLDEN James and RUSELY Mary 21-May 1800 Mecklenburg County
HOLDEN Levina and BUNCH Micajah 8-Apr 1791 Bertie County
HOLDER Aggie and MITCHELL George 20-Dec 1830 Bertie County
HOLDER Anna Margaretha and KIRK James 5-Jan 1825 Stokes County
HOLDER Anna Maria and CARMICHAEL Alexander 28-Aug 1812 Stokes County
HOLDER Augusta and BUTNER Jonas P. 20-Nov 1898 Forsyth County
HOLDER Catherine and TEAGUE Michael 2-Aug 1813 Stokes County
HOLDER Charles and ESCHENBACH Johanna Elizabeth 16-Dec 1771 Bethabara
HOLDER Christine and BAGGE Charles 20-Aug 1801 Rowan County
HOLDER Daniel and WELBORN Ruth Jan 1787 Randolph County
HOLDER Elizabeth and CARMICHAEL Joseph 27-Jul 1818 Stokes County
HOLDER George and STEINER Barbara 18-Jul 1762 Rowan County
HOLDER George Jacob and WILLIAMS Rebecca 15-Dec 1814 Stokes County
HOLDER George Ludwig and MORRIS Elizabeth 23-Apr 1802 Stokes County
HOLDER Heinrich and HEIN Maria 4-Nov 1805 Stokes County
HOLDER Heinrich b. 1754 and NULL Elizabeth Abt 1780 Surry County
HOLDER Henry and BUTNER Anna Elisabeth 12-Jul 1830 Stokes County
HOLDER Henry and SCHAUS Sarah 31-Aug 1818 Stokes County
HOLDER John and LEINBACH Elizabeth 28-Sep 1805 Stokes County
HOLDER Joseph and LANG Maria Catherina 17-Dec 1792 Stokes County
HOLDER Martin and LEINBACH Mary Ann 23-Jan 1798 Stokes County
HOLDER Michael and DUNWAY Catherine 4-Aug 1816 Stokes County
HOLDER Shadrack and DUNNING Minnie 4-Feb 1799 Bertie County
HOLDER Susannah and KIRK John 18-Oct 1825 Stokes County
HOLDERFIELD Valentine and NOLAND Henny 13-Apr 1789 Rowan County
HOLEBAUGH George and SAVAGE Susannah 13-Jun 1787 Rowan County
HOLEMAN David and FROST Rachel 8-Nov 1798 Rowan County
HOLEMAN Jacob and PINCHBACK Liddy 23-Nov 1795 Rowan County
HOLEMAN Thomas and SUTHERLAND Margaret 16-May 1778 Rowan County
HOLEMAN William and PINCHBACK Martha 28-Dec 1799 Rowan County
HOLIDAY Jane and MARIS Thomas 17-Nov 1802 Orange County
HOLLADAY Asia and JONES William 23-Jan 1790 Bertie County
HOLLADAY Hannah and LANIER John 6-May 1769 Tyrrell County
HOLLADAY Mary and EASON Reuben 24-Dec 1762 Tyrrell County
HOLLADAY Samuel and DUGAN Elizabeth 14-Nov 1763 Tyrrell County
HOLLAND Abraham and CLARK Drury 8-Oct 1799 Edgecombe County
HOLLAND Cynthia and RODES Tyree 25-Apr 1811 Rutherford County
HOLLAND John and MARSHALL Jane Mrs. 1-Sep 1786 Wilmington
HOLLAND John and ROBINSON Christina 26-Aug 1783 Rowan County
HOLLAND Nancy and HORN William 26-Feb 1800 Edgecombe County
HOLLAND Richard and TAYLOR Nina 30-Nov 1775 Rowan County
HOLLAND Thomas and ROSS Mary 17-May 1761 Edgecombe County
HOLLIDAY William E. and BARTON Mary S. 30-Apr 1845 Mecklenburg County
HOLLIS William and REED Elizabeth 15-Feb 1790 Rowan County
HOLLOMAN Isham and WIGGINS Sarah 29-Oct 1799 Edgecombe County
HOLLOWAY John and SHIP Mary 21-Oct 1761 Edgecombe County
HOLLOWAY Thomas and CAIN Johanna 5-Oct 1782 Orange County
HOLMES John and BLACKWOOD Susannah 9-Dec 1793 Rowan County
HOLMES Richard and MC GAUGHEY Elizabeth 1-Jan 1781 Rowan County
HOLSHOUSE Andrew and POOL Polly 21-Dec 1798 Rowan County
HOLSTEAD Thomas and GARRETT Sarah 20-Jul 1762 Tyrrell County
HOLSTEIN James and ENEX Susanna 14-Jul 1779 Rowan County
HOLT Mary and THOMPSON Anthony 29-Jan 1788 Orange County
HOLTON Temperance and RILEY John 19-May 1832 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Caroline and CULP Benjamin A. 23-May 1848 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Celia A. and OBRIEN John C. 8-Feb 1846 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Elizabeth and BEAN Hugh 3-Nov 1809 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Elizabeth and MAXWELL Robert 7-May 1795 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Jane and BAIN Samuel 20-Jan 1820 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Jeremiah and MC CROSKEY Mary 16-Jan 1816 Mecklenburg County
HOOD John H. and RUSSELL Mazy 10-Dec 1833 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Lydia and BLACK John 25-Aug 1802 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Margaret A. and MC CAULEY Fredrick 20-Nov 1827 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Mary and RICHARDS William 13-Jul 1744 Chowan County
HOOD Reuben and NEAL Mary 15-Dec 1825 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Robert and MC NEVIN Elizabeth 15-May 1797 Mecklenburg County
HOOD Robert L. and WATT Mary Ann 8-Jan 1849 Mecklenburg County
HOOKER A. and BROWNRIGG George 6-Oct 1783 Tyrrell County
HOOKER Mary and JENNETT Abraham 16-Dec 1767 Tyrrell County
HOOKER Nathan and WHEDBEE Mary Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
HOOKER Rosannah and SPRUILL Benjamin 26-Sep 1767 Tyrrell County
HOOKER Stephen and CRADDOCK Martha Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
HOOKS Charles and HUNTER Ann 15-Nov 1796 Bertie County
HOOKS Elizabeth and BAKER Isaac 15-Dec 1830 Mecklenburg County
HOOKS John S. and BIGGERS Susannah J. 6-Apr 1858 Mecklenburg County
