E. C. Dillon Sabine Parish, Louisiana

E. C. Dillon

This gentleman enjoys the distinction of being the oldest citizen now living who was born in the town of Many, and whose life has been spent in this vicinity. It is not the portion of many men to live to witness the many changes and wonderful transitions that have been seen by the subject of this sketch.

His maternal grandfather was John Baldwin, "the father of Many," who felled the first trees for a home here and contributed much to the work of the early development of the country.

Mr. Dillon was born at September 10, 1849. His father was Patrick Henry Dillon, a native of Virginia, and his mother was Jane Baldwin, daughter of John Baldwin. To their marriage were born two boys, John Dillon, a prominent citizen of Mansfield, and E. C. the subject of this sketch. His mother died in 1860, and his father's death occurred a few years later. He was reared by his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Davidson. He is proud to recall that he received his instruction at old Bellwood College, near Many, under Prof. Preston, and later in a school conducted by that learned teacher in Texas.

In 1871 he was married to Miss Louisa Sibley, daughter of Major William W. Sibley, and to that union six children Were born: Daniel Harvey, W. Edward, Davidson, (deceased), Elizabeth (wife of A. B. Peterson), Lattie (wife Floyd C. Mitchell) and John P. Two of his sons, D. H. and W. E., are prominent members of the medical profession in this parish.

After the death of Mrs. Dillon, he was married to Miss Rilla Self, daughter of Judge Elijah Self, a pioneer of Sabine and for many years an esteemed citizen and prominent in the political life of Vernon parish. Four children were born to them, three now living: Percy, Josephine and Bertha. Death again claimed his wife and companion and in 1892 he married Miss Annie Goss of Pleasant Hill and they have a pretty and pleasant home.

Mr. Dillon is brisk and active for a man of his advanced age. He has always been a lover of his town and parish, has always stood for everything for their glory and and material welfare, and has an abiding faith in the future of his country. In battling with the adversities of his long life he has ever been in the vanguard of the optimists, never losing sight of that star of hope which is the beacon of the just on earth and in the after-while. His geniality and open-heartedness have made a him friends wherever he is known, and these traits of character are manifest every day.

For many years Mr. Dillon was engaged in farming, but in later years in business pursuits, and conducted a drug business under the name of Dillon Drug Co, He served the past two years as mayor of Many and was the prime mover in organization of the Parish Fair Association In 1909, and is the present president of that institution.

Mr. Dillon is president of the People's State Bank of Many, and it was principally through his efforts that this bank was started. He remembers when there was not a cook stove or sewing machine to be found in the parish, observes that there has been great progress made since that time, but he hopes to see more.

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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