Converse Sabine Parish, Louisiana

This is the most northern town in Sabine parish on the K, C. S. Railway. It was named for Colonel James Converse, who owned a large tract of land in that vicinity, including the townsite. The town was started after the railroad was built (1906), Dr. G. M. Mott and Wilt Morgan erecting the first business house. Converse is surrounded by a fine farming country, and a large amount of cotton is ginned and marketed there every year. Rural telephone lines, owned by independent companies composed of citizens, connect Converse with the surrounding country, and a bank is soon to be established there. That section of Sabine is the first to vote a special tax to aid in the construction of a model road and the road will be built soon. The people are progressive and are determined to develop their country. Converse has a good school, a church, several stores and a cotton gin. It is the chief trading and shipping point for a large territory.

The principal business houses are conducted by G. I. Paul, Tatum Bros. (N. R. and Dr. W. E.), A. J. Burkett, W. D. Gates, W. F. Ledford, J. G. Burkett. The gin is owned by Jackson Bros, (C. L. and J. M.).

The resident physicians are Dr. W. G. Allen, who was reared in this community, and Dr. E. K. Harris, a native of Claiborne parish.

Mrs. Ruthie Kay is the efficient postmistress.

Among the prominent citizens and farmers of Converse

C. C. Bazemore
W. M. Bolton
R. G. Bossier
L. B. Farmer
M. V. Flores
R. S. Heard
J. W. Latham
Buren Lout
C. P. McDonald
Lee McDonald
H. J. McDonald
W. H. McPhearson
J. M. Paul
C. E. Pugh
Jal Raymond
S. A. Spillyards
Henry Tatum

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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