HOOKS Mary and MC CALL Eli 22-Mar 1823 Mecklenburg County
HOOKS Mary and SLOCUMB Ezekial Month? 1778 Wayne County
HOOKS Piety and BLAIR James G. 27-Nov 1819 Mecklenburg County
HOOKS Wiloby and KRITZ Anna 23-Jan 1793 Rowan County
HOOPER Richard and FORREST Anne 11-Feb 1786 Orange County
HOOSER Adaline and RICHARDSON John K. 23-Apr 1849 Mecklenburg County
HOOVER Adaline and BLANKENSHIP Samuel H. 10-Aug 1854 Mecklenburg County
HOOVER Amanda and RABORN M. B. 14-Jun 1865 Mecklenburg County
HOOVER Eliza J. and RODDEN William R. 20-Sep 1860 Mecklenburg County
HOOVER George and BEARD Margaret 4-May 1784 Rowan County
HOOVER Henry and COLLINS Jane 28-Dec 1849 Mecklenburg County
HOOVER Mary J. and JOHNSON John William 28-Feb 1860 Mecklenburg County
HOOVEY Martha and GUILD Jacob 13-Feb 1786 Orange County
HOPE Levi and HARRIS Jane M. 1-Oct 1823 Mecklenburg County
HOPE Susan Ann and LONG John R. 20-Dec 1856 Mecklenburg County
HOPE Valentine and WATT Jane 29-Nov 1787 Rowan County
HOPKINS Alexander and BROWN Moren 10-Feb 1796 Bertie County
HOPKINS Daniel and COBB Frances 20-Nov 1793 Bertie County
HOPKINS Isaac K. and BATEMAN Casandra 8-Sep 1836 Chowan County
HOPKINS Jehodah and HOPKINS Samuel Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
HOPKINS John and CUTCHENS Tabitha 16-Mar 1827 Edgecombe County
HOPKINS John and KING Mary 10-Feb 1752 Chowan County
HOPKINS John and STEWART Janet 25-Apr 1774 Bertie County
HOPKINS Joseph and HARPER Elizabeth 25-Apr 1776 Chowan County
HOPKINS Mary / widow and LUTEN James 4-Mar 1754 Chowan County
HOPKINS Philess and HOWETT Betsy Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
HOPKINS Samuel and HOPKINS Jehodah Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
HOPKINS William and STANCIL Sally 22-Oct 1799 Edgecombe County
HOPKINS Winnifred and COOK Benjamin 25-Apr 1774 Bertie County
HOPPER John and MARTIN Lovey 16-Jun 1756 Chowan County
HOPPER Thomas and STEWART Nancy 16-Feb 1791 Rowan County
HOPPOLD John M. and FORESTER Evelina M. 14-Feb 1827 Mecklenburg County
HOPSON Polly and HERNDON Elias Month? 1795 Orange County
HOPSON Zachariah and GEORGE Ruthy 22-Dec 1789 Orange County
HORA Henry and HAMPTON Nancy 12-Feb 1784 Rowan County
HORAH Hugh and MOORE Mary 14-Jan 1788 Rowan County
HORN Charity and BATTLE William Month? 1742 Edgecombe County
HORN Elias and GAY Sarah 26-Jan 1763 Edgecombe County
HORN Elijah and KILLEBROW Susannah 18-Aug 1799 Edgecombe County
HORN James and PRICE Elizabeth 18-May 1799 Edgecombe County
HORN Richard and MC KENNEY Sarah 28-May 1801 Mecklenburg County
HORN William and HOLLAND Nancy 26-Feb 1800 Edgecombe County
HORN William and THOMAS Mary 20-Jul 1761 Edgecombe County
HORN Wilson and HENBY Clarkia Dec 1819 Wayne County
HORNBY James and WHITE Penelope 22-Sep 1788 Bertie County
HORNER Susanna and HAMMOND Anthony 23-Feb 1779 Rowan County
HORNY Esther and MENDENHALL Zadoc 14-Nov 1817 Guilford County
HORWELL Margaret A. and HOLDBROOK Theopolis 7-Feb 1848 Mecklenburg County
HOSKINS Ann and WIGGINS Samuel 2-Jun 1770 Chowan County
HOSKINS Elizabeth and COFFIELD John 8-Mar 1757 Chowan County
HOSKINS John and HOWELL Mary 25-Jan 1794 Rowan County
HOSKINS Mary and BLOUNT Edmund 26-Feb 1765 Chowan County
HOSKINS Mary and GASSER John 29-Oct 1785 Chowan County
HOSKINS Nicholas and ALLCOCK Mary 19-Feb 1786 Tyrrell County
HOSKINS Rachel and LEARY Job Jan 1776 Chowan County
HOSKINS Sarah and JACKSON William 21-Dec 1767 Chowan County
HOSKINS Sarah / widow and BLOUNT Joseph 15-May 1771 Mecklenburg County
HOUGH Charlotte and CARTER William 20-Jun 1786 Chowan County
HOUGH Mary da. of Richard and BRYANT James 2-Oct 1780 Tyrrell County
HOUGHTON Ann / widow and KENNEDY John 19-Nov 1774 Chowan County
HOUK Felix and MOCK Catherine 13-Jun 1793 Rowan County
HOUSE Samuel and FORSTER Betsy 8-May 1843 Mecklenburg County
HOUSER John and CURRY Amelia 8-Feb 1837 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Ambrose and LAWSON Eliza B. 29-Mar 1839 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Catherine C. and ALEXANDER Ezekiel 20-Dec 1836 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON David and BARKLEY Eleanor 20-Mar 1788 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON David and PATTERSON Anne 2-Sep 1774 Rowan County
