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From a reader:
In looking at the information you have entered in the site Louisiana Genealogy - LA AHGP, I note that the information you have been given is erroneous. The information you have was developed by Joseph H. Crute, Jr. (Units of the Confederate States Army). Mr. Crute's book has numerous factual errors, several of which are perpetrated in other general sources due to the use of the incorrect information in his book. First, James Blair was a brave soldier and rose to Lt. Col. of the 2nd LC before resigning, but was never Colonel. William Germain Vincent was Colonel of the 2nd LA Cavalry for its entire history. Second, the regiment was represented by men from many Louisiana Parishes, but the Crute statement that it was mostly men from South LA is incorrect. Six (6) of the 10 war from Northwestern and central LA - five (5) from the Natchitoches area and one (1) from Rapides Parish. The other four (4) companies were definitely from South Louisiana. I would hope that this misleading and inaccurate information published by Mr. Crute, and used on the "Louisiana Genealogy - LA AHGP" site can be corrected. Very best Don Parker

Index to Battles, Campaigns, Engagements, Etc., Fought Within the Limits of the State of Louisiana, 1861-1865

Alabama Bayou, Sept. 20, 1864.
Alexander's Creek, Oct 5 1864.
Alexandria, May 6, 1863-April 26, May 13, 1864.
Amite River, June 27-29; July 24, 1862; April 12-17: Sept. 24-29, 1863; July 26, Oct. 2-8, Dec. 12, 1864; March 18-26-29, 1866.
Amite River and Jackson Railroad, March 21-29 May 9-18, 1863.
Ashton, May 1. 1864.
Ashwood Landing, May 1-4, 1864.
Atchafalaya, July 21, Oct. 6, 1864.
Atchafalaya and Bayou Plaquemine, February 12-28, 1863.
Atchafalaya River, February 10-14, June 4, Sept. 8-9-20, 1863; May 30, June 6, Aug. 26, Sept. 17, Dec, 16-19, 1864.
Avoyelles Prairie, May 16, 1864.
Barres Landing, April 21, May 21-26, Oct. 21-22 1863.
Baton Rouge, La., January 10, 1861; June 7-9, July 27, Aug. 6-20-21, Dec. 17-28, 1862; May 12-13 1863; Sept. 19, 1863, March, 3-8, April 16, May 3, July 3-26-29, 1864; May 8-22, 1866.
Bayou Goula, June 19, 1863; January 24, February 14-18. March 23-24, April 21-22, May 9, 1866.
Bayou Sara, Aug. 10-23, 1862; Nov. 9, 1863; Sept. 6-7, Oct. 3-6, 1864.
Bayou Sara Road, May 18-19, 1863.
Bayou Tunica, Nov. 8, 1863.
Beauregard Fort, May 10, Sept. 4, 1863.
Belle Prairie, May 16, 1864.
Belle River, Oct. 22-24, 1864.
Benton's Ferry, July 26, 1864.
Berwick, May 21-26, June 1, 1863; April 26, May 1, 1864.
Berwick Bay (Steamer), February 3, 1863.
Berwick Bay, Nov. 1-6, 1862; June 23, 1863.
Bethel Place, April 12th. 13th. 1863.
Bisland Fort, April 12th, 13th, 1863; April 12th. 1864.
Black Bayou, March 19th. 1864: May 4th. 1866.
Black River, Feb. 10th.-14th. May 6th. 1863.
Blair's Landing, April 12th.-13th. 1864.
Bayou Boeuf, April 22d.-29th,-30th, 1863; May 7th. 1864.
Boeuf Bayou Crossing, June 24th. 1863.
Bonfuca Bayou, Nov. 21st. 1862; Jan. 31st.-Feb. 1st. 1866.
Bonnet Carre, Oct. 19th. 1862.
Borgne, Lake, Nov. 22d. 1863.
Bourbeau Bayou, Nov. 2nd.-3rd. 1866.
Boutte Station, Sept. 6th. 1862.
Boyce's Bridge, May 14th. 1863.
Boyce's Plantation, May 6th. 1864.
Brashear City, June 21st. 23d. July 22d. 1863. Feb. 3d.-6th. 1864. April 30th. May 12th. 1866.
Breaux Bridge, Apr. 17th. 21st. 1863.
Brown's Plantation, May llth. 1866.
Bruin Lake, (See Choctaw Bayou).
Bullitt's Bayou, Aug. 24th. Sept. 14th. 1864.
