L. J. Nash Sabine Parish, Louisiana

L. J. Nash was born at Columbus, Lowndes Co., Mississippi, April 22, 1832, his parents being Valentine and Mary Nash, natives of South Carolina, who moved from Mississippi to Natchitoches parish in in 1838, and soon thereafter settled on Toro, Sabine parish. Valentine Nash died in 1894, at the age of 98 years.

His family consisted of the following children: John, Abie, Elizabeth (wife of L. B. Gay), Eveline (Mrs. Nicholas McNeely), Ludlow J., (living), Leonora (Mrs. Mitchell Carnahan), America (Mrs. John Carnahan), Columbus C. (living), Isabella (died in infancy), Valentine, Jr. (living); Victoria (Mrs. A. H. Hogue, died 1880). L. J. Nash was first married to Caroline B. Sibley, eight children being born to them: Francis Marion (died in infancy), John V. (died in 1906), Virginia L. (wife of Dr. S. H. Cade), Samuel Adrain (deceased) (Coleman S. (deceased), Columbus C, Mary Jane (Mrs. W. E. McNeely), Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph D. Stille).

After Mrs. Nash's death he was married to Leonora Koontz and two children were born to them, Ludlow and Leonora. Mrs. Nash and Leonora died in January, 1911, their deaths occurring the same week.

L. J. Nash (familiarly known as captain) is now making his home in Many, and still retains much of the vigor of his youth. He is a splendid type of the old-time Southern gentleman. His father established the first post office (Nashboro) in the southern part of the parish, which was discontinued during the war, reopened after that period and continued until the railroad was built through the parish in 1906. The Nashes ran a store and plantation there for half a century.

Captain Nash went to school to Samuel G. Lucius in 1841, studied Walker's Dictionary and Smiley's Arithmetic, later attended grammar school and took a course In penmanship and bookkeeping in New Orleans, and taught schools. He was a member of the Parish School Board in the '70s.

He served in the Civil War as lieutenant of the Sabine Rebels, and brought home with him the company's flag. Captain Nash has been one of the parish's most useful citizens, defending the right and condemning the wrong.

Everyone who knows him is his friend, and his kind heart and and unique gentlemanly manners will be ever remembered by all who have had the pleasure of knowing him.

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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