HOUSTON Eliza and CANNON Moses H. 5-Aug 1839 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Elizabeth and BRADLEY James A. 30-Oct 1810 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Elizabeth and MAXWELL Jeremiah M. 28-Aug 1827 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Emily and CONDON John 29-Dec 1831 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Henry and HOUSTON Martha 15-Oct 1791 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON James and ALEXANDER Cassa 1-Jan 1803 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON James N. and WALKER Elizabeth 4-Jan 1798 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON John H. and BLAIN Clarinda J. 2-Feb 1829 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON John M. and ROBINSON Jane D. 18-Mar 1834 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Lorina and CALDWELL Robert 27-Dec 1819 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Margaret and MORRISON William 17-Dec 1821 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Margaret and OSBORN James 15-Oct 1821 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Martha and HOUSTON Henry 15-Oct 1791 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Martha and ORR John 28-Mar 1842 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Mary and BRYAN Aaron 14-Feb 1837 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Mary and JOHNSON Charles 10-Jul 1794 Bladen County
HOUSTON Mary and MORRIS Reuben 1-Feb 1816 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Peggy and ANDREWS William 30-Mar 1821 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Samuel and KIRK Mary 30-Nov 1795 Mecklenburg County
HOUSTON Thomas and SAMPLE Mary 6-Jun 1798 Mecklenburg County
HOVEY John and BAXTER Frances 22-Oct 1788 Mecklenburg County
HOWARD Allan and MARSHALL Phoebe Month? 1787 Granville County
HOWARD Amelia E. and ROBISON John L. 24-Oct 1837 Mecklenburg County
HOWARD Benjamin and MIDDLETON Sarah 25-Jan 1775 Tyrrell County
HOWARD Charity and ELLET Isaac 25-Aug 1798 Rowan County
HOWARD Edmond and WOOD Betsy 9-Mar 1791 Rowan County
HOWARD Francis and GEAR Anne Mrs. 11-Jun 1745 Chowan County
HOWARD John and GAITHER Margaret 26-Jan 1795 Rowan County
HOWARD John and MC DARREL Betsy 21-Oct 1791 Rowan County
HOWARD John and PINKSTON Dinah 17-Aug 1799 Rowan County
HOWARD Joseph and ENOCHS Sally 20-Dec 1796 Rowan County
HOWARD Joshua and BRYON Elsey 7-Mar 1789 Rowan County
HOWARD Lucy and HUNT Edward 4-Nov 1806 Granville County
HOWARD Martha and ELLIS Samuel 15-Jul 1788 Rowan County
HOWARD Matilda and DAVIS Jonathan 14-Jan 1766 Tyrrell County
HOWARD Nancy and JOHNSON David M. 4-Aug 1856 Mecklenburg County
HOWARD Nancy and ORMOND John M. 22-Dec 1840 Mecklenburg County
HOWARD Philip and DORSEY Nancy 20-Sep 1797 Rowan County
HOWARD Philip and GARDNER Susannah 10-Oct 1774 Rowan County
HOWARD Robert G. and PHIFER Mary 15-Apr 1838 Mecklenburg County
HOWARD Sarah and HUNT Samuel 20-May 1780 Granville County
HOWARD Sarah and REDDING Robert 19-Jun 1816 Mecklenburg County
HOWARD Thomas and GAITHER Harriet 29-Oct 1799 Rowan County
HOWCOTT Sarah and JONES William Jr. 31-Aug 1772 Chowan County
HOWELL Adline I. and ALEXANDER Thomas 30-Jun 1861 Mecklenburg County
HOWELL H. W. Miss and ORR A. J. 8-Sep 1863 Mecklenburg County
HOWELL James and SWAIN Susanna 10-Sep 1788 Bertie County
HOWELL John and MING Mary / widow 8-Sep 1753 Chowan County
HOWELL Jonathan and FORT Mary 20-May 1766 Edgecombe County
HOWELL Mary and HOSKINS John 25-Jan 1794 Rowan County
HOWELL Mary A. and BROCK Richard E. 20-Mar 1868 Davie County
HOWELL Massey and HARPER Abner 18-Dec 1763 Edgecombe County
HOWELL Sally and BRASWELL Zadock 27-Jan 1800 Edgecombe County
HOWELL Sarah and BEAR John 1-Dec 1865 Mecklenburg County
HOWELL Sterling P. and WYATT Rachel 6-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
HOWELL Susan R. and BROCK Benjamin C. 31-Jul 1855 Davie County
HOWELL William and MILLS Ann 15-Jun 1776 Tyrrell County
HOWES James and SIMS Nancy 11-Dec 1786 Rowan County
HOWETT Abraham and RHODES Judeth 2-Sep 1775 Tyrrell County
HOWETT Betsy and HOPKINS Philess Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
HOWEY Aaron H. and STITT Martha 1-Jun 1835 Mecklenburg County
HOWEY William and GORDON Mary 14-Aug 1834 Mecklenburg County
HOWID Margaret and CALDWELL John 25-Feb 1823 Mecklenburg County
HOWIE Anne and HUSTON John 21-Dec 1797 Mecklenburg County
HUBBARD Mary and BOYCE Hardy 13-Aug 1790 Bertie County
HUBBARD Sarah and MORGAN James 18-Jul 1800 Guilford County
HUBBELL Walter and VENTURES Mary 22-May 1790 Bertie County
HUCKS Solomon A. and ROBARDS Mary D. 5-Dec 1842 Mecklenburg County
HUDDLESTON Mary and NICHOLSON William 26-Aug 1822 Mecklenburg County
HUDDLESTON Ursla and ACOCK Thomas W. 23-Oct 1814 Mecklenburg County
HUDGINS William and POTTS Elizabeth 23-Jan 1792 Rowan County
HUDNALL Robert and KITCHEN Lucreasia 2-Dec 1768 Edgecombe County
HUDNALL William and BRIDGERS Elizabeth 21-Feb 1766 Edgecombe County
HUDSON Frances and ESTES Aaron 13-Jul 1790 Orange County
HUDSON Samuel and MAXWELL Margaret / widow Jul 1746 Orange County
HUDSON Thomas and JOHNSON Eleanor 11-Mar 1773 Rowan County
HUEY Agnes and CRAIG Alexander 9-Mar 1804 Mecklenburg County
HUEY Elizabeth and MC CAHRON Hector 26-Jul 1791 Mecklenburg County
HUEY John and CRAIG Margaret 9-Mar 1804 Mecklenburg County
HUFF Benjamin and MC CAIN Elizabeth 10-Jul 1764 Chowan County
HUFF Elizabeth and BAZEMORE Lovenand 13-Jul 1785 Tyrrell County
HUFF Jacob and MAVIARY Liddy 22-Jan 1791 Rowan County
HUFF Lavina and MANLOW William P. 25-Jun 1827 NC?
