Louisiana Soldiers of the Great War (WWI)
Killed In Action
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Source: Google Books
Compiled by W. M. Haulsee; F. G. Howe; A. C. Doyle
This is not an exact copy of the book. Parishes are shown where known.
Presented in Alphabetical order.

Name Rank Resident Parish
Achee, Charley Private Belle Rose Assumption
Agaires, Theodore Private Violet St Bernard
Alexander, Harold Private New Orleans Orleans
Alexander, Perry D. Private Rhinehart Catahoula
Arceneaux, Agirin Private Rayne Acadia
Arceneaux, Joseph A. Private Rice Vermilion
Babin, Allen Private New Orleans Orleans
Babin, Bennett J. Private Donaldsonville Ascension
Baker, Henry Wagoner West Lake Calcasieu
Baker, Lawrence J. Private Lake Charles Calcasieu
Baker, Manco L. Private Minden Webster
Banks, Frank Private Springfield Livingston
Barrow, John J. Private St. Francisville West Feliciana
Barzare, Sidney Private Pine Prairie Evangeline
Bass, Walter S. Private Lutes Grant
Bayham, Ovede Private Natalbany Tangipahoa
Benoit, Alcide Private Lake Charles Calcasieu
Benoit, Philip Private Thibodaux Lafourche
Bergeron, Nicholas P. Private New Orleans Orleans
Binet, Henry E. Private New Orleans Orleans
Blanchard, Joseph M. Private Addis West Baton Rouge
Boner, Henry R. Private New Orleans Orleans
Boone, George V. Corporal Jones Morehouse
Bordelon, Lincoln Private Bordelonville Avoyelles
Boudreaux, Thomas Private Baldwin St Mary
Bourg, Mckinley L. Corporal Fort Allen West Baton Rouge Parish
Bowden, John C. Private Ged Calcasieu
Bradburn, Donald Private New Orleans Orleans
Brice, John L. Private Rayville Richland
Broussard, John C. Private Edgerly Calcasieu
Broussard, Joseph J. Private Brusly West Baton Rouge
Broussard, Joseph O. Private Brusly West Baton Rouge
Broussard, Reuben Private Youngsville Lafayette
Brower, Charlie C. Mechanic Jennings Jefferson Davis
Brown, John F. Private Alexandria Rapides
Bruce, Daniel H. Private Providence East Carroll
Burnett, Morris T. Private Winnfield Winn
Busey, Paul B. Private Erath Vermilion
Calhoon, Burk Sergeant Meridian Evangeline
Carey, James F. Private New Orleans Orleans
Cascio, James Private Lake Charles Calcasieu
Caussey, John W. Private Gates Livingston
Chauvin, Maldred Private Abbeville Vermilion
Chedotal, Theogene Private Paincourtville Assumption
Clanders, Michal John Sergeant New Orleans Orleans
Clark, David O. Sergeant Epps West Carroll
Cole, George P. Lieutenant New Orleans Orleans
Cole, Murphy J. Private Deridder Beauregard
Comeaux, Peter C. Private Baton Rouge East Baton Rouge
Conner, Andrew B. Private Eros Jackson
Cook, Newton Private Ashland Natchitoches
Cortez, Arthur Private Kraemer Lafourche
Courtney, Ivy, Corporal Walker Livingston
Courtney, Offie Private Darlington St Helena
Couvillion, Wilford T. Private Alexandria Rapides
Crain, Houston Private Bogalusa Washington
Crespo, Horace M. Private New Orleans Orleans
Cronenberg, Albert L. Private New Orleans Orleans
Curry, Fred L. Private Goldonna Natchitoches
Daily, Bernard J. Private New Orleans Orleans
Dalrymple, Henry H. Private Shreveport Caddo
Davidson, Joseph M. Lieutenant Saint Joseph Tensas
Delanewile, L. Private Reserve St John Baptist
Dempsey, David C. Private Hornbeck Vernon
Desselle, Milton Private Marksville Avoyelles
Desselles, George Private Cottonport Avoyelles
Devitt, William C. Private New Orleans Orleans
Diamond, Douglas A. Corporal Winnsboro Franklin
Dixon, Daniel W. Private Anacoco Vernon
Doheny, Arthur B. Private New Orleans Orleans
Dolese, Alphonse F. Jr. Private Thibodaux Lafourche
Doty, Thomas E. Corporal Bossier City Bossier
Doty, Thomas E. Private Bossier City Bossier
Dufrense, Sidney Private La Place St John Baptist
Dufune, Philip Private Raceland Lafourche
