Fort Jesup, Sabine Parish, Louisiana

After Fort Jesup was abandoned as a military post it continued to be an important point. The surrounding country had been settled by a large number of progressive farmers, and in 1854 Surveyor Thompson made a plat of the town, title to, most of which had been acquired by Harris & Beck, who conducted a mercantile business there. Among the owners of lots at Fort Jesup in the '50s were M. B. Thompson, Mary Ann Cosgrove, G. H. Thompson, Chichester Chaplin, Susan Hart and G. W. Small. Since that time a large number of people have owned real estate there, and the village and surrounding country numbers among its citizenship some of the leading people of Sabine parish. For many years Fort Jesup was the educational center of the parish and still has a good school as well as churches of the Baptist and Methodist denominations.

The Masonic Lodge at Fort Jesup is one of the oldest in Louisiana. Sabine Lodge held its first meeting June 22, 1848, under dispensation from Louisiana Grand Lodge, and received its first charter, No, 11, January 16th, 1849, John Gedge, R. W. Grand Master, Charter No. 75, dated March 4th, 1850, was issued to Sabine Lodge by the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, F. & A. M., and charter No. 11 returned. In the year 1886, under the personal supervision of Rev. J. M. Franklin, Sabine Lodge founded a high school at Fort Jesup, and during its existence the lodge has educated a number of children of deceased Master Masons, and has been liberal in her charities to those dependent on her protection. In 1899 the lodge celebrated its semi-centennial. Leslie Barbee, a life member, who was living at that time, was made a Mason in Sabine Lodge, initiated in 1848, passed in 1849, raised in May, 1849, and had the distinction of filling all the stations in the lodge.

Officers in 1899

J. W. Taylor, W. M.
T. J. Franklin, S. W.
J. H. Caldwell, J. W.
W. R. Alford. Treasurer
J. A, Tramel, secretary
†J. M, Franklin, chaplain
Geo. R. Pattison, S. D.
J. L. Asby, J. D.
F. V. Jackson, Tyler

Members in 1899

†J. W. Arthur
†Leslie Barbee
†W. O. Bates
†W. Y. Barnhill
†U. S. Beard
†A. S. Cassady
W. H. Cox
W. C. Cox
†A. W. Estes
†J. R Franklin
†Jas. M. Gibbs
†E. W. Hamlin
A. A. Hammond
D. J. Horn
Harry Houck
S. C. Hughes
Wm. F. Hyde
Wm. F. Jackson
O. W. Lilly
C. J. Law
†H. Manhein
J. M. Middleton
†W. S. Middleton
†Jas. W. Mitchell
†Wm. E. McNeely
†W. W. Moore
†J. J. Mimes
I. C. Olen
P. M. Perkins
†Wm. H. Peters
M. B. Petty
A. L. Ponder
J. C. Ryan
A. B. Rains
E. A. Salter
J. M. Seever
Don E. SoRelle
†R. W. Stoker
J. B. Story
J. W. Tindall
T. M. Tramel
J. B. Wood
W. B. Wood

Honorary Members

Robert H. Gage (dead)
Curtis T. Hines (dead)
Richard Lambert
L. E. Thomas

Past Worshipful Mast

J. C. Armstrong
L. Barbee
C. Beck
T. Beck
J. H. Caldwell (living)
W. G Caldwell (living)
C. Chaplin
S. Dove
R. A. Forbis
J. M. Franklin
John L. Hamill
John Kennedy
C. J. Law (living)
K. J. McLemore
G. Munson
A. B Rains (living)
J. B. Stoddard
A. W. Sullivan
J. W. Taylor (living)

Present Officers

J. W. Taylor, W, M.
Chas. J. Law, S. W.
Marion Y. Petty. J. W.
W. R. Alford, treasurer
G. W. Lucius, secretary
W. G. Caldwell, S. D.
J. W. Cutrer, J. D.
F. V. Jackson, tyler

Clarence L. Hawkins conducts a merchandise business at Fort Jesup. His father was M. P. Hawkins, a pioneer of that section. He has held ward offices, has taken a live interest in parish affairs, and is withal a progressive citizen. Miss Carrie Hawkins has charge of the post office.

George W. Lucius also conducts a mercantile business here. His father, Samuel G. Lucius, was an old settler in the western portion of the parish. Mr. Lucius is a good citizen and has always taken a lively interest in the work of advancement in his community.

Among the prominent citizens of the community, many of whom are members of the oldest families in the parish, are:

W. U. Alford
J. L. Barbee
J. W. Beard
Clyde Gibson
A. L. Landrum
E. B. Lee
A. M. Miller
Miles Parker
R. E. Salter
Joe Smith
W. M. Smith
A. C. Stoker
A. M. Salter
Henry Stoker
J. R. Stoker
Riley Stoker
J. W. Taylor
R. P. Tubbs
W. H. Tynes
H. S. Varnell

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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