HUFF Mary and HARRISON Benjamin 4-Oct 1774 Rowan County
HUFF Valentine and HUGHES Jeremiah 14-Jun 1792 Rowan County
HUFFMAN Daniel and PARKS Rachel 17-Jan 1781 Rowan County
HUGGINS James and BREVARD Mary 21-Mar 1785 Rowan County
HUGGINS Robert and JETTON Rachel 13-Feb 1787 Rowan County
HUGHES Hudson and BALFOUR Margaret 8-Sep 1796 Rowan County
HUGHES Jeremiah and HUFF Valentine 14-Jun 1792 Rowan County
HUGHES John and BURTIS Martha 25-Jun 1795 Rowan County
HUGHES Samuel and GUFFY Elizabeth 16-Dec 1792 Rowan County
HUGHES Sergent and HAYDEN Judith 3-Nov 1788 Rowan County
HUGHETT Hannah and FOSTER John 4-Nov 1782 Rowan County
HUGHEY Elizabeth and EATON George 11-Jun 1779 Rowan County
HUGHEY Henry and COOK Mary 20-Mar 1773 Rowan County
HUGHEY Jacob and COOK Margaret 5-Sep 1782 Rowan County
HUGHEY Margaret and HIDE Benjamin 25-Jul 1796 Rowan County
HUGHEY Thomas and BRYANT Mary 7-Feb 1787 Rowan County
HUGHEY William and FILLIPS Elizabeth 3-Jul 1791 Rowan County
HULL Dawson and CAIN Celia 15-May 1775 Chowan County
HULL John and MARTIN Ann 12-Sep 1744 Chowan County
HULL Joseph and MILLER Sarah 29-Sep 1779 Rowan County
HULL May and NICHOL Johnathan 8-May 1787 Orange County
HULL Polly and BIRD James 7-Jan 1811 Mecklenburg County
HUMPHREY John and BRADFORD Susanna 7-Jan 1793 Rowan County
HUMPHRIES Richard and CAROTHERS Tamer 16-Dec 1785 Chowan County
HUNDLEY Mary and WEAVER John B. 26-Mar 1788 Bertie County
HUNDON Virginia and COVINGTON Harrison W. 4-Jun 1844 Richmond County
HUNT Abel and BEARD Duanna 17-Feb 1787 Rowan County
HUNT Arthur and WHITAKER Jinny 17-Sep 1791 Rowan County
HUNT Arthur and WILSON Elizabeth 10-Mar 1790 Rowan County
HUNT Daniel and COLE Betsy 10-May 1793 Rowan County
HUNT Daniel and WISEMAN Polly 6-Jan 1797 Rowan County
HUNT David Alexander and HERNDON Elizabeth 19-May 1852 Granville County
HUNT Edward and HOWARD Lucy 4-Nov 1806 Granville County
HUNT Emma and FORD William 4-Jun 1791 Rowan County
HUNT Enoch and CHAFFIN Elizabeth 2-Jun 1794 Rowan County
HUNT Frankey and HUNT Michael Month? 1812 Granville County
HUNT George and WOODFORK Lucy 15-Jan 1781 Granville County
HUNT George Washington and CREWS Susan 25-Oct 1848 Granville County
HUNT Hannah and GREEN John 16-Jan 1779 Rowan County
HUNT James and SATTERWHITE Ann 21-Jul 1785 Granville County
HUNT James and THOMPSON Ann Month? 1814 Granville County
HUNT James Thomas and GEORGE Helen 22-May 1861 Granville County
HUNT John and ~ Mourine Bef 1778 Granville County
HUNT John and ~ Mouring Bef 1778 Granville County
HUNT John and PENN Frances 5-Aug 1771 Granville County
HUNT John and TAYLOR Betsy 17-Sep 1804 Granville County
HUNT John Penn and LONGMIRE Sally 19-Dec 1811 Granville County
HUNT Joseph and HESTER Nancy Month? 1820 Granville County
HUNT Malcolm and LOVE Elizabeth 12-Jun 1791 Mecklenburg County
HUNT Mary and BRYAN Samuel 5-Oct 1775 Rowan County
HUNT Mary and SNIPES Thomas 28-Dec 1793 Granville County
HUNT Michael and HUNT Frankey Month? 1812 Granville County
HUNT Mouring widow and HICKS William 27-May 1778 Granville County
HUNT Robert L. and WHITE Narcissa C. 2-Dec 1856 Granville County
HUNT Samuel and HESTER Sarah Month? 1834 Granville County
HUNT Samuel and HOWARD Sarah 20-May 1780 Granville County
HUNT Soloman and SNEED Elizabeth Month? 1817 Granville County
HUNT William and KITTRELL Mansey 24-Jan 1780 Granville County
HUNT William and KNOTT Patsy 22-Dec 1801 Granville County
HUNT William and TAYLOR Elizabeth 25-Oct 1792 Granville County
HUNTER Amanda and CALDWELL Jeff 2-Jan 1866 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Ann and HOOKS Charles 15-Nov 1796 Bertie County
HUNTER David and BERRY Abigail 14-Jun 1775 Rowan County
HUNTER Dorcus H. and ALEXANDER Stanhope W. 24-Sep 1851 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Elender and HINKLE William 11-Dec 1793 Rowan County
HUNTER Ester H. and RICHARDSON James H. 3-Sep 1851 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Henry and BLACK Caroline 29-Aug 1810 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Henry and BLOUNT Asia 24-Mar 1783 Tyrrell County
HUNTER Henry and CLARK Martha 6-Oct 1840 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Henry and TAYLOR Alice 10-Oct 1810 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Hugh M. and MONTGOMERY Mary Jane 21-Aug 1850 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Humphrey and ROSS Margaret 20-Jul 1795 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER James and MC CLURE Mary 7-Jul 1800 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Jane and ALEXANDER Ulysses 12-Jan 1831 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Jane and BIGHAM Robert 23-Dec 1829 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Joseph and CALTHORP Rhoda 14-Sep 1806 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Leah and RIDDICK Seth 6-Jan 1772 Chowan County
HUNTER Margaret A. and HARRIS John H. 13-Aug 1817 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Margaret H. and COOPER William 12-Jun 1823 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Martha and HARRIS John 31-Mar 1790 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Martha E. and NEEL William 24-Jan 1843 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Mary and SANDERS Benjamin 10-Mar 1775 Chowan County
HUNTER Mary W. and BIGHAM James 14-Feb 1831 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Nancy Jane and RUSSELL David M. 2-Mar 1854 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Nicholas and BUCHANAN Susannah 14-Nov 1777 Chowan County
HUNTER Richard and CLERK Mary 8-Jun 1786 Rowan County
