Florien, Sabine Parish, Louisiana

This flourishing little town is located on the K. C. S. Railway, twelve miles south of Many. It was started in the latter part of the '90s and was named for Mr. Florien Giauque. Florien is surrounded by a fine agricultural country and is an important shipping and trading point. The town has a fine school, church and fraternal societies, and several live business houses.

The post office was established in 1908 with Willie Hall postmaster. Since that time the office has been held by A. J. Mahein, James M. Leach, W. G. Leach and D. S. Leach, the latter being the present postmaster.

Joe Dover, a leading merchant, began business here in 1907. He is native of Germany. In 1902 he came from Tensas parish to Many where he was associated with his brother, A. Dover in business, and later was at Zwolle until he located at Florien on his own account. He w is married in August, 1911, to Miss Lizzie Williams of that place. Mr. Dover is a young man of good business ability, carries an immense stock of general merchandise and does a splendid business.

Williams Bros, conduct a big mercantile business here. The firm is composed of B. L. and S. K. Williams, and succeeded the firm of Corley & Williams which began business there in 1907. They were born and reared in Sabine, are progressive young business men, have an up-to-date mercantile establishment and a good patronage. They are always ready to give encouragement to every move to develop the resources of their country.

A. C. Leach conducts a modern mercantile establishment here and is assisted by his son, C. C. Leach. He is the oldest merchant in the town, having embarked in business here in 1897: He is a native of Alabama and on coming to Sabine parish located in the Middle Creek country and was engaged in farming until he engaged in business at Florien.

Newton F. Leach entered the mercantile business here in 1910. His parents were J. W. and Sarah Leach who came to Sabine parish from Alabama in 1860 and settled in the Toro community. Mr. Leach was engaged in farming prior to his entry in mercantile pursuits.

J. P. Simpson conducts a mercantile business here which was commenced in 1906. He is a native of Alabama, the date of his birth being October 1, 1846. He came to this parish in 1883, locating near Negreet where he engaged in farming which occupation he continued to follow until a few years ago.

Chance & Mahaffey, progressive young men operate a saw mill. Besides the product sawed for shipment, they supply the local lumber wants. The Wyatt Lumber Co. is erecting a large modern mill south of Florien. This company has a Prominent among the citizens and farmers of the community are

T. M. Aldredge
G. B. Arrington
R. R. Arrington
A. T. Arthur
I. H. Byrd
L. W. Byrd
J. D. Chance
Dr. C. C. Conerly
Tom Conerly
W. T. Cook
George Z. Corley
J. M. Corley
L. F. Corley
R. S. Gandy
A. R. Gentry
W. K. Holt
James M. Leach
M. M. Leach
W. C. Lee
M. W. Lockwood
Walter Long
M. M. Mahaffey
J. L, McCormic
Asa Miller
Dess Miller
H. D. Miller
N. A. Miller
Willie Miller
E. A. Mothershed
Wilson Pilcher
D. R. Price
L. A. Pyne
S. T, Salter
W. F. Salter
J. M. Sandel
R. A. Sanders
W. C. Vogel
M. V. Westbrook

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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