Negreet and Mitchell, Sabine Parish, Louisiana


This community is about twelve miles southwest of Many and its settlement dates back to 1822 when Christopher Antony located there. It is a rich farming section. In recent years much prospecting for oil has been engaged in there and the indications are that that commodity will yet be found in paying quantities. This section has the conveniences of a telephone line from Many a good school and church and will soon have a model road to the parish seat. Little Flock Lodge F. & A. M. organized at 1867 at old Wineburg is located here and is a thriving lodge. Frank Button was an old settler of this place and ran a tanyard in early times coming from New York. R. J. Lucius who was born and reared here and for many years was engaged with his brother James F. in farming and merchandising is postmaster. They are now in the real estate business.

Prominent Citizens of Negreet

W. T. Addison
T. C. Antony
C. D. Carroll
J. I. Cook
E. P. Curtis
M. F. Gandy
H. M. Gandy
M. H. Addison Hoyt
W. R. McCormic
G. W. Miller
J. W. Phares
J. S. Salter
T. C. Salter
J. C. Salter


This post office is located in one of the most progressive sections in the parish. It was named for Jack Mitchell who was interested in sawmills. The first store was built by Wilt Morgan in 1895. Jack Mitchell was the first postmaster and was succeeded by J. L. Jackson. B. F Moore & Son have conducted a sawmill and mercantile business there since 1896. Mitchell is live agricultural section has a good school rural telephones and will soon have modern roads.

Mitchell Lodge No. 252. F. & A. M. was chartered in 1896. The first officers were

M. C. Geiger W. M.
J. A. Gates S. W.
W. F. Ledford J. W.
J. F. Jackson J. D.
P. L. Tatum tyler
A. G. Kidd chaplain
J. R. Barron is the present worshipful master

Among the citizens of this community

J. R. Barron
T. H. Coplen
J. E. Largent
J. D. McLeroy
W. H. Mains
R. L. Price
J. W. Sistrunk
A. E. Slay
Jeff Tatum

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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