James F. Lucius Sabine Parish, Louisiana

Mr. Lucius is one of Sabine's most substantial and progressive citizens, and he is a splendid example of a self-made made, whose success in life has been won by persistent effort and untiring energy. He was born in this parish in 1860 to Samuel G. and Martha (Moss) Lucius, who were born in South Carolina and Alabama in 1811 and 1830, respectively, his father being a man of good education and a pioneer of Sabine parish.

J. F. Lucius was the fourth of seven children, three sons now living: George W., James P. and Robert J. James P. was reared on a farm, and besides going to the public schools attended a high school at Milam, Texas. His education has also been increased by reading and travel, his travels having extended all over America, as well as to Europe, Egypt and the Holy Land.

In 1879 he and his brothers began rafting on the Sabine River and after three years opened a mercantile business at Columbus; In 1885 J. F. and R. J. Lucius moved to Negreet an opened a mercantile business which they continued for several years, and at the same time bought cotton and directed their farms. For the past ten years they have been nearly entirely engaged in real estate investments, especially in timber lands, and have been very successful.

James F. has always been an ardent advocate of progress and has never failed to serve his neighbors or his parish when his services were needed, is a genial gentleman and a high-class citizen.

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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