Dyer, Francis E. Private Lake Arthur Jefferson Davis
Ellis, Jesse T. Private Denham Springs Livingston
Enderlin, Carl C. Private Pittsburgh Orleans
Etheridge, John A. Private Crew Lake Richland
Everett, Joe W. Private Shamrock Natchitoches
Ewing, David J. Lieutenant New Orleans Orleans
Fabre, Oneil Private New Roads Pointe Coupee
Facundas, D. A. Private New Orleans Orleans
Farrelly, John J. Corporal New Orleans Orleans
Ficklin, William A. Private Duplissis Ascension
Flores, Dave J. Private Robeline Natchitoches
Fontenot, Octave Private Ville Platte Evangeline
Foy, Mike, Private Serapta Webster
Garrard, Finnis A. Private Greenwood Caddo
Gautreau, Leon J. Private Gonzales Ascension
Gaynor, Robert N. Private Plain Dealing Bossier
Generous, Louis Private Sellers St Charles
Gisclard, Gordon R. Private Donaldsonville Ascension
Grechman, Adam J. Private Independence Tangipahoa
Green, Henry Private New Orleans Orleans
Greenfield, John Sergeant Shreveport Caddo
Gregoire, Joseph A. Private Franklin St Mary
Griffin, Benjamine F. Private unknown St. Landry
Gunn, Eugene M. Private Winnfield Winn
Hage, Albert, Private Franklin St Mary
Halstien, Wood Private Welchston Lafayette
Harrison, Horace G. Private Watson Livingston
Hawthorne, Isiah Private Winnsboro Franklin
Heidelberg, Roland W. Private Marthaville Natchitoches
Hellman, Simon Corporal New Orleans Orleans
Herbert, Cleopha P. Private Grand Lake Cameron
Herbert, Leon H. Corporal Perry Vermilion
Hill, Matt Private Archibald Richland
Hillban, Batist, Private Leonville St Landry
Hindman, Robert E. Private Hornick Orleans(?)
Hoffman, Alex H. Private New Orleans Orleans
Holiday, William Private Madisonville St Tammany
Horton, Clyde M. Corporal Robeline Natchitoches
Hurst, John Private New Orleans Orleans
Hutches, John W. Private Freeland West Feliciana
Jackson, Arthur D. Private Leesville Vernon
Johnson, Forest Private New Orleans Orleans
Johnson, Jesse L. Private Monroe Ouachita
Johnson, Lee Corporal Winnfield Winn
Jones, Irvin L. Private Isabel Washington
Jones, Joseph Private New Orleans Orleans
Joyner, Other Private Holum Caldwell
Kelley, John J. Private New Orleans Orleans
Kennedy, Arthur Private New Orleans Orleans
Kennedy, Spencer Private arrisonburg Catahoula
Kinchen, Leander J. Corporal Springfield Livingston
Koutny, John Private Regular unknown
Lagrone, Robert E. Wagoners Ansley Jackson
Landry, Lazzard L. Private St. Patrick unknown
Landry, Sylvane Private Belle Rose Assumption
Lasseigne, Alcide C. Private Welcome unknown
Lemaire, Ernest Private Gueydon Vermilion
Leniome, Euclid Private Hamburg Avoyelles
Lucas, Joseph Private Melville St Landry
Manning, Philip Private New Orleans Orleans
Massicot, Clarence M. Private New Orleans Orleans
Mathews, Allen P. Private Pineville Rapides
Mcclearly, John Private Black Hawk Concordia
Mcdowell, Claude Private Jones Morehouse
Mceachern, William Corporal New Verda Grant
Mcfarland, Wm. W. Private Choudrant Lincoln
Mchohn, J. W. Lieutenant New Orleans Orleans
Mcintosh, Arthur Burton Private Roseland Tangipahoa
Michael, Martin Private Arcadia Bienville
Michael, Morton H. Corporal Arcadia Bienville
Miers, Frank, Newlin Corporal Newlin Beauregard
Miller, Lawrence B. Private Plaquemine Iberville
Miller, William L. Private Shreveport Caddo
Millett, Charles Private Plaquemine Iberville
Mock, Oliver P. Sergeant Alexandria Rapides
Moore, Edwin D. Private New Orleans Orleans
Moore, Jerome E. Lieutenant Independence Tangipahoa
Morgan, Howard, Private Covington St Tammany
Morgan, William D. Lieutenant Tangipahoa Tangipahoa
Murray, Ewell C. Private Amite Tangipahoa
Newitt, Joseph F. Private New Orleans Orleans
Neyland, Jasper J. Lieutenant Washington St Landry
O'neal, Steve R. Private Buckeye Rapides