Butte-a-la-Rose, April 20th. 1863.
Buzzard's Prairie, Nov. 2d.-3rd. 1863.
Calcasieu Pass, May 6th,-10th. 1864.
Caledonia, May 10th. 1864.
Campti, Mar. 26th. Apr. 4th. 1864.
Cane River, April 26th.-27th. 1864.
Cane River Crossing, Apr. 23d. 1864.
Carrion Crow Bayou, Oct. 14th.-16th.-18th. Nov. 3d. llth.-18th. 1863.
Centerville, Apr. 12th.-13th. May 25th. 1863.
Chacahoula, May 3d. 1866.
Chacahoula Station, June 24th. 1863.
Chemise Bayou, March 24th. 1866.
Cheneyville, May 18th. 20th. 1863.
Chicotville, April 29th. 30th. 1863.
Chortaw Bayou, April 28th. 1863.
Clark's Bayou, April 26th. 1863.
Clinton, June 3d, 8th. 1863; May llth, July 17th.-18th. Aug. 23d. 29th. Oct. 6th. 9th. Nov. 16th. Dec. 23d. 24th. 1864; March 30th. 1st-12th. April 2nd. 1866.
Clinton Roads, May 14th. 1863.
Cloutierville, March 29th, 30th. April 22d. 24th. 1864.
Columbia, Feb. 4th. 1864.
Comite River, Mar. 9th. 10th. May 2d. 1863; Aug. 26th. 1864. Mar. 30th. Apr. 2d. 1866
Como Landing, June 16th. 16th. 1864.
Concordla, July 22d. 1864.
Concordia Bayou, Aug. 6th, 1864.
Cotfle Landing, Apr. 26th. 1864.
Courtableau Bayou, May 22d. 1863.
Covington, July 27th. 1862.
Cox's Plantation, July 12th.-13th. 1863.
Cross Bayou, July 4th. 1864.
Crump's Hill, Apr. 2d. 1864.
Cypress Creek, March 8th. 1864.
Dallas Station, Dee. 26th. 26th. 1862.
David's Ferry, May 1st. 4th. 6th. 1862.
Davis' Bend, June 29th. 1864.
Davison's Ford, July 17th. 18th. 1864.
De Glaize Bayou, May 17th. 18th. 1864.
De Large Bayou, May 26th. 27th. 1866.
Delhi, Dec. 26th. 26th. 1862.
Deloach's Bluff, April 26th. 1864.
De Paul Bayou, Apr. 8th. 1864.
De Russy Fort, April 23d. 26th. May 4th. 1863. Mar. 14th. 1864.
Des Allemands, July 18th. 1863.
Des Allemands Bayou, June 20th. 22d. Sept. 4th. 1862.
Desert Station, Dec. 10th. 1862.
Donaldsonville, Aug. 9th. Sept. 21st. 26th. Oct. 26th. 1862. June 28th. Sept. 23d. 1863. Feb. 8th. July 31st. Sept. 4th. 1864. Jan. 19th.-20th. 1866.
Doyal's Plantation, Aug. 6th. Nov. 29th. 1863.
Dunbar's Plantation, Apr. 7th. 16th. 1863.
Dunn's Bayou, May 6th. 1864.
Eastern Louisiana, Oct. 2d. llth. 1864.
False River, March 19th. 1863.
Fausse Pointe Lake, Sept. 7th. llth. Nov. 18th. 1864.
Fausse River, Sept. 13th. 17th. 1864; Feb. 7th.-10th 1866.
Floyd, Aug. 24th. 1863.
Fordoche Bayou Road, May 29th. 1864.
Franklinton, Feb. 1st. 3d. 1864.
French Settlement, Apr. 2d. 6th. 1866.
Gentilly's Plantation, Sept. 1st. 1864.
Georgia Landing, Oct. 27th. 1862.
Gillespie's Plantation, Aug. 4th. 6th. 1864.
Goodrich's Landing, June 30th. 1863; Mar. 24th Aug. 28th. 31st. 1864.
Governor Moore's Plantation, May lst.-l4th. 1864.
Graham's Plantation, May 6th. 1864.
Grand Bayou, Feb. 14th. 18th. April 2d. 10th 1866.
Grand Caillou, April 19th. 26th. 1866.
Grand Caillou Bayou, May 8th, 1862: Nov. 19th.-27th 1864.
Grand Coteau, Oct. 16th 19th. 1863.
