History of Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Chapter I Introduction
Chapter II Louisiana as a Territory
Chapter III Claiborne Parish
Chapter IV Climate, Health, Physical Resources
Chapter V Early Days In North Louisiana
Chapter VI A Georgia Emigrant, His Recollections
Chapter VII Overland, From West Point, Georgia, Through North Louisiana To Arkansas
Chapter VIII Other Settlements and Neighborhoods Antebellum Villages Personal Mention Incidents
Chapter IX Germantown Its Origin, Growth and Final Decay
Chapter X Minden Its Origin, Growth and Present Status


A few words will suffice to introduce this book. It was written to keep alive the memories of the Fathers; to present to the youth of our land, of this and future generations, a picture of life as it was in North Louisiana sixty years ago, showing how people in that day made love, celebrated marriage, administered justice, went to church, etc.; to perpetuate the memory and preserve a record of the heroic deeds and sublime suffering of those who fought under a flag that is forever furled; to give to those who shall come after us, a correct history of the stormy Reconstruction days an ordeal more trying than the war itself and to protect the acts of that exciting period from misrepresentation; to encourage and stimulate to greater exertion those laboring in the cause of education and religion, by reciting the highly gratifying progress of the past; and to correct as far as possible the many false impressions that have been made upon those living in other sections about our State by partial and superficial tourists, and to set our rich and varied resources in their proper light before the world, with the view of turning emigration in the direction of our highly favored, and heretofore misrepresented and inaccessible section. How well the task has been executed, we leave for others to say. That the work is in some respects incomplete, and contains many errors, we are painfully aware. Some of the muster and death rolls are incomplete, and quite a number of soldiers from Claiborne joined companies in adjoining parishes, whose names we have been unable to procure. A number of enterprising citizens have aided us in the preparation of the work, in the way of furnishing data; to these we now return our thanks. We return special thanks to Capt. J. H. Walker, Prof. H. C. Brownfield, J. E. Hulse, Esq., and Mr. B. R. Coleman, for valuable assistance in compiling the work.
B.M. H.

Claiborne Parish

Source: The History of Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, by D. W. Harris and B. M. Hulse, 1886


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