Zwolle, Sabine Parish, Louisiana

Zwolle is a live and growing town situated twelve miles northwest of Many on the K. C. S. Ry. It was established in 1896 and was named for a daughter of an official of the railroad. Zwolle has always been one of the best sawmill towns of the parish and in recent years has enjoyed a rapid and substantial growth, both as a commercial center and and a place of residence.

The town was incorporated in 1901 in order to furnish the needed municipal government. No town can boast of a more hospitable and progressive citizenship nor better society. The people have just completed a large modern brick public school building and that institution will be made a high school. The Baptist, Methodist and Catholic denominations have neat houses of worship, and the Masons and other fraternal societies have lodges here. Electric lights, waterworks and an ice factory are also among the conveniences of the town. Several large business houses are located here and have a large trade.

Zwolle is surrounded by a country rich in agricultural possibilities, being especially adapted to truck growing and fruit raising, and the development of these industries is going gradually ahead. During the past few years the town has supported a Progressive League which has accomplished a great deal in the way of advertising the resources of that section. The leading industries are the Sabine Lumber Company and the Progressive Lumber Company, the latter being a hardwood enterprise. Both companies employ a large number of men and furnish the town with good payrolls.

The Bank of Zwolle was chartered in 1905 and reorganized in 1906 with the following board of directors: J. W. Reynolds, J. P. Towery, Frank Hunter, T. Laroax, A. S. Keelen and S. H. Porter. The capital stock is $25,000. It is one of the most substantial financial institutions in the parish and has enjoyed merited prosperity. The bank owns a neat brick building which is equipped with all necessary furniture and fixtures. It numbers among its stockholders some of the most substantial citizens of this and other sections. The present officers are: J. P. Towery, president; S. H. Porter and A. S. Keelen, vice presidents; R. L. Gay, cashier; W. C. Webb, assistant cashier.

The Sabine Lumbar Co. conducts an immense store here and does a large business, probably no other establishment in the parish enjoying a greater trade.

Carroll & Stephens is a progressive firm doing a general merchandise business. They are clever gentlemen and do a fine business. For several years Mr. S. L. Carroll, the senior member of the firm, was the senior member of the firm, was the efficient office deputy in the sheriff's office at Many, and previous to that time had been engaged in mercantile pursuits.

A. S. Keelen is proprietor of the Pelican Drug Store. He has been a resident of Zwolle since the early days of the town, has held several public positions and has been prominently identified with its growth and best interests.

F. C. Mitchell is manager of the drug store of Peterson, Mitchell & Co., and also the popular postmaster. He is a splendid business man and a progressive citizen. Mr. Mitchell was born and reared in Sabine and began his business career in Many with the Dillon Drug Co.

Other prominent merchants of Zwolle are S. H. Porter, Dover & Dover, Mrs. H. S. Meyers, M. J. Coolly and G. T. Brown.

The Arlington Hotel, the leading hostelry, is conducted by Mrs. Gaul. It is most pleasantly located, affords fine accommodations and is very popular with the traveling public.

R. H. Mitchell conducts an up-to-date restaurant and has a good patronage. He has spent many years in the restaurant and hotel business and knows how to serve his patrons.

Zwolle has a rural free delivery route, among the patrons being:

J. B. Adair
W. J. Aten
W. M. Aten
J. J. Bains
B. W. Barr
W. L. Dailey
W. C. Mains
John Middleton
D. A. Moses
John R. Parrott
T. O. Phillips
S. T. Quarles
H. H. Thomas
John Tyler
Asa Vines
P. V. Webb
J. O. Wiley
T. F. Wiley

The physicians of Zwolle are Dr. R. L. Parrott, Dr. M. Boring, Dr. R. I. Vines, Dr. T. M. Tramel and Dr. L. Vines. Dr. C. C. Woods is the dentist.

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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