Tyne, Mill Creek, Toro, Sabine Parish, Louisiana


This post office was named for John Tynes a pioneer of that section and was established about 1889. Abraham Kicks was the first postmaster and was succeeded by John W. Whatley and the latter by W. J. Norsworthy who is the present postmaster and conducts a mercantile business. His father was A. J. Norsworthy who came from Alabama in 1859 and whose family of ten children seven of whom are living namely: George W. of Natchitoches parish; J. C. W. F. Mrs. G. W. Lockwood Mrs. W. A. Montgomery Mrs. G. N. Welden and W. J. The latter's wife was Miss. Sarah Craig of Natchitoches parish and they have a family of ten children.

J. W. Canady was a prosperous merchant of Tyne for several years. The pioneers of this section were Henry Lester Sampson Whatley A. J. Norsworthy James Isgitt Sam Cole and Thomas Boswell.

"Shake flat" which was located on the old Nolan Trace or Alexandria and Texas road near Tyne was famous in early days as the headquarters for outlaws and rowdies and the place which contained two stores and saloons was given its name because it was remarked that the people there would 'fight at the shake of a hat." Prominent residents of Tyne at this time are J. W. Canady H. J. Lester J. T. and P W. Isgitt J. C. Norsworthy. F. J. Byrd E. Canady and Enoc Moss.

Mill Creek

Among the progressive citizens of this post office are J. C. Sibley A. J. Withers J. E. Withers J. E. and A. B. Jordan T. J. Dowden A. M. Stewart J. Strickland. G. J. Davis Jr. and J. Wiley Miller. A good school and a Baptist church are maintained at Mount Carmel. The church was constituted November 9 1863 by the following presbytery: Elder Henry Simmons and Deacons Charles and Zack Corley. S. Y. Addison of Corleyville is the present church clerk. Kisatchie Lodge No. 156 F. & A. M. is located here. It was chartered February 12 1858 with the following members: W. P. Goings. M. G. McNeely Jacob Kile J. T. McNeely J. K. Phares W. G. Norris and L. J. Nash. The lodge was first located at Kisatchie in Natchitoches parish but later moved to Mount Carmel in Sabine. The present officers are as follows: J. Wiley Miller W. M.; C. F. Knippers S. W.; R. L. Tynes J. W.; A. B. Jordan treasurer; J. E. Jordan secretary; W. D. Stewart S. D; D. T. Knippers J. D.; W. R. Hays chaplain; L. E. Coburn tyler.


The first settlers of the Toro community were William Curtis Sr. William Curtis Jr. and John McCollister who came in 1827. They cut down and burned the cane and made two crops before they fenced their fields for there was nothing to fence against except wild animals. The next settlers to come were Eli Chance from Mississippi, Fletcher Rollins, James Holt, W. C. Southwell, Valuetine Nash, T. J. Godwin, Charles Bennett, S. G. Lucius and John Caldwell. They erected one of the first school houses in the parish which was built of pine poles and split log benches were used for seats. A church was established in later years and the church and school named Pleasant Hill. The first schools were taught by Ham Nash and S. G. Lucius both gentlemen having come to Sabine parish from South Carolina. Pleasant Hill now has a splendid church and school building and the community is prosperous and progressive. Prominent citizens of Toro are

C. W. Antony
J. H. Brewster
W. C. Ford
John F. Koonce
J. S. Lucius
B. B. McMillan
W. J. McMillan
J. J. McNeely
J. M. Miller
W. L. Prewitt
A. Slay
J. J. Whittaker

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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