HUNTER Robert and BIGHAM Mary 14-Nov 1837 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Sarah A. and BOYER Elam B. 26-Sep 1841 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Teresa and BLACKEKY Thomas 8-Oct 1812 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Thomas and SLOANE Anne 27-Mar 1787 Rowan County
HUNTER Thomas and WALKER Peggy H. 15-Oct 1810 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Thomas and WALKER Rosanna A. 22-Feb 1832 Mecklenburg County
HUNTER Thomas and WALTON Mary / widow 13-Jun 1771 Chowan County
HUNTER Timothy and SUMNER Mary 22-Oct 1774 Chowan County
HUNTER William and DUCKWORTH Mary Month? 1816 Mecklenburg County
HURDLE Henry and BUSH Sarah 14-Aug 1807 Chowan County
HURDLE Sarah and GARRETT Everard 3-Aug 1763 Chowan County
HURON Mary and BROWN John W. 5-Feb 1828 Mecklenburg County
HURST James and KINGMAN Mary 7-Aug 1753 Chowan County
HUSKE Anne A. and WEBB James Month? 1807 Wilmington
HUSLER Michael and WARNER Jemina 19-Dec 1798 Rowan County
HUSON David and GLOVER Judy 11-Aug 1792 Mecklenburg County
HUSON Mary and BROWN John W. 5-Feb 1828 Mecklenburg County
HUSON Sarah and MC COMB Robert 19-Aug 1817 Mecklenburg County
HUSTON Archibald and CUNNINGHAM Rosanna 6-Oct 1784 Rowan County
HUSTON Donald and MONRO Margaret 31-Dec 1779 Rowan County
HUSTON George and MC COY Margaret L. 12-Jan 1825 Mecklenburg County
HUSTON James and BREVARD Asenath 24-Sep 1774 Rowan County
HUSTON John and HOWIE Anne 21-Dec 1797 Mecklenburg County
HUSTON Joseph and LUCAS Martha 5-Mar 1783 Rowan County
HUSTON Thomas and WILLIAMS Elizabeth 20-Dec 1788 Rowan County
HUTCHINS Hannah and HERNDON William 1-Jan 1795 Orange County
HUTCHINS Nelly and HERNDON Tapley 13-Nov 1798 Orange County
HUTCHINSON Cynthia J. and CASHON David L. 27-Jan 1859 Mecklenburg County
HUTCHINSON David and MC REE Polly 22-May 1805 Mecklenburg County
HUTCHINSON George and EMERSON Daisy 11-Jun 1799 Mecklenburg County
HUTCHINSON Peggy and ALDERSON Armistead 14-Jan 1803 Mecklenburg County
HUTCHINSON William and SHIELDS Mary 8-Jan 1829 Mecklenburg County
HUTCHISON Louisa and AUTON William M. 27-Dec 1860 Mecklenburg County
HUTCHISON Mary E. and MONTGOMERY R. C. 8-Dec 1859 Mecklenburg County
HUTSON Mary and LONG Walter 10-Dec 1744 Chowan County
HUTSON Sarah S. and ABERNATHY John C. 13-May 1843 Mecklenburg County
HUTSON Seth and KERN Polly 24-Oct 1797 Rowan County
HUX David W. and KENNON Mary 19-May 1849 Mecklenburg County
HUX Martha and MAXWELL William 22-Nov 1832 Mecklenburg County
IJAMS Arania and HENDREN Oliver 16-Aug 1788 Rowan County
IMBLER Elizabeth and FRISBY Jonah 2-Nov 1791 Rowan County
INGALLS Peter and WILLIAMSON Amelia 1-Sep 1861 Mecklenburg County
INGRAHAM John and BELL Charity Month? 1807 Sampson County
INGRAM Heziah and BIBB Nancy 22-Apr 1819 Mecklenburg County
INGRAM Mary and LEE Thomas Captain Abt 1772 Johnston County
INIS John and CAMPBELL Agnes 24-Apr 1800 Mecklenburg County
INYARD John and YOUNG Ann 1-Dec 1865 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Alexander and ALEXANDER Margaret 14-Oct 1833 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Batho and BARRY Eleanor R. 2-Dec 1833 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Batho and FLINN Elizabeth C. 18-Dec 1841 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Caleb and IRWIN Sarah 29-Dec 1818 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN David and LOWRY Mary 29-Oct 1843 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Davis and FLANAGAN Mary 7-Dec 1831 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Isiah D. and ALEXANDER Jane E. 25-Aug 1859 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN James and DAVIS Eleanor 12-Dec 1845 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Jeremiah and GEORGE Elizabeth 11-Dec 1766 Edgecombe County
IRVIN John and BLACK Julie 5-Oct 1820 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN John and WITHERSPOON Margaret 11-Feb 1818 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Joseph H. and RAY Mary A. 21-Feb 1850 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Josiah D. and ALEXANDER Jane E. 31-Aug 1859 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Mary and BLACK Cyrus 7-Oct 1828 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Mary A. and ALLISON Thomas C. 11-Jun 1859 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Robert and ALEXANDER Martha 4-Aug 1838 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Robert and BERRY Mary 26-Mar 1798 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Robert and REA Elizabeth 29-Apr 1817 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Samuel and PARKS Martha 7-May 1825 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN Silas and SLOAN Jenny 14-Oct 1812 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN William and ALLISON Rebecca L. 8-Feb 1826 Mecklenburg County
IRVIN William and CATHAY Mary 24-Mar 1796 Rowan County
IRVIN William and IRWIN Sarah 7-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Celia and BLACK Thomas O. 2-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Elizabeth and HARVEY Lewis 26-Oct 1825 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Jane and BOALS Addison P. 1-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Margaret S. and CLARK Robert M. 18-Dec 1838 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Martha and RODGERS John 7-Apr 1827 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Mary and BLACK William 20-Feb 1793 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Mary Ann and MOORE Thomas J. 20-Sep 1838 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Nancy C. and BANKER Jacob L. 7-Oct 1844 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Octavia C. and JONES Edward P. 25-Nov 1849 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Peggy and MC DOWELL Hugh 31-Mar 1802 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Sarah and ANDERSON John 14-Sep 1811 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Sarah and IRVIN Caleb 29-Dec 1818 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Sarah and IRVIN William 7-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
