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BOYD Andrew and DUNBAR Darah 12-Dec 1793 Mecklenburg County
BOYD Ann / widow and BENBURY John 14-Aug 1752 Chowan County
BOYD Benjamin P. and REA Terza 11-Nov 1839 Mecklenburg County
BOYD Daniel and PARISH Patsy 15-Sep 1812 Mecklenburg County
BOYD David and SIMONDS Elizabeth 1-Jun 1822 Mecklenburg County
BOYD Elender and MC CANN James 15-Oct 1799 Mecklenburg County
BOYD Elizabeth and HALSEY Colon 16-Dec 1785 Chowan County
BOYD Elizabeth and MC LEARY James 27-Feb 1822 Mecklenburg County
BOYD H. B. and HELMS Margaret E. 4-Oct 1865 Mecklenburg County
BOYD James and SMITH Elizabeth J. 10-Oct 1831 Mecklenburg County
BOYD Joshua D. and SMITH Altona L. 28-Dec 1826 Mecklenburg County
BOYD Josiah and SEGEL Mary 4-Jul 1839 Mecklenburg County
BOYD Lucy A. and TAYLOR John 27-Sep 1815 Granville County
BOYD Lydia Mrs. and HARRON Joseph 10-Apr 1742 Chowan County
BOYD Margaret and BLACKBURN Hugh 9-Mar 1808 Mecklenburg County
BOYD Marian and WELLS George Dr. 3-Feb 1767 Chowan County
BOYD Nancy and BALLARD Jesse 27-Dec 1806 Mecklenburg County
BOYD Panthia Burwell and WHITE William Wallace 12-Oct 1848 Warren County
BOYD Susan and ROBISON Allen 26-Aug 1830 Mecklenburg County
BOYD Thomas and DARNELL Susanna 19-Dec 1796 Mecklenburg County
BOYER Elam B. and HUNTER Sarah A. 26-Sep 1841 Mecklenburg County
BOYERS William and SCOTT Nancy 4-Oct 1833 Mecklenburg County
BOYKIN Edward and WILLIAMS Esther 2-Apr 1799 Edgecombe County
BOYLE Daniel and SLANN Jane Mrs. 10-Nov 1797 Mecklenburg County
BOYLE William and BLACKWOOD Mary 15-Nov 1797 Mecklenburg County
BOYLEY William and BERRYHILL Elizabeth 31-Jan 1820 Mecklenburg County
BOZZELL Polly and REA James 13-Mar 1809 Mecklenburg County
BOZZLE Sarah S. and MARTIN Robert A. 4-Dec 1838 Mecklenburg County
BRACKEN Jesse and CANTRIL Jean 20-Mar 1790 Orange County
BRACKEN Thomas and BRINEGAR Mary Month? 1788 Rowan County
BRACKETT Benjamin and WILSON Margaret I. 25-Jan 1837 Mecklenburg County
BRADFORD James and WALLACE Malinda 12-Dec 1835 Mecklenburg County
BRADFORD Seleh and WHITE Coleman Read 13-Mar 1786 Granville County
BRADFORD Susanna and HUMPHREY John 7-Jan 1793 Rowan County
BRADLEY David Jr. and BARNES Mouring 2-Dec 1810 Edgecombe County
BRADLEY Elizabeth and DIXON Green 12-Nov 1799 Edgecombe County
BRADLEY Evan B. and ~ Elizabeth 12-Feb 1799 Mecklenburg County
BRADLEY Francis A. and HENDERSON Martha 12-Aug 1836 Mecklenburg County
BRADLEY James A. and HOUSTON Elizabeth 30-Oct 1810 Mecklenburg County
BRADLEY John McK. and MITCHELL Jean 13-Feb 1796 Mecklenburg County
BRADLEY Mary and CARTER William 10-Aug 1838 Mecklenburg County
BRADLEY Susan and WRIGHT Joshua G. Month? 1780 Wilmington
BRADSHAW Jane and MORRISON John 5-Apr 1791 Mecklenburg County
BRADSHAW Julia and CUTHRELL James T. 25-Oct 1855 Davie County
BRADSHAW Solomon and GIVENS Elizabeth 1-Aug 1797 Mecklenburg County
BRADSHAW William and WINCHESTER Ann 8-Aug 1800 Mecklenburg County
BRADY Alice and GRICE William 2-Apr 1780 Rowan County
BRAINER Ann and STRAITS J. Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
BRALEY Martha and MONTGOMERY John 16-May 1786 Guilford County
BRANCH Armistead and DINKINS Sarah 18-Mar 1824 Mecklenburg County
BRANCH Burwell and MORGAN Nancy 15-Oct 1788 Bertie County
BRANCH Elizabeth and UNDERHILL Edward 9-Apr 1755 Chowan County
BRANDON Alee and ERWIN John 28-Jul 1779 Rowan County
BRANDON James A. and CAROTHERS Mary C. 15-Jan 1841 Mecklenburg County
BRANDON John and CAROTHERS Jane M. 20-Nov 1840 Mecklenburg County
BRANDON Polly and GILLESPIE John 14-Mar 1790 Rowan County
BRASWELL David and RITTERFORD Nancy 14-Sep 1762 Edgecombe County
BRASWELL Mary and GRIFFIS Lewis 28-Jun 1764 Edgecombe County
BRASWELL Sampson and MOORE Miss 31-May 1762 Edgecombe County
BRASWELL Samuel and WILLIAMS Mary 30-Nov 1762 Edgecombe County
BRASWELL Simon and TURNER Mary 25-Feb 1764 Edgecombe County
BRASWELL Solomon and BIRD Rachel 24-Dec 1765 Edgecombe County
BRASWELL Zadock and HOWELL Sally 27-Jan 1800 Edgecombe County
BRATTEN Benjamin and CLEMENTS Nancy 17-Apr 1817 Chowan County
BRATTON S. E. and TORRENCE Letitia A. 7-Sep 1847 Mecklenburg County
BRAWLEY James G. and BRAWLEY Mary E. 22-Nov 1858 Mecklenburg County
BRAWLEY Mary E. and BRAWLEY James G. 22-Nov 1858 Mecklenburg County
BREM Cynthia and JOHNSTON S. E. 19-Sep 1865 Mecklenburg County
BREVARD Asenath and HUSTON James 24-Sep 1774 Rowan County
BREVARD John F. and CONNER Margaret J. 15-Aug 1720 Mecklenburg County
BREVARD Mary and HUGGINS James 21-Mar 1785 Rowan County
BREVER Melissa and BARNARD Clinton 12-Nov 1856 Surry County
BREWER N. Alexander F. and BLACK A. M. Miss 1-Aug 1842 Mecklenburg County
BREWER Thomas F. and OEKLER Harriet E. 24-Feb 1856 Mecklenburg County
BRIAN James and ROBISON Sarah A. 6-Nov 1850 Mecklenburg County
BRIDGER Robert and MONTGOMERY Margaret 2-Nov 1786 Bertie County
BRIDGERS Elizabeth and HUDNALL William 21-Feb 1766 Edgecombe County
BRIDGES Benjamin and COBURN Nancy 27-Feb 1816 Mecklenburg County
BRIGGS Elias and TURNER Miriam 14-Aug 1779 Perquimans County
BRIGGS Margaret / widow and VANDER SLICE John 17-Nov 1752 Chowan County
BRIGMAN George M. and NEIL Martha Ann 15-Mar 1866 Mecklenburg County
BRINEGAR Eliza and CLICK John Nicholas Month? 1843 Davie County
BRINEGAR Jacob and JOHNSON Tasann Month? 1832 Wilkes County
BRINEGAR Jacob and PROCK Mary 5-Dec 1768 Rowan County
BRINEGAR John and BROWN Ann Month? 1832 Rowan County
BRINEGAR John and LINVILLE Lucretia Month? 1779 Rowan County
BRINEGAR Margaret and BROWN Thomas Month? 1829 Rowan County
BRINEGAR Mary and BRACKEN Thomas Month? 1788 Rowan County
BRINKLEY Eli and GASKINS Sally 26-Nov 1788 Bertie County
BRINKLEY George and CHINN Catherine 7-Nov 1826 Surry County
BRINKLEY Thomas and LANCASTER Sarah J. 25-Jun 1861 Mecklenburg County
BRINKLEY William and STUART Clarissa 15-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
BRINN Lydia and ROBINSON John 30-Mar 1778 Chowan County
BRINN Mary and SIMPSON John Bef 1732 NC?
