W. P. Good Sabine Parish, Louisiana

W. P. Good

Of Scotch-Irish and English-Irish stock, the subject of this sketch came into being amid the hills of York County, South Carolina, was left an orphan at the age of 11 at 12 was taken by a wealthy uncle, a self-made man, to live with him in Yorkville, where superior school advantages were enjoyed. With a scholarship purchased by his father before the subject's birth, he attended Davidson College, Meckelberg County, North Caroline, and graduated in June, 1873, one year having intervened and been utilized to recuperate his finances by clerking in a general merchandise store.

In February, 1874, visiting relatives in Mississippi, he secured a school and taught sixteen out of a possible 18 months, and with the money saved studied law under Campbell & Anderson of Kosciusko, and thence went to Lebanon Law School in Tennessee, graduated and was licensed to practice law in that state; but his interests remaining in South Carolina, he returned thence and assisted in redeeming the state from republican misrule, after which he engaged in practice at Yorkville.

Having accumulated considerable money by the judicious handling of capital derived from land inherited, and thinking to find a better field for the pursuit of his profession, he removed to Texas in March, 1885, to meet with disappointment in finding the profession overcrowded, and, having invested his money in a speculative venture, he was compelled to await developments, which resulted in the loss of all by reason of the financial stringency of 1890.

Presaging the tide of prosperity from Texas to Louisiana, in April, 1896, he preceded the railroad to Many, where he has since devoted himself to the honorable pursuit of his profession.

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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