IRWIN Sarah and RUSSELL Thomas 29-May 1792 Mecklenburg County
IVEY David and JENKINS Rebecca 15-Oct 1782 Orange County
IVY Thomas R. and SCOTT Melinda 24-Aug 1812 Mecklenburg County
JACKSON Elias and JOHNSTON Mary J. 18-Mar 1841 Mecklenburg County
JACKSON Fanny and DAWES Willilam S. 18-Jul 1785 Chowan County
JACKSON James and SPRUILL Sarah 7-Apr 1766 Tyrrell County
JACKSON James and WEATHERS Rebecca 28-Jan 1804 Mecklenburg County
JACKSON Mary and MILLIS James 6-Dec 1785 Guilford County
JACKSON Nancy and MC LURE David 24-Jan 1823 Mecklenburg County
JACKSON Penelope and HARE James Dec 1779 Chowan County
JACKSON Polly and BIGHAM Robert 4-Jan 1815 Mecklenburg County
JACKSON Sarah and BUSH William 2-Dec 1793 Chowan County
JACKSON William and HOSKINS Sarah 21-Dec 1767 Chowan County
JACKSON William and TURNER Fanny 7-Feb 1785 Perquimans County
JACKSON William J. and CHRISTENBERRY Elizabeth P. 23-Feb 1828 Mecklenburg County
JACOBS Samuel and CHERRY Bethiah 3-Nov 1788 Bertie County
JAMERSON Elizabeth and ANDREWS Micajah 26-Jan 1763 Edgecombe County
JAMES Benjamin and JAMES Kesiah 1-Nov 1788 Bertie County
JAMES Charles M. and KELLY Margaret J. 5-Mar 1849 Mecklenburg County
JAMES Elinor and MC KINNEY William 13-Feb 1790 Guilford County
JAMES Emanuel and GARDNER Patience 19-Jan 1788 Bertie County
JAMES Kesiah and JAMES Benjamin 1-Nov 1788 Bertie County
JAMES Philip H. and WEBB Frances 20-Feb 1794 Franklin County
JAMESON Bond and BOND Teressa 9-Feb 1785 Chowan County
JAMESON Isaac and MURPHY Alice 5-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
JAMESON James and LONG Melinda 28-Jun 1849 Mecklenburg County
JAMESON Jane and MC KELVEY John M. 31-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
JAMESON Katherine and BROWN Samuel 31-Mar 1801 Mecklenburg County
JAMESON Mary and BARNHILL John H. 20-Aug 1840 Mecklenburg County
JAMESON Mary and BROWN Benjamin F. 20-May 1848 Mecklenburg County
JAMESON Nancy and BARNHILL John 28-Feb 1816 Mecklenburg County
JAMESON Nancy C. and BROWN Allen H. 22-Aug 1838 Mecklenburg County
JAMESON R. C. and WILSON Catherine 9-Jan 1866 Mecklenburg County
JAMESON Robert and JOHNSTON Isabella 25-Mar 1797 Mecklenburg County
JAMIESON John R. and TODD Hannah I. 21-Dec 1858 Mecklenburg County
JAMIESON Mary and BEATY Robert M. 7-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
JAMIESON R. M. and TODD Hannah F. 25-Jan 1843 Mecklenburg County
JAMIESON Thomas and MC CLURE Jane 18-Apr 1844 Mecklenburg County
JAMIESON Thomas and MC CORD Rosanna B. 9-Dec 1851 Mecklenburg County
JAMIESON Thomas and MC GINN Elizabeth 7-Jul 1819 Mecklenburg County
JAMIESON Thomas and SULLIVAN Mary 16-Sep 1789 Mecklenburg County
JAMIESON William and JOHNSTON Polly 8-Jan 1811 Mecklenburg County
JAMIESON William and TODD Margaret 6-May 1835 Mecklenburg County
JAMIESON William J. and BROWN Jane E. 18-Mar 1844 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON Andrew and REA Mary A. 30-Jul 1841 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON Arthur and SIMERAL Mary 6-Jan 1801 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON E. C. and MC CLURE James L. 9-Jun 1847 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON Eliza J. and AUTON Samuel 25-Oct 1859 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON Isabel and HENDERSON Richard 8-Feb 1798 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON Jean and BROWN James 10-Feb 1797 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON Mary Ann and CROSS William 7-Feb 1850 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON Robert and SHUSON Ann 8-Nov 1817 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON Robert M. and TODD Sarah L. 30-Sep 1862 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON Sally and COX Samuel 10-Apr 1809 Mecklenburg County
JAMISON Thomas and HEPWORTH Sarah A. 15-Mar 1848 Mecklenburg County
JANNETT Ann and SWAIN Eliakim Oct 1783 Tyrrell County
JASEY Martha and MOORE Willis 3-Mar 1798 Guilford County
JEFFREYS William and GRAY Mary 30-Jul 1773 Edgecombe County
JENKINS Elias and WHITE Hasky Ann Nelson 26-Nov 1830 Granville County
JENKINS Joannah and HARVEY Thomas Gov. 13-Apr 1682 Perquimans
JENKINS Mary and WALKER George 28-Apr 1757 Chowan County
JENKINS Rebecca and IVEY David 15-Oct 1782 Orange County
JENKINS Samuel and PENNY Mary 15-Dec 1788 Bertie County
JENKINS William and PARKER Elinor 26-Oct 1809 Mecklenburg County
JENNESS Agnes and MC WHORTER Moses 26-Aug 1793 Mecklenburg County
JENNETT Abraham and HOOKER Mary 16-Dec 1767 Tyrrell County
JENNETT Mary and SMITH John Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
JENNETT Nancy and LAQUER James 28-Feb 1785 Chowan County
JENNINGS C. J. and COOK Rachel R. 14-Sep 1865 Mecklenburg County
JENNINGS George W. and STANFORD Sarah C. 28-Oct 1858 Mecklenburg County
JENNINGS J. H. and STANFORD Margaret 4-Jan 1859 Mecklenburg County
JENNINGS John and SMITH Lucy 26-Dec 1818 Mecklenburg County
JENNINGS Richard and CARTER Eliza 11-Aug 1825 Mecklenburg County
JENNINGS William P. and ALEXANDER Mary C. 16-Jul 1836 Mecklenburg County
JERARD Henry and LASSITER Frances 8-Feb 1786 Tyrrell County
JERNAGAN Arthur and BOND Mary 25-Feb 1790 Bertie County
JEROME J. E. and GRIFFIN Cornelia E. 17-Oct 1889 Union County
JEROME Thomas Jefferson and MC LARTY Catherine Abt 1825 Monroe, Union County