BRINN Richard and CAHOON Mary Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
BRITAIN Daniel and OUTLAW Sarah 3-May 1803 Bertie County
BRITAIN Nancy and MIZELL Hezekiah 8-May 1805 Bertie County
BRITAIN Thomas and WILSON Elizabeth 1-Apr 1777 Chowan County
BRITT Ann and WILDER Absolem 8-Jul 1779 Bertie County
BRITT Betsy and LAWRENCE Seth 8-Feb 1796 Bertie County
BRITT Jesse and COOK Sarah 30-Jul 1793 Bertie County
BRITT Josiah and FLOYD Priscilla 1-Feb 1797 Bertie County
BRITT Loving and MORRIS James 7-Nov 1791 Bertie County
BRITT Martha and WHITE King 22-Jan 1788 Bertie County
BRITT Patience and WHITE Stephen 13-Feb 1795 Bertie County
BRITT Sarah and THOMAS John 26-Nov 1800 Bertie County
BRITT Thomas and KING Martha 2-Mar 1793 Bertie County
BRITTON Richard O. and SPIVEY Margaret E. 10-Nov 1830 Bertie County
BROCK Benjamin C. and HOWELL Susan R. 31-Jul 1855 Davie County
BROCK Emaline F. and CHAFFIN Martin R. 15-Jan 1865 Davie County
BROCK James Nathaniel and CUTHRELL Margaret Ann 22-Nov 1854 Davie County
BROCK Richard E. and HOWELL Mary A. 20-Mar 1868 Davie County
BROCK Thomas M. and BRUNT Buley C. 20-Mar 1866 Davie County
BROCK William Francis and FEREBEE Martha J. 17-Feb 1858 Davie County
BROGDON Timothy and MC HENRY Sarah 18-Aug 1791 Bertie County
BRONSON Edward M. and ORR Sarah A. 6-Mar 1813 Mecklenburg County
BROOKS John and CUTHBERTSON Patsy 26-Nov 1825 Mecklenburg County
BROOKS William and KLOUTZ Catherine M. 21-Nov 1833 Mecklenburg County
BROOKSHIRE Betsy and HAGEY Jacob 28-Dec 1799 Rowan County
BROOM Abe and KANAUGH Elizabeth 13-Aug 1840 Mecklenburg County
BROWN A. F. and HALL Lucretia 13-Dec 1860 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Adams and MORROW Jenny 28-Apr 1801 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Alfred and SMITH Lydia 14-Nov 1865 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Allen H. and JAMESON Nancy C. 22-Aug 1838 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Amanda M. and ADAMS James L. 19-Feb 1861 Davie County
BROWN Ann and BRINEGAR John Month? 1832 Rowan County
BROWN Armistead Capt. and MEREDITH Mary Ann R. 30-Dec 1824 Oxford area
BROWN B. F. and BARNETT Anna 10-Oct 1865 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Benjamin and HERRON Jane 9-Jun 1809 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Benjamin and MC CARTY Erexly 7-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Benjamin F. and JAMESON Mary 20-May 1848 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Charles and KIRKPATRICK Mary S. 4-Sep 1848 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Daniel and POLK Mary 24-Dec 1794 Mecklenburg County
BROWN David and GIBBONS Mary 25-Oct 1804 Mecklenburg County
BROWN E. A. Miss and MONTGOMERY A. F. 15-Jun 1865 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Eli and FREEMAN Nancy P. 5-Nov 1832 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Elizabeth and FIGHT Conrad 14-Feb 1788 Rowan County
BROWN Elizabeth and FRALEY Jacob 22-Jul 1793 Rowan County
BROWN Elizabeth and MAXWELL Moses 1-Dec 1802 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Elizabeth and MC MURRAY James 14-Apr 1774 Guilford County
BROWN Elizabeth and ROBISON Alexander 3-Dec 1831 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Enoch and WILSON Patsy 18-Mar 1813 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Ester and ROBINSON Michael 5-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Ester and ROBISON Michael 5-Jan 1828 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Euphemi and READY John 5-Apr 1774 Chowan County
BROWN Frances and BEARD William L. 26-Mar 1834 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Gabriel and FERRILL Polly 22-Dec 1813 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Hannah and ELLIOTT Joseph 4-Jun 1767 Rowan County
BROWN Isabella and ERWIN William 10-Feb 1775 Rowan County
BROWN James and JAMISON Jean 10-Feb 1797 Mecklenburg County
BROWN James and SMITH Nancy 28-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
BROWN James and WALKER Agnes 7-Oct 1795 Mecklenburg County
BROWN James G. and HALL Mary J. 4-Sep 1860 Mecklenburg County
BROWN James H. and ALEXANDER Hannah E. 3-Dec 1857 Mecklenburg County
BROWN James H. and FREEMAN Sarah J. 28-Jul 1828 Mecklenburg County
BROWN James J. and EDWARDS Amelia E. 8-Jan 1857 Mecklenburg County
BROWN James T. and NORHAM Sarah A. 30-Jul 1861 Mecklenburg County
BROWN James W. and RAY Miranda E. 19-Oct 1848 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Jane and ERWIN John 19-Oct 1772 Rowan County
BROWN Jane E. and JAMIESON William J. 18-Mar 1844 Mecklenburg County
BROWN John and MAXWELL Martha 17-Dec 1792 Mecklenburg County
BROWN John and SHARPE Betsy 22-Feb 1802 Mecklenburg County
BROWN John C. and PATTERSON Sarah A. 14-Dec 1854 Mecklenburg County
BROWN John G. and MERCHANT Eliza 2-Apr 1833 Mecklenburg County
BROWN John M. and KERR Nanica 7-Apr 1832 Mecklenburg County
BROWN John W. and BLACK Mary A. 23-Sep 1851 Mecklenburg County
BROWN John W. and GRIFFITH Ann E. 13-Jan 1853 Mecklenburg County
BROWN John W. and HURON Mary 5-Feb 1828 Mecklenburg County
BROWN John W. and HUSON Mary 5-Feb 1828 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Josiah and FRAZER Levina 19-Jun 1814 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Josiah and SMITH Sarah A. 4-Oct 1825 Mecklenburg County
BROWN L. F. and ALEXANDER Mary R. 7-Sep 1865 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Letitia Chinn and LEMLY Conrad H. 17-Jul 1899 Winston
BROWN Mabel Adams and WOLFF Willaim Jacob 30-Dec 1890 Winston
BROWN Margaret and BARNETT Thomas G. 12-Dec 1826 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Margaret I. and NICHOLSON Joseph C. 4-Oct 1837 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Margaret Maud and POLLARD William Booker 11-Feb 1890 Winston
BROWN Martha and MC ELROY William 28-Jan 1801 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Martha and REA John K. 18-Jan 1848 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Mary and ALEXANDER S. C. 21-May 1857 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Mary and LONG James 20-Jun 1768 Chowan County
BROWN Mary and MANLY David 17-Mar 1808 NC?
BROWN Mary and MC LEOD Alexander 9-Dec 1826 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Mary and ROBINSON Wallace 5-Mar 1831 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Milky and MITCHELL Edward 30-Jul 1832 Guilford County
BROWN Moren and HOPKINS Alexander 10-Feb 1796 Bertie County
BROWN Murrell and LUCKEY Margaret 24-Jul 1840 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Nancy and ALEXANDER Silas 8-May 1846 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Peggy and CAPPS Henry 10-Jul 1823 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Peter and PITMAN Sarah 29-Apr 1800 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Polly and BAKER William 7-Dec 1805 Bertie County
BROWN Robert and BRYSON Elizabeth 28-Mar 1794 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Samuel and JAMESON Katherine 31-Mar 1801 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Samuel C. and SUN Sarah J. 29-Aug 1859 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Silas and ORMOND Jean 19-Mar 1816 Mecklenburg County
BROWN Thomas and BLOUNT Billah 10-Mar 1780 Tyrrell County
BROWN Thomas and BRINEGAR Margaret Month? 1829 Rowan County
BROWN Troy and THOMPSON Selena 6-Dec 1840 Mecklenburg County
BROWN William and CRITTENBERRY Betsy 4-Dec 1819 Mecklenburg County
BROWN William and HAINES Jane 12-Apr 1800 Mecklenburg County
BROWN William and MONTIETH Martha A. 29-Oct 1839 Mecklenburg County
BROWN William A. and REED Margaret 12-Oct 1847 Mecklenburg County
BROWN William Lafayette and CHINN Mary Eliza 1-Dec 1863 Farmington, Davie County
BROWN William N. and FLANIGAN Elizabeth 1-Sep 1835 Mecklenburg County
BROWN William P. and HEVIN Harriet C. 28-Apr 1846 Mecklenburg County
BROWNING Sarah / widow and MEREDITH David 2-Jun 1773 Chowan County
BROWNRIGG George and HOOKER A. 6-Oct 1783 Tyrrell County
BRUNHEAD Jennet and GARDNER James 1-Nov 1797 Rowan County
BRUNT Buley C. and BROCK Thomas M. 20-Mar 1866 Davie County
BRYAN Aaron and HOUSTON Mary 14-Feb 1837 Mecklenburg County
BRYAN Ann and GRIMES William 21-Jan 1790 Avon
BRYAN Catherine and BYRAM William 28-Feb 1824 Mecklenburg County
BRYAN Charlotte E. and GRIMES Bryan 15-Sep 1863 Grimesland
BRYAN Jacob and WEBSTER Sarah 10-Dec 1762 Edgecombe County
BRYAN James and ROBINSON Sarah A. 16-Nov 1850 Mecklenburg County
BRYAN John and HOBBY Sarah 1-Jul 1766 Edgecombe County
BRYAN Lucy H. and MANLY B. C. Maj. 7-Nov 1866 NC?
BRYAN Margaret and ELLIS John 11-Mar 1779 Rowan County
BRYAN Margaret and FORBIS William 13-Feb 1779 Rowan County
BRYAN Martha and HARWOOD Henry Mar 1792 Rowan County
BRYAN Mary and HAMPTON David 18-Aug 1786 Rowan County
BRYAN Mary and LEE Thomas Captain 15-Mar 1761 Johnston County
BRYAN Matthew and PITMAN Levina 25-Jul 1810 Mecklenburg County
BRYAN Nancy and ENOCHS Thomas 16-Oct 1786 Rowan County
BRYAN Needham and HARELL Susannah Month? 1732 Snowfield
BRYAN Phebe and FORBIS James 10-Mar 1779 Rowan County
BRYAN Rachel and WHITEFIELD William 6-Nov 1741 Bertie County
BRYAN Rebecca and BOONE James 14-Aug 1756 Yadkin River
BRYAN Samuel and HUNT Mary 5-Oct 1775 Rowan County
BRYAN Sarah and GANO John 15-Apr 1793 Rowan County
BRYAN William and PAGE Jean 11-Dec 1809 Mecklenburg County
BRYAN William and SMITH Elizabeth Month? 1744 Snowfield
BRYANT Arthur and HOBBY Rodah 4-Jan 1766 Edgecombe County
BRYANT Jacob and HARGROVE Juda 29-Jan 1800 Edgecombe County
BRYANT James and HOUGH Mary 2-Oct 1780 Tyrrell County
BRYANT Jesse and HARRIS Sarah 26-Jan 1836 Edgecombe County
BRYANT Mary and HUGHEY Thomas 7-Feb 1787 Rowan County
BRYANT Sydney and HIPP Amelia R. 16-Aug 1860 Mecklenburg County
BRYON Elsey and HOWARD Joshua 7-Mar 1789 Rowan County
BRYSON Elizabeth and BROWN Robert 28-Mar 1794 Mecklenburg County
BRYSON James and DOHERTY Anne 11-Mar 1799 Mecklenburg County
BUCHANAN Charles and SIMMONS Betsy 8-May 1821 Mecklenburg County
BUCHANAN Eleanor and ALLISON John 17-Jul 1799 Mecklenburg County
BUCHANAN Hugh and ROSE Susanna 20-Dec 1803 Mecklenburg County
BUCHANAN James and POTTER Mary 27-Dec 1794 Mecklenburg County
BUCHANAN Martha and ATKINS Benjamin 27-May 1844 Mecklenburg County
BUCHANAN Martha E. and BARHAM William A. 22-Sep 1843 Mecklenburg County
BUCHANAN Robert and GLOON Elizabeth 1-Dec 1824 Mecklenburg County
BUCHANAN Susannah and HUNTER Nicholas 14-Nov 1777 Chowan County
BUCKLEY Maurice and DESHON Elizabeth 4-Feb 1785 Chowan County
BUCKLEY Richard and COPELAND Lydia 3-Feb 1786 Chowan County
BUCKNER Presley and FISHER Risdon 29-Jun 1798 Rowan County
BUDD David and KERR Ann 11-May 1801 Mecklenburg County
BUFORD Benjamin and PERRES Nancy 1-Mar 1797 Mecklenburg County
BUFORD William and STOW Susan 20-Dec 1803 Mecklenburg County
BULLINGER Abel and PATTON Harriet 12-Jul 1732 Mecklenburg County
BULLOCK John and MITCHELL Mary 12-Nov 1789 Oxford area
BULLOCK John and WOLF Elizabeth 2-Feb 1789 Orange County
BULLOCK Nathaniel and HAWKINS Mary Month? 1760 Granville County
BULLOCK Stephen and ROBINSON Winny 24-Mar 1800 Edgecombe County
BULLOCK Susannah and TAYLOR John 16-Mar 1784 Granville County
BULLONG Peggy and HESS George 19-May 1798 Rowan County
BUNCH Cullen and HALLOWELL Rhoda 27-Dec 1785 Chowan County
BUNCH Mary and BATEMAN Will 5-Jun 1767 Chowan County
BUNCH Micajah and ADAMS Sarah Mrs. 10-Aug 1747 Chowan County
BUNCH Micajah and HOLDEN Levina 8-Apr 1791 Bertie County
BUNCH Micajah and PAYNE Mary 8-May 1758 Chowan County
BUNCH Nehemiah and HILL Juda 14-Feb 1765 Chowan County
BUNCH Sarah and MC GUIRE John 10-Dec 1778 Chowan County
BUNCK Judy and MC DORMAN John 12-Oct 1799 Guilford County
BUNCOMBE Mary and SUTTON Samuel Bef 1746 NC?
