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Much of the data herein was derived from Public Domain sources such as:
Units of the Confederate States Army" by Joseph H.  Crute, Jr. ; Google Books; and the Louisiana State Archives.

Louisiana Soldiers in the Civil War see name index below

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Louisiana Soldiers in the Civil War
The following material is available from Google Books.
This is not an exact copy of that book.  It has been edited to fit this format.
The book contains irregular abbreviations and spelling.  We corrected many but many remain.
This exhibit does not list all Soldiers from Louisiana.  Some joined Mississippi Units and some fought in Texas.
It does not name Soldiers who joined Union Regiments.  Those names are presented here

Louisiana Soldiers >> Introduction
>>Aaron, D.  to Alderson, William H. >>Aldige, J.  to  Amos, William >>Amour, James E.  to Armstead, W.  S >>Armstrong, Aaron B.  to Azmenaga, Domingo
>>Baader, M.  to Bein, George >>Bein, George to Bonanchand, P.  Jr. >>Bridges, Duncan to Bridges, Duncan >>Bridges, G.  to Byron, Thomas
>>Cabady, Joseph to Cavanagh, Patrick >>Catich, Giovanni to Cohen, N.  A >>Cohen, S.  to Coratio, John >>Cordoway, Emanuel to Czarnowski, Oscar
>>Dabadie, Ovide to Dawson, Thomas D. >>Day, A.  C.  to De Santos, S.  O >>Desarmes, J.  B.  to Donohoe, P. >>Donohoe, Patrick to Dyson, W.
>>Eadan, J.  H to Elrod, Samuel >>Elsenhaus, J.  to Ezelle, John >>Faab, August to Feeney, Malachi M. >>Feeney, Mark to Fitzgerald
>>Fitzgerald, A.  J.  to  Fonce, Desire >>Fondal, Joseph to Frankenstein, Miller >>Frankfort, M.  to Fyret, J.  F. , >>Gaar, William P.  to Garrastago, Juan
>>Garrasturo, Juan to Gibson, James M. >>Gibson, Joachim to Gondeau, Julien >>Gondeau, Marcelin to Graves, Y.  W. >>Grosbeck, J.  R to Gyles, John R.
>>Grosbeck, J.  R to Gyles, John R. >>Haag, Philipp to Harper, Charles >>Harper, David A.  to Hebert, A.  S. >>Hebert, Adelin to Hickey, C.  S.
>>Hickey, Charles to Hoffman, Ph. >>Hoffman, T.  to Howard, Henry >>Howard, Hughes Henry to Hyver, G. >>Ibara, John M.  to Izen, Frank
>>Jacgeret, G.  J.  to Johnston, R.  J. >>Johnston, Robert to Juville, Francois >>Kaana, Patrick to Kenner, Rodham B. >>Kenner, T.  to Kyser, W.  D.
>>Laade, W.  H.  C.  to Landry, Eloi Ladin >>Landry, Emile to Lawler, John >>Lawler, John to Leines, J. >>Leining, F.  H.  to L'Hommedieu, Charles
>>L'Hoste, E.  F.  to Lorimore, A. >>Lorin, S.  A.  to Lytle, Robert >>Maalory, C.  A.  to Martin, G.  W >>Martin, Gabriel to McAuliffe, Cornelius
>>McAuly, G.  to McDermott, James >> McDermott, James to McKellar, Archie >>McKeller, Thomas to Melancon, Francois >>Melancon, Gilbert to Miller, W.  C. 
>>Miller, W.  C.  to Moore, H. >>Moore, Henry to Mourbrough, Thomas >>Mourer, George to Myzell, J.  F. >>Naba, Manuel to Newton, William
>>Newvil, Augont to Nystrom, Erich >>Oakes, Charles K.  to Ollie, Charles >>Ollis, C.  to Ozle, L.  M. >>Pablo, Jose to Peace, T.
>>Peacock, W.  G.  to Petrovich, George >>Petry, Jacob to Plank, Lewis, >>Plantengon, James to Pozold, L. >>Praag, L.  V.  to Pytre, Euphroisy
>>Quadarella, Angello to Qurol, Pierre >>Raab, Fred A.  to Reeves, John >>Reeves, Joseph G.  to Richie, Ewell >>Richie, Jessie to Robinson, Rober
>>Robinson, S.  C.  to Roussel, T.  F. >>Roussel, Valery to Rysinger, J.  M. >> Saary, James to Schimmerfining, C. >>Schindler, Anthony to Sentell, William M.
>>Sentmanat, Charles to Shuerer, M. >>Shuff, A.  to Smith, Asa >>Smith, Asa to Soileau, J. >>Soileau, Jerand to Spoonhamer, Conrad, P.
>>Stelly, Adolphe to Stelly, Adolphe >>Stelly, B.  to Stewart, Walter >>Stewart, William to Studerger, Charles >>Stukel, Jacob to Szymauski, Ig.
>>Taaffe, James to Terry, Joseph >>Terry, Michael to Thorn, William >>Thornburg, J.  N.  to Trahn, L. >>Trahn, O. , to Tyson, W.  J.
>>>>Uberchlag, B.  to Uzer, Henry >>Vable, Alfred to Vicknair, Henry >>Vicknair, Jacques to Vyle, Joseph >>W?-, Samuel to Wartelle, John G
>>Warth, Frank to Weigert, Ernes >>Weigetz, John to Williams, Jesse C. >>Williams, Jesse M to Winchester, A.  D. >>Winchester, Alex.  to Wytson, Daniel
>>Xavier, Benjamin to Xullisd, Oscar >>Yacht, Moses to Yznaga, J.  M >>Zable, David to Zylks, Thomas G. Exhibit by C.  W.  Barnum 2012 ©