JESSOP Elizabeth and MONTGOMERY James 21-Nov 1775 Guilford County
JETTON Abraham and OPIPHANT Jane 29-May 1787 Mecklenburg County
JETTON E. S. Miss and JOHNSTON J. D. 16-Mar 1853 Mecklenburg County
JETTON Rachel and HUGGINS Robert 13-Feb 1787 Rowan County
JEWELL Stephen and MONTEITH Margaret 30-Jul 1792 Mecklenburg County
JINGLES Elizabeth and MC ARCRON Peter R. 20-Apr 1824 Mecklenburg County
JINKES Edward and BARE Sarah / widow 11-Oct 1777 Chowan County
JOHNS Zeph and THORP Margaret 22-Dec 1824 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Agnes and HIBBETTS James 1-Dec 1790 Rowan County
JOHNSON Amelia and ALVES Walter 11-May 1787 Orange County
JOHNSON Benjamin and HAYES Martha 21-Jan 1824 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Charles and EARL Elizabeth 10-Feb 1785 Chowan County
JOHNSON Charles and HOUSTON Mary 10-Jul 1794 Bladen County
JOHNSON Cynthia and MOORE James 13-Feb 1827 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON David and VETTEL Sally 26-Jan 1800 Edgecombe County
JOHNSON David M. and HOWARD Nancy 4-Aug 1856 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Edward and LANGLEY Mary / widow 25-May 1761 Edgecombe County
JOHNSON Eleanor and HUDSON Thomas 11-Mar 1773 Rowan County
JOHNSON George and TAYLOR Mary 3-Jan 1850 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON James and GALLOWAY Rebecca 14-Apr 1846 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON James and HODGE Jane 16-Nov 1835 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON James A. and TRADENICK Sarah A. 23-Mar 1858 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON James L. and DEWESE Abigail 24-Jan 1838 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Jane and RANDALL William 27-Mar 1818 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Jesse and HIPP Margaret 8-Nov 1830 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Jesse B. and WALLACE Jane 6-Oct 1858 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON John and ALEXANDER Elizabeth C. 18-Dec 1833 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON John C. and BLACK Margaret T. 16-Apr 1833 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON John E. and DEWESE Annie 8-Jan 1836 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON John M. and MORRISON Jane 7-Jan 1861 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON John W. and WALLACE Meriam E. 30-Apr 1863 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON John William and HOOVER Mary J. 28-Feb 1860 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Mary and ENDLESS Thomas 9-May 1779 Chowan County
JOHNSON Mary and FLOWERS Jacob 20-Nov 1764 Edgecombe County
JOHNSON Nancy P. and ROSSICH George W. 3-Sep 1857 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Polly and TAYLOR Warner 9-Sep 1829 Granville County
JOHNSON Rachel and ANDERSON James 3-Dec 1778 Tyrrell County
JOHNSON Reuben and CURRY Jenny 17-Sep 1816 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Samuel and HENDERSON Louisa 1-Mar 1813 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Susannah and GAITHER John 17-Feb 1795 Rowan County
JOHNSON Tasann and BRINEGAR Jacob Month? 1832 Wilkes County
JOHNSON Thomas A. and COX Miss J. 21-Jun 1865 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON William and ALLEN Rebecca 11-Dec 1811 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSON Zadock and AMASON Elsie 1-Feb 1828 Edgecombe County
JOHNSTON Alexander S. and NORFLEET Nancy 29-Mar 1812 Edgecombe County
JOHNSTON Andrew and MC COMBS Sarah 17-May 1791 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Andrew D. and JOHNSTON Jane 20-Jan 1810 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Ann and CLARK Jonas Jr. 15-Sep 1824 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Catherine J. C. and ALEXANDER William L. D. 21-Apr 1859 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON David and HIPP Harriet C. 23-Jul 1838 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON David and OVERBY Sarah 14-May 1849 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Diana and HARGETT James 23-Dec 1800 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Elizabeth and BEATY Samuel W. 17-Dec 1823 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Elizabeth and BLACK James M. 19-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Ezekial and MORRIS Eliza 10-Sep 1833 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON I. C. and CHAPMAN Robert P. 2-Aug 1865 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Isaac M. and COX Sarah A. 23-Feb 1854 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Isaac M. and FINCH Eleze 31-Dec 1844 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Isaac M. and FRENCH Eleze 31-Dec 1844 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Isabella and JAMESON Robert 25-Mar 1797 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON J. D. and JETTON E. S. Miss 16-Mar 1853 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON James and CRAIG Margaret 4-Mar 1788 Orange County
JOHNSTON James S. and RUDDOCK Susanna J. 14-Mar 1861 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Jane and JOHNSTON Andrew D. 20-Jan 1810 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Jane C. and MILLER John W. 6-Sep 1843 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON John and HARRIS Peggy 10-Jan 1817 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON John and ROBINSON Jane 18-Nov 1829 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON John F. and CAMPBELL Sarah L. 10-Jul 1844 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON John H. and WALLACE Lydia B. 3-Feb 1840 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON John R. and TONEVA Delia R. 17-Jun 1856 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON John T. and SCOTT Mary 29-Sep 1859 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Joseph C. and ORR Dorris 11-Oct 1815 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Lucy and ELLIS Reuben 20-Jan 1804 Edgecombe County