Grand Ecore, April 3d. 10th. lltb. 16th. 20th. 1864.
Grand Lake, Sept. 7th. llth. 1864.
Grand River, Aug Sept. 7th. llth. 26th.-30th. 1864. Jan. 18th.-19th.-29th. Feb. 7th. 1866.
Greensburg, May 1st. 1863; Oct. 6th. 9th. 1864.
Greenwell Springs Road, Sept. 19th. Oct. 6th. 1863.
Grossetete, Feb. 19th 1864.
Grossetete Bayou, April 2d. June 19th. 1864 Feb. 7th. 10th. 1865.
Hard Times Landing, April 26th 29th. 1863.
Harrisonburg, Sept. 7th. Sept. 4th. 1863. Mar. 1st.-4th. 1864.
Henderson's Hill, Mar. 21st. 1864.
Hermitage The, April 2d.-6th. 1866.
Hermitage Landing, March 24th. 1863.
Hermitage Plantation, Dec. 14th. 1864. Jan. 6th. 1866.
Highland Stockade, July 29th. 1864.
Hodge's Plantation, Sept. llth. 1864.
Hog Point, Mississippi River, Nov. 18th. 21st. 1863.
Houma, May llth. 18th. 1862.
Independence Station, May 16th. 1863.
Indian Bayou, Nov. 9th: 1863.
Indian Bend, April 13, 1863; March 26-27, 1866 Capture of the Indianola, February 24th. 1863.
Indian Village, Jan. 28th. 1863; Aug. 6, 1864.
Irish Bend, April 14th. 1863.
Jackson, Aug. 3rd. 1863; Mar. 3rd. Oct. 6th. 1864: Mar. lst-12th. April 12th-13th. 1866.
Jackson Fort, Jan. 10th. 1861; April 18th-28th. 1862: Dec. 9th, 1863.
Jackson Railroad, May 19th-18th. 1863.
James Plantation, April 6th-8th, 1863.
Jeanerette, April 14, 1863.
Kittredge's Sugar House, February 10, 1866.
Labadeville, Oct. 27th. 1862, Sept. 8th. 1864.
Lafourche, July 12th-13th. 1863.
Lafourche Crossing, June 10th-21st, 1863.
La Fourche District, Oct. 24th, Nov. 6th. 1862.
Lake Providence, May 24th. June 28, 1863- May 27. June 9th-24th. 1863 (?). [Note: This "(?)" appeared in the book, Webmaster.]
Lake Saint Joseph, April 24th. June 4th. 1863.
Lamourie Bayou, May 6th-7th-12th. 1864.
Lecompte, May 12, 1864.
Liddell Bayou, Oct. 16, 1864.
Livingston Port, April 27, 1862.
Livonia, May 31, 1864
Me Nutt's Hill, April 26, 1864.
Macomb Fort, January 28, 1861.
Macon Bayou, May 10, Aug. 24, Sept. 27th-29th, 1863. Aug. 28-31; Nov. 6th-8th, 1864.
McWilliams Plantation, April 13, 1863.
Madisonville, July 27, 1862; February 11, 1864.
Magnolia Landing, June 15th-16th. 1864.
Manchac Bayou, Oct. 2nd-8th. 1864.
Mandeville, January 16th-17th. 1866.
Mansfield, April 8th. 1864.
Mansura, May 16, 1864.
Maringouin Bayou, Sept. 13th-16th. 1864.
Marksville Prairie, March 16-May 16th. 1864.
Martin's Land, February 16th. 1866.
Merrill's Plantation, May 14th-18th-19th. 1863.
Milliken's Bend, Aug. 18th. 1862; June 7th. 25th. 1863.
Monett's Ferry, March 29th. 30th. April 23d. 1864.
Monroe, Aug. 20th. Sept. 2d. 1863.
Moore, Camp, Oct. 6th. 9th. 1864.
Moreauville, May 17th. 1864.
Morgan's Ferry Road, July 28th. 1864.
Morgan's Ferry, Sept. 7th.-20th. 1863; Aug. 26th. Sept. 20th. Dec. 13th.-14th. 1864.
Morganza, Sept. 12th. 1863: May 24th. June 4th. (or May 30th) July 28th. Aug. 10th.-12th. Sept. 16th.-26th. Oct. 16th.-Nov. 23rd. Dec. 4th.-14th. 1864; Jan. 6th.-12th.-16th. 1866.