Owens, Dewey Corporal Lucian Point Caddo
Parker, William P. Private Boyce Rapides
Pate, Aubie U. Private Mooringsport Caddo
Paul, Andrew Private Buckeye Rapides
Pellot, Joe. Private Rayne Acadia
Perelli, John A. Sergeant New Orleans Orleans
Pevy, Lewis E. Private Minden Webster
Phillips, Shelby E., Jr. Private Rayville Richland
Phurrough, Dewitt T. Private Monroe Ouachita
Pier, William T. Private Folsom St Tammany
Pier, William T. Private Folsom St Tammany
Powell, Thomas J. Lieutenant Lake Providence East Carroll
Price, O. P. Private Pollock Grant
Prine, Jessie Private Covington St Tammany
Purvis, William, Jr. Private Independence Tangipahoa
Putnam, Charles L. Corporal New Orleans Orleans
Rachal, Powell Private Wilda Rapides
Richard, Dorsle Private Cameron Cameron
Richard, Eligah Private Iowa Calcasieu
Richard, Ramie Private Grand Chenier Cameron
Robella, John Private Bayou Current St Landry
Robinson, Oneal Private Ama St Charles
Rodrigues, Vick Private Mansfield DeSoto
Rogillio, Eugene W. Private Rogillioville West Feliciana
Romain, Joseph Private McDonoughville Jefferson
Roper, William A. Private Little Woods Orleans
Roy, Odis Private Bunkie Avoyelles
Russell, John C. Private Jena LaSalle
Ruth, Alvion Private De Ridder Beauregard
Sarrie, Isaac C. Private Houma Terrebonne
Saurez, Milton G. Private New Orleans Orleans
Scardln, Sarfino Mechanic Rosedale Iberville
Schutzman, Walter Private Ethel East Feliciana
Scott, Sam R. Private Covington St Tammany
Sheffield, John Private Stanton Orleans
Shields, Lex Private Bienville Bienville
Silman, Benjamin F. Private Atlanta Winn
Simons, Wright E. Private Chatham Jackson
Slay, Lester, Private Mira Caddo
Slay, Lester, Private Myra Caddo
Smith, Clarence J. Private Roseland Tangipahoa
Spencer, John C. Private Amite City Tangipahoa 
St. John, Dennie C. Private Bernice Union
Stackhouse, Eugene Private Wrigert unknown
Stafford, Herbert Private Manderville St Tammany
Stagg, Malcolm M. Private Churchpoint Acadia
Stephens, Thomas W. Private Leesville Vernon
Stewart, Stannie W. Private Minden Webster
Stiller, Michael J. Sergeant New Orleans Orleans
Sturges, Thomas A. Sergeant New Orleans Orleans
Sullivan, Clarence Private Laberge(?) Cameron (?)
Sutton, Fletcher B. Private Mount Lebanon Bienville
Sylve, Herman Private New Orleans Orleans
Sylvestre, Francis Private Breaux Bridge St Martin
Tarter, Ellis H. Private Colfax Grant
Thibodeaux, William I. Private St. Martinville St Tammany
Thomas, Arless Private Elton Jefferson Davis
Thomas, Cody C. Private Haynesville Claiborne
Thomas, Fagan, Jr. Private McCrea Pointe Coupee
Torrilliaux, Leon Private New Orleans Orleans
Trahan, Claude Private Baldwin St Mary
Trahan, Rogers E. Sergeant Baton Rouge East Baton Rouge
Tubbs, Benjamin T. Private Farmersville Union
Varando, Virgil V. Private Mount Hermon Washington
Varisco, Charles Corporal Hammond Tangipahoa
Vidacovich, Demetre Private New Orleans Orleans
Walker, Lee A. Private Cooper Caldwell
Walker, Lee A. Private Pickering Vernon
Whaley, Wellmon Sergeant White Castle Iberville
Whatley, Vincent Private Edin unknown
Wiedman, David Sergeant Donoghville Jefferson
Wiedman, David W. Sergeant McDonoghville Jefferson
Wiggins, Bennie Private Wilhite Union
Wiley, William G. Private Shongaloo Webster
Williams, Alvin F. Sergeant New Orleans Orleans
Williams, Elias Private Zona Washington
Williams, Wilfred Private Bayou La Fourche Lafourche 
Wilson, Jennings B. Private Oil City Caddo
Wilson, Ross Private South Mansfield DeSoto
Winters, Robert D. Sergeant New Iberia Iberia
Womack, Tollie R. Private Manifest Catahoula
Woodall, Horace V. Private Natalbany Tangipahoa
Woods, Robert A. Private Delhi Richland
Zitzmann, J. C. Sergeant New Orleans Orleans

Format by C. W. Barnum