BUNTING John and PIPPEN Lucretia 17-May 1806 Edgecombe County
BUNTON Sarah and GRAHAM John 25-Jan 1785 Rowan County
BURD Sally and RICHARDSON James 11-Dec 1817 Mecklenburg County
BURGESS Milly and HARTLEY Thomas 9-Oct 1787 Rowan County
BURK Mary and POWERS Peter 23-Jun 1778 Chowan County
BURK Miles and POWERS Mary 10-May 1775 Chowan County
BURNBY Thomas and CHANCY Hannah Bef 1686 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
BURNETT Alexander and HERNDON Eliza 5-Jan 1793 Orange County
BURNETT P. M. and FINCHER Eliza 12-Oct 1841 Mecklenburg County
BURNETT Sarah and HENDERSON Samuel 8-Jan 1782 Rowan County
BURNETT William and ALEXANDER Matilda C. 10-Dec 1811 Mecklenburg County
BURNEY E. L. and HENDERSON Martha H. 1-Oct 1851 Mecklenburg County
BURNEY Rebecca and MEBANE William Jr. 13-Dec 1794 Guilford County
BURNS Emily and AUTEN Paul 15-Mar 1838 Mecklenburg County
BURNS Laird and WILLIAMS Jean 30-Jan 1801 Mecklenburg County
BURNS Martha M. and REID John 4-Feb 1846 Mecklenburg County
BURNS Samuel A. and HARRIS Elizabeth 27-Aug 1851 Mecklenburg County
BURROUGHS J. C. and SPRATT Margaret E. 13-Aug 1860 Mecklenburg County
BURROWS John and PIPER Margaret 3-May 1788 Orange County
BURTIS Martha and HUGHES John 25-Jun 1795 Rowan County
BURTON Mary and MILCHAM Jacob 15-Sep 1795 Guilford County
BURTON Robert and WILLIAMS Martha Month? 1775 Granville County
BUSBY William and MORROW Mary 5-Mar 1812 Mecklenburg County
BUSH Sarah and HURDLE Henry 14-Aug 1807 Chowan County
BUSH William and JACKSON Sarah 2-Dec 1793 Chowan County
BUSSY Delily and ERNEST George 8-Feb 1793 Rowan County
BUTCHER Mary and LONG James 15-Jul 1775 Tyrrell County
BUTLER ~ and WILSON Henrietta Bef 1752 Chowan County
BUTLER Ann and SIMONS John 5-Jun 1742 Chowan County
BUTLER Anne and CHRISTMAS Richard 22-Dec 1788 Orange County
BUTLER Elizabeth and COFFIELD Jethro 25-Apr 1788 Bertie County
BUTLER Ferebee and MC HENRY George 9-Mar 1764 Tyrrell County
BUTLER Francis and WESTON Ann 3-Dec 1764 Chowan County
BUTLER Henrietta nee Wilson and DUNSCOMBE Samuel 21-Dec 1752 Chowan County
BUTLER Jacob and PENRICE Elizabeth 18-Dec 1755 Chowan County
BUTLER Job and WATERIDGE Margaret of VA 29-Jan 1756 Chowan County
BUTNER Abraham and GIBBINS Christina 22-Oct 1850 Forsyth County
BUTNER Anna Elisabeth and FREY Jacob 26-Jul 1825 Hope area
BUTNER Anna Elisabeth and HOLDER Henry 12-Jul 1830 Stokes County
BUTNER Antoinette Lucinda and FLYNT William 28-Mar 1849 Forsyth County
BUTNER Heinrich Herman and SIDES Philipina Elisabeth 23-Aug 1860 Forsyth County
BUTNER Jacob and HAUSER Elizabeth 28-Oct 1829 Stokes County
BUTNER John and KNAUSS Anna Maria 27-Jul 1802 Friedberg
BUTNER John and SPACH Elisabeth 20-Aug 1839 Salem Burke Co.
BUTNER John Christian and RAY Mahala Elisabeth 22-Nov 1831 Bethabara
BUTNER Jonas P. and HOLDER Augusta 20-Nov 1898 Forsyth County
BUTNER Joseph and LEINBACH Catherine 1-Nov 1827 Bethabara
BUTNER Joseph and LEINBACH Malvinia E. Abt 1865 Bethabara
BUTNER Joshua and HAUSER Maria Louisa 31-Mar 1833 Stokes County
BUTNER Lewis Herman and REICH Rebecca 10-Jul 1828 Bethabara
BUTNER Maria Louisa and SPACH Thomas 30-Apr 1843 Stokes County
BUTNER Rachel and HILL John Month? 1783 Salisbury
BUTNER Sarah Aaltje and FREY Jacob 15-Jun 1820 Hope area
BUTNER Thomas and ELROD Sarah 11-Jul 1764 Rowan County
BUTNER Thomas and FOCKEL Maria Elisabeth 4-Oct 1827 Stokes County
BUTTON Margaret E. and MARKS Thomas 28-Apr 1832 Mecklenburg County
BYERLY Barbara and FRANK William 12-Nov 1796 Rowan County
BYNE Lucy and TAYLOR Richard 15-Feb 1775 Granville County
BYNUM Abner and COOPER Milly 13-Aug 1790 Bertie County
BYNUM William and VINTZ Margaret 7-Dec 1797 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM Clarissa and MC BRIDE Henry 26-Nov 1818 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM Dolly and BYRAM John 23-May 1791 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM Elizabeth and ORR John F. 8-Oct 1835 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM Henry and COOK Mary 8-Jan 1803 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM James and GLOVER Elizabeth E. 1-Jan 1839 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM James and HANNORE Margaret 13-Jun 1844 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM James and WILLIAMS Hannah 26-Sep 1808 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM John and BYRAM Dolly 23-May 1791 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM John P. and KERR Catherine L. 23-Mar 1838 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM John W. and GULLENT Nancy 4-Aug 1828 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM Joseph and GRIFFITH Catherine 17-Feb 1818 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM Margaret and BEATY William 16-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM Robert J. and SHARP Caroline 3-Sep 1829 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM Upton and MC DOWELL Dolly 13-Dec 1793 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM Upton and PORTER Peggy 15-Jun 1807 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM William and BRYAN Catherine 28-Feb 1824 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM William and COOK Katherine 5-Dec 1792 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM William and WATKINS Nancy 18-Mar 1818 Mecklenburg County
BYRAM William D. and CONDIN Mary 20-Sep 1825 Mecklenburg County
BYRD Mary and GRAHAM John 11-Oct 1782 Orange County
BYROM Dury and ATCHISON William 3-May 1823 Mecklenburg County
BYRON Matilda and CARLOCK Cornelius 5-Oct 1831 Mecklenburg County
BYRUM Caroline and ROBISON Matthew A. 19-Jan 1848 Mecklenburg County
CADDY George and CLEMENTS Sarah 21-Feb 1823 Chowan County
CAHOON Mary and BRINN Richard Month? 1781 Tyrrell County
CAHOON Puss and DUKE Hezekiah Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
CAIN Celia and HULL Dawson 15-May 1775 Chowan County
CAIN Elisha and LEWIS Catherine 6-Feb 1805 Mecklenburg County
CAIN James and MC KINLEY Elizabeth 21-Dec 1781 Orange County
CAIN Johanna and HOLLOWAY Thomas 5-Oct 1782 Orange County
CALDER Margaret and ROBISON Robert B. 25-Apr 1837 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Abigail B. and ALEXANDER Robert D. 9-Feb 1829 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Alexander and DAVIDSON Sarah 9-Oct 1794 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Alice B. and OWENS William A. 24-Nov 1857 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Andrew H. and WILLIAMSON Sarah A. 26-Mar 1844 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL C. F. and WILSON Margaret E. 2-Dec 1856 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Charles and CALDWELL Mary 23-Nov 1865 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL D. S. and NEELY E. S. Miss 14-May 1862 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Daniel and SHIELDS Isabella 18-Jan 1826 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Daniel G. and ALEXANDER Harriet C. 28-Feb 1861 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL David and SMITH Mary 29-Jun 1791 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL David A. and CALDWELL Martha Mrs. 12-Dec 1836 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL David T. and DAVIDSON Harriet E. 30-Mar 1826 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Davy and CURRY Nixon 6-Sep 1819 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Edward and TERRANCE Ann E. 11-Aug 1826 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Franklin and REID Sarah 21-Feb 1864 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL G. W. and ALEXANDER M. E. Miss 1-Feb 1856 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Green W. and MC COMB Jane 6-Dec 1832 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Hugh M. and KERR Martha A. S. 19-Oct 1857 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL J. A. and NEELY Hannah C. 28-Jun 1841 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL J. C. and HENDERSON Lila A. 1-Jul 1856 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL J. M. and COCRAN C. N. Miss 1-Jan 1861 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL James and DIXON Mary 23-Feb 1831 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL James and PARKS Minty 12-Aug 1816 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL James F. and MC CRACKEN Barbara M. 29-Dec 1852 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL James M. and MOORE Margaret C. 15-Jan 1851 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Jane L. and MC GINNESS James P. 2-Mar 1840 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Jeff and HUNTER Amanda 2-Jan 1866 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL John and HOWID Margaret 25-Feb 1823 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL John D. and KERR Martha 6-Mar 1855 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL John H. and QUERY Jane C. 5-Jan 1860 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL John H. and SPRINGS Mary 3-Oct 1832 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL John N. and ALEXANDER Ruth Jane 27-Jan 1857 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Joshua J. and KELLY