Marion S. Antony Sabine Parish, Louisiana

The subject of this sketch is a citizen of Ward Two, and is now serving as constable of that ward. His grandfather was Christopher Antony, a pioneer of the Negreet community who came to this country in 1822 from Virginia by way of Kentucky and Texas.

Christopher's father was Martin Antony, who was a native of Germany, and he and his eldest son, Jacob, were soldiers in the American army during the revolutionary war. William M, Antony, father of Marion S., was born at Negreet in 1827, being the eldest of a family of eight sons and two daughters, and

In 1851 was married to Mary Alice, daughter of Aaron L. and Penelope Neil, to which union were born ten children, those now living being Thomas B., George C, Marion S., Charles. W. and Mary E., wife of J. C. Salter.

William M. Antony served his country in the War Between the States, and his parish in various civil capacities and was a well-to-do and esteemed citizen.

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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