Walter S. Mitchell Sabine Parish, Louisiana

Walter S. Mitchell

Walter S. Mitchell, parish superintendent of public education, was born on a farm four miles south of Fort Jesup, June 21, 1883. At 6 years of age he entered the school at New Hope, and with the exception of a part of two terms at Fort Jesup and three months at the New Castle school, he attended this school until 16 years of age, when, resolving to prepare himself for the profession of a teacher, he entered the Fort Jesup High School. At 18 years of age he obtained a certificate and taught a three months' school in Vernon parish during the summer of 1901.

He continued to attend school at Fort Jesup in winter and taught district schools during the summer months' until 1904 when he entered a military school at Meridian, Miss., from which he graduated on May 26, 1909, during which time he taught a summer session at his old home school at New Hope.

After graduating he returned to Sabine and continued to pursue his profession, teaching in turn the Whatley and New Castle schools. He attended the latter school when 7 years of age, and while teaching there, April 3, 1910, he was elected parish superintendent to fill the unexpired term of three years of J. H. Williams, Jr., resigned, and on April 5, 1913, was re-elected for a term of four years. Prof. Mitchell has a flattering college record, having filled with distinction the highest positions in his military company and in the various college societies, and on his graduation received the degree of Bachelor of Science.

As parish superintendent he has been a hard and conscientious worker, and marked and very creditable improvements have been made under his administration. He is a polished and courteous gentleman, and among our self-made men no better example can be cited.

 On March 18, 1911, Prof. Mitchell was married to Miss Hattie Gertrude Hart, an accomplished young lady of Ripley, Tennessee.

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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