Drusilla J. 6-Oct 1857 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL M. S. Miss and REID H. C. 10-May 1859 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Margaret P. S. and CALDWELL William L. 29-Oct 1857 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Martha Mrs. and CALDWELL David A. 12-Dec 1836 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Mary and CALDWELL Charles 23-Nov 1865 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Mary E. and ALEXANDER Cornelius 26-Nov 1856 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Mary G. L. and BARRINGER Caleb A. 16-Feb 1842 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Mary M. and ALEXANDER James N. 4-Mar 1858 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL R. N. and HARRIS Henrietta L. 2-Sep 1857 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Rebecca and JOHNSTON Samuel E. 29-Oct 1842 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Rebecca C. and BEARD Joseph H. 30-Dec 1859 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Robert and HOUSTON Lorina 27-Dec 1819 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Robert and SHIELDS Mary 20-Mar 1819 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Robert A. and COCHRAN Martha 7-Feb 1855 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Samuel C. and ALEXANDER Abigail B. 8-May 1793 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Silas and COCHRAN Elizabeth J. 26-Aug 1864 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL Thomas G. and BLACK Betsy 2-May 1801 Mecklenburg County
CALDWELL William L. and CALDWELL Margaret P. S. 29-Oct 1857 Mecklenburg County
CALER Rachel and FRICK Mathias 16-Aug 1794 Rowan County
CALHOUN Elizabeth and CATHEY John 19-Mar 1800 Mecklenburg County
CALHOUN Harriet and ROAN Hugh 26-May 1792 Mecklenburg County
CALHOUN John and MC CLEARY Abigail 19-Sep 1803 Mecklenburg County
CALHOUN Sarah and NEEL William 13-Sep 1800 Mecklenburg County
CALHOUN William and LENTILE Jane 8-Oct 1825 Mecklenburg County
CALL William and BATEMAN Rachel Oct 1783 Tyrrell County
CALOWAY Elizabeth S. and MANKIN Simeon 21-Aug 1859 NC?
CALTHORP Rhoda and HUNTER Joseph 14-Sep 1806 Mecklenburg County
CAMERON John W. and SMITH Elizabeth A. 5-Oct 1841 Chowan County
CAMPBELL Agnes and INIS John 24-Apr 1800 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL Anne and HARRIS Isham 5-Apr 1791 Rowan County
CAMPBELL Anne E. and MC DONALD George W. 6-Aug 1834 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL Eliza and MOORE Elam 18-Jan 1826 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL George and RUSSELL Mary 24-Jan 1791 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL George and TURNER Agnes / widow 21-Jan 1769 Chowan County
CAMPBELL George L. and SUMMERVILLE Mary I. 1-Jan 1845 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL Hannah and HALL Joseph 16-Mar 1796 Rowan County
CAMPBELL Jennett and CRAIG William 23-Apr 1798 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL John and CORRY Einnefred 15-Mar 1770 Tyrrell County
CAMPBELL John and POLK Matilda 2-May 1792 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL John and SPENCER Nancy 28-Jul 1823 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL John A. and ALEXANDER Susan M. 3-Mar 1841 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL Lydia and ALEXANDER Isaac F. 1-Sep 1830 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL Martha and BEATY Moses 4-Nov 1794 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL Martha and FORGUS Samuel 22-Jul 1778 Rowan County
CAMPBELL Rachel and MC CORD William 19-Mar 1798 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL Robert and TURNER Jane 30-Mar 1791 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL Sarah and GALLAGHER Hugh 4-May 1778 Rowan County
CAMPBELL Sarah L. and JOHNSTON John F. 10-Jul 1844 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL Susan and MC CLEARY William 6-Jul 1795 Mecklenburg County
CAMPBELL William and SHUMAN Ann 7-Jul 1841 Mecklenburg County
CANE Elizabeth and FLOWERS Jacob 19-Apr 1760 Edgecombe County
CANNADAY Sally and STUBBS James Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
CANNADY Samuel and ALLEN Elizabeth 18-Jan 1763 Edgecombe County
CANNON Eveline and MORRIS Josiah 11-Aug 1842 Mecklenburg County
CANNON John and MOORE Polly Scot 23-Dec 1791 Mecklenburg County
CANNON Moses H. and HOUSTON Eliza 5-Aug 1839 Mecklenburg County
CANTRIL Jean and BRACKEN Jesse 20-Mar 1790 Orange County
CAPPS Betsy and CLARK John W. 23-Nov 1848 Mecklenburg County
CAPPS Henry and BROWN Peggy 10-Jul 1823 Mecklenburg County
CAPPS Hiram T. and WILLIAMSON Sarah R. 23-Mar 1840 Mecklenburg County
CAPPS Jane and ANDERSON William W. 19-Apr 1841 Mecklenburg County
CAPPS Polly and MARTIN Eli 13-May 1823 Mecklenburg County
CAPPS Sarah and MC GEE Robert 7-Apr 1831 Mecklenburg County
CAPPS Thomas and LEPNER Caroline 9-Oct 1809 Mecklenburg County
CARLILE Robert and COLEMAN Sarah 5-Jan 1763 Edgecombe County
CARLISLE Robert and SNELL Sarah 10-Feb 1764 Chowan County
CARLOCK Cornelius and BYRON Matilda 5-Oct 1831 Mecklenburg County
CARLOCK Thomas and STEVENS Hannah 26-Apr 1831 Mecklenburg County
CARMICHAEL Alexander and HOLDER Anna Maria 28-Aug 1812 Stokes County
CARMICHAEL Joseph and HOLDER Elizabeth 27-Jul 1818 Stokes County
CARNEY Josiah and POWER Sarah 19-Aug 1789 Bertie County
CAROTHERS Betsy and NEELY John 3-Jan 1811 Mecklenburg County
CAROTHERS Esther and RATCHFORD James 14-Feb 1825 Mecklenburg County
CAROTHERS James and LOVENES Elizabeth 17-May 1791 Mecklenburg County
CAROTHERS James and NEELY Margaret Swann 10-Oct 1809 Mecklenburg County
CAROTHERS Jamina and MC REE James 28-Mar 1825 Mecklenburg County
CAROTHERS Jane M. and BRANDON John 20-Nov 1840 Mecklenburg County
CAROTHERS Margaret and MASON Charles C. 2-Oct 1835 Mecklenburg County
CAROTHERS Mary C. and BRANDON James A. 15-Jan 1841 Mecklenburg County
CAROTHERS Tamer and HUMPHRIES Richard 16-Dec 1785 Chowan County
CAROTHERS Thomas Milton and POTTS Jane Levicia 10-Jun 1856 Mecklenburg County
CAROTHERS William Neely and TAYLOR Sarah Cornelia 1-May 1849 Mecklenburg County
CARR James and JONES Ann 5-Mar 1776 Chowan County
CARR Margaret and MURPHY John 5-Nov 1786 Guilford County
CARRELL Miss and BLACK John 15-Aug 1765 Chowan County
CARRELL Thomas and STUBBS Elizabeth 17-Nov 1769 Tyrrell County
CARRIGAN James and SAMPLE Jane 18-Apr 1786 Orange County
CARRIGAN William and MITTER Rebecca 27-Dec 1793 Mecklenburg County
CARROLL James and WILLIAMS Martha 11-Jun 1800 Mecklenburg County
CARROLL Nathan B. and GRAHAM Jennett 13-Oct 1831 Mecklenburg County
CARRUTH Sarah and HAYNES Barth 30-Aug 1793 Mecklenburg County
CARRUTHERS John and WILKINS Elizabeth 15-Feb 1745 Chowan County
CARSON Jane and CLARK Robert H. 15-Jul 1828 Mecklenburg County
CARSON Margaret and CLARK Andrew 17-Oct 1823 Mecklenburg County
CARSON Mary and ADKINS James 18-Feb 1790 Orange County
CARSON Mary and GORDON Robert 11-Mar 1773 Rowan County
CARSON Samuel and SPIRES Mary 4-Mar 1793 Orange County
CARTER Anne and BARRETT William 3-Mar 1767 Edgecombe County
CARTER Eliza and JENNINGS Richard 11-Aug 1825 Mecklenburg County
CARTER Elizabeth and EATON Daniel 17-Mar 1798 Rowan County
CARTER James and HAUGHTON Leah 3-Jun 1773 Chowan County
CARTER Mary and BENTHALL Azal 24-Dec 1764 Edgecombe County
CARTER Rebecca P. and SAUNDERS Romulus M. Month? 1812 Caswell County
CARTER Sue A. and FOSTER Charles H. Month? 1860 Murfreesboro
CARTER William and BRADLEY Mary 10-Aug 1838 Mecklenburg County
CARTER William and HOUGH Charlotte 20-Jun 1786 Chowan County
CASEWELL John and LAWRENCE Amelia 26-Dec 1785 Tyrrell County
CASH Francis A. and BATES Harriet Ann 18-Nov 1822 Mecklenburg County
CASHIN John and TUCKER Dolly 1-Jul 1801 Mecklenburg County
CASHON Burwell and DEWEESE Catherine B. 14-Aug 1839 Mecklenburg County
CASHON David L. and HUTCHINSON Cynthia J. 27-Jan 1859 Mecklenburg County
CASHON Hannah and RAY Britain 4-Oct 1802 Mecklenburg County
CASHON Martha and JORDON Richard 3-Feb 1836 Mecklenburg County
CASHON Miles D. and BARNHILL Scarrett 19-Apr 1849 Mecklenburg County
CASHON Thomas and SLOAN Sarah 18-Nov 1820 Mecklenburg County
CASKEY Susannah and ACOCK John N. 30-Dec 1844 Mecklenburg County
CASSWELL Sarah and SPRUELL John 15-Apr 1766 Tyrrell County
CASTELAW John and MITCHELL Penelope 30-Nov 1785 Bertie County
CASTELLAW William and MITCHELL Sarah 31-Mar 1784 Bertie County
CATHAY Eliza and MONTGOMERY R. F. 17-Jan 1849 Mecklenburg County
CATHAY Mary and IRVIN William 24-Mar 1796 Rowan County
CATHAY William A. and CLARK Sarah A. 15-Jan 1845 Mecklenburg County
CATHCART Elizabeth and BERRYHILL David F. 8-Apr 1816 Mecklenburg County
CATHCART Harriet and HAYNES David C. 10-Nov 1835 Mecklenburg County
CATHCART William and LEWIS Sarah 7-Jan 1824 Mecklenburg County
CATHEY Alexander and WADDELL Esther 17-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
CATHEY Fanny and CLARK William 23-Jul 1818 Mecklenburg County
CATHEY George and TEW Malinda 10-Mar 1842 Mecklenburg County
CATHEY James F. and CLARK Eliza J. 22-Aug 1855 Mecklenburg County
CATHEY John and CALHOUN Elizabeth 19-Mar 1800 Mecklenburg County
CAUDY Charlotte and MANLY Bryant 31-Dec 1866 NC?
