Churches of Sabine Parish, Louisiana

Various religious denominations are represented in Sabine parish and churches are to be found in the towns as well as in the leading communities. Besides the denominations mentioned below the Congregational Methodists, Presbyterians, Latter Day Saints and others have organized churches.

Missionary Baptist

The oldest Baptist church west of Red River was organized on Toro in the '30s, and the Sabine Association, with seven churches, was organized in 1846. Among the early preachers were Elders William Cook, McAuliff, E. A. Campbell and B. R. Roberts. In the early '50c Elders VW. C. Southwell, "Billy" Sibley and N. H. Bray were members of the association. Rev. I. N. McCollister was ordained in 1852 and for many years was state missionary. He died in 1879. Among other prominent preachers of that association in the old days were Revs. Edmund Duggan, Matthias Scarborough, Y. J. Prewett, and, later, G. W. Stringer, Hiram Brewster, James Savell, Abraham Weldon, J. G. Bailey, Daniel Slay, W. M. Lilly and W. M. Bush, In 1878 the association was divided and Vernon association created. In 1896 Sabine Association had about 65 churches and was again divided. North Sabine association being created. Among the preachers belonging to the latter association are Elders J. B. Wood, W. M. Bush, Geo. F. Middleton, Jas. G. Mason, M. Smith, A. G. Kidd, J. M. Pate. W. R. Carroll. H. A. Phillips, A. R. Horn, T. Buckley, H. W. Therwood, H. D. Williams, W. R. Law and J. H. Ricks.

Methodist Episcopal (South)

This denomination has several churches in the parish and a large number of prominent ministers have been assigned to this field since 1840, and that church numbers among its membership some of the leading citizens of the parish. W. D. Stephens, who came to the parish in 1835, was probably the first local Methodist preacher. He was also a mechanic and superintended the work of building Fort Jesup was intimate with Gen. Zachary Taylor, and declined a Federal position which the general offered him when he became president. Mr. Stephens was a member of the state constitutional convention in the '40s. Rev. W, F. Henderson is at present in charge of the Many circuit.

Roman Catholic

The church of Las Cabezas, on Bayou Scie, was established in about 1795, which was followed by another church known as Nuestra Senora de-Guadeloupe. These old churches have passed into history, having been succeeded by the present church (St. Joseph's) at Zwolle, of which Rev. J. A, Aubree was the first rector. Rev. F. Van Haver was stationed there for several years. The church at Many was erected in 1870, Rev. Father Aubree serving as rector until his death in 1896. Rev. A. Anseeuw later took charge, remaining until 1906, when Rev. Q. Vanderburg, present rector, came. Besides having charge of the church (St. John's) at Many, Father Vanderburg has as a mission the church at Spanish Lake, which succeeded the mission at Adais, established in the early part of that eighteenth century.

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Source: History of Sabine Parish, Louisiana, by John G. Belisle, Sabine Banner Press, 1913.


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