T. C. Armstrong Sabine Parish, Louisiana

This gentleman was born in Sabine parish on October 18, 1857, and is consequently in the the 56th year of his age. His birthplace was in the San Miguel neighborhood, in the northern portion of the parish. His father was William Hamilton Armstrong, who died when quite young and when Thomas, his only child, was a baby. Hamilton Armstrong, though young, was a teacher of high repute, to whom some of our old citizens, his former pupils, still refer with much respect and pride. He was equally known as a marksman and hunter.

Thomas' grandfather, on his father's side, was James H. Armstrong, who came to this parish or its vicinity in 1847, from Kentucky, originally, by way of Alabama. His grandfather, on his mother's side, was William D. Stephens, who came to this section of the state in 1835, before the organization of this parish, from Virginia, originally, by way of Tennessee and Ohio. In his boyhood "Little Thomas" attended the ordinary old-field schools of the San Miguel neighborhood, and the somewhat superior one at Old Pleasant Hill.

In 1875 he entered Emory and Henry College in Southwest Virginia, where he graduated in 1878. While at the old-field schools referred to, he exhibited considerable precocity, so to speak, and when he graduated at college he pocketed the first honor of his class. He studied law at home in Sabine parish, and in New Orleans at the Law Department of the University of Louisiana, and was admitted to the bar in 1882. On beginning his professional life, instead of hunting a location more suitable for a lively career, he remained at home without regard to consequences. Up to this time, these have not been as serious as might have been expected. He ranks well in our categories of able and conscientious attorneys, has an interesting family, a pleasant home at Sodus and another residence at Many; and, at last accounts, a sufficiency of the necessaries of life. While he has been rather slow about completing an ambitious and patriotic literary task, commenced some time ago, we would hesitate to call him "Le Fainéant," as we are not certain what he has up his sleeve. While he has not entered the arena of politics, he may do so (as this notice is not intended as his obituary), and may have good prospects in that direction.


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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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