JOHNSTON M. W. and BOST A. H. Miss 31-Oct 1859 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Margaret and MORRISON James 10-Sep 1799 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Martha and ROBISON R. C. 28-Jul 1847 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Mary and ALEXANDER Marcus F. 30-Jan 1844 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Mary and ECCLES John 1-Mar 1788 Rowan County
JOHNSTON Mary and MORRISON James M. 4-Dec 1830 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Mary Ann and BLACK William 13-Jul 1792 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Mary C. and JOHNSTON William A. 6-Mar 1849 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Mary E. and MAXWELL William R. 21-Jul 1832 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Mary J. and JACKSON Elias 18-Mar 1841 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Mary P. and BATTLE Joel 9-Apr 1801 Edgecombe County
JOHNSTON Patrick and WALL Ann 28-Jun 1794 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Patsy and BARNETT Hugh M. 4-Jan 1819 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Philip and JOHNSTON Rachel 23-Nov 1813 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Polly and JAMIESON William 8-Jan 1811 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Rachel and HALL James 9-Jan 1792 Rowan County
JOHNSTON Rachel and JOHNSTON Philip 23-Nov 1813 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Randolph and PERISHO Mary Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
JOHNSTON Robert and BLAIR Martha 29-Jul 1865 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Robert and DAVIS Mary 9-Jan 1806 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Robert and HENDERSON Pamela 11-Sep 1820 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON S. E. and BREM Cynthia 19-Sep 1865 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Sam and MOORE Prudy 17-Jul 1811 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Samuel and NUTY Isabella 17-Jan 1810 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Samuel E. and CALDWELL Rebecca 29-Oct 1842 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Samuel N. and WELCH Margaret 13-Nov 1841 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Thomas J. and DAVIDSON Sarah T. 9-Sep 1842 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Thomas L. and LUCKY Dorcus E. 25-May 1852 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Thomas T. and MC DONALD Elizabeth 21-Jul 1814 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON William and BLACK Mary 10-Oct 1807 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON William and CUNNINGHAM Rebecca 20-Oct 1844 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON William and GRAHAM Ann E. 16-Mar 1846 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON William and HIPP Elizabeth 25-Oct 1808 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON William A. and JOHNSTON Mary C. 6-Mar 1849 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON William C. and MC RAE Margaret M. 1-Nov 1828 Mecklenburg County
JOHNSTON Zadock and AMASON Elsie 1-Feb 1828 Edgecombe County
JOLLY James and FORT Priscilla 15-Oct 1764 Edgecombe County
JOLLY Nancy and MC CRACKEN John 27-Sep 1824 Mecklenburg County
JONES Albert G. and MILLER Nelly 27-Apr 1848 Chowan County
JONES Andrew and BAIN Jane H. 5-Aug 1837 Mecklenburg County
JONES Andrew and PARKS Abby E. 3-Nov 1829 Mecklenburg County
JONES Andrew and WILSON Rebecca 24-Oct 1821 Mecklenburg County
JONES Ann and CARR James 5-Mar 1776 Chowan County
JONES Ann and RHODES Nathan 6-Sep 1786 Tyrrell County
JONES Benjamin Clark and FLAKE Rena A. 11-Oct 1911 Anson County
JONES Catherine and LUTEN Thomas Jr. 14-Feb 1748 Chowan County
JONES Edward H. and DUNLAP Harriet K. 2-Nov 1843 Mecklenburg County
JONES Edward P. and IRWIN Octavia C. 25-Nov 1849 Mecklenburg County
JONES Elizabeth and FELPS William 20-Apr 1768 Rowan County
JONES Elizabeth and MC NARY Boyd 3-Mar 1842 Guilford County
JONES Elizabeth and MORROW Hezekiah 5-Jan 1815 Mecklenburg County
JONES Elizabeth and PRIVETT Jacob 4-Jul 1751 Chowan County
JONES Elizabeth and THORNTON Francis Month? 1762 Oxford area
JONES Elizabeth / widow and ROBINSON John 8-Jan 1754 Chowan County
JONES Francis and THOMPSON Agnes 9-Jan 1789 Orange County
JONES Friley and HASSELL Margaret 23-Sep 1763 Tyrrell County
JONES Hezekiah and HALSEY Azenath 6-Mar 1776 Chowan County
JONES Hezikiah and HALSEY Azenath 6-Mar 1776 Chowan County
JONES Isaac and TRUSE Nancy 13-Dec 1832 Mecklenburg County
JONES James and SPELL Dolly 4-Oct 1809 Edgecombe County
JONES Jesse and MONK Linah 21-Jul 1788 Bertie County
JONES John and COFFIELD Anne 20-Dec 1766 Edgecombe County
JONES John and DUNNING Elizabeth 23-Jan 1798 Bertie County
JONES John and LONG Ann 20-Sep 1779 Tyrrell County
JONES John and SMITH Anne 16-Jun 1788 Edgecombe County
JONES John and SPELL Ann 6-Nov 1762 Edgecombe County
JONES Johnston and BALL Nancy 24-Aug 1790 Orange County
JONES Julius A. and WALKER Patsy 10-Jul 1821 Mecklenburg County
JONES Lewis and AMBROSE Susannah 6-Aug 1752 Chowan County
JONES Lewis and BARNES Merica Month? 1764 Edgecombe County
JONES Lewis and HALSEY Ann 18-Jun 1761 Chowan County
JONES Lidy and ROBINSON James 12-Mar 1822 Mecklenburg County
JONES Lloyd and YOUNG Elizabeth 21-Mar 1757 Chowan County