Ratliff's Plantation, May 14th. 16th. 1866.
Red River, Feb. 10th. 14th. Oct. 1st. 20th. 1863; Apr. 26th.-27th. 1864.
Red River Campaign, March 10th. May 22d 1864.
Redwood Bayou, May 3d. 1864.
Richland Plantation, Jan. 30th. 1866.
Richmond, Jan. 29th.-Mar. 31st.-Apr. 4th. June 6th.-16th.-20th. 1863.
Robert Bayou, May 8th. 1864.
Roberts' Ford, May 2d. 1863.
Rosedale, Feb. 19th. 1863; Sept. 16th. 1864.
Sabine Cross Roads, April 8th. 1864.
Saint Charles Court House, Aug. 29th. Sept. 7th.-8th. 1862; Oct. 6th. 1864.
Saint Francisville, Oct. 6th. 1864.
Saint Joseph, Oct. 8th. 1864.
Saint Martinsville, Nov. 12th.-Dec. 3d. 1863.
Saint Philip, Fort, Jan. 10th. 1861; April 18th.-28th, 1862.
Saint Vincent Bayou, May 24th. 1866.
Saline Bayou, Apr. 14th. 1864.
Sicily Island, Sept. 26th.-30th. 1864.
Simsport, June 3rd. 1863; June 8th. July 6th.-7th. Infantry 1864.
Smith's Plantation, May 16th. 1864.
Sorrel Bayou, Jan. 21st.-22d. 1866.
Southwest Mississippi and East Louisiana, Oct. 2d. llth. 1864.
Springfield Landing, July 2nd, 1863.
Springfield Road, May 23d. 1863.
Stirling's Plantation, Sept. 12th.-20th. 1863.
Tallulah, Aug. 19th. 1862.
Tchefuncta River, July 26th.-Aug. 2d. 1862.
Teche Bayou, Jan. 14th. Apr. 12th.-13th. Oct. 3d. Infantry 1863; Mar. 21st. 1866.
Teche Country, Oct. 3d.-Nov. 30th. 1863.
Teche Road, May 21st.-26th. 1863.
Tensas Bayou, May 9th.-Aug. 10th. 1863; July 30th.-Aug. 26th. 1864.
Thibodeaux, June 30th. 1863.
Thompson's Creek, May 25th. 1863; Oct. 5th. 1864.
Thompson's Plantation, Jan. 3d. 1865.
Tickfaw Bridge, May 16th. 1863.
Trinity, Sept. 2d. Nov. 15th.-16th. 1863; May 1st.-4th. 1864.
Tunica Bayou, Nov. 8th, 1863.
Tunica Bend, Nov. 8th. 1863, April 21st. 1864.
Vermillion Bayou, April 17th. Oct. 9th.-10th. Nov. 11th.-25th.-30th. 1863.
Vermillion, Nov. 5th.-8th. 1863.
Verret Lake, January 30th -31st. February 10th.-13th. April. 2d.-10th. May 23rd. 1865.
Vidalia, Sept. 14th. Nov. 15th.-16th. 1863; February. 7th. July 22d. Oct. 26th.-27th. 1864.
Wall's Bridge, May 1st. 1863.
Washington, April 10th. Oct. 24th.-31st. 1863.
Waterloo, June 16th. 1863; Oct. 20th. 1864.
Waterproof, Jan. 29th. February 23rd.-Apr. 20th. Sept. 26th.-30th. 1864.
Well's Plantation, May 2d.- 6th. 1864.
Whiskey Bayou, January 16th.-18th. 1865.
Williams Bridge, May 1st. 1863.
Williamsport, Sept. 16th.-Nov. 25th. 1864.
Wilson's Landing, May 2d.-14th. 1864.
Wilson's Plantation near Pleasant Hill, April 7th. 1864.
Wood Fort, April. 27th. 1862.
Yellow Bayou, May 17th.-18th. 1864.
York Plantation, Oct. 26th.-27th. 1864.
Young's Point, June 7, 1865.
Nearly all of these were but skirmishes, but a brief history of each compiled and published in these volumes will be of great historical value. And such a history is due the men, and the commands, that participated in these engagements. Alphabetical Roll of Such Official Records of the Individual Confederate Soldier, as are to be found in United States Records, and State Official Rolls.

[Webmaster's Note: If our Good Lord allows me to live long enough, I shall record here every name of every Louisiana Soldier in the Civil War.] Typing and format by C. W. Barnum