CAWTHORN John and DARNELL Polly 28-Dec 1805 Mecklenburg County
CHADWICK Betty and MURPHY Joseph 16-Nov 1774 Guilford County
CHAFFIN Elizabeth and HUNT Enoch 2-Jun 1794 Rowan County
CHAFFIN Martin R. and BROCK Emaline F. 15-Jan 1865 Davie County
CHAFFIN Mary and ETCHESON Henry 22-Nov 1794 Rowan County
CHAMBERS Jane and HATTON Charles 31-Dec 1779 Rowan County
CHAMBERS Mary and GOING Britton 30-Apr 1791 Rowan County
CHAMPION Mary and LEWIS John 11-Mar 1754 Chowan County
CHANCY Hannah and BURNBY Thomas Bef 1686 Edenton, Chowan Pct.
CHAPMAN Ann and PHELPS James 17-Feb 1779 Tyrrell County
CHAPMAN Frances and DIGIN James 13-May 1776 Chowan County
CHAPMAN Joseph and ORMOND Frances / widow 17-Jun 1773 Chowan County
CHAPMAN Robert P. and JOHNSTON I. C. 2-Aug 1865 Mecklenburg County
CHAPPELL Isaac B. and MITCHELL Eliza 19-Feb 1852 Chowan County
CHAPPELL Richard and JORDON Keziah 1-May 1779 Chowan County
CHARLES Katherine and FRARLY Jacob 2-May 1768 Rowan County
CHARLETON Rachel and MILLER John 22-Dec 1801 Chowan County
CHARLTON Jasper and SLAUGHTER Abigail 14-Jan 1757 Chowan County
CHARLTON Job and STAMP Elizabeth 20-Sep 1741 Chowan County
CHARLTON John and TUCKER Bethiah 25-Jun 1778 Chowan County
CHEEK Rebecca A. and MARKS Henry 24-Jul 1823 Mecklenburg County
CHERRY Bethiah and JACOBS Samuel 3-Nov 1788 Bertie County
CHERRY Fanny and FLOOD Enoch 19-Jun 1801 Edgecombe County
CHERRY Martha and BAKER John 17-Sep 1790 Bertie County
CHERRY Mary and WARREN James 21-Jun 1788 Bertie County
CHESTON Mary and POWERS Josiah Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
CHINN Catherine and BRINKLEY George 7-Nov 1826 Surry County
CHINN Elizabeth Virginia and NAYLOR Samuel 28-Jan 1861 Davie County
CHINN James and WILLIAMS Sally 3-Nov 1821 Surry County
CHINN Jesse and RIDINGS Sarah 20-Apr 1819 Surry County
CHINN Mary and PHILLIPS Edmon 1-Dec 1806 Surry County
CHINN Mary Elizabeth and BROWN William Lafayette 1-Dec 1863 Farmington, Davie County
CHINN Rawleigh and GOUGH Elizabeth 18-Aug 1806 Surry County
CHINN Susannah and RIDINGS Isaac 7-Jun 1818 Surry County
CHISNELL Margaret and SWANN Thomas 1-Jul 1771 Chowan County
CHRISTENBERRY Bailey and JORDON Richard 25-Dec 1843 Mecklenburg County
CHRISTENBERRY Elizabeth P. and JACKSON William J. 23-Feb 1828 Mecklenburg County
CHRISTENBERRY Rachel and AUTEN Anthony 9-Mar 1833 Mecklenburg County
CHRISTENBERRY Wilmuth A. and ALEXANDER George W. 31-Mar 1857 Mecklenburg County
CHRISTENBERY James T. and ROBISON Mary 15-Mar 1828 Mecklenburg County
CHRISTENBERY Moses and STARRETT Catherine 15-Mar 1828 Mecklenburg County
CHRISTENBERY William P. and MC GARRAR Mary 24-May 1837 Mecklenburg County
CHRISTENBURY Arminta B. and MOORE Andrew F. 20-Aug 1846 Mecklenburg County
CHRISTMAS Richard and BUTLER Anne 22-Dec 1788 Orange County
CLANCY John and MC RACHIN Esther 5-Nov 1822 Mecklenburg County
CLANTON Drury and BEATY Eleanor 8-May 1828 Mecklenburg County
CLAREY Ann and GRIFFIN Jesse 18-Feb 1772 Rowan County
CLARK ~ and WORKMAN Arthur Bef 1707 NC?
CLARK A. W. and TODD R. A. Miss 17-Jan 1866 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Allen and DUNSCOMBE Henrietta 10-Nov 1777 Chowan County
CLARK Almarine and ROBISON Elizabeth 27-Dec 1848 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Andrew and CARSON Margaret 17-Oct 1823 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Christopher and TURNER Hannah 17-Jan 1773 Bertie County
CLARK Drury and HOLLAND Abraham 8-Oct 1799 Edgecombe County
CLARK Eliza and MARTIN Henry 17-Feb 1841 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Eliza J. and CATHEY James F. 22-Aug 1855 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Elizabeth and ALLISON Henry 10-Sep 1834 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Elizabeth and HARFORD John 8-Jun 1779 Chowan County
CLARK Ezekiel W. and BAKER Rachel 20-Apr 1825 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Hannah and ALEXANDER James 16-Oct 1798 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Hannah and MASON Charles 4-Nov 1814 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Helen M. and REA D. L. 12-Dec 1848 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Henry and DIXON Sarah 4-Dec 1857 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Isabella and BEATY John 12-Apr 1837 Mecklenburg County
CLARK James and ALEXANDER Ann 31-Mar 1818 Mecklenburg County
CLARK James and BIRD Lucy 18-Sep 1805 Mecklenburg County
CLARK James and MC CORKLE Sarah M. 15-Nov 1836 Mecklenburg County
CLARK James and MOORE Melissa 24-Nov 1829 Mecklenburg County
CLARK James A. and CLARK Margaret I. 11-Apr 1849 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Jesse M. and MC GIBNEY Jane P. 14-Apr 1825 Mecklenburg County
CLARK John and FREEMAN Nancy A. 31-Mar 1859 Mecklenburg County
CLARK John W. and CAPPS Betsy 23-Nov 1848 Mecklenburg County
CLARK John W. and ROBISON Sarah J. 2-Feb 1858 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Jonas Jr. and JOHNSTON Ann 15-Sep 1824 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Margaret I. and CLARK James A. 11-Apr 1849 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Martha and HUNTER Henry 6-Oct 1840 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Mary and COWAN William 14-Oct 1816 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Mary and MONTGOMERY John 1-Aug 1795 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Mary and MORROW John 18-Mar 1792 Guilford County
CLARK Mary J. and BEATY John D. 26-Dec 1838 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Matilda and CLARK Samuel 19-Nov 1829 Mecklenburg County
CLARK N. Allison and RICKWELL Harriet S. 16-May 1857 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Rachel and MONTGOMERY Samuel 28-Mar 1812 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Rebekah and MONTGOMERY James 8-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Robert F. and BEATY Nancy 26-Sep 1839 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Robert H. and CARSON Jane 15-Jul 1828 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Robert H. and TODD Christina 23-Dec 1841 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Robert M. and IRWIN Margaret S. 18-Dec 1838 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Samuel and CLARK Matilda 19-Nov 1829 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Sarah and BENNETT John 21-May 1776 Chowan County
CLARK Sarah A. and CATHAY William A. 15-Jan 1845 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Thomas B. and SING Nancy 21-Dec 1836 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Thomas M. and PHILIPS Elizabeth 13-Aug 1863 Mecklenburg County
CLARK Virginia Q. and ROBISON M. W. 12-Apr 1849 Mecklenburg County
CLARK William and CATHEY Fanny 23-Jul 1818 Mecklenburg County
CLARK William and DONALSON Mary 24-Sep 1782 Orange County
CLARK William and MONTGOMERY Lucinda 27-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
CLARK William and TAYLOR Lucretia 30-Aug 1845 Mecklenburg County
CLARK William and THOMPSON Ann 2-Nov 1796 Mecklenburg County
CLARK William H. and TODD Ann A. 14-Oct 1852 Mecklenburg County
CLARK William P. and HATHAWAY Maria L. 24-Jul 1816 Mecklenburg County
CLARKE Susannah and RUDISILL Jonas 19-Sep 1793 Mecklenburg County
CLAVER Susanna and ELLIOT John 18-Sep 1787 Rowan County
CLAYTON Rachel and FAWLS John 2-Jun 1772 Rowan County
CLAYTON Sarah and LAFITTE Timothy 25-Sep 1741 Chowan County
CLELAND Elizabeth and MOW Alexander 6-Jan 1763 Chowan County
CLELAND John C. and WILKINS Rebecca 10-Oct 1752 Chowan County
CLEMENS William and COLLIER Mary C. 21-Dec 1863 Mecklenburg County
CLEMENS William and LIPPINCOTT Abigail 25-Nov 1774 Perquimans County
CLEMENTS Elizabeth Ann and JORDON Joseph 9-Dec 1845 Chowan County
CLEMENTS John and PERKINS Ann 8-Jul 1788 Chowan County
CLEMENTS Mary and WHITEMAN John 22-Sep 1814 Chowan County
CLEMENTS Nancy and BRATTEN Benjamin 17-Apr 1817 Chowan County
CLEMENTS Sarah and CADDY George 21-Feb 1823 Chowan County
CLEMENTS Sarah and WOOD William 4-Oct 1820 Chowan County
CLEMENTS William and COTTEN Elizabeth 21-Dec 1825 Chowan County
CLEMENTS William and SANSBURY Mary 11-Nov 1856 Chowan County
CLEMMER Margaret and HANCOCK William M. 1-Mar 1792 Rowan County
CLEMMONS Deborah and HIGGINS John 29-Apr 1823 Chowan County
CLEMMONS Polly and MENDENHALL Richard 25-Jul 1799 Guilford County
CLENDENING Betsy and HART Andrew 25-Jan 1800 Mecklenburg County
CLENDENING Joseph and WEBB Anne 20-Feb 1787 Orange County
CLERK Mary and HUNTER Richard 8-Jun 1786 Rowan County
CLICK John Nicholas and BRINEGAR Eliza Month? 1843 Davie County
CLIFTON John and FARLOW Sarah 3-Apr 1786 Tyrrell County
CLIFTON Lydia and HERNDON Zachariah 18-Mar 1824 Orange County
CLINE Esther and GETCHEY Federick 11-Apr 1787 Rowan County
COATS Hannah and MERIEGU John 4-Mar 1795 Guilford County
COBB Frances and HOPKINS Daniel 20-Nov 1793 Bertie County
COBB Happy and DAVIS Smith 5-Jan 1790 Bertie County
COBB Henrietta and MANLEY Samuel 1-Feb 1821 NC?
