Rattan, Columbus, Clare, Coburn, Sabine Parish Louisiana


Rattan is another post office in this section prominent among the residents there being

M. C. Antony
R. R. Arnold
W. L. Arnold
J. W. Byrd
B. C. McCollister
J. D. Miller
J. M. Runyon
C. W. Westbrook


 is an old post office located farther down in the lower corner of the parish on Sabine River. Among the residents there are C. C. Antony J. A. Speight and S. J. Speight all good citizens.


This post office established in 1908 was named in honor of Miss Annie Clare youngest daughter of Leo Vandegaer. J. M. Ritter and son Houston who are engaged in merchandising at that point started the post office. J. M. Ritter is a substantial citizen of that community and a wide-awake farmer. Other prominent residents of this thriving section are John S. Caldwell W. L. Speights W. A. Stringer W. A. Speight and W. Y. McConathy.


This post office was started in 1903 and was named in honor of T. G. Coburn an old settler there. The names of the pioneers are mentioned elsewhere. C. J. Law was the first postmaster and was succeeded by W. M. Lester who fills that position at this time. Coburn is supplied with a good school church and Masonic lodge. Middle Creek Lodge No 321 was organized here in 1908 and the following members have served as worshipful masters: C. J. Law J. W Phares J. M. Dowden P. J. Herrington T. G Coburn and T. H Ricks.

The following are citizens of this community

J. J. Alford
C. C. Alford
O. R Alford
J. M. Britt
L. G. Coburn
Adam Cole
W. D. Cobb
P. I. Cook
R. A. Dowden
S. E. A. Dowden
Alonzo Herrington
P. J. Herrington
Rev. J. H. Ricks
W. A. Ricks
A. J. Weldon
G. W. Weldon

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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