COBB Mourning and BELL Bright 22-Feb 1800 Bertie County
COBB Nathan and MITCHELL Winny 9-Aug 1779 Bertie County
COBBLE Catherine and ERNHART John 23-May 1796 Rowan County
COBURN Jemima and SIMMONS Josiah Month? 1782 Tyrrell County
COBURN Nancy and BRIDGES Benjamin 27-Feb 1816 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN A. H. and ALLISON Elizabeth R. 8-Feb 1851 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Dorcus M. and ALLEN John 17-Dec 1836 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Elizabeth J. and CALDWELL Silas 26-Aug 1864 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Ezra and BEVINS Hannah 17-Feb 1824 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN John and MC EWEN Frances 3-Aug 1791 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Joseph and MC KNIGHT Catherine C. 8-Apr 1840 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Levi and BIBBY Elizabeth 14-Feb 1822 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Lucinda and MORRIS William H. 25-Jan 1844 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Margaret and ALEXANDER William L. 31-Jul 1846 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Martha and CALDWELL Robert A. 7-Feb 1855 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Nancy B. and ORR James R. 19-Nov 1841 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Polly and BEVINS Abraham 6-Oct 1818 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Rachel and RICHEY Edmund 28-Nov 1799 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Sally and BEVAN Moses 20-Jan 1820 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Sally and MC COY William 16-Oct 1816 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Sarah E. and HODGY P. B. 23-Sep 1857 Mecklenburg County
COCHRAN Thomas and DULIN Catherine 17-Jan 1816 Mecklenburg County
COCKFIELD Ann and JONES Stephen Month? 1831 Darlington County
COCRAN C. N. Miss and CALDWELL J. M. 1-Jan 1861 Mecklenburg County
CODDLE Mary and GOODMAN Thomas 1-Sep 1797 Rowan County
COFFEY James and ALEXANDER Eliza 23-May 1827 Mecklenburg County
COFFIELD Anne and JONES John 20-Dec 1766 Edgecombe County
COFFIELD Jethro and BUTLER Elizabeth 25-Apr 1788 Bertie County
COFFIELD John and HOSKINS Elizabeth 8-Mar 1757 Chowan County
COFFIELD John and THOMPSON Ann 20-Mar 1778 Chowan County
COFFIELD Josiah and SPEIGHT Lydia 28-Aug 1790 Bertie County
COFFIELD Lavina and MILLER Reuben 21-Sep 1848 Chowan County
COFIELD Penelope and GRIMES Demsie 24-Jun 1760 Avon
COHORT Margaret and ELDER Andrew 19-Feb 1787 Rowan County
COLDIRON Mary and GOBEL John 25-May 1793 Rowan County
COLE Betsy and HUNT Daniel 10-May 1793 Rowan County
COLE Hixey and WHITE John 30-Nov 1825 Granville County
COLE Isabella and ABERNATHY W. D. 27-Jun 1860 Mecklenburg County
COLE John and WOOD Mary 27-May 1767 Chowan County
COLE M. Miss and RANDALL C. T. 23-Jun 1765 Mecklenburg County
COLE Martha and ALEXANDER Cyrus M. 23-Feb 1836 Mecklenburg County
COLE Polly and WHITE Coleman Read 26-Sep 1812 Granville County
COLEMAN Daniel and WELLWOOD Elliner 23-May 1753 Chowan County
COLEMAN Elizabeth and HADLOCK Robert 6-Sep 1793 Rowan County
COLEMAN John and DANCY Rebekah 7-Jun 1799 Edgecombe County
COLEMAN Jonathan and PRICE Keziah 4-Jan 1763 Edgecombe County
COLEMAN Kader and STEPHENSON Susannah 5-Apr 1764 Edgecombe County
COLEMAN Robert and STORY Sarah / widow 13-Aug 1762 Edgecombe County
COLEMAN Sarah and CARLILE Robert 5-Jan 1763 Edgecombe County
COLETRANE Mary and PREDY Lawson 27-Jun 1745 Chowan County
COLLENS Eli and DURBIN Mary 30-Aug 1781 Orange County
COLLEY Margaret and CONNER Thomas 15-Feb 1817 Mecklenburg County
COLLIER Catherine and HERNDON James 14-Jun 1802 Orange County
COLLIER Mary C. and CLEMENS William 21-Dec 1863 Mecklenburg County
COLLIER Mary L. and OZMENT John A. 11-Dec 1855 Mecklenburg County
COLLINS Caleb and SUTTON Henrietta 12-Mar 1786 Tyrrell County
COLLINS Eli and ALEXANDER Dorcas 10-Dec 1829 Mecklenburg County
COLLINS Elizabeth and RUNELL George 20-Jul 1768 Chowan County
COLLINS Jane and HOOVER Henry 28-Dec 1849 Mecklenburg County
COLLINS Jane V. C. and BADGER Samuel J. W. 25-Mar 1844 Mecklenburg County
COLLINS John and GRAY Lydia 22-Oct 1767 Tyrrell County
COLLINS John and HINTON Sarah 6-Feb 1779 Chowan County
COLLINS Martha and WILLIAMS John 19-May 1785 Chowan County
COLLINS Mary A. and HARDISON Joseph 13-Nov 1765 Tyrrell County
COLLINS Richard and WORLEY Elizabeth 17-Nov 1769 Tyrrell County
COLLINS Sarah and ROBASON Henry 25-Jun 1783 Tyrrell County
COLLINS Thomas and MING Annarita 25-Jan 1742 Chowan County
COLP Hannah and FOLICK John 1-Dec 1794 Rowan County
COLSON Gilbert and TURNER Sarah 13-Aug 1792 Perquimans County
COLSON Polly and TURNER Joshua 25-Sep 1794 Perquimans County
COLVARD Sallie A. and RHINE A. M. 4-Aug 1865 Mecklenburg County
COLWELL Sarah and DAVIS Thomas 28-Feb 1764 Edgecombe County
COMBS Martha and ADAMS Jonathan 8-Feb 1783 Tyrrell County
COMBS Robert and PERISHO Mille Month? 1782 Tyrrell County
CONDER Harriet and STILLWELL Clark Month? 1860 Mecklenburg County
CONDER Jane and KLUTTZ William Month? 1862 Mecklenburg County
CONDER Peter and THOMPSON Caroline 26-Nov 1833 Mecklenburg County
CONDIN Mary and BYRAM William D. 20-Sep 1825 Mecklenburg County
CONDON John and HOUSTON Emily 29-Dec 1831 Mecklenburg County
CONGER John A. and MEEK Rebecca 14-Dec 1822 Mecklenburg County
CONGHORN James and ORR Elizabeth 19-Jan 1798 Mecklenburg County
CONKRIGHT Nellie and GOLDMAN Haney 9-Sep 1780 Rowan County
CONNER Catherine and MORRIS Robert 21-Dec 1811 Mecklenburg County
CONNER Elizabeth and BARNHILL William 31-Oct 1810 Mecklenburg County
CONNER James and WILSON Lilly 13-Aug 1795 Mecklenburg County
CONNER Margaret J. and BREVARD John F. 15-Aug 1720 Mecklenburg County
CONNER May P. and GILES Miles 26-Feb 1822 Mecklenburg County
CONNER Penelope and SPEIR John Jr. 13-Mar 1764 Tyrrell County
CONNER Thomas and COLLEY Margaret 15-Feb 1817 Mecklenburg County
COOK Anzi W. and MC GINNES Margaret J. 11-Oct 1845 Mecklenburg County
COOK Austin and ALLEN Margaret 22-Sep 1819 Mecklenburg County
COOK Benjamin and HOPKINS Winnifred 25-Apr 1774 Bertie County
COOK Caroline and RODDEN Gabriel 18-Oct 1842 Mecklenburg County
COOK Catherine and RICE John 30-Jan 1818 Mecklenburg County
COOK Eleanor C. and WILSON James W. 23-Jan 1836 Mecklenburg County
COOK Eliza and ORR Joaba L. 9-Jul 1839 Mecklenburg County
COOK Elizabeth and BAKER George 28-Jul 1817 Mecklenburg County
COOK Katherine and BYRAM William 5-Dec 1792 Mecklenburg County
COOK Katherine and KING William 15-Jun 1774 Chowan County
COOK Margaret and HUGHEY Jacob 5-Sep 1782 Rowan County
COOK Margaret and MAYFIELD Stephen 20-May 1797 Mecklenburg County
COOK Margaret M. and ALLEN Robert M. 23-Feb 1836 Mecklenburg County
COOK Martha and HERNDON Bartlett H. 23-Dec 1858 Orange County
COOK Mary and BYRAM Henry 8-Jan 1803 Mecklenburg County
COOK Mary and HUGHEY Henry 20-Mar 1773 Rowan County
COOK Mary and MORROW Eli 19-Dec 1838 Mecklenburg County
COOK Mary E. and BANKER Jacob L. 8-Dec 1865 Mecklenburg County
COOK Mary J. and BLACKEKY William J. 5-Jan 1866 Mecklenburg County
COOK Mathias and WELCH Charity 13-Apr 1763 Edgecombe County
COOK Rachel and MERLIVA James 27-Feb 1838 Mecklenburg County
COOK Rachel R. and JENNINGS C. J. 14-Sep 1865 Mecklenburg County
COOK Robert and ORR Tirza 4-Aug 1814 Mecklenburg County
COOK Sarah and BRITT Jesse 30-Jul 1793 Bertie County
COOK Thomas and LOWRIE Peggy 21-Dec 1807 Mecklenburg County
COOK W. A. and REED Eleanor A. 5-Sep 1848 Mecklenburg County
COOK William and HERON Sarah 31-Jul 1850 Mecklenburg County
COOMBS Samuel and MARKS Mary 21-Aug 1811 Mecklenburg County
COON Elizabeth and FINTON John 4-Nov 1789 Rowan County
COOPER Alexander and STINSON Elizabeth 4-Mar 1824 Mecklenburg County
COOPER Fleet Rev. and SCOTT Sarah Month? 1783 Chowan County
COOPER Joseph and LIVINGSTON Mary 30-Mar 1791 Mecklenburg County
COOPER L. C. Miss and ROBINSON W. W. 18-Jul 1865 Mecklenburg County
COOPER Milly and BYNUM Abner 13-Aug 1790 Bertie County
COOPER Nancy C. and REED Jonathan 19-Jan 1850 Mecklenburg County
COOPER Nancy S. and ALLEN Ambrose 30-Oct 1854 Mecklenburg County
COOPER Patsey and MAIN Byram 24-Sep 1810 Mecklenburg County
COOPER Thomas and ADAMS Ann E. 18-Nov 1841 Mecklenburg County
COOPER Wells and ALEXANDER Elizabeth Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
COOPER William and HUNTER Margaret H. 12-Jun 1823 Mecklenburg County
COOVER Solomon and DAVIS Jane 6-Dec 1834 Mecklenburg County
COPELAND Celia and LONG Lemuel 23-Sep 1773 Chowan County
COPELAND Esther and HALSEY Malachi 19-Oct 1785 Chowan County
COPELAND Leah and MILLER Jonathan S. 24-Jan 1850 Chowan County
COPELAND Lydia and BUCKLEY Richard 3-Feb 1786 Chowan County
COPELAND Mary and WOODWARD Samuel 17-Sep 1754 Chowan County
COPELAND Penina and SCOTT Joseph 12-Apr 1768 Chowan County
COPELAND Sarah and MILLER Solomon 16-Jan 1838 Chowan County
COPELEN Mary Adaline and MANKINS Jackson D. 12-Feb 1852 NC?
CORPHEW Thomas and GALE Sarah 31-Jul 1747 Chowan County
CORPREU Thomas and DURANT Ann Aft 1719 Perquimans District
CORPREW Elener and GARRETT Benjamin 11-Feb 1783 Tyrrell County
CORRY Einnefred and CAMPBELL John 15-Mar 1770 Tyrrell County
COSEY John Casey and HARTWICK Lucy 17-Feb 1816 Mecklenburg County
COTTEN Elizabeth and CLEMENTS William 21-Dec 1825 Chowan County
COTTLE William and GLISSON Elizabeth 25-Aug 1790 Bertie County
COTTNER Malissey and FRY Peter 2-Jun 1775 Rowan County
COTTON Absella and COTTON Robert 17-Oct 1763 Edgecombe County
COTTON Amos and WIMBERLEY Zipha 23-Oct 1760 Edgecombe County
COTTON James and LUTEN Sarah 5-Jul 1786 Chowan County
COTTON Robert and COTTON Absella 17-Oct 1763 Edgecombe County
COTTRELL Ruth / widow and GARRETT James 17-Dec 1773 Chowan County
COVINGTON B. H. and DURANT Virginia 23-Dec 1858 Richmond County
COVINGTON B. H. and WALL Jane 7-Feb 1804 Richmond County
COVINGTON Benjamin H. and HARLEE Mary A. 17-Jun 1847 Richmond County
COVINGTON Benjamin H. and MOORMAN Francis 6-Mar 1780 Anson County
COVINGTON C. C. and CRAWFORD Rachel 12-May 1836 Richmond County
COVINGTON Frances J. and MOUSEY Thomas J. 1-Mar 1849 Richmond County
COVINGTON Harrison W. and HUNDON Virginia 4-Jun 1844 Richmond County
COVINGTON John W. and SETTLE Fanny 16-Nov 1854 Richmond County
COVINGTON Thomas A. and DURANT Laura D. Jul 1853 Richmond County
COVINGTON William and WALL Mary 26-Jul 1750 Anson County
COVINGTON William C. and STEELE Alice L. 31-Jul 1864 Richmond County
COWAN Catherine and ERWIN Joseph 17-May 1792 Rowan County
COWAN Charity Mrs. and MATTHEWES James 25-Jan 1767 Mecklenburg County
COWAN David T. and ELLIOTT Mathers 15-Mar 1808 Mecklenburg County
COWAN May and FOSTER David 27-Feb 1773 Rowan County
COWAN Ruth and HARRIS John 30-Jul 1795 Rowan County
COWAN Sarah and FRAZER Peter 11-Jun 1794 Rowan County
COWAN William and CLARK Mary 14-Oct 1816 Mecklenburg County
COWARD Catherine and PARKER William 4-Jun 1785 Chowan County
COX David and DUNN Martha 6-Jan 1830 Mecklenburg County
COX Mary and EZELL Frederick 28-Mar 1780 Rowan County
COX Mary and MOFFITT Charles 27-Nov 1772 Guilford County
COX Miss J. and JOHNSON Thomas A. 21-Jun 1865 Mecklenburg County
COX Samuel and JAMISON Sally 10-Apr 1809 Mecklenburg County
COX Sarah A. and JOHNSTON Isaac M. 23-Feb 1854 Mecklenburg County
COXE James E. and BASS Addizer C. 20-Dec 1854 St. Pauls Parish
COZART Jesse and WALKER Elizabeth Month? 1786 Granville County
CRADDOCK Martha and HOOKER Stephen Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
CRAIG Alexander and HUEY Agnes 9-Mar 1804 Mecklenburg County
CRAIG Margaret and HUEY John 9-Mar 1804 Mecklenburg County
CRAIG Margaret and JOHNSTON James 4-Mar 1788 Orange County
CRAIG William and CAMPBELL Jennett 23-Apr 1798 Mecklenburg County
CRANE Peyton and MC LAIN Pruda 10-Mar 1823 Mecklenburg County
CRANER Hannah and MANLOVE George 17-Jan 1791 Guilford County
CRANER Hannah and MANLOVE George 17-Jan 1799 NC?
CRANK Christian and PERISHO James 16-Oct 1778 Tyrrell County
CRANK Elizabeth and SEAY James 26-Jul 1788 Bertie County
CRANSHAW Henry and MITCHELL Mary 26-May 1801 Mecklenburg County
CRANSHAW L. Berry and KIMBLE Mary 6-Dec 1828 Mecklenburg County
CRAWFORD James and GRAHAM Sally 5-Sep 1804 Mecklenburg County
CRAWFORD Martha and MILLER Samuel 10-Aug 1792 Mecklenburg County
CRAWFORD Nancy and HIBBETS James 28-Dec 1792 Mecklenburg County
CRAWFORD Rachel and COVINGTON C. C. 12-May 1836 Richmond County
CREECY Elizabeth and MOORE Charles 15-Nov 1785 Chowan County
CREECY Levi and HAUGHTON Mary Mrs. 1-Oct 1750 Chowan County
CRENSHAW Mary and BLYTHE Robert 12-Oct 1865 Mecklenburg County
CRETELOW Christina and JORDON Philip 30-Oct 1792 Rowan County
CREWS Susan and HUNT George Washington 25-Oct 1848 Granville County
CRICKELL John and NICHOLS Mary 6-Jun 1744 Chowan County
CRISMAN Joseph L. and BLOUNT Margaret 17-Apr 1785 Chowan County
CRISPO Antonio and PORTER Milly 7-Aug 1828 Mecklenburg County
CRISTENBERRY Harriet and HARRIS Josiah 21-Dec 1841 Mecklenburg County
CRITTENBERRY Betsy and BROWN William 4-Dec 1819 Mecklenburg County
CROCKER R. M. and RISANER Isabel 15-Apr 1864 Lincoln
CROCKETT Archibald and WILSON Deborah 12-Jan 1792 Mecklenburg County
CROCKETT Margaret and MORROW William 17-Mar 1794 Mecklenburg County
CROCKETT Sarah and MC CLURE William 13-Feb 1804 Mecklenburg County
CROMARTEE Thomas and DOWD Sarah 23-Jul 1768 Chowan County
CROMARTIE Sarah and MONTGOMERY Alexander 18-May 1778 Chowan County
CROOK Jane and GOOLSBY Wyatt 9-Oct 1787 Rowan County
CROOK John and WHITE Ruthy 2-Nov 1819 Granville County
CROOKE Clement and LEE Sarah 6-Jun 1774 Tyrrell County
CROSMAN Christian and FISHER Jacob 8-Sep 1768 Rowan County
CROSS Elizabeth and HAINLINE Christopher 29-Aug 1786 Rowan County
CROSS Stephen and NEIL Polly 17-Apr 1799 Edgecombe County
CROSS William and JAMISON Mary Ann 7-Feb 1850 Mecklenburg County
CROSWELL Rachel and HARROWOOD Zachariah 10-Sep 1793 Rowan County
CROWELL Martha and HELMS Wiley 3-Dec 1820 Mecklenburg County
CROWELL Mary and HAGLER Adam 28-Mar 1838 Mecklenburg County
CROWELL Susan I. and BLAIR John M. 9-Apr 1861 Mecklenburg County
CROWLIES Owen and RABEY Catherine 18-Jan 1763 Chowan County
CROWWELL Colson and STURHL Lucy 15-Feb 1849 Mecklenburg County
CROWWELL John and MC WILLIAMS Isabel 2-Feb 1797 Mecklenburg County
CROWWELL William D. and PURVIANCE Martha 24-May 1831 Mecklenburg County
CRUDUP George and THOMAS Priscilla Month? 1761 Edgecombe County
CRUDUP Josiah and BATTLE Elizabeth 28-Nov 1767 Edgecombe County
CRUMP Conrad and BOBBETT Elizabeth 26-Nov 1740 Mecklenburg County
CRUMP Jane L. and BLOUNT John 14-Sep 1864 Mecklenburg County
CRUMP Sarah and JORDON Eramus 13-Feb 1845 Mecklenburg County
CRYTE Susanna and HESS John 19-Apr 1790 Rowan County
CULERTSON Moses W. and RUSSELL Rachel L. 25-Aug 1828 Mecklenburg County
CULLEN Winnifred and TROTMAN Thomas 3-Mar 1788 Bertie County
CULLENS Nicholas and WILLIAMS Mary 21-Oct 1757 Chowan County
CULLIFER Isaac and LUCAS Elizabeth Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
CULLIFER Nathaniel and MILLER Nelly 30-May 1834 Bertie County
CULP Benjamin A. and HOOD Caroline 23-May 1848 Mecklenburg County
CULP Drury M. and ALEXANDER Sarah J. 24-Jul 1841 Mecklenburg County
CULP John and ROBISON Milly L. 27-Jan 1852 Mecklenburg County
CULPEPPER Erasmus and WHITEHEAD Chloe 17-Aug 1765 Edgecombe County
CUMINGS Mary and MC KNIGHT William 16-Jan 1802 Guilford County
CUMMINS Elizabeth and EDGAR John 8-Mar 1780 Rowan County
CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth and HANFIELD James 25-Jul 1832 Mecklenburg County
CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth and ROBINSON Henry 15-Aug 1809 Mecklenburg County
CUNNINGHAM Isabel and MC CUISTION Robert 23-Nov 1792 Guilford County
CUNNINGHAM Jane H. and REEVES William 20-Jul 1824 Mecklenburg County
CUNNINGHAM Janette and ROBINSON Alexi 15-Oct 1791 Mecklenburg County
CUNNINGHAM Keziah and BARNES William 17-Nov 1819 Mecklenburg County
CUNNINGHAM Martha R. and BLAIR Robert L. 1-Nov 1838 Guilford County
CUNNINGHAM Matthews and GALBRAITH Betsy 16-Jan 1793 Orange County
CUNNINGHAM Rebecca and JOHNSTON William 20-Oct 1844 Mecklenburg County
CUNNINGHAM Rhoda and ALEXANDER James Month? 1782 Rowan County
CUNNINGHAM Rosanna and HUSTON Archibald 6-Oct 1784 Rowan County
CUNNINGHAM Teresa and PARKER Thomas 3-Oct 1779 Chowan County
CUNNINGHAM Timothy and BLOUNT Esther Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
CURLEY Mary Ann and RORKE Joseph M. 24-Jan 1856 Mecklenburg County
CURRELL William and DRAPER Caroline Jan 1832 Washington
CURRY Amelia and HOUSER John 8-Feb 1837 Mecklenburg County
CURRY Hugh and NUNN Elizabeth 22-Nov 1790 Orange County
CURRY Jenny and JOHNSON Reuben 17-Sep 1816 Mecklenburg County
CURRY Mary and MITCHELL Ellis 12-Feb 1857 Guilford County
CURRY Nancy and MANLEFF Reuben 25-Dec 1827 NC?
CURRY Nixon and CALDWELL Davy 6-Sep 1819 Mecklenburg County
CURRY Robert and TAYLOR Sarah 6-Mar 1791 Mecklenburg County
CUSTIS John and LITTLEDALE Elizabeth S. 11-Oct 1777 Chowan County
CUTCHENS Tabitha and HOPKINS John 16-Mar 1827 Edgecombe County
CUTHBERTSON Patsy and BROOKS John 26-Nov 1825 Mecklenburg County
CUTHRELL Jackson C. and GRIFFITH Mahala 14-Jan 1868 Davie County
CUTHRELL James E. and MC BRIDE Genetia 2-May 1862 Davie County
CUTHRELL James T. and BRADSHAW Julia 25-Oct 1855 Davie County
CUTHRELL Joseph F. and MOPLEY Josephine N. 30-Dec 1857 Davie County
CUTHRELL Margaret Ann and BROCK James Nathaniel 22-Nov 1854 Davie County
CUTHRELL Thomas and HILL Jane 26-Oct 1845 Davie County
CUTHRELL Virginia Caroline and THOMASSON Wiley M. 28-Oct 1858 Davie County
DAIGHT Deliah / widow and DOWNING Henry 30-Dec 1765 Tyrrell County
DAIL Elisha and MITCHELL Achsa 24-Dec 1841 Chowan County
DAIL Elisha and MITCHELL Achsa 24-Dec 1841 Chowan County
DAIL Julius and MITCHELL Sarah 26-Nov 1824 Chowan County
DAIL Mary and MILLER William 31-Dec 1846 Chowan County
DAILEY Sarah / widow and EGAN Robert 16-Mar 1775 Chowan County
DALY Penelope and STEWART John 21-Mar 1770 Tyrrell County
DANCY Rebekah and COLEMAN John 7-Jun 1799 Edgecombe County
DANCY William and LITTLE Agnes 20-Aug 1765 Edgecombe County
DANIEL Elizabeth and MAGEE David 22-Nov 1796 Guilford County
DANIEL Hannah and WALKER Jeremiah Month? 1775 Granville County
DANIEL Mary and ROYSTER David Month? 1775 Granville County
DANIELS Nelson died 1843 and PHILLIPS Sarah Ann Aft 1845 Davidson County
DARBY Jonathan and PURDY Keziah 14-Jul 1772 Chowan County
DARDEN Elizabeth and GRIFFIN James 27-Dec 1777 Chowan County
DARE Henry and MILLER Margaret / widow 26-Mar 1764 Chowan County
DARNELL Fanny and ALEXANDER Zadick 4-Mar 1820 Mecklenburg County
DARNELL Polly and CAWTHORN John 28-Dec 1805 Mecklenburg County
DARNELL Susanna and BOYD Thomas 19-Dec 1796 Mecklenburg County
DARNELL Tabitha and BLACK Willis 29-Dec 1806 Mecklenburg County
DAVENPORT Ann and WEBB Robert 28-Apr 1767 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Daniel and NICOLLS Sarah 12-Mar 1786 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Elkanah and HASSELL Rachel 8-Feb 1778 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Esther and NORMAN James Oct 1783 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Ezra and BATEMAN Sarah 27-Dec 1785 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Fredrick and FREEMAN Joana Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Jacob and DUNCAN Elizabeth 17-Feb 1779 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Jacob and GARRETT Joanna 1-Feb 1768 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT James and MARINER Ann 4-Apr 1778 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT James and STEPHENS Hannah Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Joanna and DAVENPORT John 17-Apr 1779 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT John and DAVENPORT Joanna 17-Apr 1779 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT John and GODWIN Ann Jul 1783 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Mary and HASSELL Zebedee 15-Feb 1770 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Rachel and ROWE Levi 6-Apr 1785 Tyrrell County
DAVENPORT Stephen and ALEXANDER Elizabeth 28-Dec 1778 Tyrrell County
DAVIDSON David and HINSON Elenor 25-Mar 1788 Bertie County
DAVIDSON Elizabeth S. and REED Rufus 24-Jan 1835 Mecklenburg County
DAVIDSON Harriet E. and CALDWELL David T. 30-Mar 1826 Mecklenburg County
DAVIDSON Isabella S. G. and MOORE James W. 19-Jan 1835 Mecklenburg County
DAVIDSON John and WILLIAMS Margaret 16-Dec 1751 Chowan County
DAVIDSON Margaret and HARRIS James 10-Dec 1813 Mecklenburg County
DAVIDSON Margaret A. and BLAKE James H. 13-Sep 1820 Mecklenburg County
DAVIDSON Mary and MC LEAN William Month? 1792 Gaston County
DAVIDSON Robert and MACKEY Mary 25-Feb 1776 Tyrrell County
DAVIDSON Sarah and CALDWELL Alexander 9-Oct 1794 Mecklenburg County
DAVIDSON Sarah T. and JOHNSTON Thomas J. 9-Sep 1842 Mecklenburg County
DAVIDSON Violet and ALEXANDER William B. 21-Aug 1791 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Angeline and ALEXANDER Abel A. 13-Oct 1835 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Annis and HARRELL Henry 10-Mar 1788 Bertie County
DAVIS Baxter and WEBB Mary E. 1-Oct 1801 Granville County
DAVIS Eleanor and IRVIN James 12-Dec 1845 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Elisha and LOCKHART Jennison Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
DAVIS Elisha and LOCKHART Jennison Month? 1784 Tyrrell County
DAVIS Eliza and HAYLER Evan 24-May 1837 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Eliza and MC LEARY William H. 23-Jan 1822 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Eliza and MC LURE Robert 24-Nov 1826 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Elizabeth and BENNERMAN William 17-Nov 1794 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Elizabeth and ELLIS David 2-Dec 1799 Rowan County
DAVIS Ermenta and YETTON Isaac 24-Sep 1814 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Esther and BELL John 12-Feb 1798 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Henry and PRICE Margaret Month? 1795 Rutherford County
DAVIS Jane and COOVER Solomon 6-Dec 1834 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Jane and ROBERTS John 10-Mar 1802 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Janny and BARNETT William 24-Oct 1812 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Jean and BAKER Aaron 23-Feb 1805 Mecklenburg County
DAVIS Jemima and REED George 18-Aug 1743 Chowan County
DAVIS Joana and ELBERSON Austin 7-Apr 1754 Chowan County
DAVIS John and BATEMAN Mary Month? 1780 Tyrrell County
DAVIS Jonathan and HOWARD Matilda 14-Jan 1766 Tyrrell County